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Dangers Of Prince Hall Freemasonry
by Mike Ramey
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Author requests article critique


In order to fully examine this issue, I’ll have to go back to the beginning.

Nearly two decades ago, in a predominantly Black church, I did a two-part teaching on cults, the occult, and false religions for the men in my congregation. I was blessed to cover a wide variety of topics, and provide worksheets, along with a question and answer session. Eventually, my topic turned to Prince Hall Freemasonry, the branch of the Freemason tree that few whites--and fewer blacks--wish to have examined.

Of course, several of the members who were active in the Prince Hall system were less than kind during the first month. The first teaching session broke up with an uncomfortable stalemate. It seemed that I had underestimated how strong the grip that Prince Hall had on my church.

The next month came and the second teaching session took place. Needless to say, Prince Hall supporters were out en masse--complete with at least one proud supporter wearing a ‘Prince Hall’ T-shirt. Nevertheless, I had prayed over the situation and moved right on ahead. Since it was a men’s fellowship, the minister over the program had invited some male members of a predominantly white church to share in the teaching and witness the festivities.

The Lord truly blessed that session. Not because of what I taught, but what truths He had wanted to get out on the subject. Those loyal Prince Hall Freemasons tried their best to get the upper hand in the discussion period after the teaching. However, one of the visiting brothers stood up and told both sides of the isle the following: “Everything this brother (meaning me) has said about the dangers of Freemasonry is true. I’d suggest that you listen to what he has been teaching. I used to be a Lodge member.”

Needless to say, those loyal to the Prince Hall Lodge were forced to suffer in silence. The Lord had, indeed, delivered His truth, and it was up to the protestors to either accept his Word, or be damned in their sins. The same still holds true to this day.

Those who are quick to say that "Freemasonry isn't a cult", or "I can still be a Christian and a Prince Hall Mason", are only kidding themselves. Read II Timothy 3 KJV (entire) and The Book of Jude. Then ask yourself how an organization that is steeped in secrecy, rooted in Satanic ritual, and worshipping occult objects is pleasing to God? Are you willing to risk the spiritual health of yourself, your family, or your descendants to be pleasing to the Lodge?


About six years later, I was sitting in another predominantly Black church discussing the evils of the Prince Hall system. Only this time as a full-fledged minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was in a room with other ministers, and the Pastor of our church. Another minister, who was proudly Prince Hall, took exception to my remarks and my evidence from the scriptures.

Our contending over the issue had spread over several meetings. Finally, the Pastor, whom I knew quite well (as he had sponsored my talks in the previous church I mentioned) requested that both myself, and the other minister submit materials to him, pro and con, on the subject of the Prince Hall system. The other minister remarked: “I’ll have to get permission of my Lodge to get such materials.” As for myself, I had the materials to our pastor in less than a week.

Now, to this day I don’t know if that other minister ever supplied those materials. That minister died a few years later. He is now before the Lord pleading his case for 'the Lodge'.

I soon left that church for a better one to continue my training and equipping as a minister who would soon be a Pastor. The pastor at the church I had mentioned was eventually forced out by--among others--a strong, pro-Prince Hall core of members. The new pastor that was brought in, whom I also knew. He was also a Prince Hall Freemason, and didn’t hide that fact. Needless to say, the minister whom was pro-Prince Hall at the minister’s meeting was very happy with this fact. So were others in the pro-Prince Hall contingent that had succeed in getting rid of the previous pastor. A Prince Hall Lodge eventually opened right across the street from this church.


Now, I’m not going to take you through all the ins and outs of Freemasonry. There are other, more detailed books and white papers that are able to accomplish this. I will say that the Prince Hall system is a branch of the Masonic tree that few wish to discuss. You see the Prince Hall system was created to allow Blacks to ‘feel’ like they had a place to belong, during the time of slavery, emancipation, segregation, and Jim Crow.

The Prince Hall system carries many of the deadly deceptions as its older brother. The Prince Hall system operates in secret, administers discipline to those who seek to bring it out to the light, and has infiltrated many a black Christian church. The reason why it is so hard to uproot is based upon its origin. While the Southern Baptist Convention is tepidly trying to once and for all deal with the Masonic issue, the National Baptist Convention, and all of its spin-offs have yet to discuss the effects and reach of the Lodge. I would dare say that its influence is EVEN STRONGER in black churches than in white churches due to the impact of the culture and how the Lodge has grown to be seen as a means of restoring some dignity to black men, and to black women through the Blue Lodge version of Eastern Star.

In the minds some blacks, white Christians--either real or imagined--did little to curb the ills of slavery. Thus, Satan had a marvelous opportunity to ‘slip in’ to the black community and gain a stronghold through the Lodge system.


In the booklet “Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge” by John Ankerberg and John Weldon, the duo document how the sin of racism is used by those in the Masonic system: “The Encyclopedia Britannica observes: ‘In practice, some lodges have been charged with prejudice against Jews, Catholics, and non-whites. U.S. lodges rejected the legitimacy of Negro Masonic Lodges, the Prince Hall lodges.”

So, to put it in a nutshell, the Prince Hall system is LOOKED DOWN UPON by ‘true’ Masons because it is predominantly BLACK. Prince Hall Freemasons, while they may have some of the rituals, rules, regulations and trappings that are found in white lodges, are NOT regarded by the white lodge system as being home to ‘true’ freemasons!

In Jim Shaw’s book “The Deadly Deception”, it further bursts the ‘myth’ of ‘brotherhood’ between black and white freemasons: “There is a Negro Masonic System, called the Prince Hall Lodge, but it is not associated in any way with ‘white’ Freemasonry. It is referred to as ‘clandestine’ Masonry, and is considered by the rest of Masonry to be a spurious, illegitimate imitation.” (Page 29). Further, on pages 140 and 147, Shaw details that Negroes, women, the poor, the cripple, and others are excluded from the Masonic system--clearly something that goes against biblical teaching and the message and mission of Jesus Christ.


Depending upon where one gets their information, various sources I have read indicate that the Prince Hall system goes back to the time of the Revolutionary War. In reality George Washington did not want blacks to serve as part of the American army, even though blacks had proven themselves in battle, and in courage. Of course, the British took advantage of this oversight by the Colonials and offered blacks their freedom in exchange for their fighting on the British side. Prince Hall impressed both the American and British forces. Legend has it that he was initiated into the British Masonic system, which granted him charter to set up the first Black Lodge in the year 1775.

It is not clear if Hall went to England to be initiated, or if he were initiated by British officials here in the states for the Revolutionary War. Again, this is determined based upon where you do your research. While America eventually won the war, Prince Hall--who had won his freedom prior to being initiated--was allowed to establish the Black Lodge system in the infant Colonies, mainly in large areas such as Philadelphia.

To this day in the Black community, at least among Black Masons, Prince Hall is held to be just as much a revolutionary hero as Crispus Attucks. In fact, I may dare say that Prince Hall is held to be in higher esteem than Attucks.


One of the ways that Black Muslims recruit members is to present their evidence concerning the black man’s plight in America. They are very accurate when it comes to how African Americans have been mistreated, even at the hands of some ‘good’ church members. They are quick to point out that African Americans were not allowed in ‘white’ churches for scores of years, and could NOT even be considered the same type of Christian as many slave owners.

This is the same tactic used by those of the Prince Hall Lodge system. Hitting upon the ‘racism’ card, and urging unity by color, even though the system is steeped in corruption, and not regarded as ‘true’ Freemasonry.

To witness to those in both factions, a Christian is going to have to point out through the KJV Scriptures just how much God, through Jesus Christ loves ALL men and women, regardless of color. To debate the issue with a Prince Hall Mason is an uphill battle at best. Like most folks trapped in cults, they are trained to deal with resistance. Yes, I did say 'cult'. In my writings here on faithwriters, I have provided a worksheet on what constitutes a cult. Read that worksheet, those of you who want to argue. If it walks like a cult, and talks like a cult, and brags like a cult and is secretive like a cult...it's a CULT!

This is where the love of Christ MUST be shown, along with the scriptures in order to ‘break’ that mindset.


A few years back, newspaper accounts carried a story about how the Prince Hall Masonic system was finally going to be ‘merged’ with the 'regular' F & AM Masonic system. The reasons why are quite simple:

*Young men are not joining the lodge as fast as they used to.

*Older Masons are dying off or leaving the lodge system.

*Prince Hall Masonic Lodges have control of a great deal of money.

The interesting thing about this ‘change’ by regular Masons--it parallels changes made by the Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness groups during the 1980s. These groups also had rules, which excluded African American members. However, in order for these groups to ‘get into’ Africa, their rules had to be ‘amended’ to ‘blot out’ these ‘previous errors’ in their ‘doctrine’. Of course, Africa is rich in both mineral and financial resources. The Mormons first entered in the early 1980s, with the JW’s quickly following suit.

Now, of course this is the ‘public face’ that these groups put forth to the mainstream press. But the Christian can’t be swayed by what they see. They have to walk in the Word, and pray fervently for those held in the grip of Satan to be free to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Even Prince Hall Masons.

This particular work has been here more than several years and has had more than 20,000 hits. As I revise this work in 2014, it has surpassed 63,000 hits. I give praise to Jesus Christ for the inspiration and the wisdom to write such a piece. I'm not 'smart' enough to have done this by myself. The glory belongs to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I've had Masons of various types 'stop by here' to see what all the fuss is about. I've had weak Christians and strong sinners stop by to 'take me to task' for not putting more 'love' out there for those who are trapped in this Satanic system. I've had 'clinical' emailers drop nasty grams wanting to debate the issue, knowing that they refuse to change. My challenge to the naysayers is this: Are you willing to bet your soul on the Lodge?

There have also been honest men and women who have stopped by this writing and have been set free. Also, men and women of faith who have been approached to participate in Masonic activities and have used this piece and the Scriptures to develop a backbone and offer a firm NO to any involvement with Freemasonry. Furthermore, I am firmly linked in my opposition to the Lodge from a historical foundation. Spurgeon, Finney, Moody and other men of God have said NO to the Lodge. A search of the Internet will yield their sermons taking the Lodge to task for entrapping souls. Lastly, I have had ancestors on both sides of my family involved in Freemasonry, and have seen the damage up close and personal.


Since we have entered a new millennium, and modern street gangs have 'mainstreamed' into society for a variety of reasons, DO NOT BE SHOCKED if some of the gang survivors eventually take over some of the masonic lodges for cover organizations.

You see, MSGs have their own 'religious' signs, symbols, and operate under the radar. MANY of the signs used by gang members, right down to the handshakes and the speed with which they are done, can be traced to two places. One of them is the Lodge; the second place is the Bible.

Corruption of the Word of God brings special curses on those who are active in their efforts. God is not mocked. Masons AND Gang members need to know this--from the mouths of REAL Christians--before it is too late. Never before has Ezekiel 33 and Isaiah, Chapters 3-12 been more important to save lives and SOULS.


Freemasonry IS a religion, plain and simple. I'll not debate this. Freemasonry IS a cult, plain and simple. I'll not debate this. The reason why it is not called a religion 'up front' is that membership could not be successfully drafted. That's why it is 'hidden' from the membership at the lower levels so that, by the time a lodge member invests the time, money and effort to get his upper degrees (30th and higher) he has 'bought' into the satanic program. Not only that, but to 'insist' that your daughter, son AND wife become members of the various masonic auxilliaries (Eastern Star, Demolay, etc.), you risk exposing them to spiritual and sexual debauchery.

For one to be a bible-believing Christian (who may also be called to be a pastor, minister, deacon, elder, trustee, etc.), to stand at the altar of the lodge, whether it be Prince Hall, F A & M, Shriners, or any such other 'denomination' of the organization is spiritual danger of the highest risk. My question to you: What 'excuse' will you have at the Judgment Seat of Christ for making peace with His enemies?

Brothers, do your homework. IF you find what is said here to be true, GET OUT! Submit a 'Letter of Demit', explaining why you have repented of your sins, and that you are going BACK to the ONE TRUE GOD revealed in three persons; God the father, God the son, God the holy spirit. In your letter, cite scripture! The Bible is NOT the same as the Quoran, the Hadith, the Book of Mormon, etc. Submit your letter, walk out and keep on stepping! Yes, you may be threatened. Yes, you will lose some of the financial benefits and influence, BUT YOU WILL HAVE YOUR SOUL! Once more, you can testify about the danger of the lodge. Do a web search about a 'Letter of Demit' and get started getting out NOW! You WON'T be sorry for leaving! You will have eternal consequences if you don't leave. Tomorrow is not promised. Neither is your next breath.


The Bible clearly tells the believer that our weapons are not carnal, but spiritual. Thus, if you have a friend or family member trapped in this mess, you need to get into your prayer closet and go to work in prayer--fasting and prayer. Jesus himself made the statement in the gospels that (if I may paraphrase) that some spiritual roadblocks can ONLY be removed by prayer and fasting.

One who truly wants out of Freemasonry must, first REPENT unto the Lord in order to get the cycle of sorrow for sin working. As David cried out to the Lord in the Scriptures, when caught in his massive sins: "Against Thee, and Thee only did I sin!" Repentance must lead to a change of heart, a change of view, and a change of direction in one's life. There can be NO playing with sin. Sin is like a rattlesnake with it's head cut off. The head can still bite you...and kill you...if you don't get away from it.

Next, those who truly want out of the Lodge will have to destroy all of the objects associated with Freemasonry. A Holy Ghost housecleaning will have to take place. It ALL must be destroyed, by breaking, burning, shredding, etc. It ALL must be destroyed. You must also stay away from ALL Masonic contacts until the Lord say so.

Lastly, to those who make the choice to exit Freemasonry, a season IN the KJV Bible is in order. You have to learn how to 'heal' those breeches in your spirit through some solid Bible study. Do NOT use the 'newer' versions, as they have been corrupted. The AV is what your will need to get your spiritual house in order. Don't forget that there will be storms, but hold on to the hand of the Lord. And, to those who get out...follow the prescription of Revelation 12:11.

No, it's not going to be easy. But it is better to walk out of Freemasonry, than to die in your sins.

RAMEY, a syndicated columnist and book reviewer, lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. THE RAMEY COMMENTARIES appears on fine websites and gracious blogs around the world. To correspond, email manhoodline@yahoo.com. © 2004, 2007, 2011, 2014 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications International.

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Member Comments
Member Date
Divar Bryant-Kemp,Sr 15 Jun 2013
Grace and Peace, I have read this article and must say that it is one of information but not accurate information. Many books written by EX-MASONS have been written out of anger because they did not get their way within the Fraternal order. I am a BLACK Baptist Pastor and a Bishop in the Lords Church who is also a 33rd Degree mason. NOT ONCE I MEAN NOT ONCE have I witnessed anything demonic, nor is our fraternal order a religion. I will dis-spell myths right here and right now. Worshipful Master-President of the local Lodge Grand Architect of the World-In the Beginning GOD CREATED Not ONE PERSON has been sacrificed by MASONS this is false information. Athiest, Agnostics, and anyone who does not believe in GOD not a supreme being GOD Diety can not JOIN. Why am I saying all of this? Because not all book knowledge is REAL knowledge. Secondly if Masons are sinners and going to HELL so is everyone else who judges us as well. Quit using scriptures to bring others down I welcome questions as well because I am A Prince Hall Mason, I am a Past Master I am the Grand Chaplain and I am a 33rd Degree and a Past Lodge Education Officer and HISTORIAN. Try me and I will prove to you there is no DEMONIC undertakings in any LODGE of PRINCE HALL MASONRY.
Cyril Almond  02 Apr 2013
This is so true brother. I live in the U.K. where freemasonry is rampant from the Royal Family down. It is well known that if you want to get on in the police force then you need to be a mason. It has crept into all walks of life here. including some of the Church. Thank you for your post keep it up. Cyril Almond.
Clifford Tate  04 Mar 2013
Dear Beloved Brother, Great article and so filled with the truth in love. Both of my parents were involved in these organizations and as a child I had no understanding of them. When I was saved as an adult at 43 in 2005 our Lord began to show things that were for years hidden. I don't know if my parents knew the satanic spirit ruling Free Mansonry and Eastern Star but after my conversion God the Holy Spirit kept me praying for their salvation though they were members of an A.M.E. for many years. I thank you for article again and I am going to twitt it so many others that I know and grew up with that I believe are in this deception. Sincerely in Christ, Clifford D. Tate, Sr.
Juliette Chamberlain-Bond 02 Nov 2010
Dear Mike, I read your essay with interest, and whilst I live in England, Freemasonary is still a very strong organisation here. I believe it undermines the structure of our society, and whilst it is generally frowned upon for one to be a member if involved in the legal professions, it none the less proliferates. Of course, outwardly, as your essay points out, it at first appears to be a good organisation, however it does contravene the rule of Christ, that 'everything that is done is done in the light.' Secret handshakes, ceremonies and special favours are not commensurate with that precept. Yours sincerely, Juliette
Noland Montague 20 Sep 2010
You did not give reasons why people should stay away from Masonry. The guy who said, it doesn't feel right, made a personal statement. Alot of things don't feel right, but that doesn't make everything wrong. I am a believer of the gospel, baptized in the precious name of Jesus and have the gift of the Holy Ghost. I do not worship anyone else. If you have never been inside of a lodge, how can you say that it is wrong. I am mason here in VA. Proud to be one. Give me a reason to why being in a fraternity that gives more to the community probably more than your church does is wrong. Back it by the Word of God and not by your personal opinion. You sound more intelligent than most people I come across, so please give me some feedback, one saved bro to another.
Darna Bedwell Gutter 16 May 2010
Wonderful article Mike. Thank you for the courage to shine light upon this secret farst. I too was concerned that the symbol for the Eastern Star (Female Chapter of Fremasonry) is a pentagram. Upon discovering this, I began to understand the dangers. I'm no authority, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that something is unholy here. See my article: http://www.faithwriters.com/article-details.php?id=106898 The Lord Bless You.
Euliza Kinghorn 10 Mar 2010
It is amazing how satan can use the hurts from the past to ensnare people. That is why forgiveness is so important, it brings God's healing. If we go straight to God when we are wronged, it will not be necessary to join lodges, cults, etc. The revenge belong to the Lord and all we are required to do is to love and trust in Him
Melanie Smith-Taylor 16 Dec 2007
Hi Mike, Thanks for writing this. I came across it "by accident" and the Lord used your article to confirm for me this: There is a 'Man of God' starting a new ministry here in Baltimore. He wanted me to be involved. I read that he was a 33rd degree Mason. My hackles rose. I looked online to find out what that was and asked him direct. He said, "We do not worship the devil and the Bible is our guidebook". My hackles stayed up and, after further discussions and prayer, I am not involved in the ministry and was dismissed as being a fanatic when I answered some of his beliefs with the Scriptures. I do not know a lot about Freemasonry but do know in my spirit that it does not align with God Almighty. Thank you for this teaching and if you know where I can get more, I would appreciate it.
J. Austin Bennett 17 May 2006
Mike, It's good to meet a neighbor. I too live in Indy. I do know a number of Masons and am quite familiar with the teachings and practices of Jehovah's Witnesses. Masonic history and its rituals are littered with the symbols of the occult. The infiltration of our churches is not new. Paul faced the same problem though it is much more pervasive today. This fits with the predictions regarding apostsy or a "falling away" in the end times. I do have to take exception though to the proposition that Jehovah's Witnesses excluded blacks until the 1980's. Almost all of their congregations located in urban areas had a significant black membership in the early 1950's. Prior to that I cannot speak, but I have never seen an example of racism in a Kingdom Hall. I wish I could make the same statement regarding all the churches in which I have worshipped since being saved. Your Brother in Christ, Austin
Pamela Watkins 07 May 2006
Informative, well-written, thought provoking...thanks, P.J. Watkins
Lawrence Farlow 03 May 2004
Excellent discussion. Masonry in total is 'another gospel' akin to the gnosticism Paul preached so effectively against. It is incompatible with Christianity and should be exposed for the cult that it is. Thanks for doing so!


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