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Deliverance from Family Curses
by michael source
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Deliverance from Family Curses

A Revelation from

through His Servant
Michael I. Source



Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – What is a Spiritual Bond?
Chapter 3 – Common Family Curses
Chapter 4 – How to Recognise a Family Curse
Chapter 5 – How Family Curses Are Established
Chapter 6 – Demonic Influences
Chapter 7 – Deliverance
Further Reading
A Word About the Author



"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8.32) There are so many disasters we go through without knowing why. Oftentimes, we forget the truth that nothing happens for no reason. And yet, every calamity, suffering, tragedy in this world, always has at least one cause.

In This Book, you are going to discover deep truths about why so many people, most probably you too, go through diverse sufferings: curses inherited from lineage.

Most interestingly, This Book also shows you briefly and clearly how you can get delivered so that you access the abundant blessings The LORD Has Stored for you from Eternity.

I am sure, the end of your painful bondage is at hand. Of course, if you read on...

Michael I. Source



The material world is the application ground of events happening in the spirit. All the events that happen in the material world are a reflection of what is happening in the spirit.
Any success or failure noticeable in this material world must be interpreted as a success or failure in the spirit. Being great or small in the physical world is the reflection of who you are in the spirit.
With this concept in mind, we can easily understand the importance of effective prayers. Effective prayers can impact the spirit realm and thus influence the material world toward a certain trend.
Also, the concept poinpointed above helps us understand that when you are bound spiritually, you will also appear as bound in this material world.
In fact, so many people have gone from failure to failures despite their many attempts to achieve success. Some of them, they failed after even using means which are normally super effective!
All families on This Planet are particularly characterised by at least a specific curse, which tends to affect almost all the members. For instance, some families are characterised by the curse of never acquiring finances as they need. Other families hardly see their members officially married. In many other families, you will notice that almost all the members are drunkards. In some other families on This same Globe, you will realise that almost all men are crooks or thieves!
Is this normal? Is this The Will of GOD? Is this a blessing? Of course not! This is a curse, namely a family band - a hereditary law.
Many of those who belong to such families have mistakenly tried to find a remedy by using carnal means. Yet, the cause is spiritual, and therefore requires a spiritual approach.
Even among those who resort to spiritual means to get the solution, not all proceed appropriately. It is why you will hear some people say, "I have prayed so much, but I can see no change!" To such people I usually ask the question, "How did you pray?"
Sad to say, a good many individuals, tend to seek the solution to family curses by resorting to devilish schemes such magic, witchcraft, sorcery, talisman, fetish, etc. As a result, they even worsen their condition by adding other curses.
Any way, is there a way to get delivered the fastest possible? Of course yes! It is possible, namely when we remember that nothing is impossible to The LORD. And This Book aims to show how family curses happen to be established, and most interestingly, how to get out of such curses.
Before going further, it is important to know first what a spiritual band is. This is what we are going to see in the next chapter.


A spiritual band is not a physical entity although we use the word "band" (or sometimes "bond", "bondage" or even "chain"). But it is a purely spiritual entity. A spiritual bond is one or more of these factors:
-an evil pact with Satan
-an evil law
-an evil substance
-one or many evil spirits (demons)

Many a time evil happens because there is a pact between a person and/or his family with Satan. The pact is in fact an agreement with Satan and demons such that demons have the right to work specific curses in the person's life and/or his family members' lives. We will talk deeply in chapter 5 about evil pacts.

Many a time evil happens because there is a law in the spirit realm which says a person and/or his family must undergo specific curses. In almost all cases, there is also an evil substance of the very curse. Evil substances are transmitted not only hereditarily, but also through contact, meeting, cohabitation with people who have in their spirits evil substances. Evil substances, which are strictly different from demons, are evil matters invisible to physical eyes which spread all over the spirit and which determine behaviour, attitude, social events and attract the action of demons. When there is a specific evil substance in you, demons will follow you to work the specific evil in your life.

Demons act from inside the soul to command behaviour, attitude, physical appearance and social events. This is called demon possession. In every case of demon possession, there is a pact of possession which gives the right to one or more demons to indwell the soul and work evil in the person's life according to their mission.

Demons may also act without indwelling the person's soul. They act by doing evil according to an evil pact, evil law and/or evil substance they see.
A spiritual bond, whatever it is, determines how your life must be in the material world. It determines the direction of events in your life. A spiritual bond forbids you to access some specific values or blessings. And physically, you seem like a tied goat such that it cannot reach a specific distance where the grass he needs is.
For every spiritual band there are always specific demons appointed to apply it in the materail world upon the person or the people concerned. Every time a spiritual bond is established, some specific demons also receive the mandate to apply the curse physically upon the person or the people indicated.
Suppose a man is under the band of poverty. It means in the spirit, there is a law that says he MUST NOT access finances and properties as he needs. There is a law already established in the spirit that forbids him to acquire riches in this material world. And concretely, he will notice that his life obeys this law. All the events he goes through will be oriented toward the application of the law of poverty under which he is. Despite his many efforts, and perhaps the assistance of others, he will still see that he cannot access riches as necessary.
Let's take another example. Let's suppose a lady is under the curse of celibacy. It means in the spirit, there is a law that says she cannot get married. There is a law already established in the spirit realm which forbids her from getting married. And concretely, she will notice that all the events in her life tend to obey this law. She will realise that she cannot get married despite her many attempts to make herself pretty or available to receive men. Sometimes, men may come, but never promise to marry her. Other men may come in order not to marry her but to play with her body. Or she may even note that every time men come to marry her either parents wildly show oppositions or the men just go without any explainable reason.
However, a spiritual bond can, in some cases, be the presence of an evil spirit. This is especially the case of a demon possession. When a person is possessed with one or several demons, his life will be guided by the indwelling demons in a certain trend. And the demons will do their best so that the person does not acquire some specific riches or values.
Now, there is something vitally important I wish you understood: This Universe is perfectly organised. It functions according to some Laws that GOD (WHO Is above all Laws) Approves as valid.

In this view, it is noteworthy that when there is an evil pact, law or substance which stand as spiritual bond, GOD Cannot Be held Responsible. Note that the kingdom of Satan makes sure that they cooperate with the will of humans in order to establish spiritual bonds. And GOD Considers the estabilshed spiritual bonds as valid because they have been established with the agreement of a person. And when the demons start applying the curse, GOD Considers that they are acting upon a valid right. In other words, those demons have the legal right to act in such a way to implement the curse.
But as GOD Is Full of Love, HE Will nevertheless Arrange some opportunities for deliverance so that the suffering individuals may be delivered. But before deliverance, the demons have the legal right to apply the curse they appointed to apply. It is why the prime solution is not the cast out demons first. Rather, it is a question of first nullifying the cause on the basis of which the demons are acting. After nullifying the cause then, you can cast out the demons because there is more legal cause which allows them to act in your life. We will see in chapter 7 how to conduct the prayers for deliverance. Meanwhile, let us turn to the next chapter and see some common family curses.



There are so many curses that may affect a whole family as a result of a pact, a law or a substance established in the spirit. Let us name some of them.

- Fornication
So many families have long been affected by the law of fornication in such a way that almost all the members are strangely characterised by fornication habits. While ladies change sex-partners as they change panties, men have trouble keeping self-control when they see ladies.
Note that this is very dangerous when a minister starts his ministry without being first delivered. It is why you will hear that some ministers are characterised by fornication habits. Many of them are simply still bound to family curses from which they are not yet delivered.

- Incest
Other families are characterised by incest. When you look around the family, from ascendants to the current generation, you can notice that incest is so frequent among them.

- Poverty
The law of poverty have long sticken so many families on This Earth. The members of such families have so much trouble acquiring wealth materially despite the many attempts to get wealth and assistance from others.

- Joblessness
You may note that the members of some families share the particular feature of never getting jobs. Despite the many attempts and assistances, things just turn out to be that they don't get any job.
Let me specify that in most of the cases, this is a form the law of poverty. It means as the family is under the law of poverty, demons also operate in such a way that the family members don't get jobs so that they cannot aquire wealth, and therefore appear as poor.

- Mediocrity
When you observe some families on this planet, you might note that some of them are characterised by mediocrity. It means the family members have the particular characteristic of seeking only things of poor quality or undeveloped state. It is here you find those who like to buy cheap things although they have enough money to buy more expensive things which are of better quality.

- Gossip
A close look at some families reveals that the members have a particular habit of gossiping others. And you will notice that it is so much remarkable a character which affect almost all.

- Lazyness and Negligence
Members of some family share the common character of being pecularly lazy. Sometimes, even those who have great potentials remain poor simply because they are too lazy to work to exert their talents.

- Liars
When you observe other families, you may note that the members have the particular feature of lying. They just lie any time for any thing! Some would say, "lying is in their blood."

- Selfishness
For long years, so many families have been affected by the law of selfishness in such a way the members hardly share their possessions with others. Note that this curse is usually associated also with poverty because the less you give, the less you receive (Luke 6.38).

- Gluttony
In some other families, almost all the members love to eat excedingly. They even show some pecular kind of greed.

- Drunkenness
On this planet, several families have long been affected by the law of drunkenness. Almost all the members have the common feature of being pecularly drunkards.

- Celibacy
In a quite a good number of families, the members just don't get married. While some feel no attraction for marriage, others try to get married but always go from disappointment to disappointments.

- Second-wife position
You may notice in other families that ladies are never married as first wives. They are always taken as second wives or as concubines. In some families, it is even a law for girls to always be taken as third, fourth, fifth, or nth "wife".

- Polygamy
In a great many families, almost all the men have at least one wife. It is quite hard to find one who has a single wife as CHRIST Is Married to one Bride - The Church.

- Stetility
It is common to see, in some families, that almost ladies and/or men are barren. Almost all family members cannot give birth although they might be married.

- Uneducation
When you look around, you might note that some families have the special character of being uneducated. Even those who try to go to school never complete their secondary studies or get a certificate (or diploma).
Of course, all curses cannot be listed in this chapter. But these have been given as an illustration to show how an entire family may be bound spiritually, and therefore undergo one or several curses.
Now look at yourself and your family, and find out which curses affect you. One of the first steps toward deliverance is self-identification. Only when you identify your spiritual condition will you be able to solve it.
To help you find out whether you are under a hereditary curse, let us turn to the next chapter and learn more.



When a group is bound to a law, the members will certainly share same characteristics.
In the case of family curses, you will note a tendancy of generalisation of one same curse upon almost all the members of the family. When you look at the brothers and sisters, you will notice a repetition of the same characteristics - I mean the same curse.
A family bond is much similar to a genetic character. Just as a physical character can be noted in almost all the family members, so it is for family curses. For instance, a family may be such that nearly all the members have big noses. Likewise, you can also notice that almost all ladies of one same family never get married before they turn 35.
For you to depict a family curse, take a look at your brothers and sisters. Try observing your both parents and their respctive families (your uncles and aunts). Observe your cousins. See your grandparents. And then try to see what negative feature tends to be repeated or generalised. When an evil feature, which may be a behaviour, character, evil situation tend to characterise at least one generation, it is a family curse - a law already established in the spirit.
Before we close this chapter, it is also important to specify that one same family may be affected by more than one spiritual bond. For instance, a familiy can be under the laws of poverty, joblessness, celibacy and selfishness at the same time. And almost all members have these features.
However, the good news is tht no matter the number of curses, The Power of GOD can grant deliverance.
Let us now see how family bondages happen to be established.



In general, a spiritual bond is established by a pact with the kingdom of Satan. It may be an known pact, or a unknown pact.

Known Pacts
A pact is an agreement which a person consciously signs with The Devil. Note that to every pact there are promises. Each party promises something to the other party. So, a pact is an agreement to exchange some values. Each party promises to grant a specific value to the other party based on the condition of receiving a specific value from the other party.
Now, those who make a pact with The Devil generally seek some specific values. Most of the time, it is money, protection, intelligence, wisdom, job, success, love, child, beauty, fame, nice voice, etc. And in return, The Devil blocks something valuable in them. It may be the right to access some specific blessings, or value. And as soon as this pact is signed, a law is immediately established in the spirit realm. The law is that the person involved and/or his offspring cannot access those same blessings or values The Devil has claimed from him. In other words, the person is bound to the established law upon which his life will be oriented.
This what usually happens in case of involvement in sorcery, witchcraft, ocultism, charms and so on.
Tell me, when the fetish maker (or the wizard, sorcerer, or even magician) makes some declarations in a language you don't undertand, do you know exactly what he says? Do you know what he declares upon you and upon your offspring? Do you know the demons he invokes so that they can begin to operate in your life and in the life of your descendants?
By the way, some people, in search of some advantages, have offered their offspring to The Devil, by signing a pact. As a result, The Devil has had all the legal right to cause some curses to the offsrping of the persons involved. This explains several cases of sterility, a recurrent and unexplanable deaths within some families. Sometimes, you may even note that the members of a specific family never cross a precise age. Nearly all of them die before they turn that age.
The Devil is so cunning that he can sign a pact with a person today so that the curses can affect the chidren or even the grandchildren. In this case, the person who has caused the establishment of the curse might not notice it or might even be dead at the time the curses begin to be manifest. And the descedants will undergo the curses without knowing why they are so suffering. The descendants are usually ignorant of the cause for which they undergo some curses. But they only find themselves undergoing disasters, failures and sufferings which cause more and more grief in their hearts, and sometimes, their attempts of deliverance fail (if the process is inadequate)! When this happens many of them bitterly and miserably weep like the Israelites saying:
Our fathers have sinned, and are not; and we have borne their iniquities. (Lamentations 5.7, KJV)

By the way, it is very common to note, for instance, that in some families, the grandfather was so wealthy, but the grandchildren too poor! Why? Because he sacrificed the riches of his offspring so that he would gain some specific advantages.
Unknow Pacts
The pact with The Devil can also be unknown explict. It means you enter into pact with Satan unknowingly. This is the case of many people who have been bound because of the contracts they signed innocently. For instance, some employers involved in some mystic groups may utter words upon the contract sheet so that whoever signs the employment contract actually signs to be bound to some specific curses. Now, if you are not spiritually protected (by prayer and by the fact of truly being born again), you will enter into a pact without knowing it. By the way, so many people have entered into spiritual bonds unknowingly through some of their acts which they thought innocent.
Similarly, many other people have entered into spiritual bonds through shopping some specific items (statues, watches, necklaces, rings, foodstuffs, toys, clothes, books, etc.) or by receiving some gifts.
It is here we see the importance of praying before going shopping, signing contracts, receiving gifts, moving into new houses or offices, etc.
As said earlier, every spiritual band is executed by specific demons. It is why in the next chapter we are going to see demonic influences.



Just as when a man is arrested, some policemen will be entitled to take the person into jail, and make sure he remains there until further orders. So is it in the spirit. But here the "policemen" are the demons. It is why it essential that we have a say on demonic influences.
Pyramidal Organisation
The kingdom of Satan is organised in such a way the above each continent there is a chief-demon who controls all the other demons operating in the considered continent; above every country, there is a chief-demon who rules over the demons operating in the very country; above a province or state, there is a chief-demon who monitors all the other demons who act within that province or state; above each city, town or village, there is a chief-demon who rules over the demons operating in the considered. When we come down on the scale, there is a chief-demon above every suburb who rules over the demons operating within the considered surburb; above every street there is a chief-demon who rules over all the demons who work in that street; in each compound there is a chief-demon ruling over all the demons who operates in the very compound; and in each house or family there is a chief demon monitoring all the demons who act within the family; and finally each individual is haunted by specific demons.
Note that not all the demons are the same. It is why you will note that each continent has specific problems, each country faces specific calamities, and each families tends to face specific problems.
In fact, every thing has a spiritual background. In this regard, you will also undertand why some evil behaviors are specific to some nations, tribes, suburb, or families. All stands on the spirit realm. All we see are simply a reflection of what the spirit realm is.
And talking about curses typical to families, there are special laws already issued in the spirit, and some specialised demons appointed to execute those laws in the material world.
Strategies of demons
Demons can work through you or other people in diverse strategies in order to apply the law of curse they are appointed to apply.
Let's imagine you belong to a family under the curse of unemployment. In this case, in the spirit, there is a curse that says all the members of your family cannot get a job. Then, some demons also will be appointed to apply the curse so that we see the signs in the physical world. Each family member will be controlled by the demons of unemployment so that he or she cannot get a job. Concretely, the demons of unemployment will use different strategies. For example, they may just make you lazy to seek jobs. Or they may be seeking jobs, but demons entice the employers to reject their applications. Or their application may be accepted but while writing the test, they forget writing their names on the test sheet, which is consequently discarded. Or they may even be employed and start work, but before they get your salary, situations happen so that they get fired or they make a mistake which costs them more than their salary. Or else, they may be working but a plot is made against them so that they find themselves kicked out without even getting paid. And when you look around in their family, it is the same thing for almost everyone. Either they don't get a job, or they get a job for just few days.
The explanation is that in the spirit, there are demons who influence events to happen so that the members of the family don't get a job. And as it is generalised, it means there is a law in the spirit which allows demons to legally act within the family.
As we are going to see it later, deliverance consists in nullifying the sin, the pact, the law and the substances that permits the demons to legally act in your family. Of course, there is a right process to follow in order to get delivered.



As now we know how family curses are established, it is time we saw how to get delivered. Below are provided the guidelines for deliverance from family curses.

Principle of Deliverance

In the precise case of family bonds, deliverance stands on eliminating the spiritual cause for which things are going wrong physically. It is a question of nullifying in the spirit the sin, the pact, the law and the substance which makes it that the curse must be applied to your family. In other words, the factors that forbid you and your family to access some specific values or riches must firstr be nullified.
Note that when you pray, you must well specify the curse you are nullifying. And make sure you make your statements in The Name of JESUS.
It is important to forbid the re-establishment of the same curse in the considered family as well as their descendants. This is very important because it stands as spiritual protection that hinders suffering from curses again.
Afterward, you can then declare a new law in the spirit that says your family and your descendants are free to access The Blessing they could not access.
To finish, you can ask The LORD, with genuine supplications, to arrange events so that the new law you have issued can apply to all the family.
Of course, you should end up your deliverance prayer with words of thanksgiving to The LORD for the deliverance.

Formulation of Deliverance Prayer

After you have identified the curse(s) your family is suffering from, you can then pray by following these steps:
Step 1: Ask for forgiveness for every sin because of which the curse is.

Step 2: Forbid the re-establishment of the pact because of which the curse is established in your life, and then nullify every pact because of which the curse is established.

Step 3: Forbid the re-establishment and application of the curse itself in your life, and then nullify it.

Step 4: Forbid the entrance of every substance of the curse concerned in you, and then command that every substance of the curse gets out of you.

Step 5: Cast out all evil spirits entitled to apply the curse in you or in your life.

Step 6: Declare Blessings (opposite to the evil you have nullified) upon you, and then declare that you are living the blessing permanently.

Step 7: Ask The LORD to Apply The Blessings upon you

When you pray, do not simply say "curse". But clearly mention the curse by its name. If there are more than one curse to break, start with one until you finish the steps. Then, re-begin with the same steps to nullify the other curse.

The Importance of The Name of JESUS

The Name of JESUS ascribes your prayers with divine authority - with JESUS' Power. This is because to act in JESUS' Name is to act in His Place; it is to act in and with His Power. As HE Is far above all principalities and powers, acting in His Name means acting far above principalities and powers (Ephesians 1.21). So, a prayer in -' Name counts as a sovereign law in the spirit realm. In this respect, no one in the spirit can contradict it, except JESUS.

The Importance of Repentance

Repentance is of vital importance. In the spirit realm, it plays as spiritual "rubber." It eliminates the sin upon which the curse was based. It eliminates the validity of the pact, law, and substance, and therefore the reason for being of the curse. This also nullifies the mandate of the demons who were appointed to apply the curse.
In fact, repentance comprises confessions of sins, restitutions, and reparation.
You have to ask for forgiveness from The LORD for all the sins you and/or your ascedents have committed because of which the curse was established (Nehemiah 9.1-2, I John 1.9). This is very important. You should do this even before starting to nullify the law of curse in question.
If there are things to give back, do it. If there are relationships to repair, please do it.

Importance of Prevention

Prevention proctects you and the whole family, as well as the offspring, from the re-establishment of the same curse. You can do it through prayer by forbidding the establishment of the curse. Of course, after deliverance, you must avoid anything that would give place to the establishment of family curses.

Case of Demon Possession

As seen previously, when a family suffer from a curse, it is a spiritul problem. It is due to a spiritual problem (evil pact, law, substance). In some cases, the spiritual problem may be demon possession. It means there is an evil pact of demon possession between the kingdom of Satan and all the family members. This is the most serious case. And it requires special approach.

It is much easier to deliver each family member one after another. Deliverance approach comprises these steps:
1.Ask The LORD JESUS for forgiveness for the sins because of which the pact of demon possession and the curse are established
2.Forbid the establishment of and nullify every pact of demon possession
3.Command The Fire of The Glory of JESUS to burn the indwelling demons as long as they are not gone out
4.Command in JESUS' Name the demons to go out immediately until they go out.
When the demons are gone out, the signs of the curse will disappear.

Nullifying the Habit

For many cases, you should als nullify the habit, I mean the trend or reflex to do the same evil (lie, prostitution, fornication, stealing, selfishness, etc.). This makes deliverance perfect, especially when you also apply renewal of mind.

Renewal of the Mind

Renewal of the mind also makes part of deliverance. This is because behaviour is a direct consequence of the mind. All of us behave according to what we know and believe.
In this respect, after praying toward breaking a family curse, the delivered family needs to be conscient that they are delivered. Therefore, they should adjust their thinking, words, and deeds.
Besides, they should learn further on the subject of the curse they have been delivered from. Specifically, they should learn more about how the curse is established, as well the dangers of being in the very curse. It is here biblical Passages may also intervene in order to instruct the delivered. Because instruction is a preventive measure, the fact of being instructed adequately and suffiently on a curse spares you from falling into the same curse. Plus, it enables you to help others to be delivered from the same curse.
With these tips in mind andwith The LORD's Assistance, deliverance is possible. The next step is to practice. But before you practice, let us say a word of conclusion.

The issue of family curses is no minor. It is extremely serious because so many have long suffered with grief, sorrow, disappointment, shame in society, anxiety,and many other evils.
Fortunately, GOD Is so Good that HE Has also Prepared a breakthrough for deliverance. So, you and your family can be delivered any time from now. Just practice the hints provided in This Book, and start reaping the amazing results which can only restore smile to your lips, and therefore replace grief by joy.
May The LORD JESUS, WHO Has Given us The Authority over all the power of the enemy, Deliver you and family! Amen.


If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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Ekule Nwaiku 24 Jul 2011
Hi Michael, about your article on family curses. I must say I was completely blessed (by the closure we had) when I was led by the LORD to your website after a period of a 40-day fasting and prayer for a complete and lasting solution for our family deliverance. Our deliverance exercise that was on the way and Id perceived in my spirit quite a similar but not robust approach to our family and individual problems. I then asked the LORD to go with us into battle as HE was fully knowledgeable about the forces we were dealing with and knowing we will be perfectly equipped under HIS divine guidance so I prayed one last time for clarity and for the most effective approach that would have the desired impact. Afterwards, a yearning surfaced to look up related prayer resources online. Although, I came across a lot of resources, none actually quickened my spirit until I stumbled across yours and after reading it I knew without a doubt that the LORD had given us closure on that matter It just nailed it. We will be formulating our prayers soon along with the other stages as we commence a 3-day fasting exercise to sharpen our focus. I just want to thank you that such valuable knowledge was made available by the LORD to the wandering and broken through you and did not go to waste. I hope that soon when things open up for me I would be in a position to support the good work the LORD is doing through FAITHWRITERS beyond a search engine. Please keep up the good work and may the grace of our LORD, JESUS CHRIST be with you, Amen.
Juliette Chamberlain-Bond 26 May 2011
Another interesting and informative read. One which once again I will read systematically and check against Scripture. Thank you for sharing. Juliette


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