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The Kingdom of Demons
by michael source
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The Kingdom of Demons
A Revelation from


through His Servant
Michael I. Source



Chapter 1 - Who Are Demons?
Chapter 2 - Physical Manifestation
Chapter 3 - Hierarchy of Demons
Chapter 4 - Ministries of Demons
Chapter 5 - Strategies and Weapons
Chapter 6 - Our Power over Demons
Chapter 7 - Ministry of Deliverance




Not all strange phenomena are natural. Not all tragedies that occur are natural. But many of them are caused by some specific evil spirits, I mean, demons.

In His ministry, CHRIST Fought and Overcame demons in all occasions. Casting out demons was one of The commonest Miracles CHRIST Worked in His Ministry. And to Show us that the issue of demons is not minor, HE Has Given us the mandate (duty) and the necessary authority to cast them out.

It is hazardous to fight demons, who are powerful and dangerous spirits, without knowing Them. It is mandatory to know who They are, how They work and what weapons can affect them, in order to overcome them.

The finality of This Book is that every reader uses the material provided as key information to fight and vanquish the demons.

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1. Who Are Demons?

Before all things, it is important for us to know who demons really are. This will allow us not only understand properly the other part of Material in This Book, but will also help us conduct spiritual warfare successfully.

In fact, demons are angels. In Matthew 25.41, for instance, The LORD JESUS, WHO Knows them thoroughly refers to Them as “angels”: “Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels”

In this respect, if you want to know about demons, you must first know who angels. This is because demons have all characteristics of Angels of GOD, except their evil nature.

GOD Created myriads of Angels (John 1.1-3, Hébreux 11.6, Isaiah 44.24). HE Created them in a great number, and Diversified them according to their roles or missions.

Angels are extremely powerful spirits (II Peter 2.11). But GOD Gave them different portions of powers in such a way some are much more powerful than others according to their respective admistrative position. In this respect, the most powerful are those at the highest rank of the administration. Archangels are Angels that rule other Angels, for instance Archangel Michael (Jude 9).

Satan is the most gorgeous and powerful Angel GOD Created (Ezekiel 28.17). Satan was perfect and righteous in the beginning (Ezekiel 28. 15). But at a certain time, he developed pride and coveted GOD’s Throne. And this enticed to seduce a good number of angels to rebel against GOD. This broke into a harsh war in Heaven between two camps: on the one hand, the Angels faithful to GOD Who were under the leadership of Archangel Michael, and on the other hand, the angels who allied with Lucifer in rebellion.

Naturally, GOD’s camp could only win the battle. As a result, the devil and the angels who allied with him were expelled out of Heaven and were cast to the earth (Revelation 12.7-9).

Now, angels with whom the devil was cast out of Heaven are the demons.

I deem it essential to emphasize that when GOD repelled demons out of Heaven, He did not strip them from their powers and capacities. As we are going to see it later, these are the powers which make them dangerous.

Note also that demons have one fate: the lake of fire. Normally, the lake of fire was not prepared for humans. Rather, it is a place designed for severe chastisement to Satan and the demons for their rebellion against The Almighty GOD. The Bible says, “Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Matthew 25.41).

Demons know their fate. They well know what is waiting for them. And I tell you they are dramatically scared when you mention this fact – just as a person who is supposed to be arrested feels tormented when you talk about the police or jail.

When I fight them in prayer, I usually remind them their fate. And when I do this, they feel weak, and I get amazing results.

The more time turns its pages, the more the end of the world approaches, which means their final condemnation is drawing nearer. And this entices them to work more evilly than even before, by causing serious havocs in people’s lives. They work so intensely that as many humans as possible can fall into sins and die soonest so that they share the same fate as theirs.

But I am sure with the material in this book, you will be able not only to resist them, but also overpower them.

Now that we know who demons are, let us go to the next chapter and see how they manifest physically.

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2. Physical manifestation

As said in the previous chapter, demons are angels (Matthew 25.41). And as such, they are spirits (Hebrews 1.13-14). This means they cannot normally be seen with our physical eyes (Luke 23.39).

Nevertheless, demons work in this physical world in various ways. Let us now see how they usually manifest.

2.1. They Act through people

Demons act through people in various ways. Sometimes, they act from within a person they indwell, namely those who are demon possessed. In this case, the acts of the person are guided by demons. The thoughts, words, attitudes and actions of the person are commanded by the demon or demons who indwell him/her. Physically, you will note that person has queer and/or evil behaviour. And such a case needs deliverance. The LORD JESUS Treated so many cases of demon possessions (for instance in Matthew 8.32-34, Matthew 17.14-21, Mark 1.27, 32, Mark 5.1-19).

Other times, demons might not indwell a man, but simply influence him. They can whisper him some evil ideas that enter his mind. As mind commands behaviour, the actions of the person influenced by demons will be affected.

In this respect, you can tell from from someone’s behaviour what spirit influences him. Demons always entice to evil deeds.

With this truth in mind, you should even beware of the people you listen to – even preacher. The Bible warns us that some doctrines are from demons (I Timothy 4.1). Besides, we are asked not to believe every spirit, but always check whether it is of GOD (I John 4.1)

2.2. They Act through Animals

Animals are sometimes influenced by demons. Not all their behaviour are normal. Sometimes they are commanded by demons.

It may happen that demons entice animals to behave in a way to harm you or do something that incite you to sin. For instance, they may entice a pet to just spill your food so that you starve, or get angry, or even suspect that your house cleaner or one of your co-habitants has done it, and therefore yell at him/her with possibility of quarrels and insults.

Or demons can act through a rat so that the rat gnaws your banknotes so that they lose their value. And this will put you in trouble and sorrow.

Demonic actions through animals are recorded in The Bible: “And forthwith JESUS gave them leave. And the unclean spirits went out, and entered into the swine: and the herd ran violently down a steep place into the sea, (they were about two thousand;) and were choked in the sea.” (Mark 5.13)

How do you explain the pigs’ behaviour? Why did they just throw themselves into the sea? Was it by accident?

Answering these questions with This Passage in mind, you will come to the understanding that sometimes animals’ behaviours are purely demonic influences.

2.3. They Act in nature and through objects

Not all the calamities and disasters we experience are natural or performed by humans. Some of them are purely demonic influences.

How many times have heard of drawnings in lakes, rivers, streams, and so on? Are all of them natural?

I personally have experienced demonic actions when writing books or working with computers. Indeed, I have seen so strange phenomena. I remember I was once designing a web site for a customer, and planned to use the money I could receive for book productions. Just imagine all the codes were right and well written, but things could not just work! I could get the result that should normally be. And when I prayed, I got the result I expected.

Do not think that every time your appliances break down, it is because it was of bad quality. Sometimes, demons can orchestrate a breakdown so that you get upset and say any evil things, and spend your money on reparation instead of other important projects. It is here we see the importance of prayer. You should pray for all your belongings, family and works. And you will see such demonic influences less and less.

Note also that there are some items that have been devilishly consecrated, it means some specific ceremonies have been performed on them in such a way whoever touches them or acquires them allows some demons to act in his life or household. In this respect, acquiring such items becomes a spiritual decision – a permission given to demons to act in your life.

This is specifically the case of some items such as some consecrated books, clothes, foods, statues, toys, appliances, houses, buildings, and so on.

It is here we understand the importance of prayer before buying any thing or moving into a new home.

2.4. Incarnation of demons

I remind you that demons are angels. And angels are endowed with the power to appear physically in a perceptible shape. Angels have the ability to manifest themselves in a physical body that your physical eyes can see. Some Passages of Bible support this truth.




If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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Juliette Chamberlain-Bond 26 May 2011
A very and informative interesting write. I will re-read at a later date and systematically check it out against Scripture. Thank you for sharing. Juliette


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