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Seasons, The Play
by Sheila Lockhart
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“Seasons: The Play”


Sheila M. Herron
Kevin A. Herron Jr.
September 25, 2003

Dramatic Dance Concept
Kevin A. Herron Jr.
Brittani Martin


This visual ministry is based upon Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. It uses the ministry of dance and drama in order to portray how we, as Christians have our own spiritual seasons and how in those seasons, there is spiritual maturity and victory.

It consists of nine (9) skits which all involve dance and gospel music.

The music used is by gospel recording artists, Tonex, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, and Donald Lawrence.

We have need for actors, sound/audio crew, stage and design crew, dancers, choir, seamstress, and drama coaches.



Michael – Father to Matthew and Kia, husband to Dianne. Age – mid 30s to early 40s. Personality – Faith filled man of God.

Dianne – Mother of Matthew and Kia, wife to Michael. Age – mid 30s to early 40s. Personality –strong willed and very opinionated. She is a believer but she’s also caught up into the pride of life.

Mark – Father of Melissa and Brandon, husband to Tracy. Age – mid 30s to early 40s. Personality - Faith filled man of God.

Tracy – Mother of Melissa and Brandon, wife to Mark. Age – mid 30s to early 40s. Personality – Compassionate, prayer warrior.

Pastor Wayne – Youth Pastor, early 20s. Personality - On fire for the Lord.

Doctor – Early 60s. Personality – Very scientific, agnostic, but open.

Principal – early 40s.

Teacher 1, 2, and 3 – non-speaking parts.

Narrator – Strong voice and reading skills.

Scripture Reader – preferably a male with a deep voice.

Young Adults and Teens:

The College Crew:
Matthew – Kia’s brother, 19. Personality – very opinionated regarding his faith, intelligent. Hip hop look.

Brittany – 19. Personality – stands up for her beliefs. Hip hop/soulful look.

Tyler – 18. Personality – self-centered and sarcastic. Yuppy look.

Joel – 19. Personality – loves a good debate, very opinionated. Hip hop look.

Melissa – 18. Personality – a rebel when it comes to religion. Hip hop/soulful look.

Christopher – 19. Personality – quiet, a follower of the crowd. Conservative look.

Youth ChurchTestifiers:
Danielle – 19 Personality – On fire
Christina – 16 Personality – On fire
Joshua – 18 Personality – On fire

Snippers (need four(4)) 15 –17 years of age. Gothic look

Brandon’s friends:
Breanna – 14
Chanell – 14
Gregory – 14

Brandon – Melissa’s younger brother. 14 years old. Personality – Bold for the Lord. Hip hop look.

Kia – Matthew’s younger sister. 13 years old. Personality – On fire for the Lord, very youthful look, clothes are conservative, not necessarily the in trend.

Girl 1 - 13
Girl 2 – 13

Students – High school age. (need a group to stand in as background crowd)

Parmedics – (4 adults)

Dancers – Adult – children


Scene 1 “Different”

Setting: School hallway
Parts: Kia, Snobs, Dancers (3 teen girls, 3 little girls)

Props: Lockers, books, back packs

Song: “Little Girl” by Mary Mary

Scene 2 “The College Chat”

Setting: Study hall
Parts: Matthew, Brittany, Tyler, Melissa, Christopher, Joel, Dancers (3 teens)

Props: tables and chairs, maybe a couple of books

Song: “Tumblin¢” by Tonex

Scene 3 “The Argument”

Setting: Living Room
Parts: Michael, Dianne, Scripture reader, Dancer (1 male teen or young adult)

Props: couch/loveseat, coffee table

Song: “That’s When” by Tonex

(Scenes continued)

Scene 4 “Testimony Service”

Setting: Youth Church
Parts: Pastor Wayne, Christina, Danielle, Kia, Matthew, Brittany, Christopher, Joshua, Congregation for audience participation, Dancers (Kevin Herron, Brittani Martin)

Props: Chairs, podium, bibles

Song: “Pass Me By” by Tonex

Scene 5 “School Shooting”

Setting: School cafeteria
Parts: Brandon, Breanna, Gregory, Chanell, Snippers, Teachers, Principal, Paramedics, Students, Dancers (6 teens)

Props: Tables, books, fake rifles, stretchers, sound waves for gunshots and sirens.

Song: “Help” by Tonex

Scene 6 “The Miracle”

Setting: Hospital
Parts: Doctor, Mark, Tracy, Melissa, Brandon, Kia, Matthew, Michael, Dianne, Chanell, Gregory, Breanna, Pastor Wayne, Dancers (Adults)

Props: Bed, life support machine, sheets.

Song: “Seasons” by Tonex

Intermission – “Mercy Said No” by CeCe Winans

Scene 7 “Praise”

Setting: Church
Parts: The entire cast. The Narrator has the only speaking part while the cast improvises conversation in the background. Dancers (Teens and Children)

Props: chairs and podium

Song: “Thank You” by Kirk Franklin

Scene 8 “Rejoice”

Setting: The Sanctuary (audience participation)
Parts: The cast, dancers (Teens)

Props: none

Song: “Bout a Thang” by Tonex

Scene 9 “Ecclesiastes: The Finale”

Setting: Choir Loft
Parts: Choir and Scripture Reader

Props: Choir robes

Song: “Seasons” by Donald Lawrence & Tri-City

Scene 1

Narrator: It is Monday morning, thirteen year old Kia Johnson arrives at her school. Kia is very mature for her age, she is pretty much to herself and is not a follower of her peers. Most of her friends are from the church where she attends.

As she approaches her locker she hears a couple of girls talking about her. The girls have been picking on her since the beginning of the school year. They know that something is different about her because she is not in with the normal crowd.

Girl 1: Well, if it isn’t Miss Strange! (She motions her hand towards Kia)

Girl 2: Yeah, and look at those clothes, they are straight up wack. (The girls start to laugh)

(Kia acts as if she does not hear them as she opens her locker and takes out her books)

Girl 1: They are so last year, uh, (she pauses) maybe even the year before that. (They laugh again)

(Kia turns towards the girls)

Kia: Maybe I don’t have the latest fashion in clothes, but I do have a savior who will supply everything that I need.

Girl 1: Oh here we go with this again. (she rolls her eyes)

Kia: That’s right, here we go. I could go and buy those hoochie mama clothes if I chose to and I can even buy the latest designer clothes too, but what different would it make if my heart wasn’t right?

It’s not the clothes that you where that makes you, its what’s in your heart that pleases God and makes His light shine through you. His word says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and right now girlfriends….(she pauses) you are speaking straight up garbage. (she turns and starts to walk away as she throws up her hand and snaps her fingers).

Girl 1: Yeah yeah, whatever. (sarcastically)

Girl 2: Well tell your Jeeeeeeeesus (she drags it out) to buy you some new clothes.

(They all go to their classes)

(Fade to dancers: “Little Girl” by Mary Mary)

Scene 2

Narrator: Matthew, Kia’s older brother and his best friend Brittany are on break in between classes. Since they are both performing arts majors who also have a profound love for the Lord, they are discussing songs that they have written and also having a bible study.

Many of their friends have been putting them down for their religious beliefs. Although it has been a challenge, they still stand on what they believe.

Matthew: Brittany, have you heard Fred Hammond’s new cd?

Brittany: Yeah, but have you heard Gospel Gangstaz new one? It’s called “Exodus” and it is HARD (slang for good, off the hook)

Narrator: While they are deep in conversation, their friends approach them.

Melissa: You guys are always talking about this Jesus stuff. I mean…(she pauses) none of it is real anyway. (sarcastically)

Christopher: Come on Melissa, cut it (he makes motion at his throat as if he were cutting it) lets not get them started.

Melissa: I’m sorry, but I have to hear it at home and now at school. Why can’t we talk about something that is real like the arts for example…duh…it is our life!

Tyler: Oh snap (slang for being in agreement), why don’t we talk about a piece of art? Like me for instance, look at me, God didn’t make me look this good. It was that Creole and Indian blood mix (He smiles and rubs his hand over his face). What a work of art (speaking arrogantly).

Joel: (laughing)Tyler, you are really full of yourself. But, on another note, (he looks over at Matthew and Brittany) why can’t you guys listen to regular or as you put it, “secular” music?

Melissa: Oh, they have their own music Joel, didn’t you know that? (sarcastically)

Brittany: Now that you have all had your say, it is our turn to speak. Melissa you have things all wrong about being a Christian, as a matter of fact, you all do. First of all Joel, as Melissa so sarcastically put it, there are many different styles of music in the Christian arena just as it is in the secular. And just like you have certain styles that you like, so do we. For instance, Matthew loves Jars of Clay, but for me, I love Gospel Gangstaz.

Scene 2 continued

Matthew: Right, there’s all categories, Gospel rap, R&B, Contemporary, Jazz, Country Western, Pop, and even Reggae mon. (Jamaican way of saying man) The only difference is, they are praising the Lord and giving God his props. (slang for glory or recognition)

Joel: What does it matter, its all talking about a God that no one can see. OOOOHHH….what a mystery……I’m spooked. (sarcastically laughing)

Matthew: Joel, you just don’t get it do you? We write music or I should say Christian lyrics because it is our personal testimony of how Jesus has changed our lives. You knew me before I got saved, can’t you see the difference?

Joel: Yeah, you walk around speaking a whole lot of metaphorical gibberish. I mean…(Pause) you cool and all dude, but… (Pause) I don’t know man. Anyway, (He changes the subject), what are we about to do?

Melissa: Let’s bounce. (slang for leave) We’ll leave the Christians to themselves.

Christopher: We’ll catch up with you holy rollers later.

(They start to walk away)

Brittany: (yelling out to them) Hey, you guys are always welcome to join us on Friday nights at our youth service, it’s off the hook!

Tyler: (yells back) No thanks, I have better things to do on Friday nights, like being chased by the hotties. (ladies)

Brittany: (mumbling under her breath) yeah you will be hot if you don’t put that pride in check. (Yelling back) Alright my brotha (slang for brother), pride comes before a fall)

Matthew: Peace out y’all, holla back at us. (He waves to the audience)

(Fade to dancers: “Tumblin’” by Tonex)

Scene 3

Narrator: Michael Johnson is just arriving home from work. He has been diligently working in the aerospace industry for twenty years. The day has been long and definitely full of some unexpected events. His wife Dianne works part time for the school board and full time as mom and wife. She greets Michael at the door as he comes in with some not so good news.

(Michael walks in, looking distressed)

Dianne: Hey babe, how was your day?

Michael: Well…(Dianne interrupts him before he gets a chance to reply)

Dianne: I had a very productive day! After I left work, I went and had a Jamba and a bagel and then, I got the kids clothes out of layaway and after that I went and paid on the cruise and then…(Michael quickly interrupts)

Michael: Babe Babe, hold up! I have something to tell you. (Dianne looks at him with a puzzled look). I lost my job today, I know that we had made all of these plans but…(he pauses and looks down) they’re going to have to wait.

Dianne: (Speaks with concern) Oh Michael, what happened?

Michael: Well, (pause) do you remember me mentioning that I was up for promotion?

Dianne: Yes (she answers with a curious tone in her voice)

Michael: Well today they called me into the main conference room and offered me the position. And…. (Dianne interrupts)

Dianne: That’s good isn’t it?

Michael: No Dianne it isn’t, because I did not accept the offer.

Dianne: Michael, why not?

Michael: The position is against my beliefs and it would compromise my faith.

Dianne: How is that Michael? (She folds her arms in offense)

Michael: The position requires me to manage a department that manufactures the identification chip that will be automatically placed in newborns, and I just do not agree with that, therefore, because it was the only position that was open and my department is being shutdown, they told me that they had no other use for me.
Scene 3 continued

Dianne: But what’s wrong with it, it’s a job? It’s not like you came up with the idea, you would be just managing the production.

Michael: Dianne, I can’t separate the two. If the law is passed making it mandatory for this procedure to take place, it could affect our future lineage.

Dianne: Michael come back down to earth! Right now your decision has affected our future finances.

Michael: Dianne, this is a mark of the end times. This chip is a plan of the antichrist. All of the information about a person will be placed under their skin and this information will only allow them to purchase food and clothing, it’s the mark of the beast. Can’t you see what they are trying to do? It’s the new world order!

Dianne: All I can see is that you have let your imagination get too deep into this end time study that you have been doing. I think that you better leave those apocalypse books alone and have a long talk with the Lord, because I can’t give you the answer! (She abruptly leaves the room)

(Michael gets down on his knees with his hands and arms stretched out towards God)

Michael: Lord, I am hard pressed on every side, but not crushed, I am perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed.

(The Lord speaks to him)

Scripture Reader: Remember the word that I said to you, a servant is no greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. But you my son have been faithful, not only to me, but also on your job and to your family. So I say unto you, wait on me and you shall renew your strength, you shall mount up with wings like eagles, you shall run and not be weary, you shall walk and not faint.

(Fade to dancers: “That’s When” by Tonex)

(Michael is sitting in the background and Dianne is sitting in the corner. They are both in deep thought.)

Scene 4

Narrator: It is Friday night youth service. Matthew and Brittany are excited because their friend, Christopher decided to come and check out the scene. As usual, Pastor Wayne opens up the service with praise, worship, and testimonies.

Pastor Wayne: Good evening and praise the Lord! First I would like to say welcome to our visitors and please feel free to come back and join us again. Well young saints, as you know it is always a blessing to hear what the Lord is doing in each other’s lives so let’s hear a few testimonies.

(The teens raise their hands in anticipation)

Pastor Wayne: Let’s hear from Danielle, Joshua, and Christina tonight.

Danielle: Praise the Lord saints!
(The teens and Pastor Wayne respond with “Praise the Lord”)
(Danielle turns towards the congregation/audience and motions with her hands for them to join in)

Danielle: I said Praise the Lord saints!
(Hopefully the congregation/audience will catch on and participate)
Yesterday as I was walking home from school, there was this elderly lady trying to cross the street. So I helped her cross the street and she blessed me with $20. I had been praying for the Lord to provide me with the finances so that I could attend the teen retreat and shut in and He did. Amen!

(Everyone claps and praises)

Joshua: God is good, (everyone responds with “all the time”) well it’s good to have a good report about yourself, but how many of you know that it is good to see God bless others, amen? As you all know, I have been praying for and ministering to my uncle and just yesterday he excepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. God is good!
(Everyone claps and praises)

Christina: Amen everybody, I’m just glad to be here tonight. Last night my family and I were on interstate 14 and one of the tires on our car blew and our car lost control and went over into the opposite lanes. But, praise the Lord, no one was hurt and the other side of the freeway did not have any cars on it. Halleluah!!
(Everyone starts to praise the Lord).

(Fade to dancers: “Pass Me By” by Tonex)

(Christopher is sitting in the background observing)

Scene 5

Narrator: It is lunchtime and Brandon; Melissa’s younger brother is having lunch with his friends. Brandon is observing four students that look out of place.

Brandon: Have you guys noticed that group of guys over there in the corner? (He nods his head in their direction)

Chanell: Yeah, what about them?

Brandon: They’re kind of spooky, don’t ya think?

Gregory: They’re probably some of those gothic people.

Brandon: You think so? (As he looks over at them curiously)

Breanna: Oh no, Brandon has that look in his eyes.

Gregory: What look is that Breanna?

Chanell: Oh, you don’t know?

Breanna: It’s the, “I’m going to save their souls” look. But Brandon I don’t have a good feeling about those guys. There’s something mysterious about them.

Chanell: Yeah, they just came to this school last week, nobody knows anything about them and everybody stays away from them. And what’s with the trench coats? It’s springtime.

(Brandon, not really paying any attention to his friends gets up)

Brandon: Well, now’s the chance! (He walks over to them)

Breanna: (yelling) No Brandon, wait!

(As Brandon approaches the four students, they look up at him and pull out machine guns from under their coats and they start to shoot sprays of bullets around the cafeteria. They run away and Brandon is hit several times. Other students are hiding under tables and Brandon’s friends are screaming and crying, MAKE THIS AS REAL AS POSSIBLE. The principal comes over the loud speaker.)

Principal: There has been a shooting on the campus. Please evacuate the campus immediately and return to your classrooms! I repeat, evacuate immediately we are going on lock down!

(The teachers are directing the students to their classes. The paramedics have arrived and are doing emergency CPR on Brandon. They rush him off to the hospital.)

(Fade to dancers: “Help” by Tonex)

Scene 6

(The doctor and Brandon’s family are in the background talking, Brandon’s family is crying)
Narrator: Brandon’s family has just received the startling news from the doctor. Brandon has been diagnosed as being brain dead. If they chose to keep him alive, he will have to live on a life support system. They have to make a decision.

Doctor: I’m sorry folks, there’s nothing else that we can do.

Mark: (Looking in a state of shock) My God!

Tracy: (Sobbing) Oh no, Oh no, this cannot be happening, it just can’t be happening!

Melissa: (Shouting out) Oh God, it should have been me. I’m the outcast, not Brandon. He’s such a good kid and he loves you Lord. Please, don’t let the enemy when this battle!

(Fade to dancers: “Seasons” by Tonex)

(In the background there are prayer groups praying separately. In one group is Brandon’s family, Mark, Tracy, Melissa and Pastor Wayne. In another, Brandon’s friends, Breanna, Chanell, and Gregory. The Johnsons, Michael, Dianne, Matthew, and Kia are in another group. The purpose here is each group has put their personal issues aside and are praying for Brandon’s healing.)

(Fade to hospital room)

(Brandon is lying on the bed in the hospital room. A light shines down on him and Brandon starts to move. He starts to wake up and look around, he pulls out the tubes)

Brandon: (Looking puzzled) Mama…. (he pauses and rubs his eyes),Breanna, Chanell…(pause), Gregory? Where is everyone?

(The doctor suddenly comes in, shocked in amazement)

Doctor: What the…(pause) how did….(pause) this is amazing, you weren’t expected to live yet even be able to walk around and talk! This is truly a miracle!!!!! (He shouts)

(Brandon starts to shout praises to the Lord)

(Intermission: CeCe Winan’s “Mercy Said No” is playing)

Scene 7

Narrator: It is a Sunday service, everyone is attending including Brandon and his family, The Johnsons, The college friends, Brandon’s friends, Kia’s new friends (the snobs), the doctor, and the youth group. Michael shared his testimony about starting his own business with his wife and is also teaching a class at church about end time prophecy. Matthew and Brittany gave testimony of how their friends received Christ. The Doctor gave testimony of how only God could have healed Brandon and how he also is now a believer in Christ. And of course, Brandon gave his testimony.

(Fade to Dancers: “Thank You” by Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary)

(Children’s choir is singing in the background)

Scene 8
(Fade to Dancers: “Bout a Thang” by Tonex

(This scene is for audience participation and a chance for them to stretch their legs. The entire cast is on the stage praising along with the song as the dancers go into the crowd and out into the sanctuary to involve the congregation. It is also during this time that the choir should enter into the choir loft for the finale).

Scene 9
(Fade to Choir loft)

Scripture Reader: Quote Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Choir sings “Seasons” by Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers

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