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Religious Discrimination in Schools
by Tyler Huber
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So, lately I've been noticing that Christianity is not welcome among schools. They claim it is, however we are made fun of, casted down, and some times even our grades reflect of our belief. Is it right that, the school is allowed to spread the religion of Evolution and the series known as Harry Potter to encourage Witchcraft and Pagan beliefs? Christians are not allowed to do the traditions that once flooded this country back in the days of our parents and grandparents. We are not allowed to say Amen after the Pledge of Allegiance, pass out Bibles, spread the Gospel, we are not even allowed to pray aloud. Is America truly open to all religions or are they more fond of Evolution and Pagan religions?


In no shape or form am I trying to get Evolution out of the schools, I am trying to get the lies out of the textbooks, just as Kent Hovind is. There are many many lies that come with Evolution. According to law, there is to be no false evidence in textbooks, however they have the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang Theory is wrong, from the very start as it defies the Law of Angular Movement, which means that if a unit of matter was spinning and exploded that everything would follow through spinning in the same direction, however there are 9 out of 81 known moons that spin backwards, as well as several planets. That is not the only Law of Science that it breaks, but it also breaks the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, that everything leads to chaos unless having a complex mechanism to hold everything in place. The Bible teaches that everything leads to chaos, but does Evolution, I think not.

"Why, for instance is our Universe and its laws just right for the existence of life? Some argue that it is because it was specially made for us by a benevolent creator." Matthews, R., University of Aston, in “ The Cosmos Next Door” Focus (2003) p.63.

The quote stated above was stated by Dr. Robert Matthews a non-believer, who would say such, does this not point it out that God may exist or does exist?

"Our Universe probably came into existence not only from nothing, but from nowhere." Heather Cowper, Astronomer and writer of the children's book called "The Big Bang".

So, we came from nothing, then formed in to a infinitesimally small point called the Singularity. That just doesn't seem very believable to me.

There is not enough antimatter in the universe. This is a big problem for the theorists. The original Big Bang would have produced equal amounts of positive matter (matter) and negative matter (antimatter). But only small amounts of antimatter exist. There should be as much antimatter as matter, if the Big Bang was true.

In fact, there is not enough matter of any sort to work with their calculations, this just doesn't make any sense to me.

"Since matter and antimatter are equivalent in all respects but that of electromagnetic charge oppositeness, any force [the Big Bang] that would create one should have to create the other, and the universe should be made of equal quantities of each. This is a dilemma. Theory tells us there should be antimatter out there, and observation refuses to back it up" - Isaac Asimov, Asimov’s New Guide to Science, p. 343

I am not against any evidence that Evolution is true or that Evolution is even in the textbooks as I believe that students should be welcome to all the TRUTHFUL evidence there is, in schools. I don't think that the student body should be lied too, because a couple of scientists say that it is true with no evidence behind it.

Harry Potter Day

Harry Potter? Work of amazing fiction or work of trickery and mind control? Our school has a week once a year called Spirit Week, which always leads up to Homecoming. Now, you see I have no problem with that, however whenever you start celebrating a book that mocks God. Then, I have a problem. Hillsboro High School has set one of the "Spirit Days" as Harry Potter Day, where you dress up as a character from Harry Potter. Harry Potter, is a boy who goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Often, on Harry Potter Day I hear, oh well it's just a work of literature only a story. Alright, let's say it was just a story. Well, the person that writes that story is Kate West Rowling, she is a practitioner of Wicca and takes place in the art known as Witchcraft. So, even if it was only a story you are still supporting her writings and sending money to her cause. So, whenever you put good ratings on Harry Potter you are influencing others to read her other books. Harry Potter is based off of Witchcraft, which is outcasted in the Christian, Islam, and Judaism belief. See, I would have no problem with Harry Potter Day, if there was perhaps a Bible Day? Where you dress up as a character from the Bible. However, no this can't happen, due to the fact that, that would be discrimination. Pish posh! It's the same thing. Then, there are teachers who offer extra credit points for dressing up on Harry Potter Day, this means that your grades are effected, because of your belief. Schools are supposed to be Religion-Free, however we are forced by society to dress up as witches and ignore our beliefs in God?

He’s a charmer, that Harry Potter. The adolescent hero of J. K. Rowling’s series rides a broom, owns an invisibility cloak and magic wand, and has cast a spell over young readers the world over. He has modern-day witches enchanted too. "For once, the witches aren’t ugly old hags," said Michael Darnell, 39, a computer programmer from Winnipeg, Canada, who has been a practicing witch for over twenty-five years. "For once they’re the protagonists rather than the villains."

-USA Today

Harry Potter is making witches look more attractive to the human mind. Do you know what that means? If the the practitioners of something look better then the non-practitioners of something, then naturally you'll want to do what the practitioners are doing. So, this is for all of you Christians out there that are supporting the book series known as Harry Potter. You should not only go pray and apologize to God, but you should also be ashamed of yourself and burn the works of this woman.

Oh and let's not forget the children who want to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

At this occult school, Harry Potter learns how to obtain and use witchcraft equipment. Harry also learns a new vocabulary, including words such as "Azkaban", "Circe", "Draco", "Erised", "Hermes", and "Slytherin"; all of which are names of REAL devils or demons. These are NOT characters of fiction!

How serious is this? Well, by reading K.W. Rowlings books, children are learning to communicate with demons. Knowing them by name!

High level witches believe that there are seven Satanic princes and that the seventh, which is assigned to Christians, has no name. In coven meetings, he is called "the nameless one." In the Harry Potter books, there is a character called "Voldemort." The pronunciation guide says of this being "He who must not be named." Seem relative, because in my opinion it sure does.

Harry Potter is evil and disguises its evil underneath attractive spells and magic. Think about these things, while you're reading your disgusting literature of lies.


All in all, I am not asking for Christianity, Islam, or Judaism to be practiced in schools. I am asking that, if we are going to be known for not having religion in our schools that we have just that a Religion-Free schools. It is not right, that we trick people in to believing religions that are evil or have no proof. It is just plain wrong. It is also wrong, for people to be able to pass out Harry Potter books and not the Bible or express false Science over true Science. This is just foolish. However, I'd like to thank all of you for reading. To my fellow Christians, I'd like to thank you for standing up for God and Jesus, our Savior, to those who were touched, but did not know please change your ways and come to church some time, and to you who completely ignore this, well I pity you as God's Wrath will eventually take place upon you.

With Love and Gratitude,

Tyler Huber (Ty-lah Felicity)

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