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If God Said a Day He Meant a Day in Creation Account
by Andrew Charles
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An experiment was done using a very fast jet plane and two very accurate atomic clocks. One atomic clock was put on the plane and the other atomic clock was left at the location where the jet plane took off. When the jet plane landed and contacted the point of takeoff they compared times. The atomic clock on the jet plane was several seconds slower than the atomic clock back at the point of take off. This is a very significant time difference when measuring with these very accurate atomic clocks. The flight just took a matter of hours.

For what we would know of a normal watch a few seconds would not make a big difference. For these atomic clocks to be a few seconds off makes a significant difference. In this experiment showing the significant difference between these two clocks came as to no surprise to the scientists and is exactly what they expected.

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity led to the discovery that time is not a constant in the universe. This is an example that Einstein himself presented. Suppose there were identical twin brothers and one of the brothers was going on a long journey into outer space. The other brother would stay here. The one twin would leave on a very fast spacecraft that traveled at the speed of light 186,000 miles per second. Today they are both 30 years old. In twenty years the traveling twin brother returns from outer space from the spacecraft that traveled at the speed of light. The brother on left on earth is now 50 years old and the brother on the spacecraft is still 30 years old. They no longer look like identical twins.

Time is not a constant in the universe. If you travel at the speed of light you would never age. This difference in time is called time dilation.

We can look at another example. Before I give you the example it is important to know that the universe is expanding at 80% of the speed of light. We shoot an arrow to the edge of the universe and it takes 5,000 years to get there. Exactly one minute later and at exactly the same speed we shoot another arrow for the edge of the universe. We would normally think that the second arrow would get to the edge of the universe one minute after the first arrow arrived. One minute after the first arrow arrives at the edge of the universe the second arrow has not arrived yet. Remember the universe is expanding and has ‘stretched’ in the minute between the time the two arrows were shot. Therefore the second arrow would have a longer distance to travel. The second arrow would get there one minute and the extra time it would take to travel the extra distance.

I would like to interject with a quote from a very famous preacher describing scientists. The quote is from undoubtedly the most famous and brilliant preacher of our time Charles Spurgeon from England. Spurgeon said, “We are invited, brethren, most earnestly to go away from the old-fashioned belief of our forefathers because of the supposed discoveries of science. What is science? The method by which man tries to conceal his ignorance. It should not be so, but so it is. You are not to be dogmatical in theology, my brethren, it is wicked; but for scientific men it is the correct thing. You are never to assert anything very strongly; but scientists may boldly assert what they cannot prove, and may demand a faith far more credulous than any we possess.

The scientific community has not adjusted for the fact that time stretches at the same rate of speed that the universe expands. The scientific community says that the universe is about 15 billion years old. The Darwinian scientists have never taken into account time dilation when they state the age of the universe.

Remember it was not long ago that the Darwinian scientists were saying that the universe had no beginning. These followers of Darwin were in a state of denial when this was proven. They even admitted they couldn’t philosophically accept this even if it were true because they couldn’t possibly accept the fact there could be a creator God. This Big Bang Event is now universally accepted.

We know the universe is expanding at 80% of the speed of light as provided from the Hubble Telescope. How much has the universe expanded? It is accepted that the universe has expanded one million x one million times since that little speck of material first entered our material world. According to world famous scientist Dr. Gerald Schroeder, the first hour after the Big Bang would now appear to be 120 million earth years.

Even though there is some disagreement in the Darwinian scientific community over the age of the universe we will use 15 billion years for this example. Of that estimated 15 billion years 120 million years has to be deducted for that first hour alone after creation. Remember the universe has expanded a million x million times since the Big Bang. So using the first hour alone after the Big Bang would reduce its age down to 14.8 billion years. The universe has stretched a little less in the second hour that the first hour. You can easily see using earth time that the Big Bang occurred only thousands of years ago when you adjust for the universe expanding because time expands at the same rate.

Why is so important. Here is a following quote from Hugh Owen from the Kolbe Center for the (Catholic) Study of Creation. “In the final analysis, the primary purpose of our apostolate is the salvation and sanctification of souls, and the protection of souls from evolutionary errors that weaken and often extinguish the Faith. On my recent trip to Estonia on the western border of Russia, one of my hosts told me of a young Catholic boy at a local school who had just announced to his mother that he was not going to go to church any longer—he had studied enough evolutionary “science” to know that the Christian account of creation and the Fall was a “fairy tale”! How sad it is that all over the world, millions of young people renounce the “sacred history” of Genesis, for what the great philosopher and critic of evolution Larry Azar rightly called “a fairy tale for adults.” But how beautiful it is to see the faith renewed in souls who rediscover the truth of the traditional doctrine of creation and who regain an unshakable confidence in the perfect goodness of God!”

I have to agree wholeheartedly with Hugh Owen. I was a nonbeliever for this exact reason. It really hits home with me. If I wouldn’t have found the truth I would have no salvation. Don’t ever think there aren't a tremendous number of young teens believing their science book before their Bible.

It would be good for all of us Christians to look at the tenets of Judaism as outlined by the famous Jewish philosopher Moses Maimonides. In principle 3 Maimonides says, “The Torah speaketh in man’s language.” In principle 7 Maimonides describes how Moses talked to God. Moses was unlike any other prophet in that he could speak to God at any time. By standing in between the two figures (fixed) on the ark Moses would write what God told him as a stenographer would take notes writng exactly what God told him to write. You can see that God did not write to confuse man and when he told Moses the Creation story he talked of the 6 days of Creation and the one day of rest.

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