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Mans carnal thinking verses God's Spirit
by phil larussa
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Mans carnal thinking verses Godís Spirit

In this article l will define the two natures that are at work with in the born again believer. For the unsaved or those who are not born again by the Spirit of God; they can only walk in the flesh and are a slave to their fallen carnal nature that they were born with. Their reasoning is coming from their five senses because; they do not have the Holy Ghost with in them to receive Godly wisdom.

I have said this; thousands of times and will continue to say this. Unless a person has accepted Christ Jesus as his Savior and become born again from above; they are not in GodĎs family and a child of God. As of late I have heard that some so called prominent Christian leaders are trying to form some kind of alliance between Christians and Moslems starting some kind of religion called Chrislim.

This is indeed demonic in nature and confirms what the bible tells us will happen in the last days before Jesus returns to rapture the body of Christ to heaven. There will be those who will apostasies and preach a gospel of compromise with false doctrines.

We will use what Paul said in Romans 8:4-6 to confirm what I have already partly stated as the bases of the conclusion we must come to if; it is our intension to follow God and not get entangled and be led as a captive to the demonic thought patterns that are running ramped in the world today.

Paul says. ďFor those who are according to the flesh and controlled by its unholy desires set their mind on and purse those things which gratify the flesh. However; for those who operate in accordance to the Spirit and controlled by the desires of the Spirit. Set their mind on and seek those things that gratify the Holy Spirit. Now the mind of the flesh (which is sense and reason with out the Holy Spirit is death.) Which is made up of all the miseries arises from sin, both now and here after. However; the mind of the Holy Spirit is life and soul peace both now and forever.Ē

We must truly define the spiritual arena that the born again believer must consciously be made aware of if they are going to know the devilís tactics of trying to keep them impotent as to the power they have to destroy his works in their own arena of life. As of late I sense a great urgency to write with even more clarity as never before.

Flesh as it is defined from scripture is (our carnal nature.) Carnality is sensual or sexual in nature and we have a consistent need for our soul which represents our mind, will and emotions of constantly coming under the influences of the Holy Ghost so that; we can be protected and not become mesmerized by our own un God like wisdom planning. We must be constantly going through a process of having our mind washed and renewed by the Holy Ghost as we meditate on the word of God day and night. He is the one who equips and shows us how to fight the good fight. Letís stay constantly aware that the battle we fight is in our mind.

In Isaiah 26:3 the Prophet states; ďGod will keep you in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Him: because you trust in Him.Ē God will keep us in perfect peace only if it is our number one priority to be stayed on Him. A person whose focus is stayed on the Lord is being sustained by Godís Spirit which keeps them with a peaceful mind as they deal with the traumas of life as we all do. When we focus on our flesh and physical senses; it keeps us in fear which produces agitating passions and moral conflicts. The only thing fear produces is strife among people and a lack of inner peace with in our self.

Letís go back and look in the book of Genesis 2:7 and see how God created mankind and for what purpose. ďAnd the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breadth of life; and man became a living soul.Ē Our soul is who we are. We became a soul because; God breathed into man kind His Spirit which caused man to become a living soul with independent thought and conviction.

Adam and Eve always had a free will choice to be obedient to God or not which caused them to reap the consequences of their own decision making. The word breathe of God from the Hebrew states that; Godís breadth is something that begins to burn and makes something begin to glow and come alive. Therefore; man was an extension of Godís own being and was always meant to house the Spirit of God in having an oneness in relationship and transparency before him with no hidden agendas. Adam and Eve were made by God perfect and they had Christís mind in them which was in total agreement with their soul and this made them walk with a quick understand and fellow feeling with the God who, created them.

Now I state all this in no uncertain terms so; we can get a firm foundation on what Godís intensions were from the beginning for all of mankind. He hasnít changed His mind as maybe you have become influenced by some of the many false doctrines that have been taught some other way and you are laboring under some of these doctrines which will cause you to not have the resolve that is needed to overcome some fleshly carnal addictions and you will not have the total freedom to think and participate in your righteous state in Christ Jesus

If we are to be a people who are standing in the gap for God and represent Him as His ambassador to the sick and dying people whether born again or not; we must be telling the truth in Godís love and not be condemning people in their ignorance of opposing them self.

The next thing that happened; Satan entered the scene. He was thrown out of heaven and down to earth because of his rebellion against God with all his fellow demons that rebelled with him. Scripture defines him as the ruler in the heavenly realm over the earth and out to destroy every thing God created for good. He would have never been able to enter the Garden of Eden which is described from the Hebrew text as a protected hedge put there by God for Adam and Eveís safety from demonic attack had Adam stayed vigilant and guarded what God gave him to rule over. He was called to love his wife and tend the arena that they lived in by he and his wife coming into agreement with GodĎs plans for mankind. Nothing has changed as far as Godís intensions and we must distinguish between carnal flesh verses Spirit so we can protect our self against the onslaught of the enemy.

It seems to me from scripture that because Adam was created first that a man has an anointed unction by God to protect every thing else that God has created for good and Satan has come to destroy. A man has to depend more on God with the given attributes given to him by God that are not better but different as to the anointing that God gave to woman.

When ever I see some of these straw poll group meetings between Christians assemblies and secular assemblies on T.V. or on stage; we see the word and spirit of discrimination at work rather then the wisdom from God being that a woman is a help meet. There is an underline mud streak that; they are a second rate citizen in Godís kingdom. Woman today are still fighting for their freedom of equality only because; many do not see them self as equal and have not been treated as such.

You wonder why the devil is having a hay day with people cross dressing and changing their sex and all the gay and lesbian fighting going on in the world which is the devil having his way because; God protected hedge has not been guarded and the devil is having a field day. I hope you are getting the message here that; we are fighting a very real enemy in the spiritual world and we must stay vigilant and know that God has given us the power to; ďPreach the word and keep our sense of urgency: and be on hand and ready whether the opportunity is favorable or not whether welcomed or not by reproving and rebuking and exhorting with all long suffering and doctrine.Ē

To walk in obedience to what this scripture tells us to do; a person must truly understand what Paul stated to the Galatian church because; they had lost their way and got tangled up with teachings of the flesh rather then the Spirit.

In Galatians chapter 3 he says; ďYou foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by believing what you heard? Are you so foolish? After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the carnal flesh?Ē

A person who is foolish is one who lacks good judgment. And a person who is being bewitched is being influenced by a condemning spirit of abuse because; they believe that; they are breaking Godís laws rather then; letting Christ live through them and resting from any laboring of obligated service. In turn; it causes them to lose their freedom in Christ Jesus to rest in His finished work at the cross.

We have here a repeat performance of the Garden of Eden scenario between Eve and Satan as the sťance she had with him caused her to get (bewitched) or deceived by no longer loving herself and seeing her self as whole and complete as God did.

If we are going to overcome this evil influence; we must stay heavenly minded and focus on storing up all the values God our Father is giving us in heavenly places for eternity. Our life here on earth is a flash in the pan compared to eternity and we must be diligently seeking the Lord which is the only attitude that will cause us to not be influenced with the abstractions of our fleshly thinking and becoming a God unto our self by planning our own destiny with out Godís leadings. We have no more time to sit in our pews on Sunday and be forever learning and not being equipped by those in leadership to go and preach the gospel with power and with a sense of urgency in our own arena of life.

This obligated spirit which is motivated from fleshly wisdom is in complete opposition to the grace and mercy of God. Obligations put a heavy demand on a person for gratitude owed in return for something given as assistance or favor that was done for a person with no strings attached. We must truly understand that if we are going to be free to mature; the only way to grow is by the grace and knowledge of God and only in that order. Godís grace is unearned favor and the only way he can reveal him self to us. Experiencing His grace; is what makes us knowledgeable of how God things and the purposes that he has for our life.

This type walk keeps us focused and deep rooted in the love he has for us. Godís breathe of His grace was how he made mankind in the Garden as he became a living soul and as we experience His grace it matures and keeps our soul healthy and not burdened down with obligated service. At one time we believed that we were servants of the Lord and I believe that the majority of Godís kids still believe this.

However; God says; ďMy children are no longer to be servants but I want to have a relationship with them as they being my friends.Ē Friends do not put demands on people and they have learned to be patient and try to love them where they are at. Unless our relationship with God is a friendship; there will be no way the body of Christ will come together and be a friend to each other.

When Godís children stay as babies in their understanding of Christian living; they will have no freedom to choose for them self who they will follow. This happens because; their security is in the flesh and in their physical emotions and they do not know how to launch out into a spiritual world of Godís kingdom of forgiving grace because; it makes no sense to their carnal mind. Simply put; the world of the Spirit is another dimension that can only be taught to us by the one who created it that being; the Holy Ghost.

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