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The Easter Bunny Is Not Your Savior
by Carl Parnell 
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It is almost time for the celebration of the Easter season again. Easter is the second of two great Christian religious holidays in America, Christmas being the other. Easter is celebrated in the springtime, the time of the year when plants are resurrected from their deep, winter sleep. This is representative of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the Cross of Calvary, was buried in a borrowed tomb, and rose again the third day after He died. As a result of Jesus Christ’s miracle birth and resurrection, anyone who has sinned against God and who has failed to follow His commandments can ask God through Jesus Christ’s shed blood to forgive them of all their sins. Therefore, even though the arrival of Jesus Christ on the earth at Christmas time is very important, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is even more important. In fact, if Jesus Christ had not shed His blood and had not offered His life as a sacrifice for mankind, no one would be able to face God, at some point in time, in a blameless state, since, according to Romans 3:23, all men have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.

There are two arenas of society where Easter is celebrated, the secular and the religious. In the secular arena, retail stores are bustling with shoppers buying the perfect Easter outfit, many different kinds of Easter candy, Easter lilies, and, of course, Easter baskets. In the religious arena, many Christian churches are preparing for their annual Easter sunrise services. Many Christian churches are also preparing for their annual Easter pageant. Many Christian churches are even preparing for their annual Easter egg hunt, too. However, more importantly, many Christian churches are preparing for their overflow crowds. In fact, it is amazing how many people attend their church on Easter Sunday morning, even though some of these same people are too busy to attend their church on the other fifty-one Sundays during the year. Therefore, as a result of these large crowds that fill their churches on Easter Sunday, it is obvious that Easter is still a very important religious holiday to most people; at least, on the surface, it is. Of course, thank God these once a year church-goers attend on Easter Sunday.

How do all these events in local churches and the excitement that normally surrounds the Easter holiday season affect the spirituality of individuals and the spirituality of the nation as a whole? Basically, since Easter is a traditional holiday, almost all Americans know the purpose for the establishment of this annual and seasonal Christian event. However, in postmodern, globalized America, Easter has become more of a pagan holiday than a Christian holiday. As a result, many Americans have degraded Easter by commercializing it, just like they have commercialized Christmas. Many people have plenty of time to shop, to attend sporting events, and to socialize with their friends and relatives, but they seemingly have very little time to worship the reason for both these Christian holidays, the celebration of the birth, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, spiritual renewal is not a major part of the mind set of many Americans during the Easter season, even though, as already stated, church attendance is usually larger on Easter Sunday. It is just accepted as the time of the year to attend church. Some people even say, concerning the people who do not attend church regularly, that they will be at church on Easter Sunday. In fact, regular church goers expect them to show up for church, regardless of their motives or excuses for not attending more regularly during the year. Therefore, the true meaning of Easter, just like the true meaning of Christmas, has almost become a thing of the past.

Why is the Easter celebration losing its significance in postmodern America? The first reason is that local and state governments, along with the federal government, do not have the respect for the holiness of the Easter season as they did years ago. This can be seen in the new view taken by America’s public school systems. They do not recognize Easter as a religious holiday as they did before government-initiated political correctness took control of America. Instead, it is viewed as a “spring break.” Therefore, it is amazing that the name of Jesus Christ, the name of the one who died on the Ole Rugged Cross at Easter time over two thousand years ago, is looked upon today by Americans and other nationalities with disdain and mockery. His name is even blasphemed and cursed on a regular basis. But, it is even more belittling to Jesus Christ that the season of the year that used to praise Him for dying for the sins of the world is rapidly becoming just another holiday for children. However, the very schools that refuse to give recognition to Jesus Christ promote other religions throughout the year. Of course, that proves that the so-called separation of church and state doctrine has been promoted solely to attack Christianity and no other religions.

The second reason that Easter is losing its significance in postmodern America is the increased commercialization of non-Christian Easter icons. As a result, the symbol for Easter has also changed during the 20th and 21st century. The Cross of Jesus Christ has been replaced by the figure of an Easter Bunny. Also, many children get up on Easter Sunday, just like they do on Christmas day, looking for gifts and candy. However, the gifts that they get, in most cases, have absolutely no religious significance. These gifts are also secular and temporary. Sadly, these gifts have no beneficial affect on the salvation and eternal life of these children. In fact, parents who promote the Easter Bunny, just like they do with Santa Claus, over Jesus Christ are giving their children a tainted view of Easter and Christmas. The introduction of the true story of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is much more important to these children and adults alike than the fictitious story of Peter Cottontail, the Easter Bunny. Needless to say, the Easter Bunny has no power to save, heal, and set mankind free from the sinful shackles placed on him by Satan in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, the Easter Bunny is not the eternal savior of man’s soul.

However, according to John 3:16, Jesus Christ is the eternal savior of man’s soul. It reads, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Therefore, Americans should really pay homage this Easter to the One who took the sins of mankind upon Himself, when He died on the cruel Cross of Calvary. This same Jesus also took a severe beating with a Cat o’ Nine Tails for the healing of man’s physical illnesses. This same Jesus arose from the tomb on the third day after His crucifixion. This same Jesus returned to Heaven to prepare an eternal home for all His creation that accepts Him as the Savior of the world. This same Jesus promised to send “peace on earth” to His followers during the chaotic and dangerous times that they would encounter as they approached the End Times. Finally, this same Jesus promised that He would never leave His followers alone to face the trials of life, including persecution, which they would encounter when the anti-Christ spirit arrives.

Unfortunately, the anti-Christ spirit has already arrived in America. It has replaced the Spirit of Easter, which is the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, since a Christ-less Easter makes a Christ-less nation, it is very important that all Christians place more emphasis on Easter this year. But, why should Christians be so concerned about paying so much homage to Jesus this Easter? Why would this Easter be any different than any other Easter celebration in America? The answer is very simple. Possibly, this Easter could be the last true Easter celebration in America. Of course, no one really knows when Easter or any other Christian celebration could be banned in America. But, if liberal politicians continue to promote political correctness and anti-Christian legislation in Congress that would prohibit ministers from preaching the entire word of God, they could also easily find a way to eliminate the celebration of Easter, since it might just be one more thing that offends non-Christians during the age of super sensitivity or political correctness.

Also, since Easter represents the basis of the entire Christian faith, the elimination of Easter as a national religious holiday could be the death nail for Christianity in America. Ultimately, while Christians throughout the United States will fill the pews in their respective churches on Easter Sunday, they should thank God for the religious freedoms that they all possess. However, at the same time, they should pray that God would change the carnal hearts of politicians who might endorse even more legislation that categorizes Christians as extremists and or terrorists, which is already part of the mindset of many liberal politicians and the Department of Homeland Security. In fact, in a whistleblower report that was leaked from the White House within the past two years, Christians were classified as “fundamental terrorists.” As a result, Christians are encountering and will encounter even more persecution in the United States, a nation founded on the Holy Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

P.S. Wal-mart stores have an Easter message on a large banner that is located inside the foyer of each store. It reads, “Eastertown: a place to save money and to make your life better.” It has a colorful drawing of a bunny rabbit and Easter eggs, too. But, once again, another Easter will be celebrated commercially with the Easter Bunny, instead of spiritually with Jesus Christ. However, since Jesus is the one who died for the sins of mankind, He is the only one that can truly make a person’s life better, regardless of how much money that he or she might have in their pocket. May this be the best spiritual Easter that you have ever had!


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