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Do You Have A Vision?
by Manuel Vargas 
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Do You Have A Vision?

We hear it asked all the time, in an interview with a potential employer, in a seminar, in a competition or sporting event by some sports caster asking the athlete and in college classrooms. However, we need to ask ourselves this question as Christians, “DO YOU HAVE A VISION?” I would like to challenge, teach and encourage you with this article Filled with Destiny and a Bright Future. As Christians we need to hear a timely message in this dark moment in history.

The Biblical Fact Is

The bible says, where there is NO VISION, the people perish: (Proverbs 29:18 KJV). When we think about Vision we quickly equate it with some motivational speaker trying their best to keep you MOTIVATED, INSPIRED and FOCUSED. It’s all good and very noble but it is exciting for the moment and seems to lose its fire and momentum once we leave the presence of a motivational speaker. We crawl back to our ho-hum trying lifestyles with an open question IF I HAD A VISION- I would love to know what to do about it? I would like to know how do I obtain and maintain a real vision for my life!

This scripture mentioned in Proverbs 29:18 is not referring to a naturally well thought out human plan that can work with a government grant and the know-how of paperwork to establish an enterprise. It’s not about proven methods of real estate investing in a down economy that can be taken advantage of. It’s not about smart trading on an unstable stock market.

The Bible is saying, Where there is NO VISION, (KJV)…NO REVELATION,(NKJV)…AN IGNORANCE OF GOD,(Living Bible) the people perish,(KJV)…the people cast off restraint,(NKJV)…the people run wild,(Living Bible). These 3 translations spell out the disaster that awaits those who have not obtained a VISION from God Almighty. The Hebrew meaning is- a prophetic Vision that’s received by a supernatural Dreams or Visions. It also means that the Prophets who received a Vision and wrote it down-what we have in scripture and as we read it we can gain insight- a Vision from scripture about the divine purposes of God for our lives. Hazon – means a divine revelation, a VISION.

The Physical Vision

If you can see through your physical eyes you are already bless, we sometimes take it for granted that we have a pupil, iris, cornea, ciliary body, vitreous body, retina, choroid, sclera and a optic nerve that controls the eye ball and grants us the ability to see, read and capture incredible sights. We can decide what we want to look at…when we want to stare at it… and for the purpose we desire to glance at it.

Although we have this God-given ability to capture the incredible sights of nature and man-made wonders like structures, automobiles, planes and ships. We understand that some people are far-sighted and others are near-sighted, while others have lost their sight altogether.

This amazing ability to see is uniquely and individually given to us to allow us to realize that we are all unique, different and singled out to be an individual person created for a specific purpose. We all have different fingerprints, DNA cells, and sperm content. We also have different eye retina patterns. This is a unique blessing that demonstrates God’s uniqueness in us.

No two persons are alike. We are all different and we can all capture an amazing Vision of what God Has for us individually then take that same Vision with purpose to others that God will make room for us to share it with. However, if you cannot understand this biblical fact then we need to question whether we are truly saved or born-again, why? Because Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be Born-again in order to SEE the kingdom of God (John 3:3).

The Spiritual Vision

When it comes to seeing things from a spiritual perspective and truly understanding it- Jesus made it clear that we must be Born-again in order to SEE the kingdom of God. Jesus spoke about a spiritual- supernatural birth into an invisible kingdom. It sounds deep, but I make it a lot clearer in the articles “The Born-again experience parts 1-4.”

Allow me to briefly point out that Nicodemus was curious as to how was it that Jesus operated in a greater power and authority that he never experience. He opened his line of conversation by saying, Rabbi we know that you are a teacher come from God for no man can do the miracles that You do except that God be with him. (John 3:2) Jesus’ response was you must be Born-again to SEE the kingdom of God (John 3:3).

In order for anyone to know and truly understand how God operates they must be Born-again, spiritually transformed, supernaturally reborn by the Holy Spirit of God. Then will they have the spiritual insight and Vision to See the acts of God, the works of God, the purpose of God for their lives to move with Him in the revelation that He makes available to us.

When Jesus spoke to Nicodemus the main topic of discussion was salvation and how to tap into it. Jesus walked Nicodemus through it 4 times to bring across the most important message in the doctrine of Christianity and a practical application of how to enter heaven on earth and after this life heaven with God by experiencing the new birth-the Born-again experience.

The fact that Nicodemus wanted a better life and ministry is evident by his question WE KNOW… the religious leaders in Jesus’ day knew that they were not bless as Jesus was. They knew that there is something missing. When we look at other people we take on so many complexes and inadequacies that torment us mentally as to why we are not there? Why don’t we have what this man has? What is missing? Did I fail to pray longer or pray at all? Is it because I failed to pay my tithes and offerings? Maybe God just hates me? Maybe I’m not fasting hard enough? Maybe if I attend every service and become a Deacon, Usher, or Singer in the choir I might be blessed? Maybe if I register for Bible College then I might be blessed? The ongoing questions we devise in our minds continue to beat us down to the point of giving up at times.

We rationalize everything by what others say or the clichés that are floating around in today’s world that gives us an excuse for accepting failure or the present circumstances that may seem like they’re never going to change.

After The Born-again Experience

Once we become Born-again Christians we arrive into the kingdom of God as infants that need to be fed spiritual food. The Bible is clear about this and Peter said we should develop a hunger for the milk of God’s word to nourish us into healthy Christians (1 Peter 2:2). Milk is basic topics. While Meat is deep topics (1 Cor.3:1-3/ Hebrews 5:12-14).

When we immerse ourselves in the scriptures and pray for divine revelation for the purpose of spiritual growth and daily application (See Eph.1:16-23). We will begin to See God moving in ways that will be strange to us but clear in scripture as to how and why He is doing what He is doing. Read the following articles to learn about the Prayers for “Spiritual Wisdom and Revelation”, and “Different Ways God Calls Us” and then read “Waiting on God Developing Ministry”.

These articles God had me write are all geared at walking new believer’s through the process of growth in the kingdom of God as Joseph Jacob’s son experienced it and as Jesus experienced His calling, training, entrance into the ministry and continual guidance as the Son of God. By these examples you will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

The Mental Visualization

Before we came to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and experienced being Born-again, our minds were programmed by the world, the flesh, and the demonic behavior patterns that do not please God. And our choices were made without the knowledge of God or the benefit of His presence leading or guiding us. Our minds were complying, analyzing, and interpreting the evil data we were receiving on a daily basis and responding on how it was programmed. This is why we suffer with inferiorities, complexes, doubts, fears, lack of Vision, and divine insight into the true nature of what God had intended for us to experience.

In order for us to renew our minds we must meditate on the word of God daily to combat all the negative voices we hear in our head and experience a metamorphosis (Romans 12:1-2). If we desire to be successful and prosperous Christians we must listen and apply what God told Joshua to meditate on the word day and night (Joshua 1:8). Our thoughts will only increase when we know God’s thoughts. The Bible says, God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts and God’s ways are greater than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9). In order for our thoughts to line-up with God’s we must read what we have inherited as believers and begin to proclaim that we are who God says we are. We are His children, we are believers in Christ, and we are able to do all things through Jesus by faith as He strengthens us.

The Process Is Clear

I spoke about;
1. The Physical Vision
2. The Spiritual Vision and how we can experience it by being Born-again.
3. The Mental Visualization- by reading and meditation and application of the word.

As a Christian I now want to Challenge you-“DO YOU HAVE A VISION?”

1. What is God’s Vision for your Life?
2. Do you know what He wants you to do right now?
3. Are you aware that to understand Him you must continuously Read, Meditate, Pray, Fast and Practice the word daily basis on the amount of revelation He granted you personally?
4. Did He tell you that He desires for you to stay in school or register for college?
5. Did He tell you to break-off that relationship that the person you’re with is not what He planned for your life?
6. Did He tell you to forgive and you didn’t you’re still holding resentment toward that person and He’s holding back His blessing in your life?
7. Did He tell you to start going back to church but you’re making every excuse in the book?
8. Did He say to treat your spouse with love but you’re still being mean and un-cooperative?
9. Did He tell you to be the minister you are called to be but you’ve backslid and you’re into porn, adultery and you want to be left alone because you failed Him?
10. Do you have a revelation of what He desires for you to do?

God Says

If you desire to know Me read My Word. If you desire to fast there is clear teaching about it. If you desire to pray there is teaching about it. If you desire to know about spiritual gifts and ministry gifts there is teaching about it. If you desire to know about relationships there is teaching about it. If you desire to meditate there is teaching about it. What else do you need there is teaching about it. Don’t run, don’t make excuses, don’t wait for tomorrow, don’t blame your race, your spouse, your lover, your children, your Pastor, your boss, your lack of finances or any other thing you can think of.

It’s time to rise up, move forward, seek Me and be blessed. It’s time to accept responsibility and be accountable for your actions and allow me to change you so you may See My Glory manifest in your life and stop being jealous of others. I Love you unconditionally, I died and rose again so you may be bless and released from the curse, I made every provision for you to experience an abundant life on earth until I return to receive unto Myself. Don’t look at the economy seek Me. Don’t worry about anything I will provide and feed you. Just believe and exercise your faith daily to experience what I have for you. I truly LOVE you.

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