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A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 2)
by Carl Parnell 
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Christian Persecution in the Media

The media and entertainment industry is spearheading Christian persecution in America. Christians have been belittled and have been looked upon as second-rate citizens. As a result, Christians have been misunderstood by many nonbelievers of the Christian faith. Therefore, Christians, according to the Media Research Center in Washington, D.C., are considered to be “cold, intolerant and oppressive.” (1) As a result, media bias has become a serious problem in the Christian community.

Why are anti-Christian attitudes on the rise in America? According to Media Research Center, “There is a massive, monolithic pro-liberal, anti-Christian bias among the 'gatekeepers' of the mainstream media.” (5) As a result, the general public has become aware of the media bias that exists in America. According to a special Media Research Center report, most journalists believe differently on religious issues than the people they supposedly serve. (5)

In a 1980s study completed by Columbia University sociologists, several characteristics were prominent of most journalists in America. The characteristics are as follow:

1. Journalists are much less religious than the public.
2. Journalists are far more pro-abortion than the public.
3. Journalists are much more pro-'gay' than the public. (5)

As a result of this study, it is obvious that journalists attempt to indirectly force all Americans to view society as they do. In fact, many journalists believe that it is part of their job description. Therefore, apparently the media industry has one main goal-the brainwashing of the American public to accept their anti-Christian values. (5) However, there are other examples of media bias that should be considered. First, the media normally votes for Democratic candidates. Most journalists have voted for Democratic candidates in every election since 1964. Second, most journalists would quickly admit that they are liberal Democrats. Third, most American recognize the one-sided political views of most journalists. Fourth, many journalists would openly admit that they are bias toward conservatism. Finally, there is much evidence to substantiate the claims that the media is bias. The Media Research Center keeps the general public abreast of the liberal media activities in the United States. (7) It is their ongoing watchdog activities that alerts mainstream Americans.

Despite the normal media biases, the media also supports and promotes the UN Declaration of Tolerance, especially since many people consider Christianity to be an intolerant religion. According to author Thomas Cahill,

Because their God wished everyone (or so they thought) to believe as they did, they felt justified in imposing their religion on others.... The religion is not Islam but Christianity, whose dark history of crusades, inquisitions and pogroms lies not as far in the past as one might prefer to think. (6)

As indicated by Mr. Cahill, Christianity is viewed as an intolerant, selfish religion that promotes hate toward nonbelievers. However, since Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith, hate should not be associated with Christianity. Anyone who would take the time to read the Bible would see that Jesus Christ preached love and compassion toward all people, regardless of race, creed, or religion.

Thomas Friedman in his article entitled “The Real War” practically declared war on Christianity. According to Joseph Farah in his counter article entitled “The Unreal War,”

Whether he realizes it or not, what Friedman actually did in his essay is declare war on Christianity – including the very biblical Christianity responsible for the true pluralistic society America established under the authorship of the founders. More specifically, he declared his own humanistic jihad on Jesus Christ Himself. By Friedman's definition, Christ would have to be characterized as a 'religious totalitarian,' because it was Christ who said in John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (2)

It is appalling that Mr. Friedman has labeled the Savior of Mankind as a religious heretic who wants complete control over his followers like the late Jim Jones. Also, according to Thomas Friedman,

We're fighting to defeat an ideology: religious totalitarianism. World War II and the cold war were fought to defeat secular totalitarianism... and World War III is a battle against religious totalitarianism, a view of the world that my faith must reign supreme and can be affirmed and held passionately only if all others are negated.... (2)

Therefore, the comparison of Christianity to any form of totalitarianism negates all the good that Christian believers have done for America and the world. With all the death and carnage in the world at the hands of Communist and Socialist leaders, the classification of Christianity as a similar entity is an abomination to all Christians and to God.

It is also an abomination to God when members of the media and the entertainment industry use Jesus Christ’s name in vain. Unfortunately, this is happening on a regular basis. There are several examples that come to mind. First, the motion picture industry is definitely anti-Christian. This can be seen in the themes of the movies that have been produced in Hollywood during the past thirty years. In “The Last Temptation of Christ,” Christ was depicted as a sinner who needed Judas for strength instead of God the Father. Christians are ridiculed in “Poltergeist II,” since Christians were outdone by a pagan Native American medicine man. In “Monsignor,” the late Christopher Reeves portrayed a priest who seduced nuns. A young nun in “Agnes of God” has an illegitimate baby and then kills it. The movie “King David” has the king, portrayed by Richard Gere, rejecting his religion and his God. (3)

Therefore, it is obvious that Hollywood does have a hidden agenda which is to degrade Christianity in the movies that are produced. This can even be seen in the movies produced by Christian ministers, such as Billy Graham. In “The Prodigal,” Dr. Graham’s 1984 film, the Motion Picture Association of America showed their anti-Christian beliefs in the rating that it was given. The MPA rated it PG because it mentioned the word “Christianity” throughout the film. The Motion Picture Association was so bold that it gave the following disclaimer in its review: “Pre-teenage children should not be exposed to Christianity without their parent's consent.” (3) Considering the immoral issues of sodomy, infidelity, obscenity, and many other perverted activities that are included in made by Hollywood movies, it is absurd that a disclaimer such as this would be given. But, such is Hollywood!

Secondly, television is the other major area in the entertainment industry that degrades God on a regular basis. According to Don Feder, a syndicated Jewish columnist, “Christians are the only group Hollywood can offend with impunity, the only creed it actually goes out of its way to insult. Clerics, from fundamentalist preachers to Catholic monks, are routinely represented as hypocrites, hucksters, sadists, and lechers. The tenets of Christianity are regularly held up to ridicule.” (3)

Corbin Bernsen, one of the stars of the old L.A. Law series, stated, “Religion has become an outdated mode, an outdated answer to some of our problems ... I tend to think that people have to start thinking on a logical level. You have to follow your heart, and your heart is not guided by anything except what is in us as thinking animals. If it means dismantling religion, we might have to do that.” (3)

Mr. Bernsen’s statement about religion is basically the same belief of all those who produce television programs. They believe that their purpose in life is to promote ungodly social change. Everything is permissible, especially abortion, divorce, dysfunctional sexual orientations, and pornography. In an effort to promote their agenda, they attack and ridicule anyone or any group that fails to support them. This includes Christians and the Church. (3)

The final area of concern to Christians is the blasphemy that occurs regularly on talk shows and award programs. Three prime examples have occurred within the last few years. During the September 8, 2007 Emmy Award’s Program, comedienne Kathy Griffin made an extremely blasphemous acceptance speech. Ms. Griffin stated, “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. Suck it, Jesus; this award is my god now!” On January 11, 2008, an ESPN anchorwoman Dana Jacobson made even more blasphemous statements than Kathy Griffin. At the time, she was speaking at a celebrity roast banquet in Atlantic City, New Jersey. During her speech, she went on a verbal rampage using several profane words addressed at Jesus Christ. Ms. Jacobson said “F---Notre Dame,” “F---Touchdown Jesus,” and “F---Jesus.” Finally, actress Diane Keaton said the F-word four times on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer. Therefore, it is obvious that Hollywood has little or no regard for Jesus Christ and His teachings.

How can Christians fight back against the tactics of the news media and Hollywood? According to Michael J. McManus, Christians are finally fighting back against the anti-Christian media and Hollywood. They have actually won several recent battles. Two of the more recent wins occurred in early 2006. They relate to the proposed new series “The Book of Daniel” and an episode of “Will and Grace” with a guest appearance by Britany Spears. These two programs were anti-Christian and blasphemous. However, after over six hundred thousand emails from Christians were sent to NBC and the added pressure put on its sponsors, the “Book of Daniel” was cancelled and the “Will and Grace” episode was changed from the original anti-Christian skit. (4)

But, why did these two programs create such uproar in the Christian community? Basically, as usual, the anti-Christian and immoral content was the reason for the uproar. “The Book of Daniel” did not have a Biblical theme. Instead, the main character, Daniel Webster, was an Episcopal priest who was addicted to drugs. To make things worse, his family was definitely not a typical Christian family. He had an alcoholic wife. His own son was a homosexual, and his adopted son had sex with the Episcopal bishop’s daughter. Then, to make things even worse, Daniel Webster’s sister-in-law and her husband’s secretary had a lesbian relationship. The association of the Prophet Daniel’s name with the characters in this television program would be considered an abomination to Christian believers. (4)

In the “Will and Grace” episode, Britany Spears portrayed the sidekick to a homosexual television talk show host. Her assignment was to cook a dish called “Cruci-fixins.” This anti-Christian theme the day before Good Friday was another blasphemous attempt to ridicule the Christian faith. Fortunately, the uproar in the Christian community prevented this event from happening. This script was changed, also. (4)

What would make NBC and other networks so offensive to Christians, especially since 9 out of 10 Americans claim to be Christians? The main reason is that most network executives do not believe that Christians will retaliate against them. Therefore, they willingly attack evangelicals and conservative Catholics. But, fortunately, Christians are finally becoming upset about the anti-Christian propaganda in the media industry. Needless to say, the attack by the media on Christians is not over by any stretch of the imagination. (4)

However, you who blaspheme Jesus Christ on a regular basis, please give Him a rest from all the defamation to His Holy Name. You could blaspheme another religion’s god for awhile. Of course, you know that you would not be irreverent toward any other religion’s god. Any other religion, such as Islam, would fight back immediately. If you were to blaspheme Mohammad, you already know what the consequences would be. Therefore, don’t use profane words toward anyone’s god, especially Jesus Christ. He Needs a Breather!


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