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A Prayer for our Country
by william pulley
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Cor 10:3-6
We do not walk accordingly to the flesh, but to the spirit, because our weapons are not flesh but the spirit, but divinely powerful to destroy fortresses.

We need to destroy speculation and every high and lofty thing they that is raised up against God, and we need to take and measure it with the Word of God to the objective of Jesus.

I pray that You raise people up to fight this battle to stand against the evil of our world, to stand and fight for those that do not know God and what God is doing to pull them from the very grips of hell, and to fight the passivity of our age to prepare the way for Jesus to come and to save those that will come to know the truth.

Lord what do we do?
We have sinned a great sin. We need to set at the gates of our city repenting, in sack cloth and ashes for our sin. We need to cry out to God for what we have done, we have sinned by turning away from God, Gods' ways, laws and desires, the way we are suppose to live. It is also that we turned away our attention from God not spending time, addressing or thinking about God and the way He wants us to live.

Lord God what do we do?
Our country and now our whole world has rejected God. We are supposed to be a light, the light to the world. Other people and other nations and other God's or other religions look to us. Because God has chosen us to be the light to our world.

Lord what do we do?
We have sinned greatly and Jesus is coming back to end our neglectful and sinful behavior. God is going to rock our world to get all of us in the world to listen too Him, we must be a pretty stubborn people, because He is shaking pretty hard already, before He brings an end to our sin and our turning away. Who is speaking out against our behavior? Against this great sin, no one, no big leaders in our time, religious or other wise. Billy Graham does not, or no great leaders in our church today. The president does not, nor does any governmental official today, no one. Are we just going to go down with the ship because of our sin and no one says anything? What would Jesus say if he where here today?

What do we do?
We need to pray for our world and nation that God would lift someone up to say something. It may be a loosing battle, but we should at least try. It may be to late, God may have aready made up His mind and started the process or hour glass. What we need to pray for now is that God would bring all of those that He is calling into his family, or in to His spiritual world, into His flock, those that He is calling, those that will listen and those that will come.

What do we do God?
We are not going to stop this process or forward motion! The ascension of Jesus and the kingdom of heaven may have already begun their decent. Have we looked around or listed to the news lately there are just so many natural disasters happening today and that almost everyday now. God may have put in motion the beginning of the last days or the new beginning depending on which side of the fence we are on. The ball is already in motion, it is rolling to fast and God has put in motion the things He said He would do to get us to listen before the great day Jesus returns found all over the Bible and again in Mathew 24.

What do we do?
It is sad really, there are so many really beautiful things here on earth that God has made, like nature and that we have made. It is just mind bogling the progress we have made. People are pretty, children are pretty and kind people are pretty or the acts of kindness they do are beautiful and the things we have accomplished are just awe inspiring really, but the ugly is ugly and the ugly is getting uglier it is pretty bad, everyday it gets worse and worse. How can we, our nation look ourself in the face anymore, we can't do it. We are just so ugly. We can not find it in ourselves we have to look away.

What do we do?
We need to have a goal and that is to see Jesus coming in the clouds to earth to make everything right. we need to hang on to the end or the new beginning really, we need to get through these birth pains and we need to long for things to be as they were, to be wholesome and right. We need to have Gods' heart and Jesus' heart to see and know that wrong is wrong and what is right is right, Godís way of creation.

What do we do?
Well there is nothing we really we can do anyway, but just know what God is doing in our world today and wait for our terminally ill world to pass on to a better place. Just make her as comfortable as we possibly can but know she is going home soon. We need to be aware of her symptoms what is causing her sickness and comfort her as much as we possibly can and grieve for our great loose. We have lost our great mother earth because we have not watched over her and taken care of her. How did she get so sick anyway who was watching over her? Where were we? We were so busy that we neglected our great grand mother and now she is dying of cancer. It is so bad now that there is nothing we can do any more, it is terminal. She looks ok on the outside just a few blemishes and we noticed she is walking a little funny from her old age, limping and bending over a little, but in side the things you can not see are the problem. the cancer has spread to almost every part of her body and all of her internal organs are rotting a way, she is in so much pain because of the cancer it is sad to see this elegant lady, this pillar of society, fading way and in so much pain now O' my how sad. What a sad day for humanity.

What do we do?
Our world is really ugly. The sin goes so deep and our behavior is really bad, very ugly. We are not kind to each other any more, we do not even take time to smile or take the time to say hello anymore, we just pass each other by as cold as a walking corps. We truly are dead men walking. There is no kindness or care, left in us. God says that He is love. Do we love anymore? We just walk around busy chasing the dream, a bigger and better dream that will make us happy, so much that we have forgotten to enjoy the one we have now.

What do we do?
Nothing! It is to late, God is going to do it. Just set back as we always have especially the last 50 or 60 years now sense the hippie generation and see what God is going to do. Hang in there because the road is going to get rough, but know that we are going home and try to take as many people with is as we can.

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