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Godly purpose
by phil larussa
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Godly purpose

Purpose means to make a plan and determined effort in our mind causing us to take action and come to an intended conclusion. To find true purpose; there must be a discipline and total resolve to complete the goal that weíre looking for. Letís discover where this desire for purpose for our life came from.

In Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 Solomon writes this vision that God gave him, when he says. ďTo every thing there is a season and a purpose under heaven meaning (needs to be submitted to heavens control and final authority.) There is a time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pick what was planted; a time to kill and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance; a time to throw stones and a time to gather them; a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to keep and a time to throw away; a time for tearing and a time for sewing; a time to speak and a time to be silent; a time to love and a time to hate; a time of war and a time of peace;

What reward is there for the person that is doing all this fatiguing work (or going constantly through these seasons?) I have seen the painful labor, concern and effort, which God has given to, the (sons of men) keeping him busy with all his duties or earthy chores. God has made everything beautiful in its time; He also has planted eternity in menís heart and mind. (A divinely implanted sense of purpose working through the ages which nothing under the sun, but only God can satisfy, yet no man in his own understanding will be able to figure out what God had in mind from His first thought until His plans will be completed.)Ē

If we were to spend the time and give examples of all these activities, they would define all the things we encounter from life to our death. Where he states under the sun, this represents the every day activities and influences of our life. This is the environment we were subjected to live in when Adam and Eve gave up their protected environment of the Garden of Eden. It tells us in Genesis, that when God made Adam He breathed a healthy living beautiful soul into him and the seed of purpose was planted in mankind the day they were born. Whether your a born again believer or not, we all have this need to express purpose in our life.

I have encountered those who do not recognize this principle working in them. There are others who donít know the Lord, but recognize that they have a need to function in a purpose and they have made up goals with some success. (Even though itís been in their own understanding of what they thought success was supposed to be.) There are also born again Christians that I have spoken to and even though theyíre saved, they have goals and purposes functioning in their lives that were never Godís intentions. This should not be so in the born again believer because; we have the Holy Spirit living in us and He shows us our purposes according to His leading.

Somewhere along the line we never understood or forgot that, there is a higher purpose for us as Godís children that we need to function in. Too many Christians have got caught up with this atmosphere of under the sun (meaning our daily earthly chores) with its timetables. Even though we live in these experiences, we must constantly be focusing on the fact that, there is a higher calling for us who are Godís children. We have to be going about our Heavenly Fathers business on the earth if we are to be successful. However, our success and exposures to endless possibilities must be focused on our knowing that; we were called to be an ambassador for the Lord as we encounter opportunities to share the life of Christ with all the people we come in contact with. This has to be our ultimate purpose as we go through the seasons of our life.

If our purpose has to come into humble compliance under heaven then, it needs to be directed from that source and no other. Because of mans fall from receiving Godís unmerited favor (His grace), this concept of time meaning under the sun was created and man was destined to live in it. God lives in an environment of eternity and with Him there are no time periods. Because of this condition; God had to send Christ to earth and enter the time zones of man.

Christ in Jesus experienced in His earthly flesh all these time periods. But His real purpose, which He never forgot, was to die on the cross for our sin. Well if youíre a child of God born again into His family, what is your purpose from heaven and why are you here? By Jesus doing this it was to show us what His Heavenly Fathers purposes were for all of His creation. All of mankind born again or not was given a choice by God to accept or ignore this concept. But no matter what ever life span or places that man roams, fulfillment will never come until we live in total submission to Godís will and purposes.

This scripture says ďthe painful effort and concern which God has given to the (sons of man) has kept them occupied with their own interests with being busy.Ē All these seasons that we live in, can keep us so busy and by making them our first priority; it can cause us to fail Godís intended purposes. If youíre not a born again child of God, all you can look forward to are seasons of struggling in survival mode because you are a son of man. Meaning; you had a mother and a father, who brought you physical life however; there is no eternal life in you. For us who are born again believers, we started out being a son of man, but since Jesus now lives in our heart, we have become sons and daughters of God.

The revelation of this statement to our heart and soul is the meaning of all that life represents.

I never get tired of acknowledging my thankfulness to the Lord for saving me. Without Him there is no life. He is the best of all bests. There is a life and death difference between being a son of man and then going on to become a son or daughter of God. There has to be a supernatural miracle that takes place in our being. We canít blame God because of what man has done to mess up his life because; he may choose to not accept Godís mercy and grace. You have to go way out of your way to not experience Godís love and grace, when God planted the seed of purpose in you when you were made. You may ignore that seed of purpose however; God put it there to call us back to Him and make us recognize that, there is more to life then what we live in. What really grieves me is when I encounter so many people living in survival mode which is just going about their daily lives working and trying to make ends meet not even aware that they have the privilege to walk in the presence of the Lord all day.

They are trying to fit into a peer group and find someplace of belonging and dealing with their sicknesses and struggles of acceptance. They may even be church people who are committed to a body of people listening to a gospel that is peculiar only to their group of believers.

These are denominational teachings and it sounds good however; if anybody rocks the boat; their out of line. Under this entire front; there is no real hunger for excellence at home and in the market places of life, where the rubber meets the road. No disciplined prayer life and no meditating on the word day and night. Just a casual tip toeing between kingdom living and the world trying to get by but having no real passion to walk in the inner circle with Jesus causing them to end up living in mediocrity. When Jesus walked the planet; the people He came in contact with were amazed and made statements about Him.

In Matthew 13:54-55 it says. ďWhen Jesus went into the synagogue or (you may say the church meeting.) The people were amazed with wonderment at the wisdom and miraculous power He operated in. They said isnít this the son of Mary and arenít his brothers James, Joseph and Simon and Judas.Ē We see here that they knew a man called Jesus after His earthly flesh. But because He was under the anointing of His Heavenly Father there was a different aura about this man because; He had come in the name of God to complete a higher purpose then to just have a trade of being a carpenter son working in his earthly fatherís carpentry shop.

As Godís children we have a higher calling as Jesus and there are far too many believers living far below their inheritance given to them by God the day they accepted Christ into their lives. To know that there is more to life and not seek after it has to mean that, we are living in some type of spiritual lethargy and need to be prayed for to be delivered and set free in our being. This seed of purpose that God planted in us has His total endorsement and He is just waiting to water and nourish this seed if we will seek after Him. If we have a true desire within us to have God energize this seed of purpose; there is nothing we canít achieve with His support. You might say that the seed of purpose is an extension of God Himself.

I am assuming that you are seeking God for a higher wisdom then youíre own every day and itís your intent to totally commit you life to Jesus Christ. Once we commit to Him, this seed begins to produce a hunger and thirsting after Him. We have to allow God to persuade us that His ways are better then us living in a time zone of mediocrity.

In Proverbs Chapter 2:6 it tells us that, we have to understand Godís plan and how to function in it. This plan falls into three categories, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It says God gives skillful and Godly wisdom and from His mouth comes knowledge and understanding. Letís discuss these three terms.

This word knowledge means to know something through an acquaintance with someone. It also means to be instructed. It has to be our intense goal to receive from God the knowledge of His ways of thinking.

The knowledge that He gives us has to be discussed in our thought life with Him because; it persuades us that His ways are better then ours. If we are to submit and put purpose under His control, we have to allow ourselves to start functioning in a wisdom that is from heaven. Only the Holy Spirit can teach this and by listening to Him; it makes us willing to change and submit to His leading. As we get comfortable talking to the Holy Spirit; He will lead us into all truth. Paul the Apostle went through this process of being persuaded him self.

He says this in 1Timothy 1:12. ďI am not ashamed for I know and have knowledge of and am aquatinted with Jesus in whom I totally trust because, I have been totally persuaded, that the purpose He has entrusted to me and the commitment that I have given to Him to fulfill this purpose will endure until the day I see Him face to face.Ē (This is the confidence we must have deep with in us.)

The Greek word for persuade is peitho: It means to convince by argument if necessary which will bring peace and security to our soul. I wonder if we in the body of Christ really recognize that, our own fallen nature or undisciplined soul has a will of its own and wants to do its own thing.

Paul the Apostles life before he met Christ with all the passion he possessed; went out in the name of God and killed born again Christians. After he got saved and his eyes were opened, he went through some argumentative prayer times and fifteen some years of wanderings in the wilderness being lead of the Holy Ghost to have his thinking changed; as he passionately sought for a new and anointed way of functioning in the power of the Holy Spirit. He debated with the Holy Spirit and had to repent or change his thinking and be retrained to Godís ways of doing things.


He stated that, his life was nothing but dung until he met Christ Jesus on the way to the city of Damascus to kill Christians. Why are so many people scared of a loving Father who wants to just allow his children to be with Him? He doesnít have a tolerance level in His patience when we come to Him in our growing pains and seeking for security in having our needs and wants met. We still have a large majority of people seeking Him first for their physical and financial needs to be met. What is it going to take for us to grow up and seek Him just for the pure pleasure of Him reveling to us His great friendship and trust that will accomplish His purposes to manifest in our life.

If we are really going to understand Godís ways of dealing with our life issues and us trying to stand in the gap for God; we must have a tenacious relationship with the Holy Spirit so; we can speak Godís wisdom out of our mouth under His promptings. What takes place is the same thing that happened when Jesus was born. The bible says that the word of God became flesh and Jesus lived among us on the earth, meaning that, Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit and Jesus was physically born. This is the same process that takes place in us when we become born again from above as we live in this relationship with the Holy Spirit. Our revelation from the Holy Ghost becomes a part of our make up, because it is sown like a living seed in our soul and personality and continually operates in our thought life.

Second, when one has wisdom; they become wise and skillful based on a high degree of knowledge. This wisdom comes with our discernment, which is learned from interacting with the Holy Spirit in meditating day and night in the word of God. As we meditate, the Holy Spirit mixes His thoughts with ours and we begin to hunger and seek after His advice in our decision making, in the seasons of our daily activities. It is through trial and error we learn to know and trust that still small voice within us that says, ďTurn here or donít turn there.Ē So we see with out knowledge we have nothing to distinguish between our thoughts and the Holy Spirits thoughts. Thatís why the word of God says, ďFor a lack of knowledge my people perish.Ē Now as this process takes place; we come to the third part which is our understanding.

When one understands; they have come into agreement with God. We grow in our mind of Godís ways and begin to experience an empathy and loving compassion for our self and others. In turn this gives intensity to our purpose. Understanding secures and anchors our soul when the storms of life come against us. Totally understanding causes double mindedness to disappear because; our roots have become deep and we have been persuaded to cast all our care on Him for we know He cares for us. We can say with meaning; nothing can separate me from the love of God.

Paul said it best in Romans 8:38-39 ďI am persuaded beyond doubt that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor impending threats, nor things to come, nor any kind of demonic powers, nor heights, nor depths, nor anything else that has been created will ever be able separate us from the love of God which we received when we received Christ Jesus.Ē

How better can it be said? These things in this verse represent our battles in our seasons of life. This is the understanding we have to have with tunnel vision in seeking our eternal purpose in Christ. We must allow the Holy Spirit to give us the resolve and strength to complete the race set before us and run our coarse only as God shows it to us no matter what the cost.

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