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How Did Jesus Do It?
by Manuel Vargas 
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How Did Jesus Do It?

Happy New Year to all the people of God and friend’s, may 2012, be an extraordinary year that God reveals Himself to us to move us in a unique way for His Glory and experience all the wonderful blessings He provided for us through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, amen. I’m grateful for another opportunity to share His word with you and I believe you will be blessed.

The Mission Statement

I was sharing ‘Jesus’ Evangelical Mission’ in my last article to point out that we have to consider the time-less outline of this Mission to be able to increase our measure of faith to be used in the same capacity as Jesus, Peter, John, Paul, Philip, Ananias, (as well as, I) was used --to be an effective Evangelist.

Theologians may disagree with me but they are actually disagreeing with scripture because we are to grow to the measure and stature of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 4:11-17). So in order to do that we need to have a rule book or a list of do’s that tells us what to do to be an effective Evangelist. The book is ‘The Holy Bible’ the instructions are in (Isaiah 62:1-2/ Luke 4:16-19). These instructions were carried out by the disciples and following generations after them till TODAY.

The Mission RECAP:

1. The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,(Currently Anointed with Power)
2. Because He has anointed Me (The reason for the Anointing)
3. To preach the gospel to the poor;(The social status to be reached)
4. He has sent Me to Heal the brokenhearted,(This is inner healing spiritual & emotional)
5. To proclaim liberty to the captives (Deliverance Ministry those in bondage to any vices)
6. And recovery of sight to the blind, (Physical and spiritual blindness to be restored)
7. To set at liberty those who are oppressed; (Deliverance from demonic oppression)
8. To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord (Preaching the timely message as God directed us too) (Isaiah 61:1-2/ Luke 4:16-19)

There may be some of you who are new to this concept while others are trying to wrap your heads around it (understand it). In either case, let me say it this simple,” The Bible says, this is what an Evangelist ought to operate by—these rules!!! How we get to officially be used in this capacity I made plain by all the articles on Evangelism. In order for anyone to tap into this level of ministry there’s a training program designed by the Holy Spirit to take you there and I gave you clear hints of how it may happen by way of many articles that have been written.

The advice I can give you at this time is to carefully read all the articles on the topic of Fasting and Evangelism. Then you’ll get the spiritual point. Please start reading from the earliest date of the articles listed in the archives because you will miss the point if you read it from the later dated articles. I’m being led to build on every topic this is why you must read the earliest dated articles.

How did Jesus Do It?

We need to ask some fundamental questions to narrow down the Mission Statement. You will not find this in Bible College only in Scripture! Here are the questions;

1. How did Jesus Ministered to the Brokenhearted? What does a brokenhearted person look like?
Who in the gospels were brokenhearted? What steps did Jesus take to Minister to them?
When we ask these types of questions in view of one area of Ministry that Jesus operated in we will begin to formula ideas of how to go about digging into scripture to bring out all the biblical facts surrounding the Ministry designed to heal the brokenhearted.

In my last article I shared how I was led to write 4 articles on the area of ministering to the brokenhearted, all in the area of relationships that created a brokenhearted situation;

1. The Identity Crisis Barrier 1
2. The Replacement Barrier 2
3. Good Girls, Bad Experiences
4. Single and Alone

If you sincerely desire to minister in this area effectively I suggest you read all 4 articles to see how one would minister to the broken hearted. Secondly, it would be wise to dig into the gospels to see how Jesus ministered to the Samaritan Woman John chapter 4, Peter when he fell by denying the Lord and how Jesus restored him in John chapter 21, to name two examples. Read the article “Teaching techniques” I high-light Peter in John chapter 21, and about healing-- it may help give you some points of preaching.

Preaching the Gospel to the Poor

The next thing we have on the list in the Evangelistic Mission Statement is, “Preaching the gospel to the poor”. There are several types of poor people. The one who is financially, economically, and socially poor (Matthew 5:3/ 11:2-6), and then we have the financially wealthy people who are spiritually poor. The idea is to know the difference which is easy—one is financially poor and spiritually poor. Remember in Jesus’ day there weren’t bibles like we have today. So the financially poor couldn’t afford copies of scripture like the rich.

Then we have the rich who may have obtained scrolls and kept the 10 commandments but their heart were bound by their wealth that it hindered them to enter the kingdom of God like the rich young ruler (See Matthew 19:16-30)

Then we need to look at all the scriptures about people who became instantly poor because of tragic experiences, government seizures, lost of employment and Natural Disasters so we may seek the face of God to tailor a message designed for those we are to reach.

Paul also gave us an example and a teaching that we can only preach when we are sent too…Paul applied it in (Acts 13:1-4) and taught it in (Romans 10:14-15).We must be sent to preach and not go on our own because we feel we have to save the world. Let’s leave the Savior’s complex home please.

To Proclaim Liberty to the Captives

Who is captive spiritual? Who is captive emotionally? Who is captive physically? Who is captive being held by human-traffickers? Who is in bondage to drugs, alcohol or smoking? How do we let them out? How did Jesus minister to people who were in bondage taken captive by the devil and his demons? What did Jesus’ disciples do in the book of Acts to proclaim liberty to the captives?

1. Jesus healed a woman on the Sabbath in Luke 13:10-17 Jesus called this woman to come to Him and said, Woman you are loosed from your infirmity. And He laid His hands on her, and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God (verses 10-13). We must understand that Jesus was always led by the Holy Spirit to minister. The purpose of me getting into this story is to give you an idea of how to minister effectively. Now the point I want to make is that after the religious leader freaked out and told the lady not to come and get heal on the Sabbath.

2. Jesus had to rebuke the knuckle-head and say something very deep for minister’s to understand. Jesus said,…ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom satan has bound—think of it – for 18 years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath?(verse 16)

3. My point is, when we study how Jesus proclaimed liberty to the captives we need to find scriptural examples of how He ministered so we can follow His example. This is only one example we have several in scripture.

4. The other point we must see is that God may want you to do it on a day when church services are not for the occasion. For example, what if God tells us to go to bible studies and the Holy Spirit leads us to minister to someone whose bowed over, or in a wheel-chair--- will we be bold enough to do it and face the ridicule from the person in charge of the bible study who satan will try to fill with jealousy toward you for being used in such a great way? Be ready for it! And be faithful to God is all I can say. I’ve been there and done that.

5. You see, Jesus proclaim liberty to this captive woman by simply saying woman you are loosed from this infirmity and He laid His hands on her. Satan had her bound. Jesus did not say get out satan. He said, “you are loosed from this infirmity and laid hands on her.” We need to minister like He did and not go over-board yelling things out like I hear in some churches,” satan I bind you, or satan I cast you out in the name of Jesus, or pour oil on the person when we confront an issue with a person whose in bondage”. Ministering like Jesus is designed to be unique and used differently in every healing or deliverance situation. Many people have become one-sided ministers God used them to minister deliverance and they think that it’s going to be the same method of deliverance every time.

6. Keep in mind that we clarified this area of ministry; to proclaim liberty to those who are captive.

It doesn’t say proclaim and then to pour a whole bottle of oil on them. Yes, I know what James said (James 5:13-16), but follow those instructions for that particular healing method which is different from what we just finish sharing about how Jesus healed this woman in Luke 13:10-17).

Jesus proclaimed her to be loosed from the infirmity, than laid hands on her. If we were used by God to minister by proclaiming liberty to the captives-- we would do it like Peter in Acts 9:32-34, Peter went down to the city of Lydda there was a man paralyzed and bed ridden for 8 years. Peter said, Aeneas, Jesus Christ heals you. Arise and make your bed. Then he arose immediately.

This is how we minister in this method of ministry to proclaim liberty to those who are captive. By simply speaking or proclaiming, Mike, Molly, Jesus Christ heals you. Arise and make your bed or stand up from the wheel-chair etc. however the Spirit of God leads you. Let’s keep the simple rule of ministry and we will experience the blessing of people being set free.

The Recovery of sight to the blind

How did Jesus minister to the blind (the physically blind)? We need to ask this question and dig into scripture and find out. We must detail the encounters individually because each case is different. We could never say one method is better and should be used each and every time we have the opportunity to minister to a blind person.

1. Jesus ministered to a blind and mute man that was demon-possessed (Matthew 12:22-37). Then He was accused of doing it by the power of Beelzebub. He corrected the religious leaders and warned them of idle chatter and words spoken unwisely that they will be judged by. We don’t know how Jesus actually healed the blind in this case. But we know it was dealt with as a demon-possession that needed healing. Demons can cause blindness and someone from speaking, blind and mute evil spirits.

2. Another blind case that was healed in Bethsaida the people of the city brought the blind man to Jesus and asked that He would touch him. Jesus did something interesting here He took the man by the hand and led him out of the city. Why? Because we cannot minister in certain cities because of the sin in that city it’s an Old Testament secret of why people don’t get touched by God. Jesus said it right after sharing the Mission Statement (See Luke 4:23-30).

The interesting situation that occurred was that Jesus had to spit on the man’s eyes and lay hands on him. Then Jesus asked him if he could see, the man said I see men like shadows of trees; so Jesus laid hands on the man again then the blind man was able to see clearly (Mark 8:22-26). This healing case was amazing if it was me I would have thought I missed God. However, this is deep and practical enough to say if it took Jesus a little extra work to get this man to see we may need to work extra hard and lay hands again until they see.

This happened with Smith Wigglesworth he took a dead man out of the coffin and placed him on the wall and commanded him to walk. The man fell this happened 3 times until the man cough and came alive and everyone ran out of the funeral home. We have to be bold and confident ministers.

3. Another healing case is the beggar blind man Bartimaeus, the interesting encounter was that this beggar heard a commotion of people he asked what was it then they said it’s Jesus he cried out to Jesus and did so 3 times the 3rd time is what stopped Jesus in His tracks (Are you crying loud enough with that sense of urgency and passion to be healed?) Jesus has him brought to him.

The funny thing is that Jesus did not lay hands on him immediately. Jesus asked him what do you want me to do for you? Bartimaeus said, I would like my sight restored. Jesus said Go your way; your faith has made you well. And he did not lay hands on him. We need to be very spiritually in-tune to minister as God demonstrated to us (Mark 10:46-52)

4. In John 9:1-41, we read about the man born blind. Jesus came into Jerusalem with His disciples and they saw a blind man begging that was born blind. They asked Jesus who sinned that this man was born blind him or his parents.

Theologians will mocks the disciples but their question was a legitimate one aimed on finding a spiritual solution to this man’s problem so they may understand how to minister effectively. Jesus said, no it wasn’t that he or his parents sinned that caused the affliction, but that the works of God may be made manifest. This speaks volumes to many angles of spiritual observation with balance. God may have allowed it just to heal him at the appointed time when Jesus would meet up with this man. (Meditate on that!) What for to Glorify His Son Jesus.

I will continue to share about the Mission Statement with Jesus because we need a powerful biblical rule book of Evangelism to live by and follow the set pattern of ministry Jesus left behind for us to minister effectively, amen.

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