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Return To The Forest Unfinished
by bo Jennings 
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Return To The Forest (Unfinished)
By Bonnie Gay Jennings

Part Two and Three:

Return To The Forest (Unfinished)
By Bonnie Gay Jennings

Moon lights
through windows shone
Deep sleep disturbed
I Then moaned

Sleepy now
I awake
strumming from the woods
trembling I shake
Arrising quickly
window now open!
Shh...All quiet.
Leaves soaking

Just drizzle.
Night rains heard
so, to bed I return
my fears cured

But windows open!
Hmm. Shut before?
Aye! God,
Please please please, no more!

Lying on bed
my eyes wide
Thinking of the window
thunders! Into my pillow,
I hide

Eyes now closed
erasing fear thoughts
sleep I try, but to naught.

Silence now
all is at rest.
Alone I sleep.
"Aw! My nest."

"Imaginations, GO!"
Mind relax
come dreams
return to blacks

There sleep
quiet again,
breathing ease.
Silence with in.

I sleep.

Part Two:

Dreams peaceful
passing time quickly
"AH CHOO!" Sneezed,
though not sickly

A breeze blew threw.
Closed window?
Feather white it
lands. "OH!"

On my cold cheek
nose it tipped
across my brow
the feather flipped

Then "pluck, zing, ding,"
a Harp's Chord,
heard I!
"Bung, Bung, Bung,"
Deny, Deny...Deny!!!

Whispering words
for certain
looking behind
the satin curtain,

Hearing, giggling and laughter
and then,
lifting my eye up,
toward that rafter!

there she is...

"Oh, Dear God,
please, please, please;
"Send her away!
That Fairie Foe!"

Begging, pleading
"Go, Go, Go!"
She giggled instead
"Hey, it's me! Joe!"

Bonnie Jennings 12/06/2011

Part Three:

Innocently spoken
lips of fairie red.
Failure to answer
deliberatly unsaid

"Come On!
You want to play!
I see in your eyes
and OH,
by the way"

"At the end of the day
You've nothing to say?
We'll see.

"Come now
Sing and dance with me.
By the time night comes
we'll use the key."

"The window thought closed
we'll not use tonight
For as the sun sets
the door will shine bright."

"And, just as before
when the Moon was full
you danced by the light of the fire.
And your life...not dull."

"So come on Old Foe
I challenge you today
to come to the Forest
But, don't forget to pray."

Now Joe's eyes
fairie green-blue
Her hair of red waves fell
Her waist little too.

Charming alluring daring
Joe seduced the weakening victim
O so sweet her voice
before Joe actually kicked-em.

"I can't, I won't !
Now, GO JOE!
far from me!
Out! You Elphin mischief maker!
There! The window!
Now, LET Me BE !"

Pouty lips and bats of fairie lashes
A wink of Joe's eyes
she extends her hand
"Come now, come nigh,
and do not say, good-bye."

"My human friend
Please don't cry."

Joe's fingers crossed
after her word
"You know you want to come."
Joe's clever tenderness heard.

Then their eyes met
Joes soul stronger by far
It reached out to point the way
to the forest
by declare.

Weeping, sobbing and uttering,
For with you fairie

"You LIE, you CHEAT, You've NEVER TOLD the truth!
Away from me little demon!
For I a clever sleuth !"

"I found out your tricks
All slippery twists and turns.
You'll not lead me to the forest
the fires there
will not burn!"

Blink blink. Smile smile.
Joe's gestures summoned otherwise
Lies, cheats, twists and turns?
"You know how you loved it?
O, compromize!"

"Hey, for now,
why don't we play?
Remember the time
remember the day?"

"You chased me,
and I chased you
around and about
and away we flew."

"And, I gave you wings
so you could fly.
You wore them one day
and flew sky high."

"Up and away
or top of the trees!
O, how you flew.
Then, crashed down on your knees."

"You cried a little
afraid to smash
but, I caught you.
Do you remember that?"

"By day we flew
through tops of trees.
At night we danced,
howled while burned the fire
with the breeze."

"The snow fell
white branches below
cold air on our faces
you didn't say, no."

"Confessing your fears,
don't make me fly!
Saying, Damn you fairies!
But, we took you so high."

"But, once on top of forest trees,
cold air blew
threw majestic hair.
Then, smiles over took you.
You'd no more cares."

"Remember Foe
the human flew
above The Earth.
And, safely returned
to the fires hue."

"Tasting fairie brew
through freezing; made warm.
Tasting the food,
Now, whats the harm?"

"So, come now,
god of the sky.
Let us dance, cheer and sing
and, don't try to lie."

"For flying, your game fare
The fairie sort
A dare!
So, stay if you must..."

"But, winter is coming
and near the first frost.
Kindling our fires
don't get lost."

"The invite is yours.
extends the Fairie hand
In Spring depart
from kindred land."

"Think it over,
I'll return once.
To ask you to play
to ask you to dance."

quiet are you
Not so sure?
Your soul inside
embarressingly pure."

"Judge others,
and they judge you.
But, in Fairie land
all tiny feet
where the same tiny shoe."

"So, I'll leave you this morning
to think for yourself.
I'll return ONCE more.
When The Moon shall wane
follow the elf."

But, one more time
I ask you to follow
before The Moon's full light is gone.
Then, don't dillie-dallow

Joe moves to the window
fairie finger points up.
Then, her fairie wings take to flight.
But, before leaving from captives sight
Joe turns to wink and salutes

Unfinished.....still working on this piece which follows
Winter Fairies

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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