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Big Things Seem Small To Christians
by Sunanda Pani
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Big Things Seem Small To Christians

God has been instructing to us throughout the NT that we must love our neighbour as ourselves. What does it mean? Atleast 99.9% Christians explain the verses which says about loving our neighbour in a different way. Some argue “Does it mean that, we have to go to our banks and draw money to recover a man in bed?” --------------------- says that, who knows a particular thing is good still doesn’t do it, sins. Does a Christian who sees a bed ridden man and does nothing, commit sin? So, it is advisable (and we must do it) that we must do something for the man in bed when there is no one to help him. If we do nothing, we commit sin and which would lead us into hell. Please do not listen any Christian who argue “there are thousands of needy people in the world and is it sufficient to help only one in bed ridden with no one to help him?” Brethren, do not listen them since they always keep the flock always back. Because, though there are thousands of people in bed ridden with no one to help, still you must help those you see. You do not see thousands of people around the world. Ofcourse, you have to find out people in need!

Amaresh Karada, Gumma, Gajapati, Orissa, India really was a man of example we are to follow after. He used to give his food to street beggars. It is said that, many times he would distribute his food on his dish served for him for instant meal. Christians are commanded to serve people at their best. Serving people is not an optional, but a mandatory! There is no excuse. Chrsitians preachers and pastors must refreain from teaching on this subject referring the act of giving and serving people as optional and people should not be taught that they should serve people in their convenience! Heb 13:16.

Jesus Himself gave emphasis on serving people. On the Last Day He will judge mainly on the basis of giving and serving people. The early disciples were distributed to those who had nothing they had one mind and one action. They were concerned about the needs of other Christians in need. How many Christians today are concerned about the basic needs of others? How many pastors visit the Church members in order to meet their needs? I have never seen a pastor with such attitude. Ofcourse, I don’t say that, 100% of pastors are the same; but the pastors with helping hand is rare.

Jesus in His parable Luke 10:30-37 narrates how a stranger, Samaritan man helped the victim on the road to Jericho. But, Christians today do not help even to a person well-known to them. They do not want to take any risk for themselves. Brethren, Christian life is not a life of bed of rose, but it is certainly the life in the thorn (Luke 13:24; Matt 7:13-14). Don’t think that, helping people in need is optional and that you are not responsible for any people in difficulty infront of you. God, who is in heaven, will judge everything in the Last Day.

Helping people in need in practical ways are ignored by the Christians for centuries that, they even don’t take it being the commandment of Jesus. I am sure, the god of this world has ------------------ their eyes (2 Cor 4:4). That’s why Christians think that, it is not necessary to help a people practically as stated earlier.

Giving Shelter People In Need
What should we do when a stranger comes at midnight to have a shelter at our house? Most Christians quote some Biblical texts inorder to establish their argument of how God given them the Spirit of wisdom, that is, they should avoid people at midnight or at any time of the day. Inspite of their quotation the text, their intention remains visible outside. Because, to a Christian who even avoid people they know very well the scripture they quote is baseless. When the Christian avoids a believer whom he knows, to enter into his house it is foolishness to expect such Christians will entertain a stranger by showing Godly love.

I heard many stories of Christians who even tell their guest (guest for the Christian’s personal gain!) “here is train. It will be the best time…” Alas, how hypocrisy it is not? Many Christians, those who would read this booklet might argue with the statement “It is upto me to spend my money as I wish. Why should I spend my money for others……”. With all these words they kick off the needy. Yes, I can’t argue with them if they put such statements, but I can certainly say that, such people are not born of God, though some of them might look like God’s obedient children.

The Bible (The NT) repeatedly exhorts us serve the strangers (-----------------). Again, it put emphasis by saying that this is a type of sacrifice and in which God has more pleasure. God will listen our prayer if we take pleasure in such sacrifice and do it.

Christians argue that, because of their righeousness God has given them wealth and the so called reputation. They do not know that, all richness is not the blessings of God. Rom 9:17 says that God gave Pharaoh wealth and riches inorder manifest His power. I am sure, most of the Christians are endowed with wealth and riches, not because of His blessings, but because He wants to manifest His power through them. The Bible says that (-------------------------------------) God has set everything for His purpose, even to the wicked for the day of doom. Again, a miracle performed by us no necessarily means that, God is well pleased with in our work. On the way to Canan Moses performed a miracle. He twice ----------------------- the rock and the rock gave forth water even though in the particular point God was not please with him. Furthermore, many times our prayer requests are granted and we take it to our belief that, our relationship with the Lord good. Friends, I want to remind you of the rebellous Israelites who asked God meat and ------------------ God. However, God granted their request, but it was not His will. That’s why the Psalms says that, He granted the requests of the Israelites, but sent thinness to their body. (Ps. ------------------------).

Embarrasing Anything For Money and Power
This is a critical aspect of today’s Christian. Most of the Christians are so money minded that, they embarrace anything for money. Some pastors and organization chiefs get involved with quarrelsome people in order to get money and power. The pastors hire such people to retain their power in the Church and the organization chiefs do so inorder to suppress another organization chief. What a shame! Paul writes that, we should not quarrel among ourselves in order to be a leader, as our leader is one who is Christ Jesus. (-------------------). The problem of the leaders is that, they want to establish themselves as the sole leader. They don’t pray, so they don’t have the heart forgiveness. Paul writes that, we must respect one and think one greater than us. (------------------------------). This mindset is totally lacking in Christian society.

How many pastors today regard other pastor more than himself? And what about the organization chiefs? Even if they regard for a while i.e. inviting the other into the dias in some big meetings, they are unable to do it once and again.

Let us see how the pastors or organization chiefs behave in different places. It is seen in every Christian meeting, what type of meeting it may be that a pastor asks another pastor to pray inorder to show himself his love towards that later. And even while the former has bitterness towards the later, outwardly the former asks the later for a prayer. Sometimes, it turns into an issue, that’s why pastors prefer another pastor to have a prayer or invite into the dias. In some cases some junior pastors do such things inorder to get favour from the senior pastor or from any organization chief. So, our worship and prayer is not led by the Holy Spirit, but by the god of this world. Who is responssible for all these things? Is it not the time to bring reform?

In most cases it is seen that, pastors or organization chiefs complain if they are not given opportunity to pray or invited into the dias. In South part of Orissa most of the Churches have the provision (custom) of inviting pastors or organization chiefs into the dias. Ofcourse, it is not mandatory. I have seen even this type of issues went to the extent of fighting in the annual conventions (Maha Sabha) in South Orissa Churches.

Pastors in South Orissa and organization chiefs even saidto buy people with just one breakfast. Pastors know that, which their thorn on their way is. So, they want to uproot the thorn by accumulating people against the man they think a thorn on their way. So, what happens that, people will be his side and there will be no one to oppose his corruption in the Church. Pastors know who will be the well suitable person for the post of Church secretary. After a Secretary (in the South Orissa system) is choosen at their choice they make the secretary a puppet handling all financial transaction. As to the Biblical principle a spiritual leader must not handle money. Jesus could have handled money, but He gave the post of the treasurer to His disciple who later betrayed Him. Today’s pastors thus, handle money not to safeguard the money but to devour it. Pastors today are very competitive. They are in the competition of purchasing flats, cars, accumulate money in banks. Jesus said that He had no place to set His head in, still His ministry was so widespread. He wanted the will of God the Father.

As a Biblical principle, pastors and organization heads are to serve people. Pastors are to seek the well being of people. But the Pastors are so greedy that, they even demand money from very poor believers. Pastors are called to serve the people what is also given importance in the Old Testament. (-----------------------------------).

Some Bad Outcomes of Pastors and Leaders
When pastors are not responded to their evil purposes, the flocks fell into their prey. Here are some examples that the pastors and leaders who play vital role in their respective Churches. People have bitter experiences of what their pastor played in the Church. As a social ritual and customs diseased persons are to be buried properly. But in many cases it is seen that, when a particular believer doesn’t respond to any evil intention of the pastors, then it becomes a little difficult to bury the believer’s diseased. And even if the rituals take place it the pastor plays a role that, it takes place in improper way. Incase of the organization heads, a believer doesn’t get a chance to join his poor child in a Christian hostel if the believer doesn’t consent with the evil intention of the head. When the said believer’s son or daughter getting married, then the pastor intentionally makes delay to go to the Church building or delay in joining the wedding ceremony. Ofcourse, all these things are not done openly and the pastors and leaders/heads pretends as if they have full support for the believer they hate inwardly. All these things seem small, but these affects widely. And the pastors and leaders totally ignore these things thinking and/or arguing that, all these things won’t affect the spiritual life.

What Christians Do Inorder To Show Themselves Big?
Changing Title
In many cases it is seen that Christians change their surnames, assuming that their real surname belongs to a lower caste. So, they change it to a higher-caste surname. This is happening mainly in urban areas. Married women use their original surname if the husband’s surname refers to an inferior one to her. Otherwise she would use the husband’s surname. For example, if an woman titled Jena in Orissa marries a man titled Panda, Pani or Satapathy she would retain her title of her husband which is Panda, Pani or Satapathy, but if the woman originally came from a title Panda, Pani or Satapathy and marries a man titled Jena or Mallick or like that, she would use her original title Panda, Pani or Satapathy instead of Jena or Mallick. Such Christians misquote some Bible verses inorder to establish their argument.

Avoid Poorly dressed
Many Christian today regard people dressed well. They prefer people with tie, shoe etc. So, why this partiality? James 2:1-5 clearly teaches not to have difference between a well dressed and a poor dressed people. It is okay for God if the dress is not dirty, whether it is well dressed or a poor dressed people. Many Christians may argue that, custome (the way of dressing) determines one’s personality. But people who give importance of dressing should listen remember my following description. Gandhiji, the Father of Nation and famous scientist Albert Einstein were poor dressed but people still today regard them them. Some even worship them as god. When Einstein was invited by the queen of the Buckingham Palace, Einstein went there with a very very simple and ordinary dress which was also not properly ironed. After reaching at the destined place, Einstein asked the gate keeper to meet the queen, but the gate keeper, looking at his dress, thought Einstein would be an ordinary man and was to ---------------------- . But when Einstein insisted on to visit the queen, the news was sent to the queen. When the queen came out of the palace and standing Einstein outside she was exclaimed and was very much excited to bring him to into the palace. She came and brought Einstein into the Buckingham palace with a reception. How many people have the opportunity of being invited and taken into the Buckingham palace with reception by the queen herself! Can you imagine that, he went there with a very simple dress and that was also not given proper iron.

So, Christians must know that, a man with a poor quality dress and without tie, shoe and coat can also have a great personality. Moreover, can you guarantee a man properly dressed has a good personality? It has been discovered that, more and more people dressed with tie, shoe etc. has lost their personalities. Do not such people tell lie? Do not such people submit fake reports to the United States and Canadian donors? Do not such people alluring the donors and agencies by false promises? Do not such people commit adultery in their hearts and minds? Do not such misappropriate money inteded for Church, Gospel work, orphanage, education etc.? Do all these bad things that they are involved with inidcate that, they have good personality? Can we say such men have good personalities? So, Christians must not see the outer appearance of a man, but his personality. Did not God tell Samuel not to evaluate outer appearance? (Samuel ----------------------------------)

Avoid Poor People
As discussed above Christians while keeping relationship see the difference between the poor and rich believers. The Christians think that, only companion with the rich believers would bring them honour and glory. So, they almost avoid the companion of poor believers. They forget that there are some poor people who are rich in heavenly wealth. The second reason they avoid the company of the poor believers that, if they keep relationship with the poor they have to give them something, on the contrary the Christians mingle with the rich, in some cases, they want to get something from the rich believers.

To keep oneself from this type of mindset one must refrain from making oneself rich. The heart of contentness is the very important matter in this ragards.

Avoid Illiterate
Education is the one more factor which brings difference among Christians. Christians believe that, fellowship with the educated believer or people would bring them honour and glory. Since the Christians seek glory and honour they don’t want to keep relationship with the illiterate believers, but with the literate.

Avoid People Without Talent
Some Christians are igonored by many Christians because of lack of a nice physical appearance.

Avoid Less Beautiful And Less Handsome People
Many Christians see the outer appearance and judge accordingly.

What Do Christians Inorder to Downfall Other
Speak Ill of Others
Speaking ill of other people is totally forbidden in the Bible. In the Old Testament when Miriam and Aaron spoke ill of Moses, they were striken with leprosy. And they restored only after they understood their mistake. Aaron, Moses and Miriam are siblings, still Aaron and Miriam did not tolerate the fame of Moses. Today’s Christians are much more than Aaron and Miriam. They do not tolerate the fame of fellow Christians. A pastor doesn’t tolerate the fame of other pastor. An organization head doesn’t tolerate the fame of another organization head. A preacher doesn’t tolerate the fame of another preacher. Speaking well of fellow Christians is rare among the Christians. When a Christian performs a miracle, another proceeds to establish the miracle as invalid. There is rivalry among organization heads. Everyone is busy speaking ill of the other, though they show themselves as friends in public places and in the congregation. In the New Testament also it is totally forbidden. --------------------------------.

Organization Heads Harm The Churches of Other Organization
Stealing sheep and harming other Churches is a common thing in Christian society. Some organization heads take the help of anti-Gospel elements inorder to destroy the ministry of other organization. Some steal the sheep of other organization; by doing so, their motives fulfilled – firstly, they are wordly benefited i.e. the numeber of their believer increases and secondly the other organization gets harm. The Bible is written for us that we should learn good and distinguish between good and evil. The example of Abraham would be the best example for us in this matter. When there was quarrel among the shepherds of Abraham and Lot, Abraham suggested that, they should be apart from each other. And Abraham had given the first preference to Lot to choose place for him. (--------------------------) How many organization heads today give first preference to another organization for the Gospel work? I never saw such man till today who would give first preference to another organization. Rather, organization heads quarrel themselves and wish if other organization would disappear and that they get more and more US Dollars. Some organizations even steal the photographs of the Field activities of other organizations and send to the USA for procurring Dollars. You may or may not believe that, such incidents are common in Christians today. What a shame!

What Christians Do Inorder to Make Themselves Rich In This World?
Giving Bribe and Giving False Data For Job
The Bible totally bans giving bribe inorder to be established. The book of Provers says that those who want to ------------------------------- will not go unpunished. Giving bribe is an illegal process and the Bible in no way allows illegal processes who want to follow the Word of God. Most of the Christians take the act of giving bribe granted. What a shame!

Giving false data for job is also a common in the Christians. Many Christians are showing false data i.e. being a General Caste, they show that they are SC or ST. As a result some Christians pretend to be another religion fearing if he still observing Christian rituals then his Caste proof will be no more come into force. So, they deny their identity and even the identity of their Creator! The Jesus says that, whoever doesn’t confess Him infront of people, He will also not confess him being His people when He comes (-----------------------------). Beware friends! Again, the NT says (-------------------------------) if a man gets the whole world and forfeit his life, then what does he gain?

The Bible says that, we must always tell the truth. We should never tell lie. Jesus said that, everything that men speak will be judged. So, beware of your tongue also.

Stealing/Misappropriating Relief Materials
The Bible repeatedly warns of stealing and misappropriating. I am sure, stealing and misappropriating are the synonymous words. Misappropriating is the other form of stealing. In the Old Testament in the book of Exdus God gave Moses commandments which He said that, those commands should be followed by the Israelites. ‘Do not steal’ (-----------------------)is the one among these commandments. In the New Testament also the Spirit of God warns of stealing (---------------------). Hananiah and Saphira, for their greediness told lie and died instantly (------------------).

Christian ministries today are full of corruption and stealing. Many organizations are stealing shepherds of other organizations and showing the believers being their own to fetch US Dollar. Some organizations are there who give false reports even about their employee. Some organizations are so open in giving false report that, they even don’t have fear about it. And you may be wonder to know that, some Christian missionaries argue that, since the worker is worthy to have his food, it is not sin to giving false financial statements. The Bible not only warns of the lovers of money but also it counsels us to show ourselves like that, i.e. people must think that we are not lovers of money (-----------------------------). I know of a Christian NGO who used to give false reports of schools that, they have around 50 schools in different parts of Orissa. They also collected names of different villages of Orissa and preparing reports. After knowing all these things I warned them of the false report. They did not heed it. Ofcourse, on later days the donors somehow came to know about it and stopped sending funds for the false schools.

Christians are also well equipped in misappropriating relief funds send by different Western countries. They steal the money in two ways. Firstly, when the relief materials are already purchased, they distribute a little portion of the material and the other portion is being sold to any shop or agency with a minimum price and the price are distributed among the main functionaries of the NGO or organization. Secondly, when funds comes in shape of money, then they spend only some percent of the money, say 40%, by purchasing the relief material and the rest (60% of the relief money) is go to their pocket. Ofcourse, they prepare fake bills/receipts of the money they stole. I know about a Christian NGO, who, to our grief, distributed only 40% of the Bibles (full Bible containing OT and NT) that came to them for the 2008 riot affected people of Orissa for completely free of cost. 60% of the Bible was sold and went to their pocket. Please try to think the mindset of the organization functionaries.

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