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Visions Part 3 What to do when you get one?
by Manuel Vargas 
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Visions (Part 3): What to do when you get one?

Hi, Iím back to share part 3 of visions with a greater focus on how we must work with them when we receive them. Iím taking the time to walk believers through this so we wonít miss the blessings that God wants us to have.

Visions can come twice or three times

1. Elihu told Job and his 3 friends about dreams and visions manifesting themselves twice or three times (Job 33:14-18)
2. Samsonís mother received a vision of an Angel that told her about her pregnancy. She told her husband Manoah. He prayed and the Angel came back a second time to give the message to them again (Judges 13:2-25).
3. Peter received the same vision 3 times and he heard a voice 3 times in the vision (Acts 10:10-16)

Visions can come figuratively or symbolically

1. Some visions may come so symbolically that we may need further revelation to understand their meaning. Peter had a figurative and symbolic vision (Acts 10:10-16)

2. After the vision that came about thru a trance he snapped out of it only to be amazed at its meaning then he began to meditate on the meaning; Were Jews to eat pork and other meats he may have thought? (Acts 10:17-19)

3. However, God was preparing Peter to be receptive to Gentile believers. At the moment he thought on the vision. The Holy Spirit spoke to him and said, go with them because He (The Holy Spirit) had sent them. (Acts 10:19-20)

4. The chain of events after the symbolic vision started to become clearer by; Meditation, Sensitivity to the Holy Spiritís voice, Submission to the mission and Obedience to the call.
5. Peter finally drew out the revelation when he arrived to Corneliusí house and quoted the words that God spoke to him in the symbolic vision (Acts 10:25-28)

Visions may be hard to interpret

1. No matter how spiritually gifted we may be visions will be hard to interpret if itís too symbolic. Daniel had a hard time with them (Dan. 7:15) Daniel was gifted in this area (Dan. 1:17) However, Daniel prayed when he was lacking understanding about the vision and dreams in his time. We should do the same pray and fast to find out what God is saying. Youíll be surprised that God may give you more than you expected to know.

Visions may come very clearly

1. Mary, Zacharias, Ananias, Manoah, Mary Magdelene and others saw either Jesus or an Angel that clearly express to them the plan God had for their lives.

God does give His servants wisdom to interpret visions

1. Joseph Jacobís son had it (Gen.40:8) Daniel had it (Dan. 1:17)

We should write down the Vision

1. How important this is? Very important, hereís why- when David desired to build the temple. Nathan encouraged him to do it. But they never asked God if it was His will. God supernaturally spoke to Nathan in an audible voice, declaring His divine vision and plan for building the temple (2 Sam. 7:1-29)

2. We read later in scripture that when David was coming to the end of his reign as king. David called everyone and declared all of Godsí plan concerning the temple God wanted built. Then David gave Solomon his son the pattern of the porchÖ and the pattern of all that he had by the Spirit of the courts of the house of the Lord (2 Chron.28:11-12) The whole story is located (2 Chron. Chapter 28-29)

3. Note: God gave David the vision to build the temple. He drafted the architectural blueprints and left them to Solomon to build the temple. David also set up the priesthood by course and everything that needed to be done in the temple after it was built. (Talk about Turnkey Construction! This was it!)

4. God may lay in your heart a desire to do something build a structural place of worship, a daycare, an orphanage, old folks home or a mission outreach. Whatever it is I beg you to pray and fast about it before you do it. Write the vision down. Prepare all thatís needed to build it and donít get frustrated God may want someone else to build it. Be faithful on your part like David did.

5. God gave me a vision to build a pulpit and audio cabinet for this church that needed them. I was reluctant to build it because this pastor was mean to me. Even after I built it with no undermined intent the pastor didnít even say thank you. 2 years passed by and God transformed this pastor and he said to me in 1996 I know youíre a Man of God. In the vision God showed me step by step how to build it. It was so customized that they took photos of it. I currently have copies of the photos for testimonial purposes.

We should Pray about a Vision

1. Many people are afraid to pray about a vision. Because they believe that if they pray about it the devil will give them a false vision. I agree with this fact but Iím not paranoid. I know what the bible says about this topic. The fact is that the devil can duplicate Godís visions, dreams, miracles, signs, and wonders. We see it with Moses- with signs and wonders;

2. Mosesí rod turns into a serpent-the magicians did the same (Exo.7:9-12)
3. Moses turn the river to blood- the magicians did the same (Exo.7:17-22)
4. Moses called up frogs- the magicians did the same (Exo. 8:1-7)

5. Moses did the lice-the magicians could not duplicate. Yet, they recognized that it was the finger of God (Exo.8:16-19). The devil can duplicate but only to a certain extent that God allows for divine purposes of His choice. The devil could duplicate visions. Godís servants can have dreams and visions about other servants even false visions and dreams.

6. Eliphaz had a false vision of a spirit he saw that condemned Godís Angels and Godís creation man (Job 4:12-21). Job did not accept this vision as coming from God (Job 7:14-15) later, God made it clear to Eliphaz that he missed it and was to repent and ask Job to pray for him (Job 42:7-9)

7. The devil showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and offered it to Him. It wasnít Godís will for Jesus to accept the offer. Jesus rejected the offer and the vision by quoting the word which was contrary to the vision the devil gave him. We must do the same if we encounter false visions or dreams with enticing offers that seem too good to be true. If it contradicts the word of God-reject it.(Matt. 4:8-11)

How did Godís people pray about a Vision?

1. Manoah Samsonís father prayed that the Angel will return again to reaffirm the message to both his wife and himself concerning the birth and upbringing of their child. And God granted their prayer (Judges 13:2-25)
2. Note: Manoah did not pray for a new vision or a vision for the first time. He prayed that the angel may appear again to reaffirm the first vision his wife saw.

How did Elisha pray for a vision?

1. Elishaís servant was in a panic state when he saw the Syrian army surround the prophetís house. Elisha prayed for God to open his servantsí eyes to see Godís invisible army surround the visible Syrian army. Praise God! Do you know that an invisible army of angels are protecting you as we speak!!! Elisha prayed this prayer so that his servant may be reassured that Godís army was indeed there (2 Kings 6:15-17)

2. Note: Elisha did not pray for a vision to know Godís will. Elisha knew Godís army were surrounding the Syrian army. Elisha prayed that his panic stricken servant will supernaturally see what he already knew.

3. The point is we should be biblically balanced when we pray about a vision. We should just believe that God will grant them based on His divine time line He chooses to communicate with us through them He promised He will (Acts 2:16-21)
4. We can pray for spiritual wisdom and revelation (See Eph. 1:17-23) Paul prayed for it in intercession on behalf of the church at Ephesus and Colosse.

How are we to pray then?

1. Father, in Jesusí name, grant us spiritual wisdom and revelation of who Jesus is. Enlighten the eyes of our understanding, that we may know what is the hope of our calling and the riches of Your inheritance in the saints. So we may know the greatness of Your supernatural power that You demonstrated when You rose Jesus from the dead. And placed Him above all things invisible and visible. We thank you Lord and accept any manifestation thatís in line with Your divine word Amen.

2. This is all for part 3. I will try to do Part 4 tonight. God Bless You

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