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Can We Be Infected?
by Rick King 
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Can We Be Infected?
By Rick L King
January 4, 2012

Have you ever stopped to consider how many words are spoken in a day, an hour or even a second? We are told that the world population is around seven billion people. If only one-half of the people are speaking at the same given time letís say two words a second, then thatís seven billion words per second. That is a staggering amount of words.

Whether or not you are a Christian and believe in a spiritual realm, words have an impact on others. Christians know that there is a spiritual realm that is more real than the natural realm. Words have an impact in this world on people and situations. Words can be an open door for the Lord to act when they are spoken in faith or they can be a legal ground for the enemy to come in and steal, kill and destroy. God watches over His Word to perform it.
Eze 12:25 For I am the LORD: I will speak, and the word that I shall speak shall come to pass; it shall be no more prolonged: for in your days, O rebellious house, will I say the word, and will perform it, saith the Lord GOD.

God created everything by His Word. He spoke and all was created (Read Genesis). Obviously words have power, especially when they come from God.

God says this about words:
Pr 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Mt 12:37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Words are so important that God says that through words that we are justified or condemned, and death and life are in the power of the tongue. So being that words can either cause positive or negative results, I wonder in those 7 billion words how many are of each? If half or 3.5 billion give place to the devil and give him legal ground to work in the world and peoples lives, no wonder the world is such a mess.

Words Effect and Infect

Have you ever been around someone that is real negative? Maybe they exhibit bitterness, they are critical, they complain, or just have a real rotten attitude towards everything. What happens if you stay around them very long? You find yourself being drained, worn out, and most likely you realize a short time later that this had an effect upon your spiritual condition. Next thing you know you realize you got infected with what they have and you are fighting to not do the same thing that they were doing. Is this true or not? Even listening to a song how often does that song stay in your head? Sometimes it stays for days and it is hard to shut down. You got infected. Words have power over you.

A good analogy is when a person has a cold. You love that person, but you know if you stay around them and let them cough or sneeze on you, most likely will get infected also. What do you do to avoid this? Since you love them you would help them get whatever medicine needed to help them and you would be careful and keep your distance, right? This is the same with being infected with words. When a person is spiritually sick you have a couple of options. You can hang around them and get infected as they are or you can hopefully give them some medicine. The medicine needed in this case is Godís Word. We are told that when we know the truth that the truth will make us free (John 8:32). Truth sets people free. The problem is that often when a person is in this state, they donít want to hear truth. We are told to speak the truth in love, but honestly people still do not want to hear truth. If you can say what is needed then you can just trust in what God says that love will never fail. Still we need to be led by the Holy Spirit in when and what to speak as God will prepare their heart to hear. You cannot force this upon a person. You can only share as they are willing to listen otherwise you will start a war. If they are not willing to listen, then you can only keep your distance. A person in their right mind wonít hang around a person that will cause them to get sick physically or spiritually. One that is sick physically would understand yet the one sick spiritually feels rejected, as they are not thinking straight at all. All you can do at this point is go into prayer and warfare and trust the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to them. The Bible says that two cannot walk together except they be agreed. If you are following the Lord and desire to be used of Him, you cannot walk into agreement with a person that is spiritual sick. The two just do not go together. You may be forced to pull away from them for a time. You may love the person and realize that they do not understand why you pull away from them, but in order for you to stay spiritually or physically strong, then you must.

I have always heard that we are what we eat. Well, if we eat bad food we will get sick. This is also true about spiritual food. If we allow negativity and bad things into our spirit, we will also get sick and die spiritually. We must protect what we put into our spirit. Jesus came that we might have life. It is the devilís device to kill steal and destroy, so we must watch out for what we allow in our spirit. We must be careful as to what we allow to enter, even if it does come from a friend or family. The wrong stuff will kill us and God canít use us during those times.

They say that one bad apple will spoil the bunch. When there is an outbreak of some contagious disease the health Department will make a quarantine to protect the public. This happens also spiritually. Because of the domino effect that can occur, often the Lord will quarantine and individual or group so that they cannot infect others with the same problems. Because one can spoil a whole church if not contained, in Godís wisdom sometimes this must occur. We all are being changed. We never seem to know the effect that we may have on others until the Lord reveals this to us. We then can understand as anyone that truly loves Jesus would never desire to do anything to harm another. This may be a painful time in oneís life, but truly necessary for the good of all.

This article came about as I was praying about a person that was usually being negative about other people. I was asking the Lord as to how I should handle this. I really liked the analogy of the cold as it made such sense. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and revelation knowledge. I would be lost without Him!

Need to contact me or make a comment? Please direct all correspondence to: r_king60@hotmail.com (Please note that there is an underscore ( _ ) between the r and the k in my email address). Thanks so much!

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Member Comments
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Sandra Renee Hicks  05 Jan 2012
Hi Rick - This is a helpful post indeed. We need to keep our hearts with all diligence, as the Word of GOD instructs. Also, the Word tells us not to give that which is holy to the dogs... Love them, yes...but know when to avoid and when to disengage for the sake of the Lord's purposes...


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