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Shut the Door, Close the Gate
by Shirley Williams
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“Shut the Door, Close the Gate!”

While in prayer today for our cities across the nation, I heard the Lord saying:

“I have not started a work in your cities and with those strategically set in place that I won’t complete it. Don’t shorten My hand by your unbelief but rather, let your faith arise to a higher level to believe Me for the seemingly impossible. I say to you this day, shut the door, close the gate, for you have allowed the enemy to infiltrate your camp and bring separation through many avenues. Separation is not My signature.

You must shut the door left open to the enemy. You must close the gate to all offenses of jealousy, strife, pride, gossip and backbiting lest you devour one another in the Church. I say, love one another as I have loved you. Be quick to forgive one another as I have shown you My mercy and forgiveness for your sins.

I tell you that there are many perils on all sides but fear not. Go on forward in faith and in the power of My Spirit to do what I have called you to do. Take possession of your cities and occupy. Trust in My wisdom, not your own; for I Am the Lord God Jehovah, Creator of heaven and earth. And it is I, who has had all things under My sovereign control since the beginning. Even before the foundation of the world.

Marvel not at what the enemy can do in this world, he’s on a short leash. But rather, look to Me and be thankful for the blessings I have already poured out on you. It is My pleasure to give you the desires of your heart when you put your faith and trust in My word. But it displeases Me when you allow other god’s (things, people, ideas, work, etc.) to take My place in your hearts. I have made it plain in My word: you shall not have any other god’s before Me.

This day, search your hearts and see that there is no spiritual adultery among you. It is an offensive odor in My nostrils and hinders the power of My Spirit in your midst. I desire you to praise Me and worship Me from a pure heart. A pure heart that has been broken in humility and repentance and cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.

I say to you that it is time for My Army to tighten its ranks. Its time to pull in close to one another in the body of Christ, as you pull in close to Me. For the hour is at hand when I’m about to fully swing open the door to world-wide power evangelism (revival). This move of My Spirit will bring in the last great harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God.

You, the Church, have been set in place by My hand to help throw the “net” to gather in the catch. But know this, when you begin pulling apart from each other and from Me---when there is discord among you instead of unity, your part of the “net” will tear and so much of the catch will be lost. I desire that none perish but that all should have everlasting life.

A Holy Ghost explosion is upon you even now of such magnitude that no man, or devil, will be able to contain it or stop it. Though it has started as a spark, the wind of My Spirit is picking up momentum. The spark will become a flame and finally burst into an unquenchable fire of My glory, spreading all over the world. I declared by the prophets of old that My glory would fill the earth like flood waters, and so it shall be.

My glory is a consuming fire, but My glory also comes to restore that which has known the tear of separation. There must, even now, be a re-connection of that which has been wrenched apart throughout My Body. I have said repeatedly that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. I meant exactly what I said. I stand by My word, and I will honor it. Do you believe Me?

Be forewarned that satan has unleashed a greater number of demons and has given them new assignments to destroy that which I have planned for your cities. But I tell you the truth, no illegal power or authority will have rule over your city and its people. Put your whole trust in Me and My word and no other. For what I have spoken shall surely come to pass. Your cities shall be ablaze with My glory. Pray without ceasing, for as you lift up your voice to make declarations and decrees, the cracks are forming, the stones are falling out and the walls will come down!

Some of these newly released demons have come up on your porch, so to speak, with their assignments to infiltrate, deceive, to separate and to destroy. But I have sent out My angelic forces on your behalf to bring healing and restoration to every area that has received a tear. These angel’s who hearken to My voice have been sent to help you mend and repair damage to your part of the “net.”

Again, I say unto you, shut the door, close the gate and get back on your posts. I’ve set you in place where you are to execute victory in My plan and purposes, bringing freedom and blessing to all the families of your cities and throughout the earth. I have not put you in place as “watchmen” on the wall to fall victim to the enemies devices. Therefore, stay alert, stay close to Me and stay close to each other in the binding power of love, peace and unity of My Spirit.

Stand ready as a prepared Army on alert to move when I say move. Stand ready to speak when I give you My words to declare and release into the heavenlies and into the earth realm. Stand ready to rejoice when you see strongholds over your cities uprooted and principalities thrown down. Praise Me and rejoice to see My Kingdom come. Release a shout of praise and victory to see captives set free from satan’s entanglements. Know that whatever you do now and later for the establishing of My Kingdom, according to My plan and purpose for your city, it will not be by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says, the Lord.

On February 8, 1997, in a conversation with Father God, I was asking Him about His glory. I want to share a portion of it here with you because it ties in with what the Lord said here about His glory.

He talked about darkness increasing but that His glory was ever increasing also and that darkness couldn’t stand in the face (presence) of His glory. When He said the word ‘glory’ my ears perked up because I had been drawn into it more.

I said to, “Father, I’ve heard several accounts of your glory manifesting in many different areas and it all sounded wonderful.”

The Lord said in answer, “That’s only been a taste of what is yet to come. Be faithful and see the power of My glory.”

As I was thinking that, ‘yes, I certainly wanted to see the power of His glory,’ the Lord said, “My glory is a fire.”

This got my attention real quick because He had put this in me about His glory and His fire. I wanted to know more.

(the main part I want to share is this)

In answer to another question I asked about His glory as fire, the Lord answered me,
“You take a spark of fire that has been set in a vast forest, that one little spark has two possibilities. It can fizzle out and die, or it can catch and start burning. If there is no wind to stir the spark, it will smolder and die out finally. But if a wind, a gentle wind, not a strong wind, blows around the spark, it will go from a spark to a flame, and from a flame to a fire.

As the fire begins to burn, the wind becomes stronger, causing the fire to spread and burn more intensely. The wind and the fire gains momentum until you’ve got a fire that cannot be contained, but will envelop everything in its path. And so it is with My glory that will saturate the earth.”


Along with the word given about shutting the door, closing the gate, I was also given a vision. It is as follows:

In this vision, I saw a wide wooden gate, which opened into what looked like a corral or a pasture. The gate was open from the inside out about a quarter of the way. On the outside of the gate and at the entrance was the ‘King of Glory,’ Jesus Himself, sitting on a gleaming white horse. He didn’t push His way inside but He was ready to come in when the gate would be opened to Him.

Behind the Lord was what looked like a cloud of others on white horses and the glory around Him was such that you could hardly bear it. The whole vision seemed to happen at once. As I’m seeing Jesus, at the same time, I’m seeing a rider on a black horse and others behind him on black horses. They were inside the pasture. My main focus was on Jesus and the others with Him. I wanted to see what He was going to do.

Finally, I saw the wooden gate swing wide open in invitation for the Lord to come in. He did so astride His white horse, the others following Him. At the same time the Lord is coming in, the evil is going out of the gate. By the very presence of the King of glory, the devil and his horde were being driven out.

The pasture represents a city (any city, anywhere) and the King of Glory is saying that He’s ready to come all the way into our cities. He’s just waiting for an invitation. He desires and longs to be fully welcomed all the way into our cities across the nation as the “King of Glory.”

The wooden gate represents human nature, that is, the flesh. It represents man’s way, human reasoning, etc. The gate being only a quarter of the way open says, we must lay down the flesh (carnal desires and reasoning’s, etc.) and all things we lust after rather than desiring a true visitation of the Lord to our cities. It says, we must move our ‘selves’ out of the Lord’s way and embrace His way, lest we become a hindrance.

The people of our cities were responsible for the gate opening wide to the Lord. It was due to a sincere heart’s desire for His glorious presence. We will open wide the gate to the Lord when we have truly humbled ourselves in repentance and have become more hungry and desperate for Him than for anything else. This would require that we lay all idolatry down in whatever form that would be for each individual person and for people groups.

In the ways that God deals with His people, there are certain things that are required of us before God moves. We have to prepare the way of the Lord. That means, we have to humble ourselves, pray, seek God and turn from our wicked ways (II Chronicles 7:14). He enables us to do this by His love and grace.

As I pondered on the vision, the Lord began to speak to me again. He said:

“Know this day that I am bringing righteousness to your cities. When righteousness comes in, lawlessness is driven out. By My Spirit, I am bringing holiness and truth in order that the captives are set free. This means, victory where there has been defeat. Purity where there has been impurity. My people must desire Me more than any other thing in their lives.

I come where people are hungry for Me. I come where people are desperate for Me. I hear their cry of desperation from the very core of their beings. They are crying for release and My ears are not deaf to their cries. A heart that is hungry for Me can be satisfied and will know joy unspeakable and full of glory. But a proud heart is a closed heart to Me. It is already filled with ‘self.’ These people are already satisfied and therefore, do not believe they are needy.

But I say to you, your pure praise and worship of Me in Spirit and truth will open wide the gate to your cities. Be careful that you don’t get carried away into a sensual type of worship that appeals more to your flesh than to your spirit. Pure praise and worship will take you past the sense realm and bring you into the spirit realm where I am, and where I long for you to be.

Arise today in faith and allow My Spirit to teach you and lead you in pure worship of me from sincere hearts. For then will you open wide the gate to your city with great expectation. As you do, I promise that you will not be disappointed; for I, the King of Glory, will ride into your city on your pure praise and worship.”

As I thought back over what the Lord said, Holy Spirit quickened John 8:12 to me where Jesus said, “I am the LIGHT of the world…” Also in I John 1:5,“…God is LIGHT and in Him is NO darkness.”

Thus, when the “light of the world,” Jesus, King of Glory, comes in, the darkness of evil has to go. The LIGHT drives out the darkness. This can be seen in the contrast between white and black, truth and lies (no such thing as a white lie). God wants to fill our cities all across this nation and beyond with His presence and glory. He wants to fill its people with the light of His glory and truth so that the surrounding areas of people will be drawn to THE light, who is Jesus. They will be drawn to Him like a moth is drawn to a natural light.

God wants to pour out His anointing and blessings in full measure upon our cities. He wants to pour out His unconditional love in full measure into the hearts of the people so that we can be an extension of His love, His grace and His compassion to the lost and the hurting. So that we can reach out and bind up the wounds of the brokenhearted, heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead.

God desires for the people of our cities to truly partner and co-labor with Him to reach His lost and dying sheep. Those sheep who have wandered over into foreign pastures and the wolves have left them bruised and bleeding. Not only does our cities need to be “networking” with Holy Spirit but also with others in the body of Christ. We also need to learn how to “work the net” for our part of the catch we’ve each been assigned to because the “fields truly are white unto harvest.”

Plain As Day Ministries

Shirley Williams
praise pad@hotmail.com

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