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by Jason Elliot
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Incredulous! A Huge word! Jace Elliot
Incredulous! It is word which I heard for the first time in my life this week. What a word; powerful – almost regal. it is just one of those words that seems to demand respect, and so not letting my ego stand in the way I asked the meaning of it. The reply I got was “astounded” ‘negative’, I delved deeper and looked in the thesaurus at the first opportunity – disbelieving, doubtful, sceptical were synonyms I found, but they just didn’t have the same ‘ring’- Incredulous! What a word!
So why am I all excited about this word? I don’t know! All I know is that it hit a spot, it captured my attention like no other word ever has – it boasts depth, a strong foundation, a conviction! What came to my mind when I first heard it? Something huge and amazing! Something so powerful - almost incomprehendable. But looking into its meaning it becomes a glorified nothing word! It’s over intellectualised, bought back down to earth by its simplistic meaning – unless! Unless we consider it in a dimension of greatness – the dimension surrounding humanity and it’s Creator.
When we consider Darwinian Theory, The Big Bang theory, The Fission Theory, and the Evolution Theory and how these have impacted the thought and beliefs of mankind, the word Incredulous finds its mark. Humanity has been fed so many alleged scientific facts (which are in fact believable lies), that when God is presented before them, they are Incredulous – disbelieving with huge passion, with conviction! The disbelief and doubt is of Mega scale, even when presented with the facts, and so the great word Incredulous finds a very important place in the realm of The Truth of God vs The evolution of the world.
I learned recently that scientists have discovered at ‘nano level’, as they delve deeper in the structure and manufacture of cells, that the process and machines used in the process reveals evidence of intelligent design. Put simply, we as humans are considered the intelligent species and we design, plan, and manufacture in an intelligent manner. This manner has order, the designs and machines and structures used in the design or manufacture each having specific purpose. Our buildings are not built through a random collaboration of materials, hurled into a heap in the hope that natural physical forces and reactions will see a finely honed building emerge. Buildings are built after incredible research and calculation, identifying potential problems, identifying adequate materials for the task required, and then knitted these materials together in a specific order to create something quite amazing.
What scientists now have to acknowledge through observation of cells being constructed and manufactured, is that there is scientific evidence which indicates intelligent ‘mind’ behind the design and production of a cell. What they have observed is a bunch of machines which make machines, which make specific components, which have a specific role within the cell. What they are realising and having to admit presented with this evidence, is that this process and type of design cannot have just happened as part of random events. It is intelligent design!
One of our greatest character weaknesses which is often hooked into by Satan, is the ‘majority truth’ component. Now the ‘majority truth’ component is simply a name I have made up for an aspect of human character which is plagued with flaws and incredibly vulnerable to persuasion. It can be defined as a simple equation.
Majority truth = Facts disclosed > Facts non-disclosed
Simplified: The Truth = the greatest argument based on facts presented = a majority.
Simplified further: A believe based on a majority, resultant of imbalanced facts
As people, every day we are deceived by the presentation of facts. The deception comes from a consolidation of the facts; a derivative of many facts that have been edited, and those that are most presentable and convincing only to making it to final print. We are fed facts through politics, science, education and media every day, and without further thought we accept them as all of the found facts. We fail to research origin, we fail to consider fraud, we simply accept.
Those that are the exception, wishing to dispel untruths and confront deception find themselves labelled ‘trouble makers’ and the information which they present is ordered unreliable and lacking in evidence.
One great argument which I am astounded as to the mindset, is that of vaccines. We live in a world where through imposition of ‘Majority Truth”, it is accepted that vaccines are a must in society. Christians and Non- Christians alike operate with this acceptance based on the facts. Now remember the equation earlier: The Truth = the greatest argument based on facts presented. How many of you realise that you have only been presented selected, ‘most presentable’, ‘convincing’ set of facts regarding Vaccines?
Let’s look at it like this...I am yet to meet a Christian that agrees with abortion. Christians as I understand it have a strong view on abortion and concur that it is murder! It would probably be fair to say that most Christians are ‘anti-abortion’. Fact: Some hepatitis vaccines are ‘built’ on cells from aborted foetuses! Fact: Other vaccines are also built on aborted foetuses! So given that the majority of Christians are pro- vaccine (fact!), how stupid do we look? How Incredulous are you at this moment? Look it up...do some research, and examine all of the facts! The majority truth component has come into play; we believe based on the facts presented, and we follow the majority based on the truths we’ve been given. We have failed to ensure that we have all of the facts in our hands before making an educated decision. We have failed our God; we have been credulous of the deception of Satan.
Obviously this example is just one of many contradictions of which we don’t realise we as Christians are a part of. As we sit down and switch on the television and we absorb the ‘scientific evidence’ presented on National Geographic Channel or Discovery Channel as being true and correct, we are vulnerable. If you probe a little deeper into the statements made on many of the scientific programmes on these channels, you will find that many of the profound statements proclaimed are based on Theory’s derivative of hypothesis! Yet, these proclamations of evidence in the forming of life as we know it, and the evolution that ensued are when presented with all facts flawed through and through. The convincing data, the mind blowing graphical illustrations seize our attention, and before long we are being programmed, installed with information which diverts our attention from the truth.
This incredulous state of mind of humanity which ensues toward God and his Creation of the heavens and the earth is dangerous! A word that is being imposed on the hearts of mankind derived from a great lie which has been assembled by Satan
Some of the great concerns for distribution of evil in today’s world are audio visual media and the internet. As Christians we have as much opportunity and resource as the rest of the world to broadcast the truth – so why don’t we. Is it because we don’t really know or understand the truth ourselves? Is it because we’re afraid? Or is it because the light has simply not turned on yet? In NZ we have one Christian Television station on the Sky Network. I find myself asking the question – “what is the plan here, who are we broadcasting the truth to?” From what I’ve seen, it is mostly bringing the message of truth to those that already know it. A range of styles of Church and sermon formats to cater for the varying needs of audience, and the odd ‘life doco’ aired to inspire...What on earth are we doing Christians??? It doesn’t even cut the wrapper, let alone the cheese when it comes to reaching the real world.
Why do we sit back and let the deception of Satan have a free run in this world? Why do we allow the great lie to dominate and dictate to our airways? Have we laid guns down and accepted that this world is now Satan’s, and that we will just let him have it because our new world is coming and that’s all that matters? I hope not? The Bible is a relentless book...it doesn’t stop...there is no end to it! It is a living book, teaching, instructing, encouraging, advising and arming us for life in this world. The Bible doesn’t stop because there is no end to our work - our job here on earth. We have been given a never-ending task in revealing a Real God to the world, and to introduce people to Him; to fish for men and save souls. That is our primary job; there will be set backs such as the great lie, and there will be war, but lying down and saying it is too hard is direct defiance of the task we’re called to do.
We need to answer the ‘Majority truths’ with God’s truth, we need to increase our presence as Christians in this world. We need to utilise the medians now available to us, to flood the airwaves and World Wide Web with truth. Instead of forwarding meaningless emails of inspiration day in and day out, forward emails of a Truth that is Real. Research the big questions and controversies of the world and arm yourselves with all of the facts; are you in Gods army? Get ready for battle!
I’ve heard witness of one man bringing a message of truth to crowd of non-believers, and seeing 600 of them saved in one night. 1 man + 1 message of truth = 600 souls saved. Do the math; if 1 million Christians stood up and brought the same message, there is potential for 600 millions souls to be saved!
What are you going to do about it?
Incredulous – a huge word which I am almost convinced was designed by God to describe the huge scale of the worlds view on God and the Creation – a deception that is viral in its movement and contagiousness in its spread!

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