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A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 3)
by Carl Parnell 
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Christian Persecution in Public Schools

Public schools have become the major breeding ground in America for Christian persecution. Students are persecuted throughout the halls of academia by administrators and teachers for their Christian faith on a regular basis. Secular humanism and atheism are gaining control of the life stay of America’s cultural heritage. Public schools are denying students the very freedoms that made America the greatest nation in the world-the freedoms of religion and speech.

John Dunphy, a noted secular humanist, wrote an essay entitled “A Religion for a New Age.” In this essay, he said that there is a battle going on for the future of humanity, and it must be fought and won in the public schools. He said that teachers should see themselves as evangelists of a new faith-humanism. They should teach humanist values in every subject they teach, at every level of education from day care and preschool to state universities. He said that the school classroom will become a place of conflict between the “old rotting corpse of Christianity” and the “new faith of humanism.” (1)

Many of the early progressive educational leaders in America have stated similar humanist opinions. Horace Mann, known as the “Father of American Public Education,” said that public schools must get rid of the concept of God. John Dewey, known as the “Father of Progressive Education in America” and one of the original signers of the “Humanist Manifesto,” said that God does not exist and there are no moral absolutes. He said that schools should exclude “dogma and creed” so that “immutable truth” will become “dead and buried.” Charles F. Potter, founder of the First Humanist Society of New York, said that American schools are a powerful tool for humanism. Paul Blanshard, an atheist lawyer and critic of the Roman Catholic Church, said that the purpose of schools is to promote a secular society by eliminating “religious superstition.” G. Richard Bozarth, the consulting editor of the “American Rationalist, said that if humanists can make sure that schools only teach secular knowledge, then they can “kill the god of Christianity.” Unfortunately, the ideologies of these men are alive and well in the public education systems of the United States today. (1)

It is the philosophies of these secular humanists and many others like them that are working to remove God and Christianity from public schools in America. Dr. Chester M. Pierce, a Professor of Educational Psychiatry at Harvard University, labeled American children as “insane.” His rational was that American children are too loyal to their parents, to their nation, and to their God. Therefore, teachers should strive to create a new type of child. This child should have an international perspective to their life, not just an American viewpoint. This is the reason that Christian persecution in America’s public schools is so prevalent. (1)

There are many methods used by anti-Christian educational leaders in the United States to remove any semblance of God and Christianity in America’s public schools. First, the new textbooks contain very little information about America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. The emphasis given to the Pilgrims and the Mayflower has drastically decreased. Thanksgiving is recognized as the time that the colonists thanked the Indians for helping them, not God. Another example of textbook revisionism can be seen in an American history book that had 6 lines written about George Washington. The same textbook had over 6 pages written about actress Marilyn Monroe. Basically, the things that mean so much to America’s heritage are being eliminated from history books. Instead, they are being replaced with signs of godless, secular humanism. (1)

The hidden agenda of secular humanism is to indoctrinate public school students with New Age teachings and practices. Primary and elementary students are being taught how to put themselves into a trance. They are also being taught to put their trust in imaginary friends instead of God. Basically, they are being introduced to “spirit guides,” which is related to pagan worship. In some primary and elementary schools, students are taught how to cast spells. Apparently, witchcraft and pagan worship have become the accepted norm. Many of the new practices in public schools are definitely not good for young people. Some of these new practices are the study of human sacrifice, the study of death and suicide, the study of reincarnation, and the study of euthanasia. Also, values clarification, which denies the reality of good and evil, has been introduced into most public schools. Therefore, America’s schools have come a long way from the days of the colonial schools where the Bible and God were the center of attention. (1) As a result, it is easy to see why Christian persecution is on the rise in the public schools in the United States. (1)

Which groups are responsible for Christian persecution in America’s public schools? The first group that is responsible for Christian persecution in public schools is the pro-homosexual movement. They want an ungodly homosexual agenda introduced to all students in government-supported schools. If they are going to succeed, Christianity must be removed from all public school campuses. Therefore, if Christian persecution is increased, it will make it much easier for them to advocate their agenda and to indoctrinate America’s children to their anti-Biblical lifestyle.

Homosexual curriculums already exist in many of the public schools in the United States. According to Kelly Boggs of the Baptist Press News, “Schoolteachers read books with homosexual themes to children as young as six and seven years old. Lawmakers approve a measure that would mandate ‘gay history’ as part of the curriculum. Legislators favor textbooks that drop ‘sex-specific’ terms like ‘mom’ and ‘dad.’” (2) This incident occurred in Alexandria, Louisiana. Another example took place in Lexington, Massachusetts. Second-grade students were required to read a fantasy book about two princes getting married. Since Massachusetts permits “same-sex marriage,” all children, including Christians, must read this book. (2) Also, some states are changing or attempting to change the wording of their state education code. The key wording change is to give positive emphasis to sexual orientation. Therefore, it is obvious that much of the Christian persecution in America’s schools comes from anti-Christian homosexual groups.

However, the group that has been the greatest anti-Christian threat in public schools is the American Civil Liberties Union. This organization uses the court system, especially the Supreme Court, to prevent Christian religious activities in the public school systems in the United States. There is a long list of religious activities that the ACLU has fought to ban on public school campuses. Some of the religious activities that the American Civil Liberties Union have banned through court cases or are attempting to ban now are:

1. Prayer
2. Bible-reading
3. Christian symbols (cross and crucifix)
4. Christmas activities (nativity and carols)
5. Christian clubs (Bible clubs)
6. Free Speech (talk about Christian religion)
7. Display of the Ten Commandments (2)

Therefore, as evidenced by the activities that the ACLU attempts to ban in America’s public schools, Christianity is definitely being persecuted. But, at the same time, the American Civil Liberties Union does nothing to stop the open promotion of other religions in the public school setting. This is just one more example of the ACLU’s anti-Christian agenda.

What must be done by America’s Christian community to return public schools to the days when the name of God and Christ could be mentioned freely? First, parents should become aware of some of the objectionable materials included in many public school curriculums, such as curriculum materials, videos, and books. Some of the main curriculum programs include:

1. Any SEED -based curricula or materials. SEED stands for Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity.

2. Families All Matter, book project for children from aMaze. Presents families headed by two homosexuals as a normal alternative.

3. Both of My Moms Are Named Judy: Children of Lesbians and Gays Speak Out. Video for elementary grades. From Gay and Lesbian Parents Coalition.

4. Daddy and Papa: Stories of Gay Fathers in America, film for middle and high school. (3)

After observing the list of objectionable materials used in public schools that pertain mainly to the pro-homosexual agenda, the next question is Where is the American Civil Liberties Union when America’s schools need help to stop the pro-homosexual agenda? Of course, the answer is very obvious. The ACLU supports the ungodly, anti-Christian homosexual agenda. Therefore, these two groups with the support of America’s liberal court system are the major enemies of Christianity in America’s public school. But, what can be done to stop the persecution of Christians in America’s public schools that was instigated by these two groups?

At present, on the surface, there appears to be only one way to prevent Christian persecution in public schools. Christian students must withdraw from public schools and attend private Christian schools. But, most parents could not afford to send their children to private Christian schools. Therefore, other solutions to the problem must be devised very soon. Of course, home schooling could be another alternative.

However, something must be done in the public schools of America to meet the challenge from all anti-Christian forces. These forces of evil have desired to eliminate any likeness of Christianity in government-controlled schools. They chose the public schools because it is the public schools that teach the accepted norms of society. They do not want the children of America to be exposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Instead, they would prefer the teachings of secular humanism, atheism, socialism, communism, and Satanism to be incorporated into all public school curriculums. Their selected weapon to defeat Christianity in America’s public education systems has been the persecution of Christian students. As a result, Christian students, if they cannot afford private Christian schools, will have to endure the persecution and shine forth as a light in darkness.

Of course, Christian believers throughout the United States could begin a frontal, counteroffensive and, with God’s help, take back America’s schools from the enemies of Christianity. Many Christian lawyers are already fighting for the rights of Christian students to express their religion in their schools without fear of persecution. But, the frontal attack by lawyers is not enough to completely defeat America’s ideological enemies. Christians in America must bombard Heaven with the prayers of the saints in order to get the wisdom and knowledge needed to plan a successful battle strategy against those who persecute Christian students in America’s public schools.


1. Collins, Mary Ann. “Persecution of Christians in America” The Harpazo Network. 8 May 2006.

2. Boggs, Kelly. “Homosexual Groups Target America’s Schools” Baptist Press News. 28 May 2006.

3. “Just Say No to These Homosexual Material at Schools” Mission America. 29 May 2006.


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