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Power Evangelism on All Level's
by Manuel Vargas 
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Power Evangelism on All Levelís

Hi, Iím back to deliver another message that Jesus wants me to teach. Jesus pointed out that many of you reading these teachings are somewhat struggling with a certain amount of questions because the topic of Evangelism may seem unreachable. However, the Holy Spirit said, to break-down the different LEVELíS of Ministries.

You see, when I began teaching the topic of Evangelist Gift parts 1&2 and Evangelism with Spiritual Gifts parts 1&2. The Holy Spirit led me to teach it with clear Biblical definition and the purpose was to point out the bible characters like Philip, Peter, Paul as well as, my testimony to declare how we all have been trained and used in the same way by the Holy Spirit.

Nevertheless, God has a training program thatís not for just Apostles, Prophets, and Evangelist. God used a humble, quiet, and simple disciple named Ananias to minister healing and baptism of water and the Holy Spirit to the Apostle Paul in Acts 9:10-19.

Be Ready to Minister

Hereís the point the Holy Spirit desires for you to get- whether youíre a humble disciple who has learned to listen to the voice of God and His Angelís or called to be an Evangelist in the future. God desires for everyone who receives this teaching with all their heart to be ready to be used like Ananias, Philip, Peter, Paul and I.

God uses anyone who is sensitive and willing to obey Him. Donít think that you need 20 years of training. We donít have 20 years Jesus is coming soon I mean real soon. God granted me revelation to teach this topic so practical for you to apply that if you are sincere and ready to be used God will speak to you to minister like Ananias ministered to Paul.

Basic- to- Advance training

God called the 12 disciples and trained them in 3 years. After Jesus rose from the dead then everything in the book of Acts that the disciples did was between A.D. 30- A.D.70; a period of 40 years of power-pack ministry. Luke wrote about everyoneís involvement not just what the high-profile Apostles did by the power of the Holy Spirit. You need to understand this and get it in your human-born-again spirit that if you sincerely want to be used by God--- He will call on you to minister in a new dimension of Power.

How Does It Happen?

Please take my Biblical advice;

1. Re-read all the articles over and over
2. Read the book of Acts several times
3. Desire Spiritual Gifts and that they be manifested in your life (1 Cor.14:1/ Acts 4:29-30)
4. Always stay in Prayer and fasting full fast (No food) or Partial (one meal a day) as the Lord places it in your heart.

Whenever God allowed me to come in contact with powerful teachings I was overcome by the testimony of how God used everyone in the book of Acts then when I read about a modern day ministers like Smith Wigglesworth or Yiye Avila (who is still alive); Iím driven with a divine passion to be used like them.

Being connected to the right anointed man or woman of God will allow you to be impacted by the same anointing to increase in your life and ministry. Gifts and callings come into your life as God supernaturally connects you with the person He desires for you to grow and mature with.

So if you have been impacted to study with me as God called me to teach His word then the same Anointing that Jesus gave me will rub-off on you and what took me longer to learn you will be used faster if God seeís youíre ready to be used. God is no respecter of persons when it comes to Him using you Paul said (Galatians 2:6).

Iím not going to break-down Ananiasí ministry I want you to read it on your own. God wants me to break-down the Gift of Laying hands for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Why does God want me to do that? Because, the ministry of Laying hands on new believers to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a great part of the ministry of Evangelism. We must be Biblical in every approach in ministry.

The Break-Down

Philip ministered and was defined by Luke as an Evangelist Acts 8/ 21:8.

1. Philip preached about Jesus (Acts 8:5)
2. He preached on the topics of Salvation, Miracles, Demonology, and Healing (Acts 8:6-7)
3. Philip operated with the Spiritual Gifts of Faith, Working of Miracles, Gifts of Healing and Discerning of spirits (Acts 8/ 1 Cor.12:8-10)
Ananias ministered to Paul Healing, Baptism of water, and Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 9:17-18/22:12-16. You need to read both stories to see the whole picture of what took place with the two of them as Luke records it.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Jesus made it clear that the disciples were to teach all nations what He taught them (Matt.28:18-20); So common Biblical sense will tell us that Jesus wanted us to continue ministering in a Powerful way to reach a lost and dying world. The only way we can accomplish that is by following Jesusí instruction as the disciples did.

Jesus instructed the disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they be empowered by the Holy Spirit (Luke 24:49/ Acts 1:8).

At the day of Pentecost they were Baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke with tongues and then Peter rose up and preached and 3000 souls accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and were baptized in water (Acts 2:1-41).

In Acts chapter 3 and 4, they ministered healing to a cripple man and they preached right after the miracle and 5000 were saved.

In Acts chapter 8, Philip preaches in the city of Samaria and they were saved, healed, delivered and baptized in water then the Apostles in Jerusalem sent Peter and John to Samaria so that they may minister to them the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 8:5-16)

Cornelius and his household were simultaneously Born-again and Baptized in the Holy Spirit when Peter preached to them, then they were baptized in Water (Acts chapter 10). Peter repeats the encounter to the people in Jerusalem in (Acts chapter 11).

Finally, in the city of Ephesus Paul saw certain disciples who were only baptized with John the Baptist but never were saved or born-again after Paul asked them and found out their spiritual state. Paul preached Jesus to them they were saved then baptized in water as born-again Christians then when Paul laid hands on them they received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (See Acts 19:1-7)

Seeing it as Luke wrote IT!

Notice how Iím teaching scripture and not quoting any theologians opinion! Why? Simply, because the word of God is whatís going to increase your faith in this area of teaching (Romans 10:17).

Do you see how scripture clearly teaches the topic of Evangelism with Power? Itís not my opinion! Luke wrote how the Disciples operated in the book of Acts. Their method of Evangelism was;

1. Preaching Salvation, Miracles, Deliverance, Healing and Baptism of water

2. Then they laid hands on believers to receive the Holy Spirit (with the exception of Peter and the Cornelius encounter the Holy Spirit fell on them unexpectedly as he preached.)

Being a Minister Laying Hands for the Gift of the Holy Spirit

Let me break-down how to minister in this gift as the scripture teaches and I experienced;

1. Teach briefly about it. Walk them thru it like this; Jesus desires to give you this gift more then you desire to give good gifts to your children Luke 11:13.

2. Jesus commanded us to experience it (Luke 24:49/ Acts 1:8)

3. Pray that they receive it before God sends you to minister to them (Acts 8:14-17)

4. Have them ask for it in prayer (Luke 11:9-13)

5. Then lay hands on them by faith (Acts 8:14-17)

6. The measure of faith you have and act on will activate the Gift of Faith to manifest the miracle and the Holy Spirit will fall upon you and them and He will fill them then they will burst out speaking in a new language they have never spoken (Acts 2:1-4/ 19:1-9)

Prepare yourself by reading scripture and these teachings I donít know if you can copy and paste these teachings to have as hand-outs, if you can then do it. Then go over it prayerfully asking for revelation and understanding and spiritual wisdom to make the proper applications and be ready for God to use you in this area of ministry.

Prayer for the Anointing

Iím going to pray for you so God can release this anointing to minister the Baptism of the Holy Spirit when you are led to lay hands on believers for this experience;

Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for allowing me to minister to your people about this teaching of Evangelism. Itís my prayer that they will receive the supernatural revelation needed to understand this teaching and simply apply it in their lives. I pray that a powerful anointing may come over them filling them with Your Glory to be the instruments to minister to Your people wherever Your Holy Spirit will lead them.

I ask that they will practice the prayer and fasting needed to build their human spiritís to be sensitive to Your Holy Spirit. I ask that they will continue to pray for Your mighty hand to be stretched out so that signs, wonders and miracles may be done in the name of Jesus. I pray that they will increase their faith with Your word about this topic of Evangelism.

Now you must pray, Father, in Jesusí name I thank You for this opportunity to be challenged to serve You with a greater anointing and grace to reach Your people I receive Your calling and gifts in this area of ministry. I desire all the gifts that are required to function efficiently and effectively as a powerful Evangelist in these lasts days. I trust You will pour out Your Spirit upon all flesh and that I will be a great part of the revival that You entrusted me to partake in. I thank You for this teaching and I pray that You will immerse me in it so I wonít forget it in Jesusí name amen. Hallelujah!

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