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Hidden Truth, Chapters 1 thru 6
by Caitlin McHugh
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Author requests article critique


Chapter 1: Claire

I'm sitting in my most peaceful spot. Nothing around me existed anymore. I sat there watching the wind blow the changing leaves across the landscape as the beginning of fall started in Colorado.

"There you are. I have been looking everywhere for you Claire. Are you ok?" Brooklyn said making me jump and losing my train of thought.
Brooklyn is my best friend, well my only friend really.

"Claire are you there." Brook yelled in my ear as she waved her hand in my face.

"Jeesh. I'm here. What?" I said looking up at her.

I've always been jealous of Brook. She was beautiful. She has long black hair that glistens whenever the sun hits it. She is skinny, rich, and all the guys wanted her. However, I on the other hand was a little thick. I am not fat but I am not a stick either. My hair wasn¡¯t nice and straight, it was a thick wavy golden brown color that I had up in a messy ponytail almost always.

"It's time to go. The party's going to start." Brook said as she started pulling me off the ground.

"I'm not going." I said as I brushed dirt off my pants.

"WHAT! What do you mean your not going!" she raised her voice at me.

"I have to work Brook. I'm sorry." I told her with sympathy in my voice. ¡°But can you give me a ride home?¡±

"Sure. What kind of a friend would I be if I left you here?"


We were talking about her boyfriend, Derek, the rest of the walk to her car. She went on how Derek cheated with Sara Brook's now ex-friend and that she doesn't know if she should take him back.
I left work at around midnight. I'm a waitress at a little old country restaurant called "Woody's Round up." Stupid name for a place to eat but I need the money. With dad out of the picture and mom being drunk 24/7, I have to pay for everything.

I went around back of the building, which looks more like a shack with chipped off paint and the shutters hanging off the hinges, to throw the trash out before I left.

I heard some weird noises as I neared the corner of the shack. It sounded like someone moaning in pleasure and then everything went silent. I slowly peered around the corner and couldn¡¯t believe what I saw.

All I could remember was screaming and being surrounded by a group of guys, hot looking guys BTW, and then everything went black.

Chapter 2: Blake

My brothers and I went out at 11p.m. It was pitch black out and the moon was the only light visible out in the forest. I could hear the howl of wolves in the distance.

“Blake it’s going to be awhile before we get to the nearest town. We need to hurry.” Anthony said from behind me.

“All right well let’s hurry then. We have till 2. That’s when dad says to be back.”

I’m the 4th youngest in my big family, but I’m also the one chosen to take the thrown when my parents pass on.
We arrived at the edge of the forest within half an hour. My brothers and I went into the restaurant that was just down the road and we waited for our meal to arrive.

We were sitting at the table in the dark corner in the far back. A group of slutty looking girls have been looking at us the whole time we where there. They kept making flirty faces and my brothers flirted back. About an hour later the group of girls approached us and you can tell they were drunk as ever.

“Hey guys, want to go out back and have some fun.” said a tall, lean blonde girl. She was wearing a tight, light blue jean skirt that had showed her red lace thong strap at the top. She had on a silk purple tank top that showed off her pierced bellybutton and most of her breasts were hanging out. “Huh sexy. What’s your name?” she said as she traced her long, fake, white fingernail along my chest.

“My name is Kevin. Come on boys lets go have fun.” I said getting up and letting the girl on my lap almost fall, but she caught herself.

When we got to the back of the building I grabbed the slutty blonde I found out was named Brittany and I pushed her against the white wall that most of the paint was chipped off.
“Yeah! I like it rough.” Brittany whispered in my ear. Her hands went up the tight black t-shirt I was wearing. She started to rub my chest and then her hands went slowly down to my pants. She was unbuttoning my pants and I was going to stop her but I thought that maybe I should have some fun before I kill her. Brittany slowly kneeled to the ground taking my pants with her.

After about 30 minutes I pulled her and my pants back up. I kissed her neck and I could hear a few, soft moans escape her mouth. Then in a matter of minutes she went limp in my arms. I hear an ear piercing scream from behind me.
We all turn around to see a girl. She had golden brown hair that framed her face. Her eyes were a light gray/blue that could put you in a trance. We all surrounded her. Drew and Austin were to my right and the twins, Brain and Anthony, were on my left. She falls and I am quick to catcher her.
Now what?

Should I kill her?
I know I am supposed to kill anyone that sees us feeding but something was telling me not to kill her.

Chapter 3: Blake

As I held her in my arms I made my decision to kill her. She saw too much.

I slowly leant down. She wore a cotton dress that ended right above the knees. It was a faded red color and she had on a bejeweled cowboy hat and boots. How cute. (:
I didn’t want this to happen to such a pretty girl. I opened my mouth and my fangs came out.

“Wait! Blake don’t kill her.” Austin shouted as he pulled me off her.

“What. She saw everything. We have to. You know the rules.” I told him.

“No that’s Claire.” Brain said.

“Damn she’s Hot!” Drew said.

“So what do we do? She isn’t 18 yet and she knows what we are.” I said.

“Well why not just take her with us.” Anthony said.

“But,” Austin said as he paced, “it’s not time.”

“Well we should just take her sense she saw what happened here.” I told them throwing Claire over my shoulder as I headed towards the forest we came from.
Claire's POV

I fainted. I can’t believe I fainted. I started to wake up as I was being thrown on to someone’s shoulder. I kept my eyes closed; I didn’t want them to know I was awake.

I could smell trees and the smells of nature. Everyone knows the smell of the outdoors. But I couldn’t be in the woods. I heard no animals, not even the chirp of the annoying birds out here that chirp nonstop. The slight breeze that was there a few minutes ago was gone. It was silent.

I opened my eyes a little to see where they were taking me. OMG!! We where in “Missing-Falls Forest.” This place is named that because people that came here never came back.

All I remember was this guy with broad shoulders. He was wearing a black T-shirt and long black hair. We started to run. It was more like flying or gliding we were going so fast when I fainted. Again.
Blake’s POV

When we arrived home I went straight to the study hall where my parents would be. As I walked through the halls the maids and workers were all staring at me with confused expressions on their faces.

My brothers ditched me to handle my parents alone. They went off to the kitchen to have our chiefs, Jason and Fiona, make them something sweet to eat.

When I walked in the study hall I saw my parents were talking to the government’s top agent, Cody James. He was assigned to our population of Vamps. in the Colorado area. He was wearing a black suit, a white dress shirt, and a black tie. He has short golden hair and blue/gray eyes.

My father, King Corey VIII, was in the same black suit and had a light baby blue tie. My mother, Queen Sophia IV, was sitting in the black leather love seat against the wall wearing a silk baby blue dress with a black sash over her shoulders and black heels.

“Prince Blake. What are you doing he…,”my mother said but stopped when she noticed Claire in my arms, “Who’s that and why is she here?”

“Mother this is Claire.” I told her laying Claire down on the couch by the big oak doors I walked through.

“Why is she here? Your not suppose to get her for another 8 months.” Agent Cody said with a puzzled expression on his face.
I told them everything that happened in the last 3 hours. But I left out the part about Brittany and her slutty, drunk friends.
Agent Cody had left after hearing me explain why I had Claire due to business he needed to attend to.

“Blake I want you to go put her in her room.” My father said as he shooed me away.

I bowed and left putting Claire over my shoulder again. I left the study hall, went right and walked 6 doors down to her new room.

I opened the door and laid her on the bed. I walked over and grabbed a black blanket off the couch and put it over her. As I was leaving I could hear her mumbling in her sleep. When she wakes up its going to be a hell of a time explaining this to her.
Chapter 4: Claire

I was scared to open my eyes and find what I would see. After about five minutes I opened my eyes. It felt like I haven’t slept in days. I was in a room somewhere.

The walls were an off white with thick black drapes covering the windows. There was a black and white marble fireplace on the far wall to my right. There was a black leather couch against the wall adjacent to the fireplace. A black love seat was in front of the fireplace and it looked like it was attached to the couch. They formed a capital “L”. There was a black wolf skin rug laying in front of the fireplace and love seat. There were stacks and stacks of big, thick books on a glass square table in the corner of the room next to the couch.
I was laying on a king sized bed. The sheets were black silk and the quilt was white with black lace on it. Wow these people must like the colors black and white. I crawled out of bed and walked over to the door I saw to my right.

I opened the door and saw a HUGE closet. Everything was so organized. They had everything together in groups. I walked up and down the aisles of clothes and shoes.

I walked out of the closet and walked over to the other door on the left side of the bed. I opened the door and walked into the bathroom. This room stood out from the whole room.

There were red towels, the counters were red marble and the floor was white marble. The bathtub looked like a pool and the shower was behind the bathtub. The shower had four glass walls around it like all the rich houses had. I went to another door in the far right back corner of the room thinking it was a closet, but no that’s were the toilet was. As I was leaving the bathroom I looked in the mirror which was huge. It filled most of the wall. I was looking at myself in the mirror and I saw I was wearing different clothes.

I had on a pair of black short shorts that practically showed my butt and a black tank top that was tight and had lace at the top. I felt fat wearing it, but on the plus side it made my breasts look bigger.
Blake's POV

As I walked into the game room I could here the guys talking about Claire. I walked into the room and heard Drew saying to the guys, “she’s hot! I call her!”

“No one gets her. She’s off limits till she’s eighteen. When she is nineteen she chooses who she wants or dad will just give her to me. ” I told them sitting down on the tan leather couch next to Austin who was playing some halo game I think it was.

“That’s not fair.” Drew complained.

“Prince Blake you father wants to see you up in the study.” said out trusted butler of ten years. His name is Christopher. He is fifty-five and has gray almost white hair. He’s tall and lean with broad shoulders.

“Thanks Chris.” I told him as I got up off the couch to leave. Chris bowed again and left.

“Oooh!” Luke said.

“Be quiet baby.” I said as I walked out the door.

The talk with dad went ok. All he told me was to watch over Claire carefully. Some other guys had their eyes on her. I was walking to my room when I heard doors opening in Claire’s room. Guess she’s awake now.

I cracked open the door and saw her walk into the bathroom. I walked in and closed the door quietly. I saw her stop and look in the mirror as she was walking out. She was turning around and feeling her stomach. I heard her mumbling to herself. “Ugh, I look so fat. But hey these seem bigger.” She grabbed her breasts. Whoa didn’t expect that.

“Yeah you’re a whale.” I said and I saw her jump back. Her knees gave out and she fell to the ground. She had this look of sheer terror on her face. What did I do??
Chapter 5: Claire’s POV

I jumped back when I saw this guy in a tight black shirt that showed off the six-pack he had. He had midnight black hair and these vibrant, pale, light blue eyes that I could stare in forever. I recognized him.

Then it hit me. He was the guy I saw behind the restaurant when I was going to throw the trash out. Everything came back to me.
I could feel my knees go weak and I fell to the floor. I frantically started crawling backwards away from him. I didn’t take my eyes off him. Not even for a second.

When I hit the back wall the guy started to walk into the bathroom towards me. He stood in the doorway and sat down on the floor. Ok he’s weird.

“I’m Blake.” He said. Oh hot name but that doesn’t matter.

“C-Claire.” I choked out.

“I see you like your room.” He said with a small smile on his face.

“Umm yeah.” I said slowly but why should I be nice after what he did. “I know what you did. You’re a murderer.” I yelled at him.

His expression turned to anger. “I’m not a murderer.” He said calmer than he looked.

“Yeah I saw you kill that girl, Brittany.” I stood up staring him down.

“I had to.” Was all he could say?

“Why?!” I asked half yelling half confused. Blake started to laugh. “Why are you laughing?!” I was getting mad at him.

“You don’t get it. You have a lot to learn little girl.” he got up and started to leave.

“Wait. What are you talking about?” He kept on walking.

“Hey ass get back here.” I yelled. He came at me and pinned me against the wall before I could process what just happened.

“What did you just say?” He said in almost a whisper in my ear. I could feel his icy breath on my ear.

“I-I’m sorry.” I whispered. I was scared. The scared you felt when you know you did something bad and your parents found out. I think he noticed because he let me go and put an arm around my shoulder. He led me out the door and to my bed.
Blake’s POV

I pinned her against the wall. She called me an ass. I heard her whisper an apology. She looked scared. I hadn’t meant to make her scared. I didn’t want her to be afraid of me.
I let her go and put my arm around her shoulder and lead her out of the bathroom. I walked her to her bed and let her go. I sat down on the edge of the bed and Claire inched away. Further and further till she was on the very edge in the far corner away from me.

“You don’t have to be scared Claire. We won't hurt you.” I told her.

“Oh really, but I saw what you did. I can’t trust that you won’t hurt me. ” She spat out in an angry tone.

“What do you mean? What did you see?”

“Ugh I saw you kill Brittany!” she yelled.

“Oh that.”

“What do you mean “oh that!” she kept on yelling.

“Listen keep it down. If the others hear you they’ll come and you won't want that.” I hissed at her. Claire just sighed and rolled her eyes.

“What do you want with me?” she whispered.

“Well were to begin,” I started to tap my chin like smart people do to think, “Well I'm sorry I can’t say anything.”

“WHAT!” she yelled but shut her mouth when I gave her a death stare, “why cant you.”

“It’s the rules. I cants ay anything, but don’t worry you will know soon enough.” I said as I got off the bed. “Well goodnight. See you tomorrow morning.” I walked to the door.

Next she said something that shocked me. “Goodnight Blake.” She whispered so quietly but I heard her. I turned around and gave her a small smile. I think I will have fun with this girl.
Chapter 6: Claire’s POV

Blake checked in on me every five hours. I have been stuck locked in this room for a week now. I have nothing to do but stare outside. The only people I saw were Blake when he poked his head in to see if I was ok and I hadn’t jumped out the window, and the maid. Which I found out was named Kayla and she brought me my food everyday.

I stopped Blake one day. That’s how bad it was. There was no calendar so I didn’t even know what day it was. I knew it was night because it was pitch black out. I saw him poke his head in for the normal routine.


“Yeah Claire.” He said sweetly.

“Can you tell me now?” I said giving him my puppy-dog eyes.

“I can’t tell you.” He said. He was getting me mad. I grabbed the black pillow I was laying on and threw it at him.

“What! Why not.” I said. It more came out as a hiss because I didn’t want to yell and end up dead like Brittany.

“How many times do I have to tell you, WE ARE NOT GOING TO KILL YOU!” He said. I heard anger and hurt in his voice.

“What…? How did you know I was thinking that?”

“Well you see Claire, I can read minds.” He said with a smirk on his face. “It’s a gift most vamps. Don’t get. I was lucky.” I patted the spot next to me no the bed. “Come, sit Blake.” He stood in the doorway. He looked up and down the hall before he came in and shut the door locking it. Oh this can’t be good. He walked over with the pillow I threw at him and sat next to me.

“Can you at least answer some of my questions? I have a right to know where I am Blake.” I said looking into his dreamy eyes. Whoa what? I don’t like this guy he kidnapped me.

“Fine but if it gets me in trouble I won’t tell you.” He said looking down breaking eye contact.

“Ok, well my first question is who else lives here besides you obviously.” I said looking down to.

“Well where to begin.” he said. “Ok there are my parents the king and queen of the vamps. Here in Colorado, King Corey VII and Queen Sophia IV. They had there first child, Austin, about a hundred years after they took the thrown.” He said looking back up at me again.

“Why didn’t it take them so long to have their first kid?”

“Well my mother had a hard time keeping the baby. After a month she always ended up having a miscarriage so it was a blessing that Austin was born. We thought she could never have kids.” He said looking at me. “Can I continue or do you have any other questions about my parents or brother.”

“How old are your parents and brother?”

“My dad is seven hundred, my mom is six hundred, and my brother Austin is four hundred. Any other questions you have?”
“Umm no, you can continue.” I said lying down on my pillow and Blake did the same.

“Ok, fifty years later the twins, Bryan and Anthony, were born. We all call Bryan “The Brain” because he’s the only really smart one besides me of course,” we both laughed, “then fifty years after the twins Drew was born. Try and stay away from him. He is a total player and a jerk. Seventy-one years later my sister katheryne or Kat and I were born. And yes we are twins. I am older by about ten minutes. My mother is the only vamp. Out there so far that has had two sets of twins. But anyway after us forty years later my baby sister Ophelia or Opie was born. And last but not least forty more years later my parents had their last and my baby brother Luke.” He said inhaling a lung fully of air.

“Wow. You have a big family!” I said.

“Yeah I do. Do you have any other questions Claire?”

“Umm yeah I do actually Blake. How are you able to be awake when its daylight out? How often do you have to eat? Do you eat anything else besides people? And…” I was silenced by Blake’s hand over my mouth.

“Whoa there girly. Slow it down.” He said releasing his hand from my mouth. “Ok, well the answer to your first question is we are able to be awake during the day because we have these.” He showed me a ring. It looked like real silver. Not the fake silver you buy. His name was engraved in smooth, neat cursive. There was a white, shiny pearl in the center.

“This is beautiful, but I don’t see what this has to do being awake during the day. And why is it a pearl and not a fancy jewel like a ruby?” I said still gawking at his ring.

“Well it’s a pearl because that’s my birthstone and I can’t tell you what this has to do with the keeping us vampires safe day time. I shouldn’t have told you about the ring.”

“Well you did so, can you answer my other questions now.” I said letting go of his hand I didn’t realize I was holding. When I let go I could feel myself blushing like an idiot.

“Ok. We don’t eat people. We drink their blood and we can eat other foods like meat. You know steak, pork, burgers only if it isn’t cooked all the way. We like our food bloody. A normal vampire can go maybe two or three weeks without food before they die. A new vampire will only last about a week.”

“Oh and are you an adult?”

“Um no yet.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m two hundred and twenty-nine years old.”

“That’s not old!”

“To a human it’s old. The oldest vampire is about fifty thousand years old. So I’m considered a kid still.” I laughed at the sarcastic tone he said that last sentence in.

“Oh. Continue on Blake.”

“Ok. What other questions did you have before I stopped you?” He said with a laugh.

“I was going to ask how long I am going to be trapped here.”

“What you don’t like me. I thought we were becoming friends. That just hurts you know.” He said as he started to get of the bed.

“No stay I didn’t mean it like that,” I said grabbing his arm. I could feel his biceps and you could tell he worked out everyday. I could hold onto his arm for hours. Wait he can hear my thoughts. Be quiet you don’t like him anymore than a friend.

“Ok I won’t leave.” He said sitting back down with a smirk on his face and I heard him laugh. Ugh what a jerk, he read my thoughts. Those were private. “Ok.”

“Ugh stop reading my thoughts you jerk.” I said pushing him over as he laughed. I joined in laughing and when we stopped I saw I was on top of him. I quickly sat up straight. “So what I meant was when can I leave this room. It’s boring. There’s not even a TV to watch, or a computer, and where’s my phone?” I said with an angry, stern look on my face which made Blake back up a bit.

“We can’t give you your phone because you might call the police, we are in the process of getting someone to install a TV, and sorry no computer. That’s another way to send for help, but sorry you can’t leave.” He said in a joking tone. Yeah ha-ha this is so funny.

“This isn’t funny. I can’t stay in here my whole life.”

“I know I’m kidding. I will talk to my dad about seeing if you can come out early.” He said. Blake took a glance down at the gold watch on his left wrist. “Oh I have to go. My brothers and sister are expecting me. ” he got up off the bed.

“Bye Blake and thanks I’ve been really bored so it was nice to talking to you.”

“No problem, see you tomorrow.” Blake said as he was walking out the door.

“Wait, Blake.” I said running over to the door. He opened it and I almost ran right into him.


“Can you maybe get me a journal? I like to write.”

“I'll try and sneak one in.”

“Thanks.” I said and then he did something I never thought he or any guy for that matter would do. He leaned in and gave me a light kiss on the cheek.

“Bye Claire bear.” He said shutting the door. OMIGOSH!! Blake…he…ooh. I brought my hand up to where his soft, angle like lips touched my cheek. I could feel myself blushing again. He kissed me.

I walked over to my bed and laid down putting the silk sheet over my body. I looked over at the silver, red clock on the wall by the mirror which was by the closet. It was ten thirty. I hadn’t realized how tired I was. I slowly drifted off into a soundless sleep, the dark of the night slowly engulfing me as I went into a deep sleep dreaming about the kiss.

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