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Possess The Land!
by Shirley Williams
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Many people in the body of Christ today are at the place where they need to “possess the land" God has given them. This land can be your home, your family, your health, your ministry, your city, community, state, nation, or a building (either for church or business, or a house).

On this day, as I was praying, the Holy Spirit told me to read in Numbers chapter thirteen. I went where He said go and I read Numbers 13:17-33. I also read Numbers chapter fourteen. As most of you are familiar with the story, you know that Moses sent Joshua, Caleb and ten others men, all representing the twelve tribes of Israel to spy out the land of Canaan. To check it out in other words and bring back a report to Moses.

As I read this familiar account over again, I read it from the standpoint of spiritual warfare because it was relevant to what the Lord wanted to say. This wasn’t just another interesting story in the Bible. It had important significance to this present time we’re living in. The Holy Spirit wanted to say something of significant importance concerning the possessing of our land.

Ten of the Lord’s spy’s came back with this report: they said, ‘oh yes, it’s a very good land. And it really does flow with milk and honey. And there is a gigantic abundance of fruit in it. But there’s just one thing wrong with it---there are giants in the land. They’re strong people and the cities are walled and very great (secure).’ They finally ended off their not so glowing report by saying, “And there we saw the giants of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.” They were saying, “Hey, if we’re small and puny (grasshoppers) in our own sight, we know those people would see us the same way.”

What would Jesus say to something like this? What He always says, “Oh ye of little faith.” Why are you so afraid? How is it you have no faith?” (Mark 4:40). So, these ten spy’s only did partial obedience, which is really disobedience because God said, they brought back an evil report. “And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto...” (Numbers 13:32).

I like the way Joshua and Caleb thought about things. They were the other two that made up the twelve spy’s that Moses sent out into the land to observe it. They brought back a good report. This good report was a report of faith. Caleb had spoken up before to still the people’s panic. Panic because there were giants in the land and being grasshoppers in their own sight, they were just sure they would be squashed by the giants.

I can just picture the confidence that Joshua and Caleb had in their God, as Caleb spoke up for them and said (paraphrase), “So what if there are giants in the land? Have you people forgotten that the great God Jehovah is on our side and he’s given us this good land to possess through covenant? Don’t worry about those puny little giants (you’ve got to see the giants in your life as small and puny), ‘let us go up at once, and possess (take dominion of, authority over, occupy) it; for we are well able to overcome it.’ Now, he wasn’t being arrogant in saying this. What he said was anchored in the WHO he believed and trusted in---the great God Jehovah, maker of heaven and earth. The Creator of all.

As I got quiet after praying and listened for the Lord to speak, I believe I heard Him saying to the body of Christ, individually and corporately the following:

“In order for My people to possess the land I have given them, you must do so in unity of the Spirit. This requires you to walk in My love toward the brethren. Not just talking about love but demonstrating love to each other even as I have loved you (John 15:12).

It’s high time for My people to come together in loving unity. I’ve been speaking about it for a while now but few have been listening. It’s time to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, take it to heart and act on it in faith.

I’ve not been speaking about some ‘catchy little phrase’ that sounds good, but about true unity, whereby the world will know you by your love. I require My people to live and practice love. Faith works by love (Gal.5:6). They go hand in glove, and you will not be able to possess your land without faith operating and being motivated by love.

Because of the spy’s evil report of unbelief, it frustrated My grace. It frustrated My power, and bound Me that I could hardly move. To carry out My purposes in the earth, My people must come into total unified agreement. And that agreement must be based on your unity in love and supported by My Word. My Word and My love will be a firm foundation for your faith to operate from.

If you will allow it, My Word and My love will prepare you for what lies ahead of you. My grace is sufficient and will enable you to enter the battle. To go into enemy territory and possess the land. You’re up against an enemy who has had a strong hold on your land and everything that is connected to it. Therefore, you must be prepared to fight the good fight of faith.

You will do this by establishing a firm foundation of My word in your hearts. You must not be slothful but diligent to spend time in My Word to build your faith (Roms.10:17). You must be quick and you must be determined of mind and will to come into My presence and absorb My love for you. By doing so, you will be able to go forth in the world, demonstrating love and unity to all the brethren and all people in its truest form.

My children, heed My Words, grasp My plan, for it is a good plan for you. All My plans for you are for good and not for evil (Jeremiah 33:11). Come into My presence and take careful note to get My directives. Let me teach you My ways in how to foil your adversary. My plans for your victory and the enemy’s downfall will not fail if you will hear and follow my instructions. Once you receive My directives, then go into the enemy’s camp and in My name, stake your claim to what belongs to you. Lay hold of that which I have promised and have given to you by My spoken Word and by My written Word.

You know how it is when you purchase a piece of land in the natural. You will go there and you will stake your claim because that land belongs to you. You don’t want anyone messing with it. This is how you must deal with Satan and his demons in the spirit realm. You must stake your claim to what you know belongs to you. Why does it belong to you? Never forget, My chirldren, it’s because the Lord, your God has given it to you as a possession.

You have My Word on it. Arm yourselves with My Words, for they are a shield against the furious onslaught of the enemy. And fear not for the Lord, your God, goes with you into battle against the enemy to ensure your victory and his defeat. So, go with God-confidence that you are a winner. That you are more than a conqueror in Me.

It is not by might, nor by power but the battle will be won by My Spirit. This is how you will conqueror. This is how My people will succeed, once you get in agreement with Me, and bring no evil reports to Me saying, “We can’t. We’re just little grasshoppers in our sight.”

You must trust Me, and Me alone. My children, the hour is late and you must know now that I am God, and trust that I have everything under control. You must come into that place where you know and believe that I am well able to bring to pass what I have spoken. It’s time to have faith in Me and in My Words. It’s time for you to believe that ‘greater is He that is within you, than he who’s in this world (1 John 4:4). Do you believe?

Hear Me, My children, Satan will not want to turn loose of your land so easily because of the claim he’s had on it for years. And if you try to loosen his hold unprepared and not in full agreement with Me, and with each other, there won’t be much I can do. You will tie my hands (Mark 6:5-6).

There are strongholds of the enemy in place over the area and these strongholds will need to be broken. Territorial spirits and their strongholds need to come down as they‘re exposed. It has always been My desire and plan to come into every crevice of the earth with My glory. It’s not going to be fanfare‘s, or any other such thing that will truly attract the people.

It will be because of My glory. It will be because of the exaltation of My Word and the name of Jesus. It will be the empowerment of My Spirit that will draw people to Me. It will be My glory shining forth like a billion watt light upon My people. This will attract everyone’s attention so they can be shown the way to Me. I’ve planned for My glory and My Kingdom to be established in the earth and so it shall.

But I can move little until My people get together in unity and in agreement with Me, and with each other to take possession of their land. I am only able to move as My people pray. Your unified agreement in earnest prayer will give Me an open door for My Spirit to move and solidify My purposes in your midst. This will even require you to fast and pray and seek Me with all your heart. To seek My counsel. To listen and hear My counsel, then act on it in unified faith and love.

As long as Satan is allowed to keep strongholds in place, it keeps My people bound up. You’re hindered and you cannot move in freedom (to be free and move in dominion). It affects everything around you, and everything you try to do for My Kingdom. This causes you to be the tail and not the head. This is not My perfect plan for you. I have planned for you to be the head and not the tail.

Therefore, its time to get out from under. By your faith in Me, its time to get on top and be the head and not the tail. I’ve given you the power (dunamis) to go forth and pull down, tear down, to bind the strongman and destroy every stronghold of the enemy. I’ve given you the power to love each other and be in unity with My Spirit and all of heaven. I’ve given you the power to plant and build up the old waste places and restore My truth that has been left lying trampled in the streets. I’ve given you the power to go forth in My name to take that which I have promised and have given you. My children, rise up in faith today and possess your land.



Although the Holy Spirit gave me this ‘word’ some time back, I felt impressed to share it today with the body of Christ. Many times when we receive a prophetic word, we have the tendency to think that it’s to come to pass now. Sometimes prophecies do come to pass right away. But often as not, there is a period in between where the Holy Spirit first prepares you to receive the fulfillment of the prophetic word.

Example: In the book of Genesis, the book of beginnings, as it’s called---God is the first one to speak out a prophecy about the coming of Jesus Christ (Gen.3:15). From that time until Jesus actually entered this earth realm as a baby (Luke chapter 2), it was 4,000 years. If you read through the Old Testament, you’ll see prophecies about the coming of Jesus all throughout. That’s a long time to wait before you see the fulfillment of a prophecy, but the wait was well worth it for Jesus to come to this earth as our Savior---as our all. Yes, it was.

I said all of that to say this, although the Holy Spirit gave me this word back in the year 2,000, it doesn’t mean that this word isn’t relevant for someone today. If the Holy Spirit says its important for now, then it most assuredly is relevant. God has given me prophetic ‘words’ as far back as 20 years ago that I’m just now seeing some fulfillment to in my own personal life as well as in the Church. So, if this ‘word’ speaks to you, or to your church, or business, then you’re the one the Holy Spirit wanted to speak to. Amen. Be blessed.

Plain As Day Ministries

Shirley Williams
February 11, 2000

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Steven Wickstrom 16 Oct 2002
This is certainly relevant word for today. Thank you for sharing this.


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