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The Secret of Fasting
by Manuel Vargas 
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The Secret of Fasting

Itís almost unheard of, you rarely hear it mentioned in some churches, and when you do it sounds like a tormenting impossible religious task only design for Pastors, Elders, Deacons and church officials. However, when you attend any of their services you wonder if they even practice the harsh word ďFASTING,Ē only because they seem like they can fill a Santa suit for Christmas.

Iím not attacking anyone. Iím simply stating the obvious in todayís churches. I wish I would hear more on the topic over the Television and on radio. I wish todayís ministers would practice the Art of Fasting and Prayer instead of just preaching about it. I would like to be that voice of Godís Teacher to encourage you to consider the Secret Power of Fasting. Simply because without it- the blessings of God will not fully come into your life, your circumstances, your problem, your turmoil, your marriage, your job, your finances, your family and your church. We donít need just- prayer, we need the full package of Fasting and Prayer.

When the disciples of Jesus failed to cast a demon out of the little boy the father of the boy was left in despair, when Jesus came down from the mountain He immediately took charge of the situation with the little boy and asked the father of the boy what happened after hearing the report Jesus said You faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? Bring him here to Me (Matt.17:14-17)

Jesus immediately cast the demon out of the boy. After the evil spirit throws the boy into convulsions and threw him on the floor -it left, everyone was astonished and later Jesusí disciples asked why couldnít we cast him out? Jesus said, this kind does not come out but by prayer and fasting (Matt.17:21).

The Spiritual Realities

There are things we will encounter as Christians that will not work by just saying a simple prayer, or a command to an evil spirit, or by quoting a passage of scripture against our dire circumstances. We need to roll up our spiritual sleeves and fast and get on our knees and pray then after we have been given the spiritual green light to move in the authority of God Almighty, when we speak hell will shake and lose its grips off of our family members, friends, co-workers, circumstances, and any problem we may be facing in this life.

Just ask the Prophet Daniel who for 21 days partially fasted seeking revelation from scripture about the prophecies in the book of Jeremiah. Daniel was in search of a time-line for Israel to be released from Babylonian captivity. Daniel did what any spiritual man of God would automatically do and that is Pray and Fast.

To his surprise the Arch Angel Gabriel came to him to declare the prophecies in the book of Jeremiah and told Daniel something that we as Christians need to be mindful of; that the delay in coming from heaven was because the evil prince of Persia withheld him and Michael the Arch Angel had to combat the invisible forces of darkness and make room for Gabriel to arrive on the earth to give Daniel the message and revelation from scripture (See Daniel chapter 10).

These 2 examples are just some of the important reasons why we must Fast. This is not some Stephen King thriller written to amuse the average Christian reader. This is the word of God practically written for our learning as Paul said (Romans 15:4); Learning to apply the word through comfort and patience of the scriptures.

Outlining the Biblical Facts

1. Lack of Fasting- along with being perverse and faithless is what hindered Jesusí disciples to minister effectively the power of deliverance.

2. By Fasting and praying Daniel received more insight into scripture.

You wonder why Pastors donít believe in miracles, signs, and wonders. Well, hereís your answer no fasting and prayer about the supernatural level of ministry will keep an unspiritual Pastor in the dark about how God operates or be open and sensitive to how God operates.

Being faithless and perverse is a result of failing to pray and fast seeking Godís guidance to be used effectively to minister deliverance. Everything is tied back together to the practice of Fasting and Prayer. If you fail to do it youíll end up like Jesusí disciples unfruitful in ministry. If you practice fasting and prayer like Daniel than youíre going to be bless tremendously. God did not only give Daniel info on what he was fasting about God gave him further revelation of prophecies from his time and years after his time also about end-times like John received and wrote about in the book of Revelation.This is what we miss when we fail to FAST.

The Practical Approach to Fasting

Perhaps this sparked some kind of interest to start fasting, but thereís some health questions, some spiritual question, there may be some well my Pastor said questions. Be it as it may, my responsibility to the Body of Christ is to thoroughly teach Godís word and share my proven God blessing testimonies. Iím determined to take you through a journey that most people only hear about.

My Calling to Fast

One day I was reading the book of Matthew chapter 4, about the 40 day fast Jesus was led to do in the wilderness. I was a baby Christian in the spring of 1992. After reading this incredible story I was convicted because I never fasted. Secondly, I said Lord I could never fast for 40 days. I heard a voice say, ďNo, fast 60 days.Ē I said, are you crazy I cannot accomplish one day of fasting. (You see, I was 240lbs. I ate 4 huge double portion meals a day and pumped iron like some warrior.) The Lord said, do 60 days -2 meals a day the portion thatís normally given to you not double. Do this for 60 days and donít eat in-between. I did it and I came down to 200lbs. everyone thought I had cancer, Aids you name it.

This is how God led me to condition myself to be prepared to fast. Then I was led to fast for one day with one meal. Then the next time the whole day with no food all throughout these events I thought I was going to die, fail, get sick, you name it the demons threw stuff in my mind to give up every time I would fast. But eventually as time went on I was groomed by Holy Spirit to fast 1 day, then 3 days, then 5 days, then 7 days, then 14 days without food was the longest time I fasted I came down to 175lbs.

God is Practical

Most people think God is this sick tyrant waiting to send judgment on you for giving up or failing to do His will when you begin to serve Him. In my experience God always led me gradually into something- be it Fasting, Prayer, applying my faith, whatever it was God took me through it step-by-step. So how can anybody turn and scream and yell like these over-zealous gym instructors as though you can bench 300lbs. when you never did it. This is how some ministers come across at times when they preach. They will say pray, fast, read your bible, worship God and moreÖ and they donít even do it.

Health Issues with Fasting

Fasting boosted my immune system supernaturally. Secondly, it also enhanced my athletic abilities when I was playing softball I ran from right field to left field to catch a ball and was not winded or unable to breath. It was beautiful to be flexible, free, and energetic.

For people with thyroid and diabetes recalibrate your intake of food little by little. If you eat 3 meals and a snack at night, then eat breakfast, a snack, dinner and a snack. Then try it next time with two meals and one snack. Then just two meals no snack, then just one meal and one snack. See my point, condition yourself and pray for strength along the process to the point where you can do one day with no food.

Take as long as you need to get your system adjusted. Forget about what others may think or say. If you are making any effort God will honor your practice of sincere faith and reward you accordingly. While the demons will fight you with every evil thought you can imagine, youíre going to die, catch an attack, so on and so forth. Just say man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God.

If you need to drink juices for sugar level reasons do it instead of water or do both. But the objective is to go without eating food, (liquids donít count): Especially if you are beginning this new practice of faith by fasting for the glory of God.

Father, in Jesus name I ask that You will strengthen anyone reading this article to be brave and bold enough to start their practice of faith by prayer and fasting so that they may tap into the blessings that are only released when we fast and pray. Amen.

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