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They Heard The Message But Will They Listen?
by John Arrington
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We need to get ready for the great awakening that is about to take place. And that is the return of Jesus Christ for His people. No, I am not setting dates of his return. Because no one knows the day or hour of His return.

But it is time, for us to get ready to meet our Lord face to face.

You can get started today getting prepared for the great day of our Lord. My prayer is that you don't put this message off and get caught off guard. This is an urgent cry for everyone to get ready. While there is still time.

Satan has got his sight set on everyone on the face of the earth. And believe me, he knows that there are many good targets for his picking. And he knows that one of his greatest deceptions that he has ever pulled off, was to deceive many people world wide, that he does not exist. And his great deception of evolution. Now he does not have to worry about those people anymore, because he has just blinded them about the truth. And they will soon spend eternity with him. And they don't even know it. They will be caught off guard.

But, this is where Jesus comes on the scene. There is a battle being fought for the souls of everyone on the face of the earth daily. And that's why I say, please don't be caught off guard.

And this message is for Christians too. Don't let your guard down for one moment. Always be wise to the deceptions of the devil daily.

It's in every ones human nature to believe that something we know that is not good for us, won't hurt us if we do it every once and awhile. Like telling a little lie. Or cheating on our test. Or not keeping a promise we made to someone. We always seem to want to do what we know is against God's will. That is how the devil works. And he laughs at us when we do these things.

I think it's about time for someone to stand up for God and point people world wide to Jesus Christ as the true Savior of the human race.

Let me start off by asking you a question?

If Jesus Christ is not the true Savior of the human race, Why is it that He the most attacked world wide? Think about it for a moment.

Jesus Christ and Christianity is the most attacked religion in the world today. I think you know the answer to this question. Why this is happening.

The devil knows that it is the only true religion, that can actually save the human race from destruction. All the other religions, Satan is not worried about. Why? Because he knows that they are all just man made religions. And they are of no threat to him. That is the reason they are not attacked.

It's just like a king who is going off to battle. He will not attack someone who is not a threat to him. He will only go after the one who is the greatest threat. That is why Satan is so hell bent on destroying Christianity. Because Satan knows that Christianity alone is the greatest threat. He knows it is the only religion that can actually save the human race. Which Christianity is not a religion at all. It is a personal relationship with the true Creator of the human race. God himself. No other religion can offer you that.

Listen, you be the judge of this truth for yourself. I don't have to try to convince you of this truth. You can see it happening right before your eyes daily on the news world wide, even in America. That Christianity is the most hated religion in the world today.

When someone comes to Jesus Christ and receives Him as the Savior and Lord of their life. Satan knows that, that person is the one who got away. And he knows that person now will become his worst torment. Because that person will now start sharing the good news about Jesus Christ with other people. And now more people will get saved and do the same thing as that person just did. And become a wittiness for Jesus Christ.

Listen, there is a real battle taking place right this minute for your soul. And it takes place daily around the clock. Even when we are asleep. The question is? Does Satan have his eyes on you next? Don't be caught off guard. Jesus can protect you. Only if you receive Him as your Savior and Lord.

We all must think about what matters the most in our life. Our life span on earth is around 70 years. And some less. But I will try to draw a description to try to describe what I am trying to explain here.


The part that looks like this (--) is our 70 year life span on earth and the rest of the line is eternity and beyond. We worry more about the (--) 70 year part of our life then we do about the rest. And the rest of the line last forever and ever for eternity. It will never end. Even after a trillion years. It will be just the beginning.

This line leads to eternity either in Heaven or Hell. And it is going to happen to all of us if we believe it or not. We all will have to face it one day. We can't wish it away by believing something else. It will remain. We are all headed straight for eternity right this minute.

1. Heaven will be a place of total peace. No pain or tears. Total happiness and joy. For eternity with Jesus Christ.

2. Hell will be a place of total torment. Full of pain and fear. There will not be any love what so ever. And someone will be in so much torment, that they can not even kill them self, because death will flee from them. And every one there will be over whelmed with unbelievable thirst. Not one drop of water can be found for eternity. And no relief in sight, for ever and ever for eternity. That is just a small description what hell will be like. It will be a trillion times worst then that. Why would anyone in their right mind want to go to a place like that???

Listen, no one can make it go away by not believing it is true or not. No other religion on the face of the earth can save you from it. Only Jesus Christ can save you from the evils of hell. And we can't say on judgement day that we did not know about it. The Bible warns us about the cost, if we reject Jesus Christ and His offer of Salvation.

All people world wide including me. Have but one chance to get it right. Once we die, then will come judgement. Those who have believed the message of the Gospel and have received Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord will go to Heaven. And those who have rejected Jesus Christ will go to hell. No more chances to repent of their sins. It will be too late.

All I can do is warn you now, while there is still time. And it is totally up to you and no one else to decide to believe it or not. At least you can't say on that day. No one ever told you about the Salvation that can only be found through Jesus Christ.

Listen, Satan is a real threat to your eternal happiness with Jesus Christ. And Satan needs to be taken seriously. By receiving Jesus Christ into your life you will be safe. And then let Jesus defend you from Satan. Because Jesus has already defeated Satan and he knows it. Make the right decision today before it's too late. This is a very serious matter. My prayer is that you don't allow Satan to deceive you and stop you from receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord.

May the Holy Spirit lead you to God's great love and Salvation that can only be found through Jesus Christ.

Jesus Loves You

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