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The Rudiments of Worship
by michael source
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The Rudiments of Worship

A Revelation from

through His Servant
Michael I. Source



1 - Worship
2 - Worship is precious to GOD
3 - Singing and Dancing
4 - The Worship That Pleases GOD
5 - Worship and Holiness
6 - Worship Service
7 - Blessings of Worship



~ ~ ~

Before we go further, it is important ifor us to know what Worship is. In simple terms, to worship GOD is to say WHO GOD Is. Worship is to declare GOD’s Identity from the bottom of our hearts. For instance, you can say to GOD: “YOU Are my Savior!”

In practice, Worship goes along with Praise and Thanksgiving. To praise GOD is to declare what HE Has Done.

Praise is to declare GOD’s Wonders. You can say to GOD for example: “O GOD, YOU Have Saved me from death!”

So, Worship focuses on GOD’s Identity, on GOD HIMSELF whereas Praise focuses on The Works of GOD.

Thanksgiving is The Act of saying “thank you” to GOD for what HE Has Done. It is to recognize that what GOD Has Done is valuable or important, and say thanks to HIM. You can say for example: “LORD JESUS, thank you for Saving me from death!”


Worship is precious to GOD

~ ~ ~

Because precious to GOD, GOD, on the one hand, Punishes those who desecrate, abuse or oppose Worship.

When David danced to praise and worship GOD, Abigail found it ridiculous and even later rebuked David (II Samuel 6.16, 20). To punish her, GOD Made her barren (II Samuel 6.23). This must entice us to mind how we consider Worship, our punctuality to Worship Services, our responses and participation during Worship Services. There is severe punishment to those who oppose, desecrate and abuse Worship.

Punctuality to Worship Services, our responses and participation during Worship Services. There is severe punishment to those who oppose, desecrate and abuse Worship.

Since Worship is precious to GOD and since GOD Is The only One WHO Deserves to be worshipped, then GOD Wants all Worship HIM alone.

In Heaven is the perfect Worship, Which we must take as model. In Heaven, only one BEING Is Worshipped. Worship is reserved to GOD alone. It is why an angel clearly told John: "...worship GOD." (Revelation 19.10, 22.9). This means that only one BEING all over The Universe deserves Worship. Worshipping any other being, even if you call it god is idolatry. Worshipping more than one BEING or another being than GOD is idolatry.

When you Give GOD what is dear to HIM, you will also receive what is dear to you.

When you render GOD Worship (Which is so precious to HIM), events will turn in your life so that you receive what is precious to you. This is how GOD Has Arranged things. And events on earth happen that way. The better you worship GOD, the better reward you have.


Singing and Dancing

~ ~ ~

We can worship GOD in words and in deeds. Singing is an act through which we can worship GOD both in words and in deeds.

To say Praise Song, Worship Song, Thanksgiving Song or Prayer Song, we should see what the song says. The text or words (contents) of the song determines whether we have to do with a Praise Song, Worship Song, Thanksgiving Song or Prayer Song.

Some songs contain both words of Worship and words of Praise.

Prayer Songs are those whose content is about asking GOD for something.

When we sing to GOD, we should sing wholeheartedly. When we dance for GOD, let there be in mind a reason why we dance. There must be an image motivating us to dance. Otherwise, we amuse ourselves, and make fool of GOD.

We must be serious when we worship GOD. We must not pretend to worship GOD while we are trying to make merry, to amuse others, to enjoy time. This is namely when people claim to dance for GOD. We must dance for GOD not to please people, but to declare a message of Worship, of Praise or of Thanksgiving to GOD.

When we dance for GOD to worship, praise or thank HIM, we must not do it to amuse ourselves, amuse others or enjoy time.

For you to render sincere Worship to GOD, you yourself must understand exactly what you say or sing when worshipping and praising GOD. Otherwise, you are not worshipping GOD, and are neither sincere nor honest. Any way, what is the meaning of “glory”? What is the meaning of “majesty”? What is the meaning of “Halleluiah”? What is the meaning of “Almighty”?

From now on, make sure you understand all the words you say to GOD for your worship to meaningful to GOD and agreeable to HIM.

A choir is important in A Worship Service. The choir shows the right melody and words to those who are ignorant of the song.

The choir also animates The Service to avoid empty times and distraction. Another work of choir is to help people be in the mood of Worship once they arrive at The Location of Worship Service. To do this, choir needs to sing properly in the way that pleases GOD.

It is why assiduous rehearsals and prayers are very important for choir to achieve great works.


The Worship That Pleases GOD

~ ~ ~

GOD Is Pleased with The Worship That comes when HE Wants and how HE Wants. Also, GOD Is Pleased with sincere Worship, done in liberty, with respectful attitude to HIM.

One secret of sincere Worship is to make sure you understand and mean the words you utter or sing, and that you mean your acts of offering something material or finances to GOD.

When you worship GOD, your mind must be filled with an image, an event that sustains your words and your acts. If you say, for example, "LORD, YOU Are my Redeemer!", you should be able to say why you say that; You should have an image, an events in your mind that pushes to say that The LORD Is your redeemer.

Closing eyes is a very important act that helps us render sincere Worship. Closing eyes is an effective way to greatly diminish the possibility of distraction and channel into the spirit in order to fall into communion with GOD.

In fact, even our ways of offering material things and finances must please GOD. When you offer a physical or financial sacrifice to GOD, you must have a good motive to do that. You must give with the objective to say thanks to GOD, tell him that HE Is The ONE WHO Has Provided to you.

In your mind, you must realize that HE Is Good by giving you the money you have, The Blessings you have received.

Never offer with pride or boastful attitude. But offer to GOD the best you have with the mind of thanking HIM for Providing to you with various Blessings (protection, peace, joy, ease, money, children, success, etc.).


Worship and Holiness

~ ~ ~

Note that Worship without obedience is not pleasant to GOD. GOD Wants those who worship HIM walk to in holiness. Worshipping GOD must go along with holiness. Why will you say to GOD you love HIM while you do not obey HIM? (John 14.15) Why will say GOD Is Great while you do not obey HIM? If you knew GOD Is Great, you would show it by respecting HIM, valuing His Laws, honoring HIM every time and everywhere.
time and everywhere.
Committing sin is to contradict your worship. Committing sin is to say GOD Is not Great. Committing sin is to abuse GOD's Goodness Shown by our being alive, by presence of nature around us, by all the Blessings we receive, etc.

It is shameful to see people, claiming to worship GOD, who display bad behavior.

Our minds, our words, our deeds should comply with holiness. And this will make our worships agreeable to GOD.


Worship Service

~ ~ ~

Worship Service is a sessionxduring which we offer sacrifices to GOD alone. The sacrifices to offer must be the ones GOD HIMSELF Wants to Receive at every second during the Worship Service.

During the Worship Service, the sacrifices to offer to GOD may be material things, finances and/or purely spiritual sacrifices.

Spiritual sacrifices may be sweet words to GOD, positive thoughts about GOD or about What GOD Has Done, feelings accompanying the words of Worship, songs, the intents accompanying the acts of offering material things or finances, physical acts of each participant.

Now, we should make sure that all these sacrifices are of good quality because GOD Wants man to offer sacrifices of good quality. GOD Wants man to give HIM the best:

But whatsoever hath a blemish, that shall ye not offer: for it shall not be acceptable for you. And whosoever offereth a sacrifice of peace offerings unto the LORD to accomplish his vow, or a freewill offering in beeves or sheep, it shall be perfect to be accepted; there shall be no blemish therein. Blind, or broken, or maimed, or having a wen, or scurvy, or scabbed, ye shall not offer these unto the LORD, nor make an offering by fire of them upon the altar unto the LORD. (Leviticus 22: 20-22)

or scabbed, ye shall not offer these unto the LORD, nor make an offering by fire of them upon the altar unto the LORD. (Leviticus 22: 20-22)

Offering GOD sacrifices of good quality is to value HIM and attract Blessings from HIM. Give GOD the best, HE also Will Give you the best.

Since Worship Service is a crucial time, all the participants must mind their every act during The Service because every thought, every intent, every word, every act is a sacrifice (good or bad). For us to offer GOD good sacrifices, our acts, words, thoughts during The Service must be the ones GOD Wants and Expects. So, each participant must observe discipline during The Service, and avoid evil thoughts, evil words, insincere words, evil acts, and insincere acts. other, Waving at each other,

During The Service, each participant must avoid: Answering phone calls, Making phone calls, Amusements, Greeting each other, Waving at each other, Chatting, Reading instead of worshipping, Singing instead of praying and vice versa, Praying instead of listening to GOD’s Word, Being dressed indecently, Showing nakedness partially or not, Performing lewd gestures, Disturbing, leaving the hall before The Service ends, Rebelling to the order established, Offering less than what GOD Wants, Neglecting to sing or to say worshipping words, Offering money or material things with the intent to prove, boast or brag, Slander, gossip, Not taking part in singing, praying, Being absent-minded, Staring at people instead of focusing on GOD, Coming hair, Brushing shoes, Eating, Drinking, Intending to show your nice clothes, Intending to show your money, Intending to show your car keys or your new phone, Intending to show your newly-acquired fiancé(e), Offering braggingly, boastingly, proudfully, Trying to prove you can sing, worship or pray well, And many other evil acts.

GOD Wants us that to honor HIM in all things during The Worship Service: in our mind, our words and our deeds.

One of the acts to honor GOD is to arrive at Worship Service on time. The precise time you arrive at Service shows the value to give to GOD. He who honors GOD will arrive on time because nothing is more important than GOD.

When we honor GOD during Worship Service, we attract great Blessings upon ourselves from The LORD.


Blessings of Worship

~ ~ ~

When you give GOD what HE Wants and What HE Likes, GOD also Gives you what you want and like. Therefore, Worship launches the receiving of so many Blessings:

- What we have asked for in prayer
- things we do not deserve (favor)
- Joy
- Peace
- ease
- positive ambiance
- things we expect
- Properties
- solutions to problems
- easy fulfillment of project
- success at school
- etc.

Obviously, there is a great advantage in worshipping GOD. We are to worship GOD not only because HE Deserves to be worshipped but also because there is a lot we gain.

Therefore, my last word is simple: Let’s worship and worship GOD alone, all the days of our lives.

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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Justin Thomley 14 May 2011
That was a nice teaching and understanding, brother!
ThresiaPaulose varghese 12 May 2011
Jesus is Great. He loves us. Let us love him. Thank you for this article Michael.


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