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To All Doubting Thomases: Christian Persecution Does Exist in America
by Carl Parnell 
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For about four years, I have written articles and even an eBook dealing with Christian persecution in America. However, since most Christians in America have not been persecuted as yet, they refuse to accept the fact that America is turning into a Christian bashing nation. Practically every religious belief in America is constitutionally protected, except Christianity. In fact, it is open season on anything that promotes the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, Christians who express their religious views in the workplace, in the public sector, in the media, and in public colleges and public schools are verbally and sometimes even physically attacked. Presently, though, it seems that public colleges and universities are the key areas of Christian persecution, since higher education institution students are more vulnerable to the attacks of public college administrators and professors because they no longer have their parents to protect them and to guide them.

Needless to say, it is past time for all America’s Christian populace to stand up and unite against the anti-Christian bullies that exist on every secular college campus in America. Also, it is time for Christians to wake up from their Rip van Winkle mediocrity and demand their constitutional religious rights from a government that has sold out to politically correctness and the homosexual agenda. However, since liberal professors know that most Christians are passive in nature, they take the opportunity to use their classrooms as anti-Christian bashing centers. As a result, any student who is known to be a Christian is targeted for persecution. Of course, it is extremely disheartening that Christian students who symbolize love and peace are categorized by their own professors and classmates as insensitive, intolerant, homophobic, and judgmental.

Ultimately, though, what is the impetus for the bashing of Christian students on America’s secular college campuses? According to a CultureWatch article by Bill Muehlenberg,
There used to be a time when universities were known for being bastions of freedom of speech in which openness to ideas and genuine intellectual inquiry was affirmed. But that is no longer the case at many Western campuses. Instead a stifling political correctness is curtailing open debate and unfettered learning. More and more we find the major universities have now become a hot house for secular left ideology. Christians and conservatives have a difficult time making a go of things at such places, and many are now becoming the target of official campaigns of anti-Christian bigotry. (1)

But, who are these secular left-wing professors that are persecuting their Christian students for their religious beliefs? These left-wing professors are remnants of the post-World War II emigration to America. Most of them are atheists who purport a progressive, Marxist ideology. Their desire is to brainwash, intimidate, or persecute anyone who does not support their belief system. Hence, they have targeted their Christian students who believe and accept the teachings of Jesus Christ over the socialistic, communistic, atheistic tenets of Karl Marx, the founder of Communism. Of course, this philosophy that has been inbred into these Christian students by their parents, relatives, and god-fearing ministers is very disturbing to anti-American educators who have one satanic agenda; they want to eliminate freedom and liberty in America. Therefore, in order to achieve their goal, they must get their students to accept their evil agenda with no questions asked. Those who do not accept their ideology, mainly Christian students, must be forced out of America’s public colleges and universities.

Of course, the imbalance between liberal and conservative professors perpetuates Christian persecution on college campuses, too. According to a 2005 survey, seventy-two percent of those teaching at U.S. universities and colleges are liberal and fifteen are conservative. Also, there is an imbalance between Democrats and Republicans on public college campuses. Approximately, fifty percent of college faculties are Democrats with eleven percent identifying themselves as Republicans. (2) Therefore, it is reasonably obvious that some form of anti-Christian, anti-conservative, and anti-Republican bias exists on America’s taxpayer-supported public colleges and universities. Then, if Christian students are being persecuted on taxpayer-supported public colleges and universities, it is urgent that passive Christians become aggressive enough to demand that these institutions of higher learning stop persecuting Christian collegians or lose their federal funding.

However, it is amazing that these college professors and administrators would even attempt to destroy the Judeo-Christian influence that was the foundational heritage of most American college and universities. In fact, according to Muehlenberg, “The secular lefties are enjoying the fruits of the very worldview they wish to censure and discredit. The Judeo-Christian heritage which they so despise is the very thing which made the West possible in the first place.” (1) But, these professors and administrators believe that the end justifies the means. As a result, they are willing to sacrifice their good life if it means the annihilation of Christianity and its followers in America. Of course, the greatest venue to achieve their main objective is the public college classroom. But, as stated previously, if the colleges and universities that permit anti-Christian bigotry to consume their campuses lose their funding, then the professors of these institutions would lose their positions and their anti-Christian bullying platforms.

Ergo, all Doubting Thomas Christians should take the time to browse the Internet and find the many articles dealing with actual cases of Christian persecution in America on college and university campuses. If you actually read some of these articles, you would realize that normally one person makes decisions that ultimately force Christian students, professors and clubs to be banished from the respective campuses. However, what is the underlying reason for such hatred toward Christian students? The underlying reason, as stated earlier, is political correctness and the homosexual agenda. As a result, the federal government has abandoned its Judeo-Christian heritage and replaced it with humanism. Humanism is the belief that God is weak and man is strong. Therefore, there is no need for the promotion of Christianity and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead, political correctness, the idea that no one in America should be offended for any reason, has become the springboard for making America a perfect utopian society, which cannot exist with imperfect men attempting to play God. Also, the federal government has determined to force Christians to accept the sexual lifestyle that the God of Christians calls an abomination. Apparently, according to the leftist viewpoint, Christians in general must be silenced and future Christian leaders who study at secular left-wing colleges and universities must be banished from these institutions. This is the reason anti-Christian bigotry abounds on liberal college and university campuses.

Ultimately, just in case you do not have time to browse the Internet for proof of my stated premise, I will give you several despicable examples of anti-Christian bigotry on public college and university campuses. But, most of the actual cases of Christian persecution on public college campuses are so ridiculous that it is almost impossible to accept that an educated person would stoop that low. However, liberalism on higher institutions of learning campuses must continue if ungodly professors completely achieve their humanistic agenda. The first example took place at the University of California at Davis. One of the campus documents is entitled “The Principles of Community.” Within this document, there is a definition of “Religious/Spiritual Discrimination.” The definition reads: “The loss of power and privilege to those who do not practice the dominant culture’s religion. In the United States, this is institutionalized oppressions toward those who are not Christian.” Therefore, according to this definition, the University of California at Davis considers Christianity to be an oppressive religion mainly because it is the dominant religion of America. (1) As evidenced by this definition and the University of California at Davis’ campus policy, Christian persecution does exist on their public university campus.

Another ridiculous example of Christian persecution occurred at a well-known Southeastern Conference university. The university is Vanderbilt University, which is located in Nashville, Tennessee. According to Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos, Christian groups on campus cannot require its leaders to be Christian. The student that initiated this political correct attack against the Christian Legal Society was an openly gay undergraduate student. He complained that he was removed from the club because he was gay. But, in reality, the student did not comply with the bylaws of the club, since it required all members to be Christian. Also, the members would have to lead Bible Studies, prayer, and worship at club meetings. However, the leader of such a prestigious university says that Christianity cannot be advocated and promoted in a Christian club. (3) It is amazing that the very people who state that Christians are intolerant and insensitive are extremely intolerant and insensitive themselves. As is implied, liberals are tolerant toward other liberals only. Of course, Christians are tolerant toward all people, but they cannot be tolerant toward the sins of those who reject God and His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, since Christian persecution does exist on secular college campuses, what types of challenges do they face on a daily basis? What has caused Christian students to lose their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? The myriad of challenges that all college and university students face, especially Christians, are:

1. The Intellectual Challenge, which deals with Naturalism (Everything centers on nature instead of God)

2. The Banishment Approach, which deals with the acceptance of Naturalism or do not come to class

3. The Confrontation Approach, which deals with comparing the beliefs of Christian students to the beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan and other groups that are viewed with disdain by society

4. The Tolerance Approach, which deals with the claim that all Christians are intolerant (4)

Therefore, Christian students are bombarded with anti-Christian challenges that cause many of them to turn their back on God in order to attend the college or university of their choice. They have to renounce their Christian faith and blend in with the rest of the students, if they want to continue to attend classes. However, it is a stench in the nostril of the Lord God Jehovah that colleges and universities that were once founded on a Judeo-Christian belief system during colonial times have now turned into humanistic, atheistic, and anti-Christian breeding centers. As a result, many Christian students who were on a safe journey to Heaven when they began their college career are now traveling down an unsafe, rocky road that leads to Hell. Of course, the blood of these students will be on the hands of their liberal professors and their ungodly classmates.

But, these professors and students who persecute Christian students because they are supposedly intolerant are, in actuality, intolerant themselves. Unfortunately, though, political correctness only applies to actions that offend conservative Christians. In other words, it is alright to offend Christian students only, since they are fair game on a secular campus. Of course, if a liberal student was offended, such as a person who lives a homosexual lifestyle, the guilty party would be confronted and attacked verbally and or physically in hopes of convincing the student to leave the secular college or university. Needless to say, there is a double standard in America in relation to the freedom of religion. As a result, the liberal, humanistic anti-Christian movement on college campuses throughout the United States should be investigated immediately by the federal government. Then, the self-same federal government should require that these anti-Christian professors and the institutions of higher learning at which they teach “cease and desist” all religious discrimination toward Christians, since the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religion on college and university campuses, too. However, the current extremely liberal, left-wing, Democratic administration would be the last group to defend Christian conservatism on secular college campuses. Therefore, Christians in America must unite and seek God’s guidance in their effort to eliminate anti-Christian bigotry on secular college and university campuses in America.


1. Muehlenberg, Bill. “Anti-Christian Bigotry on Campus.” CultureWatch.

2. “Liberal College Faculty & Religious Prejudice.” National Alliance against Christian Discrimination.

3. “Vanderbilt Threatens to Shut Down Christian Student Groups.” American Family

4. Singleton, Steve. “The Challenges College Students Face on Secular Campuses.” Lions for Christ.


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