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God's love has a forgiving spirit
by phil larussa
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Godís love has a forgiving Spirit

I am sure that the contents of what I will write in this article must have been said millions of times over the last two thousand years since Jesus ascended from this planet and is getting ready to return at any given moment to rapture his church to heaven. However; I have a great concern as to what I have been hearing lately whether the body of Christ is hearing what God the Father is truly saying to His children and if they are still maturing in the admonitions of Godís love and forgiving Spirit.

From my observations, experiences and growing pains over these last forty five years after I had my born again experience and became a new creature in Christ Jesus and have been learning how to live in the Spirit of forgiveness and loving the unlovely which are those who are opposing them self; me being the first person of forgiving myself and loving the man I am.

To our natural thinking mind with out us experiencing Christís forgiving favor and love act of becoming human in Jesus and laying down His life for humanity; a person will have no strength in his natural ability to lay down his life for everything because; he judges some things in Godís creation as being valueless. God doesnít make trash and it is manís ignorance of Godís true love and forgiving grace that causes him to destroy him self due to not being able to live his life through receiving Godís love.

A person who lives by his fleshly appetites and who is not experiencing Godís forgiving grace and love will have no reason or passionate motivating force to see value in every person and creature God has made and also see the value that God sees in him self. ThatĎs because; their undisciplined carnal flesh that we all have to deal with is self centered, judgmental, condemning, and has been trained through religious environments and worldly enticements to be self seeking.

A person who is living in denial as to not wanting to recognize what the true playing field of life represents and them having a sense of their own vulnerability and the frailty of their make up with out Godís leadings and power; will invest their God given talents in trivial pursuits and keep their focus on meeting their daily needs and never fulfill their God given destiny. This is true grief to God and it breaks his heart. He stands at our hearts door and His own children wonít let Him in to have; true honest fellowship and a loving reasoning counseling session with Him because; they are ashamed of them self in some area of their life.

Our carnal self that has not yet surrendered to the Holy Ghostís leadings; has some powerful beastly thought patterns from the Old Testament that states, ďAn eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth a hand for a hand and a foot for a foot.Ē Thatís not Godís attitude today although it was a deterrent that he onced used to keep peace and order however; it does nothing to build a love relationship with Him that has any meaning. If you live as a well informed Christian in knowing the works of the enemy and how he is out to destroy every thing that God made for good; it has to be disconcerting to see the devastation and uncertainty of whatís going on in the world today as never before.

Just on the common front hearing and seeing the fighting going on in the running of the government is enough to have you be praying for God to bring some civility back with Godly wisdom to the decisions that are being made to run this country under God who we are supposed to be trusting in. As of late; there isnít a week that goes by where children are disappearing; young woman missing and found dead, men killing their children and bludgeoning their wife to death and killing them self and this brutal killing of Omar Kaddafi in Libya recently and how those people got even for forty two years of beastly murders and rapes that took place by his orders. They caught him in his home town and paraded him down the streets and somebody shoot him in the head. As King Solomon said; ďman is nothing but a beast with out God.Ē From a human fleshly stand point we would have to say; ďhe deserved it and it was not enough.Ē

If we are going to be forgiving and loving as God is; God doesnít think like that however; you must have a sure conviction of this with in your entire being if; you are going to walk in Godís wisdom and grace and truly be loving and forgive as God is. Being this loving is very difficult at times in loving the unlovely as we go through some of our growing pains. God uses these encounters to let us know how weak we are with out His power of loving our self in some of these encounters with people who oppose them self and are hard to love. Mankind with out being Holy Ghost conscious and sensitive will never walk in the liberty that God ordained because; they become introverted and self seeking and truly working at making God into their own image.

I am assuming that the people who killed Kaddafi were not born again people but Moslem believers just getting even for forty some years of abuse by this dictator. They were responding in their carnal natural ability in their flesh and are a slave to their earthly five senses and the only way they could respond. From Godís stand point; they need to be forgiven for their brutal act and Kaddafi has to be forgiven for his brutal acts. With out a person being born again from above; there is no hope other then being a beast and living your life in the flesh. To me this is a sure sign how the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy verses what God made for good and loves His creation dearly even though; mankind has the tendency to live in a self destruct mode.

The word for beast in the Hebrew is behemah: meaning; dumb and mute. This is the condition that all those who are not born again believers live in because; they have no Holy Ghost spiritual life in them and they are foreigners to the kingdom of God and not His children therefore; they have no living knowledge through interactions with the Holy Ghost and they can not deal in life with Godly wisdom and speak Godís decrees out of their mouth and think and act for God as He does. I am grieved to say that there are many who are born again children of God who are ignorant of Godís forgiving love and are as beastly as the ones who are not born again. We must be telling it like it is and our truth must be Godís love motivating us even to the point of maybe losing our life and being hated for it by some.

I am bewildered and deeply grieved when at times; I have met and tried to minister to some of my brothers and sisters in Christ who are slaves to an ungodly life style as the unsaved and living with a pig sty spiritual mind set and environment. After all these years it makes no sense to me and I have tried to do all I can to get them delivered however; many are still in their bondages.

If our security is founded on the scriptures and we are having the Holy Ghost giving us GodĎs heart felt attitudes of what he had planned for mankind; then our life will be built on His wisdom and be motivated by a total unmistakable spirit of forgiveness. God truly knows how the devil has crippled and deceived mankind as Jesus said this as He was dying on the cross for mankind; ďFather; forgive them; for they know not what they do.Ē

If itís our intension to love and forgive as God does; there must be a total surrender of our thought life and will power to let Christ live again through us. With out us letting Jesus be our example and our focus being on what He said when dying on the cross; we have missed Godís best and become a slave to trying to survive in our short dispensation of time that we were put on the earth. We are told by God to stay focused and be storing up in heaven our God righteous acts while on the earth and not be building some kind of empire of our own making in our own imaginary ways.

Jesus told us in Matthew 6:33 & 5:6 the main foundation that we must build our life on when he said this, ďSeek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and every thing else that we will need will be added to our life.Ē ďBlessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled.Ē

Since my whole life has been built on these scriptures; it has been conforming me to Godís will and given me a unquenchable hunger to know Him as I have learned that my existence depends on me knowing that he is a loving friend and he keeps a person in perfect peace but only if; our heart and mind is stayed on Him.

Get this forever settled with in you. We are an extension of God Him self as he breathed His Spirit into mankind and we became a living soul with a independent mind and a will power to choose who we will follow and the emotions that come out of the decisions we make in life. We have no more time to take our Christian walk for granted and stay as babes on the milk of Godís word forever being in a learning stage of cleaning up our act and never coming to the truth of our identity as Godís kids with his power at work in our life.

These scriptures are very plain and if they are known by people wanting to be obedient and follow Godís directions; it will cause them to become equipped to live the life God intended for them with the will power and tenacity to stand in the gap for God in spite of the world heading for complete disaster.

The key for me in these scriptures is; do I have a hunger and passionate thirst to know God and follow His leadings and if I do; is it His Righteousness I am walking in and do I understand the meaning of this or am I trying to do self righteous acts through obligated works.

If you have a true hunger and God is the first love of your life; you must have these same priorities as a for front and have the Holy Ghost constantly protecting your thought life and reminding you of who you became the day God ushered you into His family as his child. A born again believer must have a work ethic and total resolve to be a God seeker if; they are to be over comers and not become idle and mesmerized by the condition the world is in which will cause fear to have control over their life.

There is a lying spirit at work thatís trying to take control of our thinking process which is growing stronger and unless we have our spiritual ears open and have the Holy Ghost revealing His truths into our mind and heart; even the elect of God those who are born again and Godís children can become deceived and the gospel becomes a mťnage of people in the same family making God into their own image. Godís kids who truly walk in their Spirit of righteousness know the devilís devices and walk in a deeper understanding of Godís ways that most Christianís donít possess. Now all righteousness of God is built on a forgiving spirit with out judgment by the power at work of Godís love with in us. Letís revue some scripture; and come to understand how our righteousness in Christ needs to operate in our life and be the main stay to our maturity.

We first need to be enlightened by God through the Holy Ghost and have a sure supernatural witness from with in that we are the temple that God lives in. This is a very real emotional awareness with Godís miracle working power and it must not be substituted with rules and commands of do or doníts and obligated requirements made up by so called religious leaders of any particular denomination. Jesus The Christ was not denominational and He was the embodiment of God in the flesh and should be our representative with power to God the Father on our behalf. We must truly understand the freedom we have to walk in Godís courts as his children with no guilt.

Where we have people who are slaves to denominational teachings and following man called ministries of their own persuasions that portray God as an impatient and angry Father who demands respect or else; we have nothing but the child abuse of Godís kids. In turn; the spirit of forgiveness we received when we became born again through Jesus submitting to God the Fatherís desire to have His Son die for us when we were in bondage and a slave to the devilís bidding; never takes a firm hold in our thinking and we stay in a state of being double minded and our security in God never becomes deep rooted.

James the Apostle tells us that ď a person who lives in a double minded state questioning his security in Christ Jesus; will never have the faith needed and be able to receive any thing from the Lord.Ē What person who claims to be born again and says they are in love with the Lord would want to be a crippled condition like this?

We are permanently put into Godís family when we received God the Fatherís sperm and His DNA the day we had our spiritual born again experience. That is exactly the way the Greek Concordance describes our born again experience. We as born again believers must go back to truly understanding our heritage as Godís kids and some of these nonsense teachings going on in pulpits and on some of these Christian programs on T.V. must come to an end.

Just this last week I heard a well know Christian brother who I have listened to for years and who has a prophetic ministry of these last days and in his endeavor to be passionate in his fervency in preaching the gospel stated that; God gets impatient with His children who are lukewarm as far as their commitment in being a God seeker and with great anger and determination that showed on his face stated that; people like this God throws up on them and is disgusted with his children who live like this. As much as I respect this manís ministry and with all the passion he has for God; he has become a reproach and is being lead away by his own importance. This is indeed sad as he is well known in the evangelical movement. He was referring to the Laodicea church in the book of Revelations and completely took the text out of its original context and what he said goes against Godís forgiving spirit of love and grace.

Over the years as I have studied this idea that we make God sick to His stomach and in the Greek Concordance; the true definition of this meaning is described in chapter 3 verses 18-19 of Revelations when God tells them how to be delivered from their lukewarm attitude when he says this. ďI counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so the shame of your nudity will not be seen; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see. Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and stay with a forgiving spirit and repent. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.Ē

Loving counseling does not mean; God dictating that; you better clean up your act or you will make Him sick to His stomach. This counseling is a jointly conversation with Him of debate if necessary and a coming together in reasoning with Him. This vomiting interpretation in many places on T.V. and other pulpits has been going on for years and keeping Godís children double minded as to how God really feels about His family. It has become a disgrace and grieves the heart of God. God is constantly with much patienceís trying to coax us to voluntarily become willing to interact with Him and goes on and tells and gives us the power to do this. Remember the key to receiving from God can only happen through us having a willing heart which can only happen by experiencing His forgiving grace.

When scripture tells us that God wants to spew us out of his mouth we need to rightly interpret this as a loving rebuke and chastisement that; he wants to pour or spew His spirit of wisdom into our spiritual ear and recreate something that has become broken as He created the universe by His spoken word when He said; ďlet there be light and light came.Ē Every time the Holy Ghost speaks and it is accepted and responded to; a miracle of maturity and wholeness takes place in our soul and body. Letís define these six terms I have underlined in these verses.

1.) Buy from me:
This is a child of God repossessing something that has been lost and them awakening from a spiritual slumber and becoming active again in their relationship with Him.

2.) Gold Refined:
This gold is the power of His grace (His unearned favor) that changes our attitude to comply with what He just said and can only refine our life by the use of it. When we use it, our spiritual ears identify with the Holy Spirit in our thought life and we speak what God says out of our mouth and we create our Christian walk by God ordering our steps.

3.) Tested by fire;
The power of Godís grace that He gives us will be tested and tried through the process we will be going through to change as we are maturing. It not only heals, but it also destroys the spiritual decease, behavior and any stronghold we may have in our life that keeps us from all God wants to give us. There are things in our lives that have to be shaken loose, so the only thing left standing is Godís perfect will in us. When this takes place, it makes us truly rich in Godís sight but where it really counts; it makes us aware that we are truly rich in our sight. We begin to open up our spirit to receive everything and more that God wants to give us for our every need when we need it.

4.) White clothes to clothe:
Our perception of our self has to be the same as Godís perception. When God the Father looks at us, He sees Jesus, who is perfect in His sight. This concept of understanding has to be nurtured in our walk with God, because of all of the negative influence we are bombarded with daily with the spirit of guilt and condemnation and we must truly know that God the Father looks at His children as blameless, free from evil and set apart from the world and clothed with a pure white garment of Christ Jesus Him self. This defines our righteous state in Christ. Do you see youíre self like this? Peter tells us in Peter 3:14, ďWhen Jesus comes back to earth; be eager to be found by Him with out spot or wrinkle and at peace.Ē

5.) Shame of our nudity from being seen:
The nudity or shame talked about here is the reaping in our lives of the curse. This happens when we donít see ourselves as God sees us. This causes us to live with painful feelings caused by a sense of guilt and unworthiness. It is the shame base nature that we have been talking about that Jesus came to deliver us from when He gave His life up for us on the cross. When we do not interact with the Holy Spirit, we can not experience Godís grace (unearned favor) and love.

Therefore, our thinking process keeps us focused on our behavior, and we think in a sin consciousness, rather then Godís total acceptance and desire to pour His gifts and forgiving grace out on us.

6.) Eye salve on your eyes so you may really see:
This means to keep company with or be glued to. It also means a ďpoulticeĒ which is a warm substance like a plaster that is put on the body in different areas to heal it. God says, we must have this eye salve or poultice put on our spiritual eyes, if we are going to have spiritual perception. An example of this is found in John chapter 9:1-7; ďas Jesus was walking along He noticed a blind man that was blind from birth.Ē His disciples asked Him, ďMaster who sinned, this man or his parents, that caused him to be born blind?Ē

We see that; the disciples had a condemning thought not a loving and forgiving thought. Jesus answer was, ďneither was it his sin or his parentís sin, but he was born blind so that I can reveal and display my mercy and healing power. My whole purpose is to do my fathers business while I am in the world, because I am the light or life of the world. He then spit on the ground and made mud (poultice) with His saliva, and spread it as an ointment (the anointing) on the manís eyes. He then told him to go wash in the pool of Siloam. Therefore, he went and came back seeing.Ē

The Hebrew word Siloam where He told him to go and wash represents an attitude of (putting away one condition and embracing another.) The blind manĎs latter condition was a lot more favorable then his former. Itís a matter of life or death for us who are born again believers to live this life of allowing God to (anoint our spiritual eyes with the eye salve of (! Himself! ) and really begin to interpret His thoughts and purposes clearly without distortions of the truth of His loving forgiving words.

Christ is called the anointed one. The anointing that is in Him is now also in us. It is a permanent gift given to us by God. It is the power of God working in our thought life and being, that arouses those heart-felt feelings that God wants to impart to us, which supplies our needs and the needs of others. Itís the power and the grace of the Holy Spirit, and we need to be in counsel with Him at all times to understand life and how to be kingdom kids walking in the spirit in His courts daily. Cont. in p. 2

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