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some trust in chariots
by Lincoln Masters
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Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. (Psalms 20:7)
We see here that we are to always remember the name of our Lord, which definitely makes sense and creates purpose and life, at least to those who will remember and keep Him in their hearts and lives daily in the form of salvation, trust, faith and love.
As there are now, no unbelievers in Hell All in Hell will, do and shall remember the name of the lord, forever. As well they remember the times that they have had an opportunity to serve Him, say yes to Him and a host of other things; this is part of their torment. In Hell the memory is forever!
The word rendered chariots – ( rekeb) - means properly riding, and then a vehicle for “riding,” a wagon, a chariot. Here it refers to the war-chariot, or the vehicle for carrying armed men into battle. These furnished great advantages in war, by the speed with which they could be driven against an enemy, and by the facilities in fighting from them. They were usually very simple. They consisted of “a light pole suspended between and on the withers of a pair of horses, the after end resting on a light axle tree, with two low wheels. Upon the axle stood a light frame, open behind, and floored for the warrior and his charioteer, who both stood within. On the sides of the frame hung the war-bow, in its case; a large quiver with arrows and darts had commonly a particular sheath. In Persia, the chariots, elevated upon wheels of considerable diameter, had four horses abreast; and in early ages, there were occasionally hooks or scythes attached to the axles.” - Kitto, “Cyclo.” (Barnes)
At this point I would like to submit to you that often times in life, people become as the aforementioned described chariot and scythes.
People have trusted in their own hearts, minds, and actions for so long that they truly do not know how to live any other way. Then you have those who have left self and its righteousness (Isaiah 64:6) behind and now have fully “remembered” the name of the Lord, which is and includes trusting Him for salvation, life, love and all that we need as well as praising Him for what He became and what He finished and accomplished and gave us at the Cross!
As we see the meaning of the word chariot in one form it means “properly riding” and the other it describes the actual “wagon” or “chariot.” I have seen people grow in the Lord and make strides in every area of their life and then for one reason or another they move back to a place where they are comfortable and or they feel embarrassed to show emotion, or they are afraid that someone will laugh at them, or they say “it is not our culture to be emotional, loving or etc.) and they make excuses for everything they are doing that is in fact contrary to the Word in the form of nonessentials and think it is ok! SCYTHE #1 has just appeared and now is protruding from the center of the wheel, it is very sharp and deadly to those who it runs after and as well if too close an innocent bystander may be cut down before they had a chance to grow.
In this case I will use a marital situation and of course there are many examples we can rightfully place here but for now we will use just one.
Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. (1 Peter 3:7)
Looking here we see a direct fact that if we do not treat our wives as we should in honor and respect then our prayers will not be answered at least until we change. In this same verse we also know that wives should follow the same path and serve their husbands as unto the lord, else their prayers will not be answered.
Marriages that work and are ordained of God and that are presentable as an example to others and of the Word must contain emotional attachment and offerings. We are to love our spouse as we love Jesus! Are you attached to Him or is He a glorified bellboy at the local hotel needy?
A person cannot be attached to an animal, a child, an activity, a job, a book, a TV show, food or etc., and give there all to it and have a break neck attitude concerning it and not have the same and more for the spouse that God has given them. If someone makes excuses towards their spouse but not towards their other interests – then that person is committing a form of adultery in intimacy, in emotion, in heart and in love but most of all in Spirit. Why Spirit? Simply because we are to Worship God in Spirit and in Truth – and in following His commandments and loving our spouse more than our self or our mentally trained activities, we are Worshiping God!
Do you kiss your spouse like you used to, do you dress up for them and have exciting intimacy, do you touch them and make them feel on top of the world – or are you getting older, are you too stressed, are there so many issues in life that you can still have your own personal interests but when your spouse is concerned you offer excuses instead of Worship?
No! We do not worship our spouse, but in our Worship of the Lord, we follow His commandments and this includes emotional intimacy and physical intimacy and Spiritual intimacy. Why put out Scythes and forget the name of the Lord?
Just like we love Jesus and worship Him – again following His Word and commands is a form of Worship, for if we do all that He requires it is Worship and it is properly placed.
Satan will use anything that he can to cause disruption in worship – no matter where, how, when, what, who or time. He will disrupt it in any form that he can.
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: (1 Peter 5:8)
Satan knows if you have asked to be broken and he knows in some if not all cases if you are being broken and in that he knows he is at times allowed to test you and do not forget that you asked for it.
You may feel anxiety, pressure, guilt, as if you owe more than your spouse and it may drive you to a prescription for medicine, it may drive you to sleep more or be awake more, it may kill your sex life and the fun and intimacy that is to accompany it, it may cause you to depend and live based on your culture or past feelings and all of these and more are completely wrong and you are being whipped into submitting to Satan more than being made pure for Christ – when you submit to Satan.
If anything you do or anything you allow in your life to take a stronghold disrupts your worship of god and His Word, in any form then you are in a wrong spot in your Spirit, emotion, intimate and physical self. Just as you “self- will” to do all the things you like to do and keep busy doing, just as you “self will” to maintain certain activities and thoughts, the more you should “will” to do what God has commanded because you will get a far greater reward in following His commands and in Worshiping Him than you do in “self-will” worship!
Do you like having hurt feelings, pain and emotional disaster in your own heart and mind - ?
If your answer was NO! Then why would you cause it in the mind and heart of your spouse, make them feel negative or worthless and unloved? That is a sin! That is going against our starting Scripture and your prayers for anything will be hindered until you get to the point that you are to be and in your Worship of God – you follow His Word and love your spouse as you should, intimacy, emotions, and all!
I can use great examples; I can spend all day with Scripture, and offer proof up on proof upon proof.
It is up to the individual to do what “self –will” says, what “culture dictates” , what their “parents” do or do not do, or it is up to that same individual to Worship Christ (God) as He commands and resist Satan and resist what he places in your mind - Your Choice –
The marital example is but one of many I could choose for this same article and type of writing – if anything at all hinders your Worship and the commandments of God from being carried out in your life – you are sinning and committing Spiritual Adultery (Romans 7).
Philippians 4:8, 9
I found this and thought I would share it here – it does ring true in the ears of those who will listen:

Commandments for wives
Expect not thy husband to give as many luxuries as thy father hath given thee after many years of hard labor. (Philippians 4:11; Amos 4:1)
work hard to build thy house with the husband that you have, not fantasizing about "the one that could have been". (Proverbs 14:1)
Thou shalt not nag... (Proverbs 27:15; 21:19)
Thou shalt coddle thy husband and be a warm wife. (1 Corinthians 7:3-5)
Remember that the frank approval of thy husband is more to thee than the side glances of many strangers. (Ezekiel 16:32; 2 Pet 2:14)
Thou shalt not yell at thy husband but will be a gentle and quiet spirit. (1 Peter 3:1-4)
Permit no one to assure thee that thou art having a hard time of it. (1 Peter 5:9)
Thou shall not fail to dress up for thy husband with an eye to please him, as thou didst before marriage. (Song of Solomon 4:9-11)
Thou shalt submit to thy husband from thy heart and allow him to be head of the household. (Colossians 3:18; 1 Peter 3:6; Ephesians 5:33)
Thou shalt assure thy husband and others that he is the greatest man alive. (Phil 2:3; Song of Solomon 5:9-16)

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