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A Brewing Pot of Christian Persecution (Chapter 1)
by Carl Parnell 
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Growing Christian Persecution in America

America from its inception has been a God-fearing, Christian nation. Our forefathers made sure that this became a part of our heritage. However, in postmodern America, certain forces are attempting to rid America of its Christian faith. The faith of America’s founders is hanging on by a thread. Even though churches in the United States are still operational, the spirit of Christ is being attacked throughout the land. Therefore, the persecution of Christians is growing in the United States at an alarming rate. In fact, according to Manly P. Hall, a well-known author and leading scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult,

They are the invisible powers behind the thrones of earth, and men are but marionettes, dancing while the invisible ones pull the strings. Satan's string pullers have patiently manipulated unregenerate architects of American society for over five decades, networking both visible and invisible principalities to discredit Christian causes. Indicators reveal the propaganda blame-game against western believers is working. (1)

Even though most Americans have never been persecuted like the Jews during the Holocaust, the persecution of Christians in the future in the United States could take on some of the same characteristics. First, Jews were isolated and marginalized. Second, the propaganda machines made the German people hate and develop prejudice toward all Jews. Ultimately, this persecution led to the mass annihilation of over six million Jewish men, women, and children. Unfortunately, these are some of the same procedures that might be used in America today against the Christian population. (1) In fact, Christians are beginning to be blamed for all the ills in the United States. As a result, much prejudice is being directed toward Christians in America, despite all the good things that Christians do on a regular basis for the less fortunate in the United States and in the other nations of the world. Of course, there are some Americans that would like to see all Christians isolated from the rest of the U.S. populace. Also, if the truth were known, there are people in America who would advocate the annihilation of all Christians, just like the Jewish Holocaust. Ultimately, as far-fetched as it would seem, these people do exist.

There are many seeds of persecution that exist in the United States. These “seeds” affect every part of the American culture. Since Americans are too involved with their day to day existence, they fail to see what is happening in their own country. Apparently, it is accepted that Christians would be persecuted in a communist country. However, some Americans fail to realize that religious freedom in America today pertains to every religion in America. However, it appears that too many people want to exclude Christianity, the religion of most of the Founding Fathers.

Since Christian persecution does exist in the United States, it is extremely important to know how to fight back against it. Therefore, it is also important to know what types of persecution does exist in America’s own backyard. However, it is so depressing to see how the United States government is banning the truth and replacing it with tyranny. America is rapidly becoming a nation that will accept anything except the truths of the Bible. According to William Penn on January 3, 1701, “If we will not be governed by God, then we will be ruled by tyrants.” (3) Unfortunately, this is the predicament that the United States finds itself in today. There are plenty of anti-Christian rumblings that are vibrating from the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C. This is the reason that Christians should become aware of the religious belief systems of those who they elect to represent them. If Christians haphazardly put politicians in office who have anti-Christian belief systems, it might just be these same politicians who initiate even more Christian persecution in the United States. As inferred by William Penn’s quote, Christians should not want tyrants ruling America who do not believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ. But, sadly, some of America’s politicians promote legislation that is anti-Christ in content.

It is extremely important to meet the challenge of Christian persecution head on. Christians must not deny that persecution does exist in America. As stated by Mary Ann Collins, a former Catholic nun, “We will have to be willing to make sacrifices, be disciplined, persevere in the face of hardship, endure suffering, overcome frustration and inconvenience, and spend more money than we want to.” (2) Also, Collins stated, “If we don’t deal with it, then it will keep getting worse. It will become more widespread, cause more suffering, and be more difficult to deal with.” (2) Therefore, the general public must be made aware of what is happening in America. However, most of the general public would not accept such a premise that Christian persecution even exists in the United States. In fact, since America has a large Christian population, they would not accept the premise that Christians do face religious persecution in America. But, this assumption is far from the truth. It does exist!

According to Berit Kjos of Kjos Ministries, America’s tyranny toward Christians can be seen in the following trends and events. First, the United States Supreme Court is basing many of its decisions on United Nations and European models. In fact, Gina Holland, an Associated Press writer, wrote an excellent article on this topic. Her article was entitled “Ginsburg: Intl’ Law Shaped Court Rulings (August 2, 2003).” According to Holland, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated, “The Supreme Court is looking beyond America's borders for guidance in handling cases on issues like the death penalty and gay rights.” (3) Also, Justice Breyer reaffirmed Justice Ginsburg as he stated, “The world is growing together through commerce, through globalization, through the spread of democratic institutions, through immigration to America. It is becoming more and more one world of many different kinds of people ... And whether our constitution fits into the governing documents of other nations, I think, will be a challenge for the next generation.” (3) But, why should the United States worry about whether the U. S. Constitution relates to the governing documents of other nations? America’s judicial systems should only be concerned about the documents written by its Founding Fathers for the citizens of the United States. Also, America’s Founding Fathers used the Bible as their guide to write the U. S. Constitution and other governmental documents. As a result, the U. S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights have the greatest foundation of any other constitution in the world.

Sadly, as stated by Kjos, “Our world can't tolerate the old Biblical laws that identify certain behaviors as sin and certain beliefs as incompatible with Christian faith. Offended by the truth, it bans the convictions that once gave rise to social order and prosperity. Its new systems leave no room for an uncompromising moral standard which can't be conformed to man's shortsighted vision of the 21st century community.” (3) But, yet the United States is on the verge of using Islamic Sharia law, the religious and judicial law of Islam, to judge different aspects of the American society. However, why should the United States ever contemplate the use of another non-Christian nation’s laws to judge Americans? Therefore, the use of a non-Christian nation’s religious and judicial laws to judge Americans would be another slap in the face for Christians in America. Also, it would be another prime example of indirect Christian persecution.

Second, the trashing of the Ten Commandments has become a new trend in America. In fact, Roy Moore, Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court, was willing to sacrifice his esteemed position in an effort to save the Ten Commandments from being removed from the state judicial building in Alabama. According to Judge Moore, “We must acknowledge God in the public sector because the state constitution explicitly requires us to do so. The Alabama Constitution specifically invokes 'the favor and guidance of Almighty God' as the basis for our laws and justice system. As the chief justice of the state's Supreme Court, I am entrusted with the sacred duty to uphold the state's constitution.” (3) But, despite the dictates of Alabama’s State Constitution, Judge Moore was suspended from his position on November 13, 2003 because he refused to follow a federal judge’s order to remove a 2.6-ton monument of the Ten Commandments from the state Supreme Court building. However, since the Ten Commandments are on display in some federal buildings throughout the United States and in Washington D.C., such as the Reagan Building, the main reading room of the Library of Congress, and the U.S. Supreme Court, why should the Ten Commandments be removed from the Alabama State Supreme Court building? Ultimately, why should the Ten Commandments have to be removed from any public building in the United States? Of course, the answer to this question is really quite simple. It is the arrival of an anti-Christian spirit in America.

Third, the relearning process that is taking place in America’s public, government-supported schools is creating persecution for Christians, too. Public schools fifty years ago were much different than they are today socially and culturally. Christianity was mentioned on a regular basis without fear of being sued by the American Civil Liberties Union. Bible-reading and prayers to the Lord God Jehovah took place each morning before starting the school day. Christmas and Easter were major religious holidays that were recognized within the school setting. Christian icons were seen in the public school setting, also. However, in postmodern America, public schools throughout the United States are eliminating all signs and symbols of the Christian faith. Discrimination toward the teachings of Jesus Christ has become the accepted norm. Any religion, except Christianity, is accepted in a nation founded on the Judeo-Christian ethical system. Students may write reports about any religious figure, except Jesus Christ, God’s Only Begotten Son. (3) But, public schools in years gone by provided a place for those who did not attend church to find out about Jesus Christ, His love, His mercy, and His plan of salvation for all mankind. Yet, in America today, the promotion of Christianity in public schools today is not permitted; instead, it is “null and void.” Therefore, America’s public schools are now becoming the major breeding grounds for Christian persecution and anti-Christian ideology.

Also, besides the public school systems in the United States, the media is another manner in which anti-Christian groups are attempting to indoctrinate America’s children. Movies, television programs, video games, DVD’s, and other media materials are being used to paint a negative viewpoint of Christians and Christianity in the United States. Basically, the media could use their influence to deny citizens the truth of what is happening in America and the truth about the Christian influence in America. According to Thomas Horn, CEO of RaidersNewsNetwork, “If one succeeds in separating Godly principles from public education and the media, they deny citizens the knowledge of good and keep them from embracing the laws of God. To that extent, they are pawns of evil and subvert and destroy both the message and the messengers of righteousness.” (1) But, this is exactly what is happening in the United States. The media does not always report the whole truth, especially about Christianity. In fact, the media is used to attack the Christian faith, much like Hitler did the Jewish faith in World War II. Basically, the media is a driving force in the current trend to bash Christians for their love of Jesus Christ and His teachings. Of course, it is not politically correct or media correct to mention the name of Jesus Christ too much, but it is more acceptable to discuss the teachings of Islam openly. This, too, in itself, is another form of Christian persecution.

As a result of the trends of persecution in America, Christian persecution is on the rise. It can be viewed throughout the complete spectrum of the American society, not just the public education system. As a result, there are several things that Christians can expect to happen in the future. First, as has already started, the governments of the world, including the United States, are gradually denying Christians the same privileges as other religious groups. Christians who preach against life styles that the Bible classifies as sin and an abomination to God will face many kinds of fear that will cause much stress for them. The different kinds of fear would be:

1. Fear of being arrested
2. Fear of being associated with radicals
3. Fear of being seen as unloving
4. Fear of getting a bad reputation
5. Fear of government scrutiny
6. Fear of losing one’s tax exempt status (4)

However, as stated in the Bible, Christians will have to deal with fear and persecution in their lives on a regularly basis during the end times. But, at the same time, Christians should not sit idly by and do nothing about it. They should form some type of legislative agenda of their own, an agenda that would bring America back to its Christian roots. Of course, a great spiritual awakening would be even better.

Finally, new words to describe Bible-believing Christians are being introduced into the American society, too. Christians are being labeled as “intolerant” and” insensitive.” They are even being classified as “radical terrorists.” In fact, some lukewarm Christians might even take on the “Judas Syndrome” and turn over their friends and other Christians to the local law enforcement agencies. As described in Matthew 24: 9-10, “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.” (4)

Therefore, if Christians are going to fight against the cohorts of Satan, they must first make sure that the God who they represent is with them in the battles that lie ahead. As happened too often to the Israelites, they would be led into captivity when they failed to serve God. When they returned to God, He always brought them out of captivity. If American Christians do not truly return to their God and Savior, and rekindle a personal relationship with Him, they will not be able to spiritually stand when the persecution that awaits them arrives. It will bring them to their knees in agony. But, if they have their God on their side, they will be victorious over religious persecution in America. (3)


1. Horn, Tom. “Persecutions of Christians Growing in the United States” Worthy News. 4 May 2006.

2. Collins, Mary Ann. “Persecution of Christians in America” The Harpazo
Network. 8 May 2006.

3. Kjos, Berit. “Ban Truth-Reap Tyranny” Seeds of Persecution. 9 May 2006.

4. De Parrie, Paul. “Two Kinds of Persecution” Covenant News. 15 May


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