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Christmas Wreaths
by John Freeman
Not For Sale


“Connor-Garret Thompson,” commanded Principle Marking, let go of Mon…umm, Liam‘s

The Command startled Connor and he immediately let loose of the constant announce
that was Liam Meinster; or as everyone else called him, the “Monster.” He had, had his face
pinned to the lockers with his arm forced behind him.

Connor-Garret, or as everyone knew him as, CG, suddenly felt the surrounding
kids’ eyes upon him and he felt claustrophobic. He liked attention, he just didn’t
like everyone staring and the ideas that were formulating inside their heads. He was
all about the glory of being at the head of whatever the social scene was for a bunch
Middle schoolers!!

He picked up his backpack and he and his buddy Rodric fought through the torrent
of kids. Principle Markings demanded the kids to get lost, as he lead the “Monster”
into his office because there was never a doubt as to who started the fight when the
“Monster” was concerned.

The bell rang and the kids screamed loudly because they knew that it was time for
Christmas break. Connor said bye to Rodric and he walked to His Mom’s minivan
that was pulling up. He hopped in with a sighh. His Mom knew that sigh because
it was only used for one thing, a rough day at school.

“Let me guess, another fight with Liam and you pinned him to the lockers, asked
his Mom, Christie.

“Yea, how did you know,” he said sarcastically. “Really, though, you’re here early
and you asked rather quickly this time, hmmm, praytell Mother,” he said with a smirk
maping his tired, sweaty face.

“Principle Markings called and said that you might need an early escape from the
mob of kids.”

“It’s weird to have a principle that is not freaky or that smells bad,” said Connor.

“Yep, nice principles are handy aren’t they,” stated Christie.

“Guess what we’re gonna do right now,” asked Christie, “We are going to a new Christmas
store that just opened!”

“Swwaaeeet,” exclaimed Connor as he bobbed his head and thrusted rock star fingers into
the air.

“I just need to take care of a few things at the house and then we’ll be off; it won’t take but a minute.”

They arrived at house and Christie went off to do her things and Connor went to the box that
had the long awaited Christmas tree and tried peeking inside. Mom had always wanted a real tree but dad never wanted to get one, and then the box on the window seat, it looked out of place and was beckoning to him. He walked over and saw his Dad’s old clothes and things and at the top of the box was a family photo. He felt a diverse wave of emotion overshadow him and it was about to overflow his already failing resistance. His Mom hollered for him and he blinked away the boiling darkness as if he was used to doing it. ………………………………...........................................................................................................

He and his Mom left for the store and on the way they re-visited familiar ground in tradition with
singing old Christmas songs to mark the beginning of the Christmas season with some
holie jollyness.

Christie was all about Christmas and felt that it was at least a positive way to get his
mind off reality. She didn’t think that a person’s heart could break any more than it has already, but
lately she feels that it is being torn to pieces with each time he lets out one of his sighs.

Growing up she didn’t have things like tradition or family functions so she feels like she just
has to give her son some good memories to out way the bad. She just wishes she could get inside
his head and fight off his demons and rock him to sleep like she used to when his was a baby. This
was their first Christmas since all that happened before, she was bound and determined to make his
Christmas great.

The store was located at the old part of town and was placed alongside all the other beautiful
antique landmarks that spotted the area. The area had an english cottage feel to it, it had vines webbing
the building’s remarkable architecture but are now dead because winter had come. Christie had to double check her post-it to confirm the address because this didn‘t look like the place. There it was, nestled at the end of the block amongst picture perfect trees; it was if it were painted there by some master painter.

Connor and Christie got out of the minivan and the van locked with a beep. Christie put her arm around Connor and pulled him close as they walked into the new Christmas store that was ripe for the
shopping. Normally any other kid Connor’s age would have not allowed such a display from their mother
specially when it’s in public where their friends could see them and then spread the news to everyone.
Connor was not like that and he didn’t care, him and his mom had been through so much.

They walked up sidewalk and arrived at the front door and were taken back by the front door. The
door looked as if it had just been carved and put together that day, yet it had an oldness to it that was
not drowned out by the unique designs and illustrations. The doorknob was in the shape of a wreath and
it looked like gold, “but it surly couldn’t be, “ thought Christie.

“Okay Connor, go ahead, turn the handle,” said Christie.

Connor put his hand to the knob and turned the handle and opened the door. The stepped in and the
breath was robbed right from them because of the sight of this Christmas store. The first thing they noticed
is that the small cottage store they had walked into was no longer small, because the ceiling was higher then
what it was suppose to be from the outsides perspective. Almost everything seemed bigger in the store, including the only checkout station. It was in a round circle, like a wreath, and was gold like
the doorknob. Christie noticed the store’s wreath fascination right off.

There must have been something in the air because the wonder of this small-big store and the “how
in the world is it so big,“ was loosing relevance; like it just wasn’t important and that these things happened all the time. The feeling that was taking precedence over their minds, was simply removing the doubts,
the everyday worries, and bringing to the surface the little kid wonder and excitement that is born in every child.

Christie wasn’t one for tour guides and just as soon manage herself then deal with a tag-along and
just enjoy shopping without being rushed, so when she saw what looked to be “tag-alongs,” she found an alternate route. She had most of her shopping done already because all the
other Christmas type stores and stores that sell Christmas stuff start before Thanksgiving; she wondered
why they waited so late to open, didn’t they realize they won’t make hardly anything.

“By the looks of this is, map thing, we have forty-five isles of nothing but Christmas, “ said Connor
with a side grin.

“You can go off but set your watch for five….thirty, yea that should be good; there’s always tomorrow and there is no way we’ll get through all of these isles tonight.”

“Awesome, thanks mom! So does how’s about slipping me a five or a ten?? ehh? ehh?” asked Connor while
trying to be smooth and cool.

“How about this Mr. Smooth, you find some things and you bring them to me when we’re ready to leave and we’ll talk then,” said Christie as only a professional mother could.

“Yea, yea, okay, sounds good, see you then, bye,” exclaimed Connor as he was brisking away.

Christie reminded him to be on his utmost best behavior. He had looked appalled by that statement and said to her, “really me, the guy who has never been in a fight, ever.” They both smirked at one another and went to do their hunting with all of this Christmas stuff as their marked prey.

Connor hit up some of his favorite items on the way to his favorite of favorites, the green garland and wreaths. He saw some things he already had but nothing jumped at him to snatch his eye, so he moved along to the green stuff.

What needs to be said though of each isle is they are not like any other stores isles. Connor and Christie have drank in their new environment and were not reacting to the abnormally largeness of each isle.
Each isle was extremely tall with a sliding library like ladder for each isle and it never seemed to end but at the same time you can see the end. The items of each isle have a uniqueness to them that’s been copied. While you might find these items at any store near you, you still will never find these exact ones. If you were not careful, you would almost think the items were moving.

Each isle had it’s own smell. The items you wouldn’t think would have a smell had one and the ones
that were all too familiar were stronger and more potent. Any Cinnamon scented items found at this store for instance would be like you were there in Sri Lanka while it was being cultivated and then it being made into cinnamon sticks right in front of you. Everything was different here and no one would completely notice; but someone would be waking up from this enchantment quite soon.

Connor rounded the corner to the isle for all the greenery that had anything and everything to do with Christmas. He stood at the entrance to the isle and stared dumbfounded, there was so much green leaves and garland hanging down that it was impossible to see the back of any of the shelves. It was if a large plant took over this isle and took over everything in it.

The affect of the store began to wear off and he realized that this store was not normal, at all. This long
isle was a bit darker than the others because of all the greenery. It was so dark that they had hung chandeliers to light the walkway. But the chandeliers were far out of reach for the isles were incredibly tall. He walked down the isle and was amazed at the wreaths, garland, and all
other green things that fell in with Christmas. He had walked by a long row of garland and was aimlessly
gawking at all the things when a thought crossed his mind, like there was something he had missed. He tried
to dismiss it but it ate at him. He walked back a few paces and saw the thing he defiantly missed. It was a
long single, thick strand of gold garland.

A notion dripped into his mind, “Pull it.” He reached out a careful hand and did just that. If a person walked by at that moment they would have seen a very bright light that blinked away within a second of it

Connor had pulled the golden, garland strand that had hung there peacefully; it probably had been waiting for him. The golden strand when pulled opened the green garland behind it as if it were pulling back a curtain that opens from side to side. A blinding light instantly stabbed into his eyes and he attempted to blink it away like he would if he had water in his eyes; but no such luck for this was happening and pinching
his own arm was not an option.

The light was warm, but it wasn’t the, “watch out, you might get burned,” kind, it was soothing and relaxing. The light seemed to move because he could feel it wrapping around him as if a wind was enveloping him; before he knew it he felt himself lift from the ground and being eased into the light.

As if today wasn’t already a day filled with mixed emotions, he wasn’t alarmed with the thought of entering the light and wasn’t afraid. He thought that this might me how a person dies and confronts death,
but he shrugged that thought off his shoulders and embraced the warm, comforting light, and then he was
No one had noticed the boy sucked into a fake green bed of the unknown. People went along like it was
any normal day at this store.

Christie went along shopping and didn’t wonder or feel an absence to her son not being in the same place
as her, let alone the same existence as her. She went along looking at the angels that might adorn their tree
this year or might just stick to a star.

She wasn’t sure she wanted to, “come to terms,” with anything that sort of had to so with angels, baby Jesus, or, just God in general. It left a bad taste in her mouth with thoughts of growing up with her dad
being the way he was about God. He pretty much ruined it for her with the actions he put on for everyone at church and the person he was at home. He wasn’t a pastor of an important person in church, he was a normal guy who worked as a plumber and came home carrying his day’s baggage to give to her and her mom.

Her mom blamed it on them loosing her little brother from and early illness that left it’s wounds deep
in everyone’s heart and while everyone else’s wounds turned into scars, he kept picking at his and wouldn’t let himself heal or move on with life. He became the most impossible person to deal with and he tried to add
God into the mixture to justify his actions as if that would make things okay and dandy; but it didn’t.

She saw how he was and it didn’t change, not even during her own marriage. He tried to give her advice
while undermining her at the same time. Her mom would just step aside and let her father go off on his
spill of how, if she would just, “listen to her husband and do what he says and just let him decide things….”
she, when this “talk” happened interrupted and said.

“Oh, that’s right, you mean act like mom did and just shut up and not say a word and just let him ramble off as if he knows everything and has all the answers to life and that God would want it this or that way and just plain be a jerk and a monster, ruining everyone’s life and causing them to not give a care if he dropped dead at any moment. I might as well be a nun and be cut off from everything, you can have your God dad
I see how he has done a lot for us and how he has just made you so perfect. You know what you can do with him and you know where you can shove him.

She hadn’t meant to make her mom feel bad or really say half the stuff that she had said, there was just a lot that had accumulated over the years that needing dusting off and rearranging and, well, burning. She would have a better relationship with her mom if she didn’t cling on dad’s hinges and would get a backbone.

The feeling and words she expressed were not the whole truth also. She knows he exists but just, because
of her obvious and ever present issues with her parents, she feels scared about touching the issue. She does love angels
and things that remind her of her childhood love for God and how he was a kind shepherd and friend, and
opted to just go ahead and get the life like angel topper she had been staring at, while reminiscing , for what
seemed like hours.

She, carefully, because nothing was in packages or wrapping paper, carefully placed the angel into her cart
along with the tinsel she had already plucked from its perch and which soon would be joined with the most beautiful manger she had ever seen. It did, which was crazy, have the most unexpected deja’ue attack. She knew it would be going home with them without a doubt.

*** ***

Connor pushed through the light as if it were a physical thing he could touch, in fact it was. The light
had cool jello feel to it, but it also was liquidy, like he was swim-walking. He just wandered on without
a real direction or idea where he was going. There was light bouncing off the bubbles in the liquid just
like light bouncing off water as if they were dancing and swaying together. The liquid jell at the beginning
was crazy thick but it was now thinning out and was reducing itself into a vapor/fog and then to a mist.

The light seemed to be disappearing but he still couldn’t see anything yet. Then without notice he saw
something green up ahead. It was a single patch of grass with dirt about it. He was puzzled at this. Every
thing was white except for this very green patch of grass!

He walked past it and glanced back a few times to see if it would disappear. The time spent walking didn’t matter to him, it was as it didn’t bother him to be walking like he was on a blank canvass. It was almost like he was use to being in crazy places like this!

There it was, another green patch. He walked faster toward it and then saw another one off to his right.
He walked up to that one and ran his fingers through it’s blades. He lifted his head up and saw a tree not fifty yards in front of him.

He left the grass patch behind and darted for the tree. The tree was of normal size but it was clearly not a normal tree. Normal trees did not sway by themselves and have the most crisp colors. The tree was full of
leaves that were the greenest a person would ever see. The tree’s bark was rough like a regular tree but the
diverse amount of the color brown is what would spark anyone’s attention. Something was going on he
could tell, but what was it.

The affect had worn off. Like before, in the store, he came out of the stupor that was clearly meant to
cloud his mind and keep him in bewilderment. He now reacted with a sense of panic but still he felt at
ease with the happenings around him. He ran his hand across the tree’s bark and let the remarkable take
him in deeper.

He walked away from the tree, stuffed his hand in his pockets, and pressed on without a clue to what
possible lay ahead.

The distance was filled with green and he anticipated more green life. Single blades of grass which grew
in amount as if a painter was whisping green life across this vast canvass Connor was on.

He had gone so far that with each step something else popped into view so if Connor were
in a book and a reader were speedily flip through it’s pages, then they would see the forest growing
all around Connor as he went deep into what was now a vibrant, green forest.

Green soon was overran by a avalanche of other colors. Every part of the forest gave a presentation
of how marvelous they are. The flowers sashayed their colors, the trees flung their leaves about as if
to brag at their amount of foliage.

The forest was alive and seemed to dance about as if to say, “I know a secret, and I bet you wanna
know it !” He was in wonder and was amazed at how, clear and crisp everything was!

He turned to take it all in and as he completed the full turn, He saw a platform. He wasn’t sure
if he saw right , it had not been expecting, this, so he walked up to it.

There were no steps but when he lifted a leg to step onto it, a step appeared under
his foot and he stood up on it. Then it happened again. And again.

Each step disappeared after his foot depression left the step in a flutter and wisp of green and red.

He walked to the center of the platform where a single gift sat! He looked around because it was not
there before. It was white with green shimmering golden stars that laced the paper and a wide red velvet
ribbon that had gold snow flakes that when looked at seem to fall and flit as you looked at it.

The gift had his name on it, but it wasn’t his name. He knew it but he didn’t at the same time. It didn’t have a givers name, but it did say open. He knelt down on one knee to undo the unique ribbon that held
the gift tightly.

He removed the ribbon and opened the gift. The gift was wrapped inside a white cloth with a card lying on top. The card said, “form the golden garland in the air, make a passage and bide with care.”

He was hoping that it could be a little more plain, he was lost for ideas. He opened the cloth and pulled out three golden chords with glistening blades. The garland felt real. He tried making different shapes
and designs with it, but nothing happened. He tried swinging it in the air and still nothing occurred.

Of all the things, he didn’t think of what it actually meant, until it finally clicked. He took one chord and
held it high into the air by the tip. It dangled and nothing happened. He held it for a full ten minutes with
doubts seeking in, but then the tip jerked a bit and he jumped back letting loose of the chord. The chord
hung in the air by an unseen force. He just stared at it and was dumb founded. He walked back to it and
began straitening it out and as he did that it started sticking.

He rushed over to the gift box and pulled the other two golden chords and dropped one to start on hanging the other to the right of the other. It took to the invisible magic like a super glue adhering a bolder to the side of a mountain.

The final chord lay at his feet as if begging to join the excitement! He bent down and retrieved the garland and connected one end to the left garland and another end to the right garland. It took like the others
and then the unreal, amazing stuff happened.

The sound that a spinning firework makes as it lights up and whizzes, the same sound happened moments later.
The blades on the garland prickled out as needles and then looked as if they were under water and waved about as sea weed would. It was like lightening shot through each blade as they danced about like they
were doing sea weed ballet.

The whizzing sound and sparks began and lit up from the bottom of each stand of garland which was now a doorway. The sound became louder as the sparks climbed up the door’s frame. Both lines of sparks met in the top of the garland frame with a triumphant spray of lights, sparks and climactic clamor.

The climax of the sparks and whizzing, jerked the garland door frame and the scenery behind it shuttered,
blurred and waved like water rippling. It was clear to him right then and there that this was not a normal
place, that there was something, something, something, was past and through the door.


He had been doing a lot of standing and gawking lately, but t was clearly not his fault with all the out
of the ordinary that was flashing and bursting at him from all directions.

He walked up to the door and ran his fingers down the lightening emitting garland that continued it’s
display of being prickly one moment, giving off gold electricity with its fingers snaking outward, and then doing the seaweed dance, flowing effortlessly. As he ran his fingers down the garland frame, the fingers of the electricity would crawl up his hand like they were old friends. The garland had the softest feel but still felt like it was still on a tree.

He stepped around to the other side of the door and things were just the same from this side as it was
from the front, so he walked back to the front to examine some more.

The rippling and mirage like feel that was behind the door hadn’t changed. But something kept blinking
in and out. It began all of a sudden and was appearing and disappearing. He wasn’t able to tell from the first few glimpses what it was but, he thought he could make out shiny, balls or dots with green behind it.

The wanting to know what it was, was beckoning to him and was calling at him as would and old friend
and he felt a kinship to it that he could not explain. He felt the strongest need to go see what it was so with
all the courage he could muster, he ran for the door and dove into the rippling mirage. He felt a cool sensation that he could only associated with the clean feeling that comes after a hot shower. It was a crisp
feeling that swallowed him completely. He wasn’t running any longer, no, the force was pulling him now
and he succumbed to it and let it carry him along. He could tell he was moving fast just by the brisk sensation that was rushing past him. When he dove through the door it was totally star trek because when
he ran head on the mirage that laid past the door stretched out and did what going light speed would if he were watching star trek.

Colors were flying past him at ultimate speeds and he was being jerked from the right, from the left.
He abruptly was launched upward faster then any rocket he’s seen. The unseen force was pulling him forward as if going over a hill. All this was happening without him seeing a thing. It was the white, blank
slate all over again with the colors that zipped and flashed past him. Several times the colors ran into him
and splashed across his face which felt like the shock that freezing water would splashed in a face, but it also left him in exuberance.

He was now sliding downward , as if he were on a slide. He hadn’t felt anything under him
before or any thick object touching him, but he felt now that something was under him and it had side to it and now, it really did feel like he was going fast down a slide.

The blank whiteness, which was the only thing he’d been seeing, broke away as cloudy fog would
as it passes by. It slowly lifted and he could begin to see things. The tip top of a tree was poking out from
the surrounding fog and on it was majestic, glistening gold and red ornaments that were larger then any he
had ever seen.

The tree was to his right but he was moving down a slope that would curve to the right a bit more and
be swirling down around the tree. He knew he would be winding down it because as the clouds and fog separated he could see the parts of the slide he was about to go down. The slide was a vibrant red and so far
all the colors that he had seen since being on this adventure, had been unlike normal colors, they were alive with wonder and magic.

As he reached the cure in the slide he picked up speed and was blazing down the spiral slide. He felt over whelmed by the tree’s amount of foliage, height, and sheer volume as he rode down and he was amazed at the size of some of the ornaments he saw. They were all different sizes. Some were as big as an elephant and some were as small as a mouse, but each had a shine that he had never seen from any thing.
He could see himself in each one as he past them and they were magnificent. Fake snow gently laid on each
limb that was outstretched as if to add more character to an already tremendous display of beauty.

Large boxes were at the bottom which he could now see and as he speeded closer, he saw that they were presents. He saw the end of the slide and knew that he wasn’t going to land softly judging by how fast he had been flying down and he could tell that his trajectory would not end with a very pleasant outcome. There was a gigantic size box right in line from the slides end, and it looked thick.

He prepared for the exciting the slide and braced himself for the worst crash ever. As he excited, he tripped a switch that made the enormous present tip over backwards. He didn’t see a lot because everything
happened too fast, but all he knew was his landing was, unexpectedly soft. It was really hard to move because of all the padding and stuff inside of the present. Cotton balls lined the inner walls of the gift and
it was obvious now that it was planned and used for that specific purpose.

He stepped out from the box into a small cluster of large gifts that were beneath the giant branches of the massive tree. He has been on the ride of his life and had no idea where it would go from there.


The gifts that he saw were as big as houses, but of course houses are not wrapped with silk and boast
of how elegant they are, like they would if they were a prom queen. Fake snow gathered in drifts alongside the presents, above, and really, everywhere. It reminded him of a little village.

He looked all around him, he stared up to white nothingness, and thought about screaming for anyone because there was not a sound to be heard save his heavy breathing. The trees’ branches stretched out like a canopy above the gifts, with the top of the tree disappearing into the milky whiteness. He walked down past gifts that were lined in a perfect row that lead to a dead end which curved to the left. “Quiet, everything is quiet,“ he thought as he attempted at finding impossible clarity in unthinkable situation.

There were Styrofoam ice sickles hung from the roof of every house size gift and the painted on cobblestoned street that he was walking on was a red and brown color.

As he walked things started to change. The fake cobblestoned street became real with real rocks
popping through the painted one. The fake cotton snow began to flake over and snow started falling
overhead. He looked up instantly to watch the snow fall and see that it was coming from underneath the tree. The styrofoam ice sickles grew in dimentions and dropped a few inches lower. The fake ice and frost
became real. Ice found new places to adorn itself and this wonderland had found its winter.

The gifts that resembled houses became just that. It was if a giant invisible pair of scizzors came from nowhere because squares were cut from each present by an unseen force. Window panes were added as well
as door frames and chimneys popped up from each gift with a burst of smoke exploding from its mouth.

This all happened within ten minutes of Connor stepping foot on the cobblestone street. There were noises no, lots of them, but still no people. He came to the end of the street and turned the corner and
glanced back just in case he missed something, but he didn’t.

Clearly the area he had been at was nothing at all impressive because he was now in a courtyard or
at least the city’s town square.

There was a court house, a bakery, a deli, a clothing shop, a hardware store, and all the important
essentials that made up a tiny village. The layout was that if Connor stood directly in front of the court
house, all the other buildings would fall to his left and right with a line of buildings from which he had
just came around, set to be facing the court house.

He realized that it must be a painted, minature village that he was on. Like before, everything was
sleeping in its artificial state until he put one foot onto its cobblestone street, then the magic happened.

The once slumbering town came alive. Painted on shutters peeled away from the building and began to
flap in the wind that came out of no where. The wind whisked through the town as if to turn on everything.
It whisped through the rows of lanterns that lined the streets lighting each with a fluster of flame.

In the center of the square was a large fountain. It was the kind that if it wasn’t encased in ice, you could
splash around chasing all fish around. The fountain had four tiers from which water could cascade and trickle down; but in this case, it wasn’t. It was if the fountain had been flash frozen.

Connor left his spot where he had been standing and walked toward the fountain. Everything else had been changed and came alive with immediate results, but the fountain didn’t receive the same kind of action.

There was still no people any where. Everythig looked as if the town had been in full swing the whole day except for the bustle that comes with the towns natives that were apparently not there; maybe there
wasn’t any.

The empty branches that dotted the town swayed and moved with the wind dancing through them.
The flame jumped around in its cage and the shutters banged against the door.

Connor stood at the fountain and admired the architecture of the fountain. The fountain’s tiers
were in the shape of wreaths that were real gold. He definitely felt that something was going on.
“The golden wreaths, come on now, whats the deal,” he thought as he walked around the massive

It looked from a distance to be smaller then what it really was. It was large enough for three
to four people to skate comfortably. He climbed in and pretended to skate around and wished he had
a pair of skates.

It was snowing all around him and had been for quite some time and he had been in this
little place for at least two hours now. He had left the fountain a dozen times to scout and see if there
was anything else to do here or a way out. All other possible exits were not exits at all. There was wood
blocking what looked to be a different section of the village. No matter how many times he moseyed
about, he was always brought back to the fountain.

He once again climbed in and slid around the best that he could with his shoes. He thought he had
examined every plausible inch of the fountain but he just saw a tiny door with gold writing on it. The door was an arm reach away and was just above the first tier. He didn’t see it at first due to a large chunk of ice that blocked the door from view. The chunk of ice was the size of an average, full grown person’s waits so he hopped out of the fountain to break off a limb from a near by tree. He returned and threw a few swings at the ice. It wasn’t easy peesy pie that for sure, getting to this door would break some sweat; at least he had something to do finally.

With each swing ice chipped away and with each swing so did the limb he was using. He had to go and
get a new limb three times. He threw the last swing and with it the final piece of ice broke off. He was
all too releaved when it did.

He tossed the limb aside and brused away frost around the door and opened the door to reaveal a red button. Something had happened though when he opened the door because a wind had picked up and he began to hear sounds and noises.

He was just about to press the red button when something out of the corner of his eye flashed by.
He looked down at the ground and saw colors zip by and then stay for a bit and then zip by again.
They were people he knew that right away, but he couldn’t see them very well; the image was blurry.

He knelt down and rubbed his sleeve against the ice to wipe away the frost so he could see better.
There were people under the ice! He wasn’t prepared for that. He wiped frantically at the ice to see
if they were okay and needed help, maybe they were trapped.

He put both hands to the ice and looked through it as if it were glass and saw that no one was trapped,
but that they were skating. He saw blades rush by his face and that there were several people skating and
they were smiling and holding hands and by the looks of it, they were having a blast. They looked to be
skating on top of him or they were skating upside down.

They slid to a stop and he knew they saw him because they knelt down and rubbed the ice with their
sleeves stared down or up at him. The smiled brightly at him and held up one finger to wait a seconed.
They left and came back with a lot more people. They then placed a sign to the ice saying for him to push
the red button which they began to point at while the acted like he was the coolest thing to ever of happened to them.

He smiled back and stood up. He thought about it and weighed the options. He wasn’t sure what would happen and was even a bit scared. He wasn’t about to stay here any longer though and they were the first
people he had seen in hours. He pressed the button.
As soon as he had pushed the button, more magic happened. He couldn’t let loose of the button. The
tier wreaths folded like an umbrella and twisted; and he went with it. His body twisted around the fountain like rubber but it didn’t hurt. Everything happened within seven seconds of him pressing the red button. He
saw the town spin and felt himself stretch.
The fountain tiers became a long pole in which Connor was apart of. From a distance it was quite a sight.
The pole turned into a gold light. Connor and it disappeared beneath the ice.
On the other side of the ice the same thing happened, but in reverse and in the opposite direction. The
fountain’s tiers folded, twisted and released a very tied up Connor.
Connor could feel everything that was happening to him, but without any pain. He
felt a tug and a pull and before he knew it, he was wrapped around the fountain-pole,
and then all was white once again.

As he was unwinding he looked through the fog which quickly vanished, revealing
a very large and happy welcome.

Connor could see all the people’s faces smiling at him from their wintry wear, and as he was unwound from the fountain, they rushed to his side and gave him a coat because he suddenly realized he was cold and really needed one.

Everything here was completely different. There was a sky and this town was real. It looked the same as the fake one, but this one was real. The fake and unnaturalness that
the other place had, wasn’t present here, at all.

News of his arrival spreading like wild fire is a mild way of putting just how quickly everyone congregated around him.

He was still standing on the fountain which made him feel colder by the second.
Someone noticed right away and stepped from the midst of the crowd. It was gentlemen who looked to be in his mid thirties.

He too had on his winter best but appeard to look more informal than casual in
comparison to the rest of the crowd. He looked to be a person of great importance.
It was in the way he carried himself and in the eyes of the surrounding people as they
attentively watched for what this man had to say.


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