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Dreams God communicating with us
by Manuel Vargas 
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Dreams Divine Communication with God (Part One)

In my last article I shared how Joseph was given 2 dreams declaring God’s call on his life as a leader. The title of the article was Different Ways God Calls Us. In this article I’m going to share What the Bible Teaches about Dreams and the purpose is to point out that God still communicates with us through dreams and how we can be sensitive to God’s guidance through dreams.

God said He Speaks through Dreams
Then the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud and stood at the doorway of the tent, and He called Aaron and Miriam. When they had both come forward,
He said, Hear now My words: If there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord, shall make Myself known to him in a vision. I shall speak with him in a dream (Num.12:5-6 NAS).

God speaks through dreams. He said so, to Moses, Miriam, and Aaron. Some scholars may say, well God said, If, there is a prophet! Yes, but my point is God speaks through dreams. My second point is that God still speaks through dreams and not just to those who are prophets.

Dreams Are Still Manifesting Today
Some sincere but, misguided theologians believe that dreams operated in the Old and New Testament times because they didn’t have scripture back then and God had to reveal Himself in some way to His people to communicate with them. We don’t have them today. It’s just our own imaginations that work in our minds when we go to bed with certain issues or desires.

However, this point of view goes against Peter’s words that he quoted from Joel 2:28. Peter said, “and it shall come to pass…” When will it come to pass? “In the last days…” that’s now! We are living in the last days! (Most theologians will agree.) Peter said, “And your old men shall dream dreams…” (See Acts 2:16-21). According to Vine’s Dictionary, the classical greek manual scripts gives a clearer meaning of “shall dream dreams” by saying, “your old men shall be given up to dream by dreams.”

In other words, if we did not have a dream, an idea or a plan to pursue from God on the earth, like Joseph had received. God will give men and women an idea, plan or dream to pursue by giving them divine revelation through a dream while they’re sleeping at night. So the person who receives the dream at night may have the confidence that this is what God wants me to do on the earth.

Dreams Defined
Dreams- Chalom (Kah-lohm); Strongs #2472: A dream; A vision in the night. The root of the noun is the verb Chalam, “To dream”. Both the Vine’s Dictionary and Strongs Concordance agrees with the definition in the classical greek.

What the Bible Teaches About Dreams

1. Dreams are still manifesting today:

A) Joel predicted it will happen in the last days (Joel 2:28)
B) Peter declared that his time until today God’s out pouring of His Holy Spirit will provide believers with supernatural dreams and visions until Jesus returns (Acts 2:16-21).

Note: Until Jesus returns God will continue to give men and women dreams. So the misconception that theologians have that after the last Apostle that died God stop the dreams, visions, signs and wonders is ridiculous and they do harm by keeping people from tapping into the supernatural things of God.

2. Dreams and Visions are channels of communication

A) Indeed God speaks once, or twice, yet no one notices it. In a dream, a vision of the night, When sound sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds ,…(Job 33:14-15 NAS)
B) God speaks first through His word the Holy Bible, Dreams, Visions, Audible Voice of the Holy Spirit, and Angel, through people, circumstances, and more. (Acts 2:16-21/8:26-29/Neh.chap.1/Esther chap. 4)

3. Through dreams we can know the future

A) Joseph had a double dream declaring his future as a leader (Gen.37:5-11)
B) The butler and baker each had a dream declaring their destiny (Gen.40:1-21)
C) Pharoah had a double dream declaring Egypt’s future (Gen.41:1-37)

4. God’s divine will is revealed through dreams

A) God said that He reveals Himself through dreams (Num.12:6 NAS)
B) Elihu pointed this fact out to Job and his 3 friends (Job 33:14-23)
C) Joseph (Jacob’s son) knew God’s will thru a double dream (Gen.37-5-11)
D) Pharoah’s dream revealed God’s will for the next 14 years after he had his double dream (Gen.41:1-37)
E)Joseph (Mary’s fiancé) knew God’s will for his life after he had a dream, he was to Believe that she was supernaturally pregnant and take her as his wife and call the child Jesus and raise Him as his own son (what a awesome responsibility) (Matt.1:20-21)

Note: God’s will is revealed through dreams so we should not take them lightly. We need to have a high regard for them and not take it for granted. God said He SPEAKS through dreams when The Higher Authority SPEAKS we should listen.

5. God warns us of danger through dreams

A) Elihu pointed this out to Job and his 3 friends (Job 33:14-18)
B) God warned the wise men not to go back to Herod (Matt.2:12)
C) God warned Joseph (Mary’s Husband) to go to Egypt because Herod wanted to kill the child Jesus (Matt.2:13)
D) God warn Abimelech not to keep Sarah but to give her back to Abraham if not he would die and his nation will be destroyed (Gen.20:3-7)
E) God warn Pharoah about an upcoming famine (Gen.41)
F) God warned Nebuchadnezzer that if he is lifted up in pride, he will be humbled (Dan.4)

6. Dreams can be interpreted by God’s servants

A) Joseph interpreted the butlers’ dream (Gen. 40:8, 12-13)
B) Joseph interpreted the bakers’ dream (Gen. 40:18-19)
C) Joseph interpreted Pharoah’s dream (Gen.41)
D) Daniel interpreted Nebuchadnezzer’s first dream (Dan.2:29-45) and his second dream (Dan. 4:19-27)
E) Jacob interpreted Joseph’s second dream (Gen. 37:5-11)
F) God gave a dream to the Midianites (the heathen people) not His servants and granted them the interpretation (Judges 7:13-15)

7. Dreams can be symbolic in manifestation yet easy to interpret

A) Joseph’s 2 dreams were symbolic but his brothers and then his father understood the meaning of the dreams (Gen.37:5-11)
B) The Midianites had a dream and though it was symbolic they interpreted clearly (Judges 7:13-15)

8. Dreams can be symbolic yet hard to interpret unless it’s by divine revelation and understanding

A) The butler and baker’s dream were very symbolic beyond human comprehension and only Joseph was able to interpret it (Gen.40:6-21)
B) Pharoah’s dream was also difficult and again Joseph was granted the interpretation. This was by design because God wanted to elevate Joseph as a Man of God and ultimately release him from prison (Gen. 41)
C) Nebuchadnezzar’s 2 dreams were difficult and only Daniel was able to interpret it (Dan. Chap.2/4)

9. Dreams can be literally given and clearly understood

A) Solomon’s dream was amazing in the way God appeared to him, God said what do you want Me to give you? Solomon asked for the right thing WISDOM (Kings 3:5-15). We can ask for the same thing and we don’t need a dream to do it (See James 1:5-8)
B) Laban was clearly warn by God not to speak evil or do any harm to Jacob in his dream (Gen. 31:24-29)
C) Joseph Mary’s husband clearly received instruction to marry Mary, to call the baby Jesus, to raise Him as his own son (Matt.1:20-21). To flee to Egypt (Matt. 2:13) To return to Israel (Nazareth)(Matt.2:19-20)
D) The Three wise men received clear instruction not to go to Herod to report where Jesus lived but to go another way because Herod wanted to kill Jesus (Matt.2:12)

10. What are the timelines of dreams to come to pass?

A) Dreams may come to pass the following day ; Joseph (Mary’s hubby) (Matt.1:20-21/ 2:13,19,20). The wise men (Matt.2:12)
B) Dreams may take 3 days to come to pass, the butler and baker’s dream came to pass in 3 days (Gen.40:6-22)
C) Dreams may take a year to come to pass Nebuchadnezzar was humbled a year after his dream was interpreted by Daniel (Dan.4:28,29)
D) Joseph (Jacob’s son) had 2 dreams and it took 13 years for the first dream to come to pass (Gen.41:38-46) from (Gen.37:5-11) And 22 years for the second part of his dream to come true (Gen. 45:1-8) from (Gen.37:5-11).

I shared the great things about dreams but there is still more that has to be said, we will present the other half about it. We will discuss false dreams and revelations and all the scriptures that deal with the precautionary measures in regards to dreams. Also my personal testimonies how God gave me dreams and how they came true. So that the word of God can be practically applied in this area of your spiritual growth as it did for the characters in the scriptures and in my life. Good night and be bless in Jesus’ name.

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