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Those who Forget History
by Kevin Cook
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Those who forget history

On this day of remembering the price paid for our freedom, let us truly be thankful for those who were willing to go and fight for their country, not knowing if they would be coming back or not. Let us not forget the reason why we as a nation have gone to war, and let us never take for granted our freedoms ever again.

A handful of people left their homeland and sailed for the new world, hoping to start a new life where they could worship God as they believed in their own conscious. They knew the risks that were involved in such a venture, and many did not make it to the new land at all, they died enroute. They never gave up hope, they kept faith in the God of the Bible, and endured many great hardships to find freedom.

The first war in America was the revolutionary war where the American settlers battled with the British army which had come to once again saddle them with the same old tyranny they had suffered under back in merry old England.

These Settlers knew they could not just let the Brit’s take over, they had come here to the new land to escape from this tyranny, and they knew that if they wanted to continue to seek freedom of faith and conscious, they would have to fight for it, and fight they did. These brave people knew what it would cost to earn their freedom, and they were willing to pay the price for it.

The Civil War resulted in the freeing of thousands, maybe even millions of Black slaves brought over from Africa, it was also a bloody affair. Fought between the Northern states and the Southern states, all involved knew that war was not pretty, and that many would die in the heat of battle. The northern states were against slavery, and the southern states had slaves, and wanted to keep it the law of the land. Many had a firm belief that slavery was wrong, that it was indeed un-Christian, and most certainly unethical, that no one should have the right to own another person, all men should be free to live in freedom, after all, the Bible gives us the basis for individual freedom and liberty.

That is of course what prompted the writers and signers of the Declaration of Independence to passionately pursue their dreams of freedom, and liberty. Using the Holy Scriptures as a guide they formed a free republic, “One Nation Under God, indivisible, with liberty, and Justice for all.” These brave men pledged the families, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to secure their freedom.

WWI was a bloody mess where we as a free people went over to Europe and fought to save their sorry rear-ends, we did this at least twice down through history, the Europeans seem to have forgotten how America liberated them. There was this ruthless, Satanic political leader by the name of Adolph Hitler who was butchering thousands of innocent people in concentration camps in Germany.

He had succeeded in brainwashing the people of Germany that the Jewish people were less than human, and should be wiped off the face of the earth, and he proceeded to do just that. The horrors and atrocities of Nazi Germany should never be forgotten, as they should never ever be repeated. I am afraid however that the world has forgotten about these atrocities, in fact some have tried to actually downplay the numbers of people that Hitler’s Germany murdered.

The same tactics Hitler used to justify his murdering of the Jews, has been used here in America to justify the murdering of unborn babies. When one group of people labels another group of people as less than human, It always results in genocide.

WWII saw the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor where many of our people were slaughtered as kamikaze’s attacked them at a moment they were least expecting it. America ended this war by dropping two huge atomic bombs on two Japanese that killed many more of their people, and devastated them, and the war ceased. We did not play games then, why do we play games now?

Vietnam was particularly ugly as our soldiers encountered a new type of warfare, that they had never encountered before. They called it, “Guerrilla Warfare”! The Vietnamese fighters snuck around and hid behind anything they could, and took pop shots at our guy’s. We lost a lot of brave young men in Vietnam, and so did the enemy.

Our guy’s gave it all they had, and when they came home they did not receive a hero’s welcome, they were spit at by some rather ungrateful members of our country, and treated with disrespect, and called every four letter name in the book, what happened? These people went and risked their lives for freedom, and were treated worse than dog’s when they came home.

Our culture had undergone some changes during the 60’s, we had entered the age of “free love”, another name for rampant immorality. There were all these long haired, maggot infested hippies running around waving the peace sign everywhere, as they rallied against our troops. The age of Rock’n’Roll and Rebellion had been ushered in to our society, and with it came illegal drugs, illicit sex, a new age of socialism, and anarchy.

This new age idiots were holding their anti-war rallies, calling for so-called peace, and trashing the moral of our troops who were knee deep in one of the worst military conflicts to date. These ungrateful, long-haired communists are a disgrace to our nation, not those who fought in Vietnam.

We Went to Iraq when Sadam Hussein tried to invade Kuwait and commandeer that nations oil for himself. Hussein was one of the worst dictators since Hitler, Hussein was responsible for torturing, and murdering thousands of his own people, testing his poison gas to make sure it worked correctly.

We should have took him out then, but we did not, it must have not been the right timing, because in 2004 we went back to IRAQ to finish the job. Hussein had ties to terrorists that had attacked America brutally killing thousands of our innocent people by hijacking commercial planes, and flying them into the World Trade Center Buildings. These Islamic terrorists did not care whom they killed then, and they do not care whom they kill now. Why do we care how many of them we kill over there, because our roots are in Christianity, not Islam.

What is more shocking than the attacks themselves is the way that some so-called American’s have resorted to the anti-war propaganda tactics of the sixties. We now witness the same hatred lies, and rebellion that we saw in the during and after Vietnam era. We see the same ungrateful, long-haired socialists coming out of the woodwork left and right, as they denounce the war, and call our President every name in the book.

They have even lied too our kids about 9/11 by telling them that we do not know who is really responsible for the attacks, they dare not blame Islam. These people in fact have embraced Islam as a religion of peace, why they turn and call Christianity a religion of hate. These people are liars, and have turned many away from the truth.

We as a nation have always fought for freedom, and individual liberty. We have always fought for those who are helpless, even if it means going overseas, and loosing many of our own people in the process. Where people are being oppressed by a dictator, we have gone to put a stop to the dictator, and liberate those caught in the web of oppression.

These are noble reasons for war, and have always been our reasons to go to war. The war in Iraq is no different, and yet those whom in their deceitful arrogance, and unscrupulous way’s have used the opportunity once again to demoralize those fighting on the front lines, and terrorize those of us here at home as they hide behind the very amendments of the Constitution, they are trying to destroy.

We are even looking at the possibility of electing a man who is one of these ungrateful idiots, a man who came home from Vietnam and protested against his own country. A man who has no real moral or ethical basis, not a leg to stand on. Whom if given the chance will take this nation to it’s grave once and for all, they don’t call him the ’undertaker’ for nothing.

You would think after all that this nation has been through since it’s inception, we would have learned those lessons of history, but apparently not! What then should we expect if we should vote in to office a person who is actually an enemy of freedom and liberty?

What judgment from Heaven should we expect if we allow homosexuals to destroy marriage and the family. What price must be paid before we wake up and realize we have been lulled to sleep by an entertainment industry that is largely the enemy of truth and righteousness.

We have allowed the public educational system to be overtaken by these same unscrupulous persons, who have turned our schools into churches of humanism, and ungodliness. They have indoctrinated our children with a false history of our nation, and we have let them get away with it. We have allowed them to largely control the media, now we can turn to just about any channel on the TV, and listen to their lies, and propaganda. We have allowed them to overtake the judicial system, now they are inflicting tyranny upon us, and making new laws from the bench that are based upon foreign laws, not upon the Constitution they are sworn to uphold. It seems we are our own worst enemy!

Today’s generation does not realize the amount of sacrifice involved with war, they have not been taught to respect for those who fight for freedom, and give their lives to defend this nation. They do not know what hardship is, everything has been handed to them on a silver platter, but what don’t realize is that the silver platter came at a very expensive price. Many have been taught the lies of liberal socialism, and will never wake up.

The lessons of history are as follows :War is ugly! War is Hell! We make no bones about it. It is not pleasant to loose so many bright young people, but freedom had never been cheap. Freedom and Liberty come at a very high price, and today’s young people lack the moral foundation to uphold it.

Slavery is always wrong, whether it is a black person brought over from Africa on a boat, or a person of another cultural group such as a Jew, a Kurdish person from Iraq, or an unborn baby.

The government is not god, if it is treated as god, then it will act as a god and enslave those under it’s authority, the tyranny of our present judicial system is a good example of what happens when government is given all power, instead of limited power. The God of the Bible should be revered as God, and his Son Jesus the Christ as the redeemer of all mankind. Our society now rejects the authority of the Bible, and the message of Jesus Christ, there has been a shift over the last fifty years that has resulted in America being a post-Christian culture. Another reason our downfall is coming sooner than later!

I am afraid that when this present generation of young people is faced with the probability of war, that this nation will suffer the consequences of the allowing the rebellious persons to have free reign within our culture.

This up and coming generation will be ill prepared to fight for freedom due to the fact that they do not have a respect for the necessity of war, they have been turned into little communists in our schools, and brainwashed by an unscrupulous liberal media.

Our society has forgotten the lessons of history, and as a result, is condemned to repeat it!

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