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The Gift of Mercy
by Manuel Vargas 
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The Gift of Mercy

I want to praise God for another opportunity to share His word with His people. I would like to finish the list of Spiritual Gifts and Ministry Gifts that Paul outlined in Romans 12:6-8. The last gift mentioned by Paul on this list is the gift of Mercy.

The Scriptures

Paul said, he that shows Mercy, with cheerfulness Rom.12:8 KJV

If it is showing Mercy, let him (or her) do it cheerfully Rom.12:8 NIV

He who does acts of Mercy, with genuine cheerfulness and joyful eagerness Rom.12:8 AMP

Mercy Defined

Vines Dictionary defines the word Mercy (ELEEO) as- to feel sympathy with the misery of another, and especially sympathy manifested in action. We cannot be bitter or stuck up people and try to work in this area of ministry. We cannot go to Bible College and expect to work in this ministry if we really donít have a genuine concern for the poor, the sick, the prisoner, the homeless, the orphans, the prostitutes, the drug addicts and all kinds of unfortunate people. We wonít be able to sympathize with them genuinely.

The Calling of a Merciful Minister

When God calls us to the ministry He will place us in the area of training we need to enhance the gift of Mercy. For Joseph Jacobís son God allowed Potipherís wife to seduce Joseph over and over until she cornered him and he resisted and she grabbed his garments and screamed rape. Potipher placed Joseph in prison and Joseph was trained to be Merciful to the condemned prisoners (See Genesis Chapters 39-40).

At the age of 40, God knew Moses would murder the Egyptian guard and flee Egypt so he can live in the land of Midian get married have 2 kids and raise a family and work as a shepherd for 40 years until Moses became the Prophet God called him to beóat the age of 80 (with the degree of Mercy) needed to put up with 3 million complainers in the desert for 40 more years of his life (See Acts 7:20-37).

You see where Iím going with this point-- God does the unique training that we need to be able to handle the responsibility of lovingly ministering to all kinds of unfortunate people. There are more Biblical examples but I shared enough to get your spiritual mind working to consider the great responsibility of a Merciful Minister.

I worked with prisoners for 16 years, drug addicts, prostitutes, strippers, and now the homeless for 8 months. God is still refining me to be more merciful. And each day Iím getting better at loving them and sincerely caring for their needs. Iím waiting for the hospital training session when God opens the doors of ministry for me to pray for the sick and visit them.

Wisdom in Ministry

Itís important that we allow God to train us because we need to be street smart more than college smart about the ministry of Mercy. Why? because 70% of the less-fortunate were groomed in the street life. So we cannot combat street wisdom with college wisdom. The homeless and prisoners alike always tell me man these so-called psychoís donít know whatís happening. All that college and they donít know what Iím going thru unless they been there. Though they have a point we need to be able to reach them with the wisdom we can only obtain from God to speak to these kinds of people who lived a ruff life.

I was born in the ghetto streets of East New York Brooklyn. I saw murders, shootings, drug trans-actions, drug use and all the stuff you see in movies are actually true. Scarface, American gangster, King of New York just to name a few were actually a small part of my life when I was growing up in the hood. So I can relate to the poor, dejected, rejected and unfortunate souls that grew up in such environments and were caught up in the underworld lifestyle.

I was fortunate to be close and not become a user to those drugs and alcoholic substances because I saw the damage it brought to homes, the community and not to mention the individual who became strung-out.

Human-trafficking, prostitution and porn-stars all were forced or enticed because of money and drug abuse to support the habits. Pimps who I hated with a passion before I got saved abused women so much I wanted to do a Moses move on them back in the day and bury them in the sand. But God changed me to reach them also.

One day in the late summer of 2003, this stripper who lived next door to me in East New York sat down on my steps in front of my grandmotherís house and began talking and without me saying a word about God she broke out in tears wanting to stop stripping and serve God and go to college to become somebody. You see, we need to be trained by God. God is bigger than programs and college degrees.

I Ďm amazed at the way God works in this area of ministry. Itís His divine appointment and positioning that we must be sensitive to so He can move in the hearts of those He is calling to Him-self. Then be there to help steer the people in prayer and reconciliation with their Creator.

The Gift of Mercy and Power

The next thing the Holy Spirit told me to write in this article is the power part of the Ministry of Mercy. Yes, this is a Gift from God, and like all gifts that come from God it has to be worked and increase over time. There is no limitation to operating in this gift of Mercy because all gifts have a special anointing that steers us and moves in our lives to help the unfortunate and those in bondage.

Since we all have to grow spiritually to the measure and statured of Jesus Christ. We need to take the time to study how Jesus ministered in Merciful Acts.

1. Jesus healed a leper who came to Him and worshipped Him saying, Lord if you are willing You can make me clean Matt.8:1-4. Jesus didnít freak out and say ah get away from me you leper youíre contaminated. Jesus stretched forth His hand and touched the leper and he was healed. Would we touch someone with Aids and pray for their healing?

2. Jesus had compassion on the widows dead son in the city of Nain and stopped the funeral procession and touched the boy and he rose from the dead (Luke 7:11-17)

3. Jesus was invited to eat at a Pharisees house and a prostitute came in and anointed His feet cried with tears and wiped His feet with her hair and He gave the Pharisees a lesson of being Merciful and He forgave the sinful woman and she was saved (Luke 7:36-50). This happened with me and the stripper girl. Although she didnít wash my feet.

4. Jesus had compassion on a demon possessed boy whose father brought him to His disciples at first to minister deliverance and they could not so Jesus had to take over and deliver the boy by casting out the demon. Then explained to His disciples when asked why they couldnít do it? Jesus said this doesnít come out but by prayer and fasting (Mark 9:14-29). We need to fast and pray to be able to move in this dimension of Mercy and Ministry.

5. You see, 12 Step programs and alcoholic centers may not work for more than 70% of people trying to kick a habit of drugs, alcohol, pills and any other addiction. The power of God on the other hand, will supernaturally drive out any addiction known to man and medical science. We need to function on a greater level of power to really be effective in the Mercy Ministry. Iím not taking away anything from those whoíve been helped by such programs but God does it better and quicker. We have to do our part and be ultra sensitive to the Holy Spiritís power and voice to move on this higher plane of Ministry.

The Power Demonstrated by Others

In my article, ďThe MinistryĒ I focused on the appointed Deacon ministry. However, in the book of Acts chapter 6 and 7 we have the 7 appointed deacons. Two of them Stephen and Philip operated on a supernatural level of Ministry toward the helpless, poor and widows. The bible says, And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonderís and signs among the people (Acts 6:8). We need the supernatural to work along with the natural. You can feed the poor, clothed them, give them the bare necessities but when their health weakens and there is no medicine or money around, we need to tap into the power of God to minister to them. In fact, we should automatically be operating in fasting and prayer to be ready to minister in this capacity. In my opinion the church in America is so medicine minded that very little is done by the Godís power to deliver and heal people.

I say this with respect not to offend those who opt for medical help to relieve the illnesses and pain. However, the Bible has plenty of stories where doctors and medicine couldnít do the trick so the woman with the issue of blood finally decided to go to Jesus (See Luke 8:40-56). If we learn anything from this story and thereís so much to point out about it. We shouldnít have to spend our lifeís saving on treatments that are not effective and run to Jesus for supernatural healing.

I practice what I preach I donít take medication but I learn to trust God for Healing I studied it, pray it, fast if I need to get rid of whatever is attacking me. If itís depression I cast the demon off of me evil spirits oppress (Not posses) Christians and we need to combat them through the authority we have in Christ Jesus.

Please donít misquote me, if you havenít been trained by God to believe for healing for yourself yet-- donít stop taking medicine. Iím a balanced teacher I was trained to stop relying on medication and I pray for my healing since 1992 till today. So when God implants a divine desire in your heart to believe Him for healing go ahead and trust Him thru the pain until youíre delivered and healed. Then over time when you experience symptoms you can immediately pray and feel the power of healing overcome you and you can live in the healing power of God and testify to it.

The Confident Minister

If you read all the articles I have written I fast-track teachings to jump start you to be an effective minister. The Holy Spirit desires for you to walk on a greater level of Christianity because time is short, the world is tuff, the sicknesses and diseases are getting more people into an early grave.

We have to rise up with boldness and power to combat the devil and his forces, the world and their ill philosophy, the people who are hurting are seeking relief and the health care system is making it harder to help them so we must rise up and help them. Are you up for the challenge to be a Merciful Minister? Well, God will train you every step of the way and some steps will be easy while others will be difficult because the devil will try his best to discourage you from becoming a Merciful minister.

Father, I pray for every believer reading this teaching and ask that You bless them with guts of steel a heart of gold refined by Your power to fortify them to be the Ministers of Mercy You have called them to be. I pray that You release a special anointing upon their lives to experience the challenging situations that are sure to come in their journey of being a minister like Stephen who ministered to the poor and widows and orphans with powerful signs and wonders and miracles of healing. So we may take enemy territory, cast them out in the name of Jesus and experience the overwhelming power of Your healing Hand. I thank You for this opportunity to help Your people and together we will be victorious in the calling and gifts You have bless us with so we can be instruments of blessings to others. In Jesusí name I pray amen.

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