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Free Daily Love Stories For Married Couples - Worlds apart but closer than ever
by The Christian Book Company
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Free Daily Love Stories For Married Couples - Worlds apart but closer than ever

... two hearts only become one in marriage

The Title Of Today’s Love Story is: Worlds apart but closer than ever
It's written by: Alfred Benjamin King
For the: 17th of November 2011 (Thursday)
For more Free Love Stories visit: www.thechristianbookcompany.com

Worlds apart but closer than ever
  The sun was smiling in the sky and the beauty of it's radiance trickled down in gentle sun rays upon the public park in the beautiful city of San Francisco. In that park, two woven souls played happily with the sound of their laugher floating melodiously in the air around them. They were Christina and Charlie - a married couple. They had been married for 15 years so the love they felt for each other was 15 times stronger than the love that newly weds feel for each other. Their love was real love. Real love doesn't fade away with time, it grows stronger and stronger with time. No force on this earth can brake the power of love.
   Christina and Charlie played together happily in the park. They were the perfect Christian couple. They had great kids, a great life and a solid foundation on God's word. This was the stuff dreams are made of and it was their every day reality.
   Christina was a highly reputable dentist and Charlie was a public figure and the most loved and respected lawyer in the city.
   God had blessed this couple beyond dreams could express but suddenly everything changed when Charlie got killed in an accident days later. He was driving alone, coming home from work late because of a strenuous time consuming case he was working on. He was talking on the phone to his wife while driving; telling her how he can't wait to get home to be in her arms when suddenly a truck driver came out of nowhere and smashed right into his car, crushing it beyond any point of hope.
   A few days later, Christina was standing above her husband's grave. Tears poured like rain drop as each precious memory of the times she spent with her late husband flashed through her mind. To imagine that her Prince Charming - her knight in shinning armor - her pillar to lean on - her best friend in the world - her husband; was lying in a coffin 6 feet beneath her made her head spin. Her husband was gone forever. Her only comfort came from the fact that she was a Christian. She couldn't imagine how else she could bear her next breath if she didn't feel the presence of the Holy Spirit so strongly wrapped around her in a loving embrace - comforting her in so dark a moment. 
   She didn't know what the future held for her now but she knew that God was with her and was going to take good care of her as always.
   After the funeral, a woman named Juliana Peterson who lived in a different city but attended the funeral too, claimed that she was married to Charlie and was surprised that in this city everyone knew Charlie as Christina's husband. 
   Christina was greatly disturbed by this, she taught; what kind of an evil and crazy woman would show up at the door steps of a grieving window and make a claim like this just so they could probably get some money?
   Sadly, Christina's entire world and everything she'd ever believed about her and her 
late husband was rocked to its core when lawyers started showing up with proof that backed up the claim.
   The children that Christina and Charlie had together were devastated. All of this happening around them turned their worlds upside down but rather than letting all that was happening tear their love for each other apart, they stuck even closer and drew closer to their Mum.
   People who lived in the city Juliana came from confirmed her claims. The neighbors there said it was true. The blood test that Christina had conducted to see if her late husband was indeed the father of Juliana's kids said it was true. Every where that Juliana looked and every investigation that Juliana made said it was true. Her husband was also married to another woman.
   The few times that Charlie had left the country on a business trip and stayed for weeks coincided with the times that Juliana said her husband was at home. All Christina did to disprove this fact only proved that she was the favorite of the two and choose to spend a whole lot more time with her than with his other wife. 
   All of this broke Christina. It was like from the grave her husband had dropped an anvil on her soul that was pressing the very essence of her existence out of her.
   In addition to the horror that Christina faced that made her sick and hospitalized at home not because of anything that a medical drug can take away but because of only what the hands of time can take away. 
   What medical remedy out there could put back together the pieces of a broken heart? 
   As Christina lay in bed crying, from paradise (heaven) Charlie is watching her. He pleads with Jesus concerning her and asks the Holy Spirit to intervene. He can't bear to see his wife suffer like this. Even though he didn't view her the same way because marriage is not allowed in heaven and he wasn't exactly human anymore, he still cared for her; but in a different and really deep way. He cared for her like a sister he would die for. He cared for her more than he could ever care for her when he was on earth.
   The Holy Spirit moved because of Charlie's intercession and ministered to Christina. He comforted her and told her that instead of investigating if Juliana's claims were true that she should investigate who Juliana is but that she should be careful because she is being watched.
   Christina was shocked to hear that she was being watched. She got up from her bed and taught about what her next plan of action would be.
   Christina secretly hired the best Private Investigator she could find; to investigate along the lines that the Holy Spirit told her to investigate. 
   She was amazed at what he came up with. 
   It turned out that Juliana had legally changed her name to Juliana Peterson from Sarah Muller a few months ago. She was a rogue CIA agent and she knew about the billions of dollars that Charlie had inherited from an Uncle and was resting in off shore account. He hadn't told nobody about not even his wife. Charlie had just found out that he inherited the money on the day of his death and it was one of the things he wanted to tell her over a candle light dinner that evening.
   According to the wordings of the legal papers, any blood child of his would be able to claim a stake in the inheritance. That was why Juliana, as she called her self came up with four supposed children of her and Charlie.
   All the blood tests where rigged and all the people Christina interview as she investigated if Juliana was saying the truth were told what to say and where paid to say it. 
   Juliana was a smart lady who had worked with the CIA for years so now that she had gone corrupt she knew how to fake things and make people believe what she wanted them to believe. She had covered all the basics and predetermined all the steps that Christina would make to find out if her claims of being married to her husband was true but if someone personally investigated her as a person deeply and seriously (away from her links with Charlie that she created) which someone in Christina's position normally won't do, the person would find out the truth.
   A few days later, Juliana Peterson or Sarah Muller or whatever she calls herself was behind bars, while Christina was in a manor she had just bought with her kids - Charlie's real kids.
   Christina looked up to the heavens and she knew that even in death her husband still deeply cared and looked after her. Her broken heart had been made whole. God had been as faithful and awesome as always.

The End.


If you’ve been touched by what you just read and you’ve never given your heart to Jesus before but now want to become a Christian, please say this prayer and mean it with all your heart.
“Oh Lord God, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Your word says, ‘… whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved’ (Acts 2:21)
So now I ask Jesus to come into my heart to be the lord of my life. I receive eternal life into my spirit and according to Romans 10: 9, ‘That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved’ , Therefore I declare that I am saved; I am born – again; I am a child of God! I now have Christ dwelling in me, and greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! (1 John 4:4). I now walk in the consciousness of my new life in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!” 

“Oh lord God, I ask for your mercy and forgiveness for turning my back on you. I come back to you today in total sincerity and like the parable of the prodigal son, I thank you for receiving me back with Joy and Gladness.
I confess that Jesus Christ is the lord of my life and God the father is my Daddy. Hallelujah!”

“Oh Father, I thank you now for making me born again. For making me your child.
I ask that you give me your Holy Spirit to live in me and with me. For your word says that you would freely give the Holy Spirit to all those who ask. I open my heart and receive, and I know by faith that you have given me your Holy Spirit. Thank you Father. In Jesus name. Amen.”



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alfred Benjamin King is a full time writer & illustrator who obviously loves writing and drawing with all his heart.
He also loves music and so makes songs in his bedroom every once in a while.
He lives as though he’s retired early and retired rich. His bread comes from the fact that he is a business investor who God has blessed with wisdom.
He is one of the leading Christ – Minded writers in both fiction and non – fiction today.
His contribution to literature is extra ordinary. He created two new genres of literature namely, “D.I.P” and “S+C.S”
His literally works and special projects have gone spiral on the web; wheeling in an ever increasing number of views per post.

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