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At the Sound of Santa’s Great Name
by Carl Parnell 
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The celebration of Christmas 2011 has begun in America. As a result, Americans have begun to pay homage to the one person who is responsible for this particular holiday season. Of course, as most postmodern day Americans would agree, the “reason for the season” is Santa Claus. He is the one that all children go to the malls and shopping centers to see and to ask him for that special Christmas Day gift. He is also the one whose picture appears everywhere from store windows to soft drink cans. He is the one that is glorified in all the secular Christmas music that is heard in most stores as shoppers spend hundreds of dollars on gifts for their friends and relatives. Ultimately, Santa Claus is the one that most Americans look for with excitement each year for his visit to their towns and their homes on December 24th, the “Night Before Christmas.” Amazingly, this is the night that Santa Claus performs supernatural events, as he travels all around the world in twenty-four hours with his sleigh and his eight magical flying reindeer for the purpose of delivering gifts to millions of children. Then, he retires to the North Pole, the location of his well-hidden toy factory, with Mrs. Claus and his hard-working elves as they prepare for their next Christmas adventure.

However, what other supernatural things does Santa do for adults and children throughout the world by merely sounding out his great name? First, when someone who is sick sounds out his name, he will just speak the “word” and that person will be healed immediately. For example, in the book that Santa had written about his life and his supernatural powers, there are many true stories about Santa healing those who cried out to him for a healing miracle. Some of these stories where people received healing at the mere sound of Santa’s great name are:

A man with leprosy

A man with palsy

A man with a withered hand

Several blind men

A crippled woman

A man with dropsy

Several demon-possessed men

Several people rose from the dead

Of course, Santa is also known for his ability to control nature. Some examples are:

Turning water into wine

Walking on water

Feeding thousands of men and women with just five fish and two pieces of bread

The calming of storms

The withering of a fig tree that was not producing fruit

Therefore, since Santa Claus has performed so many miracles over the centuries and since all adults and children love him, there should be a season of the year in order for the masses to pay homage to him. However, if the masses of people in the United States pay homage to Santa Claus, why is the season to honor him called Christmas? It seems that it would be more appropriate to name it “Santamas” or “Clausmas.” But, it isn’t.

Ultimately, though, what is the rationale for this apparently inappropriate name for the holiday season honoring Saint Nick? Simply, the rationale for this inappropriate name for Santa’s holiday season is the fact that Santa Claus is just a myth used to increase retail sales at the end of the calendar year. The true meaning for the Christmas season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s Only Begotten Son who came to the earth to become a sacrifice for man’s sins. In fact, it was actually Jesus Christ who did all the aforementioned miracles of healing and controlling nature at the sound of His Holy and Divine Name. But, in the postmodern United States, more and more people are rebelling against God and His Son. Therefore, they would rather pay homage to a fictional character like Santa Claus than the Savior of the World. As a result, Jesus Christ does not get the true homage that He deserves during His Birthday Season, even though the season is appropriately named for Him, that is, Christmas.

But, why have so many Americans refused to celebrate Christmas properly, even though it is the mentioning of the Great Name of Jesus Christ that heals all illnesses and saves all people from all their sins? First, too many Americans have refused to pay homage to Jesus Christ, while at the same time; they are more than willing to pay homage to their idol gods of fame, fortune, and the desires of the flesh. As a result, Christmas is just one more time of the year to “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” They see the celebration of Christmas in a spiritual sense as a useless endeavor by weak-minded people to interfere with their festive holiday activities. They do not recognize that Jesus is God’s Divine Son. They see Jesus as man that committed the same sins that they have committed. Therefore, why should they worship and pay homage to Him. They would get just as much out of their life by worshipping Santa Claus and or their idols than they would worship the so-called Son of the One and Only True and Living God.

Secondly, too many ministers are preaching false doctrines from behind their pulpits that have convinced the people in their congregations that there is more than one way to get to Heaven. They no longer teach and believe that the only way to Heaven is through the shed blood of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. Sadly, a majority of Americans, including professed Christians, believe that all religions lead to Heaven. It is just a matter of choosing the religion that does not criticize the sinful lifestyle that each individual might desire to live, even though the Bible condemns it. As a result, at Christmas time, these people would rather enjoy the merriment of Santa Claus coming to town instead of worshipping the “Babe of Bethlehem,” the only reason for the season. By refusing to get involved with the spiritual side of Christmas, they do not feel condemnation for their sinful lifestyle that they are living. However, these people who attempt to stay away
from the true purpose for the Christmas season have failed to realize that a religious belief will not take a person to Heaven. The only way to enter Heaven will require a personal relationship with the person who sacrificed His life for the sins of all mankind, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thirdly, it is politically incorrect to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in postmodern America during Christmas or during any other time of the year. In fact, the federal government that was founded on Biblical principles has become the leading anti-Christian, anti-Christmas force in the United States. In fact, the current administration constantly promotes Islam as the “religion of peace,” but never mentions anything about Christianity, except that America is no longer a Christian nation. Also, it is amazing that the government that stresses the separation of church and state does promote Islam from the White House to the schoolhouse. While, at the same time, anything related to Christianity is prohibited. As a result, President Obama, who professes to be a Christian, never has special banquets for Christian leaders, but he does promote special Islamic events with large banquets. However, you would think that he would promote something related to Jesus Christ at the White House during the Christmas season. Of course, he doesn’t promote anything related to Christmas, except the lighting of a Christmas tree on the White House lawn, which is the same place that he recognized Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt. Therefore, despite the fact that the White House itself has 37 Christmas trees this year, the Son of God receives no recognition. But, it is a good possibility that the name of Santa Claus or Allah will resonant through the halls of the White House this Christmas, where once god-fearing presidents sounded out the great name of Jesus Christ with reverence and awe.

Fourthly, Americans refuse to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas because they have more time for Santa Claus than the Lord God Jehovah’s Holy Son. The malls and shopping centers are jam-packed from early in the morning until late at night during the entire Christmas season. As a result, Santa becomes the idol god of these shoppers who have no time to worship the “Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star.” Santa becomes their way maker and fills the spiritual void in their lives. However, the sound of the name of Santa Claus cannot actually fill the spiritual void in their lives. In order to fill their spiritual void, they must sound out the name of Jesus Christ, not Santa Claus.

For example, in the early 1980s, there was a movie that was viewed by many people. The theme song of the movie was “Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Of course, if a person has a physical, mental, or spiritual problem, he or she would be wasting time to call the Ghostbusters, or even Santa Claus. The sounding out of only one name would bring a cure to sickness or peace to a depressing situation. That name is the great name of Jesus Christ. If your child gets ill during the wee hours of the morning, you need to call on Jesus Christ, not Santa Claus. If your father is told by his doctor that he has incurable cancer, you need to call of Jesus Christ, not Santa Claus. Therefore, those people who refuse to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas need to realize that the problems of life can only be solved first and foremost by “the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes that was laid in a manger in a stable when there was no room in the inn. Sadly, in postmodern America, many people refuse to permit “the Lord Jesus Christ” to come into the inn of their hearts. Of course, without Jesus Christ living in their spiritual hearts, they cannot truly enjoy the Christmas holiday season.

In conclusion, too many Americans have rejected the true meaning of the Christmas season. As a result, they have put their faith and hope in the name of Santa Claus, instead of Jesus Christ. In fact, with pressure from the federal government, especially the Judicial Branch, anything related to the true meaning of Christmas has been banned in America, under the guise of the separation of church and state. For example, nativity scenes are not permitted on most local, state, and federal government’s property. However, it is permissible to display scenes of Santa and the winter holiday season on the same property. Even more regrettable, some places even refuse to call a Christmas Tree a “Christmas Tree.” Instead, they call it a “holiday tree.” But, it is unfortunate that those who put their faith and hope in Santa Claus and his government backers fail to see the full scope of their actions. Even though the Santa worshippers and the federal government feel that they have eliminated the true meaning of Christmas in America, there is still a remnant of true Christians that worship their Lord and Savior and soon coming King, since all the actions of Santa Claus and the federal government have not brought good will to all men and peace on the earth. This will only come when Jesus Christ once again is accepted as the “reason for the season,” instead of Santa Claus (Luke 2:1-20).

P. S. Homosexuality receives more recognition and acceptance in America than Jesus Christ, who, at the sound of His Name, brings joy, peace, love, healing, and salvation to individuals and nations.


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