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Through I AMS Eyes
by Sabrina Lang
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Through I AMS Eyes

By: Sabrina Marie


The sound of the wind drafting through the tunnels made a whistling sound. I could also hear water dripping off the stalactites. My feet tapped the limestone beneath me. My long pointed green ears, barely brushing the ceiling. “Huurrryyy...” Breathed an angelic voice in my head. It sent chills down my spine, just to hear that voice. “Y-y-yes master, hurrrying, heh.” I said in a throaty high pitched voice. This was a very important job. Not many got the honer of it.

I kept on walking the wide dark path. After five minutes of walking straight in the darkness I came to a fork in the road. One path was bright and glowing, and the sound of a strumming harp imitated from it, and the smell of lavender and lilac enveloped the tunnel. It scared me. While the second tunnel was pitch black, and a looming, growling form......a dark creatures sound came from it, and I could hear a strange eerie sound. That I couldn't place, and the smell of sulfur, and burning flesh. It to me smelled like home. I started walking toward the dark place, but instead I fell on my knees, in absolute pain. The voice in my head screamed at me. “YOU FOOL, HOW DARE YOU WALK TO THE SECOND PATH! YOU WILL TAKE THE FIRST PATH, OR FEEL THE PAIN OF THOSE LOST SOULS.” I could feel sweat pouring down my brow. I was shaking all over. I was holding my head so hard that my hands were white like chalk. I felt like my brains were about to explode. “NOW STAND UP AND TAKE THE FIRST PATH!” The voice screamed again.

Breathless, I stood up. Staggering as I walked to the first tunnel. The light burned my eyes, for being in the dark for so many centuries....never seeing the light. Then thinking that I would feel the pain and the agony of the souls around me I felt...well...I guess you would call it....peace, happiness, fulfillment....something as a goblin, Ive never felt before. “Noooowwww,” breathed the voice. “Go up to the riggghhhhttt...there you will fiiinnndd the main chaammbbeerrrr.” I gulped, and tried follow the directions. I looked around me, to try figure out my surroundings, how could I go up? I saw pale ghosts with smiles on their face floating in thin air, humming? They were the first ghosts I had seen that didn't moan and have permanent frowns on their faces. “I said for you to go up to the right. DO YOU DARE DISOBEY ME!!!!” The voice was screaming in my head again but I didn't cringe in pain or start rolling on the floor holding head while being enveloped in sweat..........what was this place.

“Sorry Master I don't see how I can go up.” I said then looked around me, and saw only happy ghosts humming and pure white all around. “I don't see any stairs at all or...well....blankness.” I said without stuttering. My master groaned and said. “Do I have to do all the work myself.” Then I felt thoughts being forced into my head....in my voice. “Up Up Up,” and again. “Up Up Up,” and the thoughts continued. I tried to wonder what was going on but my thoughts that weren't mine didn't stop. But then I realized that I WAS going up I Was moving. Startled I tried to struggle, but I kept going up. “Stop trying to move,” Growled the voice. I stopped, but curiosity tried to bubble through my thoughts. I tried to think on what I was going to say. But the Master had control of my thoughts....even my trying to think thoughts.....if that even makes sense. “I am more powerful then you goblin. I am more Powerful then any force in the entire realm of Lork.....even more powerful then I AM, and those puny humans on earth. For I am TH-.....” The voice was cut off. “We are at the main chamber be as quiet as possible.” Said the voice in a quieter voice. “Even better idea....I'll lock your lips together.” With that said, the goblin's lips grew numb.

They rounded a corner and came to some huge door, ten times bigger then the goblin. They were doors made of pure light. One of the doors were slightly open. The Goblin felt his feet pick themselves up and walk inside. As he walked inside he realized he could turn his head around and look at his surroundings. There was light everywhere. He didn't see a single shadow of darkness. There was also orbs of light high above him. Then his head was forced in another direction. Thats when he saw him. He was the most amazing creature the goblin had ever seen. For he was a Griffin, half lion, half eagle. He wasn't half as close as beautiful as his master. He had seen him only once, but the Phoenix that was his master was the most beautiful anything he had ever seen....but this....this griffin was no normal Griffin. For it's feathers were cream and yellow, and.....oh...its eyes looked like they bore right in into his very soul.....but they weren't even looking at him. “Listen to what he is saying fool.” said the voice grumbling. And his attention was directed toward what the Griffin was saying.

And this is what the Griffin said, word for word: “My poor poor humans” He said. “You shall never see the realm of Lork. For your eyes are not clean from sin that you can't see the little fairies, and creatures that wait by the portal that only the pure of eyes can see.” A small tear ran down his downy cheek. He flew through and over the glowing orbs. These are my not yet born children. A few orbs disappeared.....another woman had become pregnant. He flew over to a small group of different colored orbs, while the rest of the orbs glowed blue......these glowed green. Flying in place I AM touched the first one with his beak, and said “Since my children cannot see the world created by the trinity, because they are blinded by their sin I will give them eyes that no matter how much they sin they will always see the two realms, the human realm, and the realm of Lork.” The orbs color rippled with all the colors in the rainbow. While it rippled I AM said. “Your name will be Daniel.” Then he touched the second orb and the same thing happened. It rippled with colors and he opened his beak to speak, and said. “Your name sweet child shall be RubyRose.” He looked at the other two orbs and said. “You will be named when the time is right my children.” With that I AM was done with the orbs and turned to the goblin.

The goblin trembled. He felt like he was not worthy to be in the presence of I AM. I AM knew he was being spied upon by the goblin, but he looked at him with a kind eyes and smiled. “I will tell you the name of the two other children. For you are my child too Ruben.” The goblin grinned, he had never grinned. He laughed and he jumped and he skipped. For he had been named. He had lived for sixteen centuries but had never been named he had been called “goblin,” “it,” “fool,” and many names I shall not write down. His own mother even called him “number 6,” I AM whispered the names of the two other children into his ear. Right then Ruben was about to sign himself over to I AM the spell of the voice was broken, but as Ruben signed himself part of I AM'S army. He allowed himself some doubt. A loud thundering laugh echoed, and Ruben disappeared. Ruben appeared in front of the voice.

“Ha you are mine fool.” The voice laughed, his wings shimmered and glowed, red and black. He was more gorgeous Then I AM. The voice looked at him smiling cruelly. “ I AM is a fool, but that was smart to puff up your feathers like that. Because when you have a seed of hope and it turns into a sprouting I can't touch you....or in other words I The King of Darkness can't be with you. But since you had a seed of doubt I could take you back as mine.”

The King of Darkness laughed. The other goblins and evil creatures laughed with him. Chuckling The King of Darkness wiped a tear away. Then he leaned toward Ruben, and said. ”So tell me goblin....what are the names of the two other children?” Ruben stood his ground, and he said back. “My name is Ruben, and I will not give away their names to you King of Darkness.” The King of Darkness sat still and slowly smiled the most evil smile Ruben had ever seen. The King of Darkness tortured Ruben for a very long time. After about two years of torturing him. He dragged him back through the tunnels but instead of putting him in the tunnel of light he through him into the tunnel of darkness never to leave through the gates of fire. Ruben found out what the eerie sound was.....screaming of burning flesh.

I AM may have lost the battle but there was still a war to be fought.

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