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One Heartbeat Away from Hell
by Patricia Backora
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One Heartbeat Away From Hell
Gen.4:11-12; Lev.26:11; Psalms 5:6; Eccl.8:8;
Matt. 21:17-20; 25:41; Acts 5:5,9-10; Col.1:17; I John 3:12; Heb.12:16

People fail to consider that the same God Who breathed life into them in their mother’s womb has the power to take that life away anytime He so chooses. I the LORD give each one of you every breath you breathe. I uphold the entire expanse of the universe in My Hands and not even one tiny sparrow ever falls to the earth without My noticing. How much more do I record every crime of violence, every murder, every theft, every episode of adultery and every act of cruelty.

I created hell for the devil and his evil angels who rebelled against Me before the creation of Adam and Eve. I never intended for man to end up in hell. But after Adam sinned and cast the whole human race into a fallen condition, they needed a redeemer, Who I provided in the person of My dear Son the Lord Jesus. All who put their trust in Him in faith and repentance shall never perish, but have everlasting life.

The hardened man of violence despises My Son because of His meekness and His gentleness. The bloodthirsty criminal shakes his fist in the face of divine love. He boasts that he is only in his teens or twenties and has a long way to go before he comes to the end of his natural strength.

I could take out any person I created in just a moment of time. After Cain murdered his brother Abel I allowed him to go on living but he was as a walking dead man with no further possibility of being blessed among My righteous redeemed ones. Cain turned His back on My explicit instructions on offering up blood sacrifice as being the only accepted way into My presence (this was before the Cross ended any further need for animal sacrifices). Cain refused to offer up a lamb on his altar, and his sin nature was not dealt with. Instead of obtaining a lamb, he took the more convenient, easier way of offering up vegetable produce grown through his own hard work. Without proper sacrifice of innocent animal blood Cain could not reach Me by faith in the coming Sacrifice of My Son. Instead, Cain was headstrong, arrogant, combative, and competitive. Competition among humans to excel over all others (the rat race) began with Cain.

Abel wanted no part of Cain’s mean-spirited competition to become Top Dog in the world. He wanted only to be reconciled with Me. Cain despised his gentler, mild-mannered brother and killed him to “settle the score” for a perceived insult. I had dared to accept Abel and his sacrifice and reject Cain’s way of doing things.

I allowed Cain to continue existing in the earth but I could no longer bless him. He would wander from place to place, trying to be a big shot and suck off other people’s hard work. Why? Because Cain was now under a curse. Everything he tried to grow, everything he tried to make happen for him to “get ahead” would no longer work for him. Cain would win his way in the world only by passing himself off as a big “somebody” others should pay tribute to. Cain was the first bully in the human race. After he murdered Abel and realized he was in danger of being put to death by the LORD for it, his first thought was only for himself. No remorse for the brother he’d put in an early grave. No tearing of his garment in sorrow and penitence. Only concern for himself. That is the way of the bully. Always selfish and mean, looking out for his own personal welfare ONLY. The hardened, vicious bully is incapable of tender compassion. Hard-hearted, wicked men despise My Holy Son for being compassionate. Violence is what the bully worships, and violence is the only thing he is willing to understand. Therefore he shall be at the receiving end of the violent wrath of his Creator. Fear is the only thing that will drive a bully to his knees. Not tender-hearted repentance toward God and faith toward Christ as Savior and Lord, but collapsing before his Creator in terror and abject fear. At the judgment of wicked men, saith the Lord, they will know sorrow of heart. Not the sorrow that leads to repentance and life eternal, but feeling sorry FOR THEMSELVES that they are about to be hurled into a far deeper pit of hellish anguish than they put their victims through.

I will allow bullies and evil men to roam the earth until they are finally dealt with at the end of the Tribulation Period, but I will no longer bless them with the blessings of life along with the righteous. Just like I cursed the fig tree and ordered it to dry up from its roots, so I have already placed a curse on men of violence and cruelty. Their crops will not thrive, and what they do to “get ahead” will dry up and blow away. I will make hailstones of adversity to strike down whatever they do. I will cause refreshing rains of blessing to dry up from their lives. I will remove My hand of protection from them, so that their health is at risk. Early death will come to some of those still young when they least expect it. I will cut short the probationary period of some of the worst bullies, so that they no longer have the opportunity to repent and be saved. Why? Because after being thoroughly dealt with time and time again by My Spirit and rebuffing My pleas repeatedly, I stop dealing with them and leave them to their own self-chosen destructions.

Am I merciful? A thousand times, yes. But what can a God of perfect holiness do with those who refuse to be reconciled with Him by accepting His perfect Sacrifice for sin, the Lord Jesus Christ? Good intentions never were enough to save anyone. Obedience to My Word is the key to being accepted as one of My own. Under the Old Covenant, those who refused to obey My Voice were abhorred and rejected by Me. In this Dispensation of Grace My Word commands sinners to repent and trust in Christ alone as Savior. Those who refuse to submit to Christ now will pay part of the penalty now and much more later in the world to come.

Many foolhardy, boastful bullies will tear around in their cars and play dangerous games only to come to a tragic end. Some will die of cancer, sudden heart attacks, drug overdoses or other plagues caused by ungodly living. I am not obligated to bless and protect the man of violence along with those who love me.

Even in the early Church there were those who died young because of sin, even non-violent types of sin! I put Ananias and Sapphira to death for just ONE occasion of lying to My Spirit! Judgment began early, in My own House of Faith. And if it begins in My own House, surely it must continue with the wicked. If I must purge sin out from among My own children for their own good, how terrible My wrath will be when it falls upon the heads of those who hate Me in these Last Days of time!

I am weary of having My love and forbearance and offer of free salvation through Christ flung back into My face by braggarts who boast that “God would never send anyone to hell”, not even the worst of them. But I solemnly warn each and every son of Belial who mocks the mercy of their Creator: the precious Blood of Jesus is MY personal property, and if you ever treat it with contempt and trample it underfoot, it is MY right to withhold its benefits from you forever! Then it will be eternally impossible for you to receive repentance unto salvation, though you seek My face carefully with tears.

All those who hate Me and boast of being immortal should remember this: They did not create themselves. Nor do they hold together the atoms which compose their own bodies. I the Lord hold this universe together, and everything in it exists only by My permission. Death, hell and judgment are only one feeble heartbeat away.

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God is Not Against You - He Came on an All Out Rescue Mission to Save You

...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them... 2 Cor 5:19

Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Nancy Bucca 08 Dec 2011
Wow, you pack a powerful message, and a powerful punch to all bullies. May all who read it, heed it!


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