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Evangelism with Spiritual Gifts
by Manuel Vargas 
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Evangelism with Spiritual Gifts

I thank God for wisdom because without it I would not be able to share anything I wrote on this site. I was told to explain in detail the workings or manifestations of Spiritual Gifts in the life of an Evangelist. I have read theological presentations of this topic but itís not as practical as the way God had explained it to me to share with you.

Theology vs. Anointed Teaching

The 4 Spiritual Gifts that an Evangelist should have are;
1. Gift of Faith (1 Cor.12:9)
2. Gifts of Healings (1 Cor.12:9)
3. The working of Miracles (1 Cor.12:10)
4. Discerning of spirits (1 Cor.12:10)

When we attempt to study these gifts in any form Ėfrom study bibles or commentaries we will encounter some intellectual explanation thatís never backed by some biblical example or personal testimony. The only book that did that was Ever-Increasing Faith with Smith Wigglesworth.

However, a theological explanation of the Gift of Faith goes something like this; The Gift of Faith is a unique form of faith that goes beyond natural faith and saving faith. It supernaturally trusts and does not doubt with reference to the specific matters involved.

Okay now break this down to me in layman terms? You would ask! Well, this is where and Anointed Teacher comes in led by the Holy Spirit to make it plain and simple. God showed me that Teachers in the Body of Christ must teach more practically with a greater focus on Biblical examples and personal experience of the topic thatís being shared so students can easily be trained to walk through it from kindergarten level Ėto-elementary level-to- middle school level-to-high school level-thru to-college level.

Many Bible Teachers teach scripture as though everyone went to college. This is why Jesus said to me in a vision,Ē teach like I taught.Ē There is not one intellectual word in any of Jesusí sermons. Iím trying to bring clarity, practical teaching, with applicable guidance with every article. This is why I taught Evangelism 101 with Testimony. Now I must breakdown how these Spiritual Gifts actually work when God calls you to operate in them. So we are walking through a deep but simple teaching that can be applied.

Paulís Breakdown of Faith

Paul taught about the topic of faith better than anybody I have ever read. The only thing is that we have to take the time to search it out and place it in its proper setting. For example, faith like any other topic canít be thrown in a bag and mixed altogether. Angels is a topic in the bible that also must be rightly dissected, interpreted and taught. Michael is not Gabriel and vise-versa. Gabriel doesnít do what Michael does. Michael is the warrior always fighting satan and other principalities, powers and rulers of darkness (evil spirits.) Gabriel is a messenger. See Daniel chapter 9-10 and Luke Chapter 1 and Jude 9. My point is faith if not properly explained it will be confusing to a new student or anybody.

Natural Faith (Level One)

Natural faith believes in what you can naturally see. Naturally you buy any piece of furniture that has to be built and after you get the furniture home and build it you believe you can sit on the chair, or use the table, or set books upon a book shelf. Natural faith believes only in the physical realm or world. Thomas said I will not believe unless I see, or touch Jesusí body. Jesus supernaturally appears to them and said to Thomas, reach your finger here, and look at My hands; and reach your hand here and put it into My side. Do not be unbelieving, but believing (John 20:27)

Saving Faith- The Born-again Experience (Level Two)

Paul pointed out that Saving Faith simply means- that when the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached to you the words which are spoken are supernatural so it begins to penetrate your human spirit to believe in Jesus Christ then the next step on experiencing the New Birth is when you believe in your heart (Human spirit) and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9-11)

Paul also said that Saving Faith is a gift of God (Eph.2:8) This gift of faith mentioned here by Paul is not the same as the Gift of Faith mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:9. How do we know that? Because Paul made it clear that the Gifts of the Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 are manifested or brought about in the life of a believer as the Holy Spirit wishes to bring it about (1 Cor.12:11). But the gift of God (Salvation) thatís brought about by the grace of God and itís not manifested by good works but by faith in Jesus Christ (Eph.2:5-10).

Then Paul made it even clearer by saying that Faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). So hereís the supernatural key to believing in anything that God had said in His word Ė we simply need to consistently hear it over and over.

The Measure of Faith (Level Three)

Once we are saved or Born-again we begin growing spiritually by feeding on the word of God hearing it over and over and doing whatever its instructing us to do (Romans 10:17).

This is where Paul begins to share that if we hear it and apply it our minds will be renewed to live like Christians understanding the will of God (Romans 12:1-2).

Paul then goes on to teach about ethics when it comes to thinking and self-observation and assessment of who we are because everyone has been dealt a Measure of Faith (Romans 12:3).

Then he goes on to teach about the body of Christ and the different parts that have different roles then about the Ministry gifts (Romans 12:4-8). The Measure of faith comes with a Measure of Grace (Romans 12:6/ Eph.4:7).

Paul said that the Measure can be increased; 1. By hearing the word of God over and over (Rom.10:17). 2. By faithfully applying ourselves in the gifting we have (Romans 12:6-8/ James 4:1-6).

Gift of Faith (Level Four)

This Level of Faith is brought about when the Holy Spirit desires to use you to be a Blessing to others. Let me define this gift a little clearer The 9 Spiritual Gifts mentioned by Paul are actually broken-down by category;

1. Revelation Gifts- Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, and Discerning of spirits
2. Power Gifts- Faith, Gifts of Healings, and Working of Miracles
3. Utterance or Speaking Gifts- Prophecy, Different kinds of Tongues, interpretation of tongues

Now the Holy Spirit manifests or brings these gifts into action when He calls us to operate in the supernatural level of ministry. Let me share how the Gift of Faith actually works. Iím going to use 2 Biblical examples and a current testimony that I experience thatís parallel to scripture.

The Gift of Faith in Action

Elijah was a powerful Prophet. The Spiritual Gifts that Elijah was operating with were;

1. The gift of Prophecy with the word of wisdom and word of knowledge.

2. The gift of Faith, gifts of healings and working of miracles.

When he called fire down from heaven and demonstrated Godís power to Israel then killed the 450 false prophets Jezebel threatens to kill him so he runs from her. God redirects Elijah and tells him to anoint Elisha to take his place as the new Prophet in Israel (1 Kings 18:20-46/ 19:1-16).

Later, he was given notice that God was going to take him away. Then God told Elijah to go to Bethel, then Jericho and then to Jordan each time he told Elisha to wait behind Elisha refused. Then as they arrived to the Jordan River Elijah took his mantle off and struck the edge of the water and the waters parted allowing both Prophets to walk on dry ground. God took Elijah, Elisha saw it and then he picked up the mantle and went to the shore line and struck the edge of the water and said where is the God of Elijah and the waters parted and he walked on dry ground (2 Kings 2:1-14).

This is how the Gift of Faith operates:

1. You must be called by God to operate in the Ministry as an Evangelist or Prophet.

2. You must be trained by practical example by another anointed man or woman of God.

3. You must be anointed to operate in that Ministry as an Evangelist or a Prophet.

4. As soon as you encounter the opportunity to operate in the Gift of Faith as Elisha did; you must believe with the Measure of Faith until the Gift of Faith is activated and manifested. Elisha did the same thing that Elijah did but nothing happened until he spoke, ďWhere is the God of Elijah?Ē

5. The Gift of Faith activated the Working of miracles and parted the Jordan River. So you must use your measure of faith to activate the Gift of Faith. Elishaís measure of faith was increased when he saw what Elijah did. When we see or read about what other men of God did it will challenge us to grow and be in a position to be used in that same ministry.

I gave you an Old Testament example now let me share a New Testament example.

The Gift of Faith Jesus and Peter

Jesus was asked by a ruler of a synagogue to come and heal his daughter. Jesus went with the ruler as Jesus was walking with His disciples a woman with an issue of blood touched the hem of His garment and was healed. After ministering to her Jesus arrives at the rulers house and finds that the girl died He said sheís sleeping. They laughed at Him so He puts them out and brings the parents and His 3 disciples Peter, James, and John. He took the girls hand and told her to get up so she came alive (Mark 5:21-43)

Peter came to the city of Lydda and ministered to a man who was sick for 8 years in bed with palsy. Then the man walked and revival broke out in the city. Then in the city of Joppa Tabitha dies and the disciples there sent for Peter and when he came there were woman crying because the death of Tabitha so he practice what Jesus did he put everyone out of the room and kneeled down and prayed turned to Tabitha and said arise and she opened her eyes and sat up and he gave her his hand and lifted her up and presented her to the women alive (Acts 9:32-43)

What Jesus taught Peter, James and John in the rulers house Peter repeated the same thing in the city of Joppa with the widow that died Tabitha. When we grow in our faith by practical training with an Anointed man of God we will ultimately be used in the same capacity.

My Testimony

When God began training me by connecting me with the servants that were already gifted in the areas which He will use me in the near future I was immediately used in the same way. My measure of faith was increased as I was blessed by a man of God who had the gift to lay hands on believerís to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He Laid hands on me and 4 others in my church then he was going back to his country.

I was reading the scriptures about Elijah and Elisha without any thought about him leaving when the Holy Spirit said, that the gift of laying on hands for believerís to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit will be given to me I was speechless and clueless. Then the Holy Spirit said when he asks you what you want before he leaves respond like Elisha did to Elijah. So when I went to church he came to me and said if I wanted anything before he left I said give me a double portion of anointing to lay hands on people for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

He was surprised but the following day he laid hands on me and I was anointed by the power of God and fell to the ground. I saw a vision of Jesus, Peter and John and I knew I was anointed as they were to minister in that area. Since then more than 30 believers have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit when I was directed to minister to them.

The Gift of Faith by Experience

Since Iím a modern day man of God it may be easier for you to clearly understand how this Gift of Faith actually works.

1. When I pray and fast God will show me dreams or visions of people He may want me to minister too. Or when Iím reading the word and doing my private devotional time with God He may tell me by an audible voice or a spiritual perception to minister to somebody. The person will come to mind and I will then be given instruction what to do.

2. I will go by the measure of my faith and grace and minister to a person or persons that God wants me to minister too. I ask God for wisdom to pray or preach or teach and share whatever God leads me to say and then by simple faith Pray then I would feel the power of God come over me like a hot sauna fell from the sky and surrounded me and the person Iím praying for and without any doubts I say whatever Iím inspired to say and God will manifest the gift of Faith and then the working of miracles will come along with the enormous Faith and the person is speaking in an unknown tongues as I lay my hands on them.

3. The same thing happens with the Gifts of healings.

The Gift of Faith, Working of Miracles and Gifts of Healings
These power gifts work together. The Gift of Faith actually activates the Working of Miracles or Gifts of Healings. In definition, the working of miracles is manifested when you do like Elijah and Elisha and strike the water and they part or like Jesus and Peter when they prayed and raised the dead. Or when like Peter, John, Paul and I when we pray and lay hands on people for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Because speaking in other tongues is a miracle. Healings are also activated by simple prayer then the anointing falls on you and the Gift of Faith and the Gifts of Healings are manifested and the sick are healed.

We will discuss the discerning of spirits in my next article. May God bless you to supernaturally receive this information to turn into revelation so you may be inspired to experience the manifestation of God anointing on your life to minister by practical application in Jesusí name, amen.

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