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Big Bang Upsets Scientific Community Philosophically
by Andrew Charles
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We’ve all heard about the Big Bang Theory, but how much do we as Christians really know about it. Before I gathered the information that I present to you I knew very little. Many Christians think this is a theory against Christianity. The Big Bang Theory that can actually be called the Big Bang Event is an event that supports Creation. The vast majority in the science community now acknowledges that the universe had a beginning such as we read about ‘day one.’ The universe began as a speck, and this minute piece of material was very hot and very heavy. Immediately the universe started expanding after the tiny speck of physical material appeared and has never stopped expanding since.

If you believe that this event began with Albert Einstein, you are absolutely correct. It was Einstein’s theory of relativity that led to the formation of the Big Bang event. Einstein correctly predicted that the universe would either expand or contract, depending on the density of matter and energy within it. When he first discovered this phenomenon he th0ought it was so crazy that he changed his model to hide this discovery. It was said this was the biggest mistake Einstein ever made thinking he made a mistake when actually he was correct.
Next came a Russian mathematician named Alexander Friedmann who in 1922 corrected Einstein’s model by reclaiming the original assumption by Einstein that the universe was expanding. In the meantime a Dutch astronomer named William DeSitter predicted something called red shift. Basically red shift is what we see when we look into outer space and there appears to be a red hue. This appears when objects are moving away from you. The final piece of the puzzle was filled when the Secretary of the Royal Astronomical Society was made aware that a student named George Lemaitre had written a paper on a theory that the universe was in a constant state of expansion. Interestingly Lemaitre was a Catholic priest, astronomer, and professor of physics at the Catholic University of Louvain.

The Big Bang Theory, at this point in time, wasn’t universally accepted and the theory had become a menacing threat to the scientific community for other reasons. It is known that the vast majority of the scientific community is against anything that would point to a Creator God for philosophical reasons. The French philosopher George Politzer expressed this opinion very effectively: He reasoned “If it were, then it would have to be created instantaneously by God and brought into existence by nothing. To admit creation, one has to admit in the first place, the existence of a moment when the universe did not exist and then something came out of nothingness. This is something to which science cannot accede(give in)”. This line of reasoning has continued. The former editor in chief of nature magazine, John Maddox, admitted there was a Big Bang event, but calls it ‘philosophically unacceptable.’ To make matters worse the final piece of the puzzle for the Big Bang Theory was put together by a Christian.

As the Big Bang Theory gained popularity, a gentleman named Fred Hoyle decided to join in the debate. Hoyle actually was the one who named this event The Big Bang. This name was given by him to discredit The Big Bang Theory because it came out of another existence very quietly-not with a big bang. Hoyle, Herman Biondi and Thomas Gold created a theory called the Steady State theory. Biondi and Gold both had both stated, like others, they couldn’t accept the Big Bang Theory based on philosophical grounds. So these three men created this Steady State theory, indicating that the universe had existed forever that new matter was being created to fill in the gaps between objects. This was in contrast to the Big Bang, which stated the universe was expanding and that caused the greater distances between objects. The two theories competed. It is now obvious that the Steady State theory was created, at least in part, to satisfy philosophical concerns: If there were a beginning, there could be a Creator God. If there was no beginning there couldn’t be a Creator God.

In 1965 two Bell Labs scientists, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, were trying to measure radiation from the Milky Way Galaxy. They found when they were close to the source, radiation started coming in from all directions. They wrote a paper concerning this unexplainable radiation that upset their original attempted research.

At the same time two other scientists Robert Dicke and James Peebles, were actually looking for the radiation ‘floating’ around in outer space and not coming from a particular object. Dicke and Peebles were confident they would find this radiation. After diligent examination, of Penzias and Wilson’s radiation created from the Big Bang, it was determined they had discovered the microwave cosmic background radiation created at the Big Bang. That was exactly what Dicke and Peebles were searching for and they now found it.

There has even been more evidence provided by the WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) satellite that returned pictures 35 times more clear than COBE’S (Cosmic Background Explorer) satellite of the background radiation.
The Steady State theorists and majority of the scientific community have already taken a serious blow when it was discovered in the 50’s that galaxies evolved and were very active billions of years ago (space time). The Steady State theory has had a funeral. It is a dead issue and the Big Bang Theory (now qualified as an event) has been universally accepted, except for those who still can’t accept the philosophical possibility that God created the universe.

This is a great event for all Christians We could be doing a lot better job of defending the faith with this kind of knowledge. This should inspire all of us of the Christian faiths. It also shows the lengths that most of the scientific community will go to disprove that God is our Creator.

I would warn you this does not provide evidence that the Big Bang should be taught in science classes proving creation by God. It shows the Big Bang Theory could be taught showing there was a beginning to our material universe and lay out the ‘possibility’ there is a Creator God.

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