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God Hates Fake Miracles
by Patricia Backora
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There have been widespread rumors, saith the Lord, about so-called miracles being faked in these circuses called miracle crusades. And it is true, and the half has not been told.

My apostles were not cunning showmen, working emotional crowds to fill their pockets. They were true servants of the Living God Who brought the refreshing rain of the Kingdom of God to a weary people. They imparted healing and deliverance from that portion of anointing I shared with them, which flowed forth to bless the multitudes in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And when people said they were healed, it was evident to all that they WERE healed! No lame excuses, no wondering about why it didn’t “manifest”. No shakedowns of the crowds for financial support, not demands that they “sow a seed to meet their need”, no pressure on their listeners to put a second mortgage on their house to make a “one-time special offering to god” in order to show their faith. No demand that they vow to donate ten per cent of all future earnings to the apostles.

You didn’t see Jesus, John, Peter or Paul carrying around God Loves You keychains as a “love gift” for any size donation. You didn’t see them recruiting bands or orchestras to play emotional music to stir up crowds and “set the mood” for the anointing to fall (that’s mind manipulation to get the crowd in a good mood to give and believe anything the preacher says).

You never saw Peter standing in front of a mirror practicing his voice dynamics, his hand gestures, his body language. He didn’t have a special hair stylist to airbursh his appearance. He didn’t even need a sophisticated sound system to deliver his message: “Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Peter didn’t promise earthly prosperity to the people, he just promised that faith in the Name of Jesus could make you whole and deliver you from the power of satan.

A lot of fake charlatans KNOW they’ve really got nothing of value to share with hurting, afflicted people. So they give them what they consider the next best thing: A thrilling show that will keep them coming back again and again WITH THEIR MONEY.

The show usually opens with an upbeat, positive-sounding song about My love. This helps lower people’s defenses. Who’s going to argue with a love theme? Before long the whole assembly is rocking out, clapping their hands and shouting hallelujah.

After a few introductory song acts and a staged prayer, the star of the show finally makes his appearance onstage. Carefully orchestrated music plays and soft lighting illuminates his or her profile and the clothing they’re wearing. The people thinks the preacher looks too angelic to question his sincerity. So the show goes on.

In an intensely emotive voice with just the right inflection and hand gestures, the preacher says “God wants to heal you” in a thousand different ways. And I DO want to heal people. He starts pacing the stage, and before long, he condescends to go down to where the people are, breathlessly waiting, some worried that there’s only one hour left to go before the show must end. They wonder if the preacher will even have TIME to reach them, or call out their name for a miracle of deliverance or healing. Peter didn’t open any of his healing services with special music or other gimmicks. He just went out there, proclaimed Christ and got the job done.

What Christians don’t know (or don’t want to believe) is that the preacher just might have a tiny radio receiver in his ear. He’s being fed information from an assistant (sometimes his wife) as she reads names, addresses and problems off a sheet of information compiled in some sneaky way BEFORE THE SHOW. As the charlatan reads names out, delighted and shocked saints cry “Praise the Lord! He DOES care about me after all!” After the service ends, these people will feel like they’re walking on air. How on earth could that preacher ever have guessed THEIR name, THEIR address, and THEIR affliction? IT’S A MIRACLE! HALLELUJAH!” they cry.

Then comes the exciting part. Real, live “miracles” performed before their very eyes. Shouting in exultation, the preacher demonstrates his power over satan by hurling crutches and other walking aids onto the stage. He persuades some people to pour out their pills on the stage. He reassures the that they’re ALREADY healed and they no longer need them. Very presumptuous and dangerous.

The preacher invites someone to get up out of his wheelchair (his own personal secretary, perhaps, or a buddy who owes him a favor). With feigned rapture on his face, the “paraplegic” hesitantly and slowly, grips the armrest of the wheelchair and SLOWLY, tremulously, rises to his feet. He’s way too smart to do it all at once, so with the preacher’s help he takes one halting baby step at a time, slowly, slowly, on wobbly feet. Soon the preacher reluctantly releases his hand and lets the “healed paraplegic” walk all by himself. The man walks faster, faster, then finally breaks into a run, shouting “I’m healed! I’m healed! Glory to God!”

As the man gallops down the stage stairs and up and down the aisles, he crowd bursts into “Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!” They’re all smiling about the alleged miracle, but deep inside some are thinking, “I hope the preacher gets through with this guy soon or he won’t have time to get to me.”

Same story with carefully selected “blind and deaf” folks. They’re really plants in the audience, waiting for their cue to come forward and “get their blessing”. All you need is a pair of sunglasses to hide your fully functioning eyes and someone to lead you to the stage. A “deaf person” only needs someone to make sign language to him to let him know the preacher’s calling out his name. How convenient for the preacher. No one can tell these people are faking, they look just like everybody else. The only blessing these imposters will take home with them that day is a wallet full of money from a grateful preacher who put on a good show.

Easy enough to fake “healings” like these, all people have to do is put on an act and lie about it. But what if these charlatans had to confront lepers whose flesh is rotting away? What about someone with oozing sores? What about GENUINE cases of demonic possession? Would the preacher just grab his cash and head out the back door? Satan would have him for breakfast if he tried to fight a REAL demon!

A certain Nigerian preacher WAS caught using his own personal secretary to fake a miracle. In a continent of desperately poor and hungry people, he lives in obscene luxury. That’s the reward, he claims, of serving that same Jesus Who had nowhere to lay His head. This man demands tithes of his church people. My tithe never was taken FROM THE POOR TO GIVE TO THE RICH. It was the other way around.

Those who bring dishonor to My Holy Name by faking miracles: I sternly warn you that’s a lie against My Spirit, just as bad and sometimes worse than the lie told by Ananias and Sapphira in the book of Acts. This couple lied to the apostle Peter for financial gain and were struck dead on the spot as punishment for this sin. These fakers go home laughing with delight because they got paid so well for such a “fun job”. Sometimes they even laugh about the stupidity and gullibility of the people at the “miracle crusade.”

Their laughter will soon be turned to tears. I chastise both unbelievers and disobedient children of Mine. Those who deliberately lie about some alleged healing done in their bodies, I shall punish them with a REAL affliction which won’t respond to the prayers of these fake charlatan preachers. Some will die, and all will go to hell if they don’t repent.

I am merciful, but I am not mocked, saith your God.

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Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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Nancy Bucca 08 Dec 2011
Fake miracles truly are sad in light of the fact that God still does such amazingly REAL miracles today. The pandering for money is a real turnoff for anyone, and sadly it isn't always possible to tell whether certain miracles are true or faked. Obviously we need to take God at His Word, because only He knows the heart of the minister. In cases where ministers have indeed been proven to perform fake miracles, I think we can only pray that such demonstrations not turn people off to the true power of God both to save and to heal. May they instead learn a higher level of discernment when it comes to the miraculous. Thanks for sharing.


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