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Project Black Box
by Shirley Williams
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“Project Black Box”

[All through the telling of this dream, I will be making projections as though it would be like a mini-movie].

I was in a phone booth (prayer closet). I don’t know what the location was but obviously, I was trying to get away from someone who was after me. While In the phone booth, I’m constantly looking around to see if I was followed (watching and prophetically praying). I was carrying a case with me. It wasn’t a brief case, or a suitcase. It was a small oblong box type case with a handle on top, and it was black.

PROJECTION: The person being chased is a woman. She could be wearing a trench coat, or a cloak of some kind. Underneath the cloak, she could be wearing the Armor of God. She could also have a hat on. Underneath the hat could be the helmet of salvation. In looking around, she’s being sober and vigilant because the devil, as a roaring lion is seeking to find “Project Black Box” to steal. He wants to destroy it.

The phone call I made was to my Lawyer (Jesus is our Advocate with the Father), And he connected me with a another Lawyer (the Father) who wanted to catch this thief (satan). So, my Lawyer and the other Lawyer worked with me, giving me strategy. They told me what to do in order to protect “Project Black Box.” It must have the chance to do what it was designed to do---help millions of struggling and defeated Christian’s all over the world. It was an antidote to the devil’s poison of discouragement and fear that plagued many of God’s people. This antidote was designed by the manufacturer to help millions of people be set free from fear, discouragement and failure. (Jesus always makes a way of escape).

PROJECTION: The woman could put on dark glasses before she steps out of the phone booth. She could also pull the collar of her coat up higher and pull the brim of her hat further down on her forehead. All the while, she’s looking around discreetly as she picks up the case and steps out of the booth.

In the dream, I leave the phone booth and go to get in my car.
[I once had a midnight blue Firebird until an accident totaled it. This was my car in the dream]
I put the case in the front seat beside me, check the rear-view mirror and leave the parking lot. I head toward the place where my Lawyer told me to go. He was in agreement with the other Lawyers idea.

I arrived at the designated place and walked into what seemed to be a train station. I causally looked around (never let the enemy know what you’re up to until the time is right. Keep mouth shut. Don’t cast pearls before swine). The station was busy with people going and coming. There were many people waiting to go somewhere.

Once I got to this new location, the two Lawyers were to give me further strategic instructions on what to do next. Both Lawyers knew the enemy was following me and that he was after “Project Black Box.” They were baiting the enemy, leading him into a trap. His plot of evil was already as good as defeated (Matt.18:18--whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven).

PROJECTION: While she’s waiting, someone runs up behind her and tries to snatch the case out of her hands. The surprise for the thief would be that the case is attached to her arm. Scripture I Peter 5:8 would fit here.

Also, when the woman realizes what is happening, she could begin saying with authority, “It is written! Submit yourselves unto God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper!” The thief could be seen doubling over as if in acute pain (Sword of the Spirit has struck). He then lets go and quickly slinks off in defeat.

There could also be some kind of communication device she wears on her wrist, like a wrist-watch. This would enable her to be in contact with her Lawyer without his actually having to be in person speaking. This could represent hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. It could show that a lot of times when we’re trying to hear, we can end up hearing a lot of spiritual static instead.

Could show her trying to hear his voice but because she has fear, her mind is muddled. The incident with the thief shook her up a bit and now, she’s near panic because she’s hearing nothing. She just wants to be reassured that her Lawyer is on his way. At one point, she’s seen throwing both hands in the air and looking heaven-ward with obvious frustration on her face. The message conveyed is, ‘Lord, why don’t you speak to me?’ She’s seen being busy doing all the talking, showing that the Lord can’t get a word in edge-wise. All the while, she’s actively pacing the floor and drawing people’s attention.

Every few seconds, she’s seen tapping on the watch with her fingertips, then putting it to her ear. Nothing. She shakes it and tries again to hear but still there is noting coming through. The impatience she feels is very evident on her face. Finally, she becomes aware that people are staring at her, causing her to realize just how much she’s been worrying. She had momentarily forgotten that her Lawyer said he had everything under control and for her not to worry. She finds a seat and sits down to wait.

She’s seen now discreetly talking into the communication device on her wrist. She’s softly calling out to her Lawyer. “If you’re still there, I’m sorry for worrying myself into a panic. Will you forgive me for losing it and for not trusting you?” Immediately, she hears him speak to her very clearly, “You’re forgiven.” She smiles now. No more static. She realizes that when she got still in her spirit, she could hear him.

In due time, my Lawyer came walking into the train station but the other Lawyer wasn’t with him. Somehow, my Lawyer got the message conveyed to me that the other Lawyer sent him as representative because their thoughts, feelings and message is the same (I and the Father are one, Jesus said. If you’ve seen Me, you’ve seen the Father).

After receiving new instructions, I left the train station, ever aware that I was being watched (evil watchers). Once again, I put the case in the front seat beside me and drove off. When I got near my destination, I had to drive up a slight incline. There were large rocks on either side of the road. Some of them were like boulders--really big. Then, I came to a winding curve to the left and when I came out of it, I was quickly confronted with a giant hole in the road.

Unable to continue on, I stopped because the hole was so big. It was wide and very deep. There was no way I could possibly get around it and keep going. As I sat there looking at this gaping hole in the road, I noticed people standing around it. Other’s stood off to the side---all of them watching to see what I was going to do.

Looking more closely, I saw that those people were demon spirits and they were responsible for the hole. It was a trap set for me. They wanted me to fall into this big hole so I would no longer be a threat to their evil business, “Deception, Inc.” I knew that there is no temptation (test) so great that God won’t make a way of escape. He makes a way where there seems to be no way. These things were going through my mind as I looked at the narrow margin of room on the right hand side of the hole.

The impossibility of getting over this giant hole safely crowded my mind. But then, other thoughts came even stronger than those negative ones. I thought, without God, all things are impossible, but with God, all things are possible to those who will believe. This realization gave my faith a boost and I felt myself go from concern to determination as the word of the Lord rose up in me. Then, with a loud voice, I professed, “I can do all things God calls me to do through Christ, Who strengthens me to do supernaturally what I can’t naturally do alone. Thank You, Jesus!”

I reached over to pat the black case sitting beside me as I revved up the motor of my car. Then, with faith and determination, I jammed it and slammed it in gear, taking off with such power that fire was seen coming out of the tail-end of my car (the fire of the Holy Ghost---fire of the anointing). I was over and around the giant hole before anyone could figure out what had happened.

Once I got stopped way on the other side of the hole, I rolled down my window and looked back to see the expressions of puzzlement on faces as if to say, “How’d she do that?” I laughed out loud with delight at how God had delivered me out of the enemy’s hand. All eyes were on me but I pointed for them to look at the hole again. They did as I instructed and when they looked again, they saw two strong angel’s standing there with their arms folded across their chests, looking powerful. (He sent forth His angel’s as ministering spirits to the heirs of salvation, Heb.1:14).

I laughed again when I saw the people’s reactions to the angel’s. They gasped in fear and took off running to get away from them. They were all trying to go in different directions in their haste to get away and they kept bumping into one another (God confuses the enemy). Before I continued to fulfill my assignment, I waved to the two angel’s sent to help me, and they smiled and nodded their heads at me.

I drove on and shortly came to my destination. I had not been hindered anymore. The place I arrived at resembled a cave and yet, it wasn’t. It was more like one of those space compounds you see out in the middle of nowhere. At the entrance was silver arched doors that took a device inserted into a socket before they would slide open. The device I had been given was a big golden key (speaks of the prophetic and wisdom). On the side of this key was the word, “faith.” (prayer is the key to heaven but faith unlocks the door).

Once inside, I started walking down this long and wide hallway. The walls of it were an infusion of different gems. There were diamonds and pearls embedded in the walls that appeared almost irridesent with shades of pink and lavender. Throughout the length of the walls I could also see what looked like gold nuggets interspersed among the gems. It was gloriously beautiful and I immediately felt peace in this place. There was a lot of activity going on here but there was a calm at the same time that could be felt.

As I walked on, I finally came into this large room to my left where I saw people standing around in groups of two’s and three’s talking comfortably with one another. Everyone I met here was very friendly, although I didn’t really talk to anyone. I was on a mission. I had never been here before but I knew exactly where I was going.

I knew there was a room I had to get to and so I kept moving in that direction. As I approached the door to the room I needed to enter, there was a man and a woman standing close by it, talking. They each smiled and nodded their head at me in a friendly greeting. I did the same in return then turned my attention back to the silver double doors before me. To the left of the door, there was a panel. Like the door at the outside entrance, there was a device that needed to be inserted into a socket before the doors would open.

I had been carrying the black box and now, I set it down on the floor and took out of it an oblong three tube light and inserted it into the socket on the panel. It was suppose to fully light up. I watched and waited for this to happen but there seemed to be a problem. The tube on the left lit up immediately. The middle tube lit up only halfway down, and the third tube did nothing. I paused in front of the malfunctioning tube and wondered what I had done wrong?

Directly, the man who had been talking with the woman walked over to me and smiling, he touched the middle tube. He touched it to the point of no light all the way to the end of tube. As he moved his fingers gently over the tube, it lights up. “Mine does that too sometimes,” he said. “Thank you,” I told him. Now, two of the tubes were fully lit. That left one to go.

As I looked at the third tube, it was flickering, trying to light up. I decided to do as the man had done. I said a quick prayer then touched the tube. It began flickering more rapidly, then it lights up fully. I couldn’t help smiling at the success and I whispered a quiet, “Thank You,” for answered prayer. As soon as all three tubes were lighted fully, the silver doors opened and allowed me entrance.

I picked up “Project Black Box” and entered the room where six other women were already there waiting for me to arrive. These six women were standing around in a semi-circle. As I came through the door, they all greeted me warmly and let me know they had been expecting me. Two more angel’s stood inside the room at either side of the entrance.

The room itself reminded me of one of those control rooms in a space movie. There was a giant computer, flashing buttons everywhere on it. There was one huge screen and five other smaller screens showing the grounds and outside activity. One of the screens showed the sharp curve I had come around and the giant hole in the road. The women let me know they had witnessed everything that had happened earlier when I arrived. “We were praying for you,” one of them said. Another one told me, “We knew that God would deliver you and bring you here safely.” Then, they indicated the Black Box I was holding at my side.

I raised the case and held it directly in front of me, agreeing with all they had said. Then, I moved to an oval table in the room and sat the black box down on it. Once I had done this, the seven (completion) of us joined hands in a circle and we prayed together. As we were praying, I glanced over at one of the screens and saw a ropes in the hands of the two angel’s who had helped me get across the hole.

As we kept praying and prophetically speaking the word of God, outside, the angel’s were binding those demons with the ropes and then tossing them into the deep hole (the pit where Jesus sends them). The other women glanced over at the screen also and saw our prayers being answered right before our eyes. Peals of praise and worship sounded loudly among us for there was much joy at seeing God’s delivering power through His anointed word.

As it turned out, the other six women had a black box just like mine and now they placed their’s on the table also. We all opened our cases at the same time to reveal its contents. It was somewhat like the Ark of the Covenant because each of our cases held the precious and holy Word of God (Bible). We each one carried the “Prophetic Word” and this is what the enemy was after to steal and destroy before it could be realized and used to destroy his evil works (John 10:10).

Once we had the victory over the enemy, reminding him that he’s already defeated by the blood of Jesus, we were released to leave. The enemy had been bound in this particular city we had been sent to work as a team. Now, this team of prophetic intercessors and anointed warrior’s were sitting in the airport waiting to catch a plane that would take us back to the United States and to our respective homes. (I know we were overseas but I don’t know exactly where). The dream ended.

PROJECTION: The other women could also be wearing the same kind of cloak and hat. When they’re about to join together in prophetic prayer, doing spiritual warfare, everyone could remove their coats and hats at the same time. The revelation would be that all seven women are wearing the ‘Armor of God.’

Clearly being a watchman, prophetic intercession and spiritual warfare is the main theme of this dream. Like military troops (part of God’s Army) sent out on a mission to take out the enemy because a whole city is being oppressed. Jesus came to set the oppressed (captives) free. The enemy can hold a whole community hostage to terror and fear, etc., and the people not realize it. They wouldn’t realize that evil forces are holding them hostage spiritually. A few of God’s people attuned to the voice of Holy Spirit would be able to recognize the enemy’s tactics. It would be their prayers that would bring in God’s prophetic warring troops.

It would be God’s team of prophetic intercessor’s and warriors, wearing the full armor of God that He would send on assignment. They would march boldly into the city, as it were, not afraid to step on the enemy’s turf and take over for the Kingdom of God. They would be prepared by Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth and by the blood of Jesus, to go in and tear down strongholds, binding up the enemy’s works.

Once the people are set free from the bondage of terror and oppression, they are free to come to Jesus without fear. Revival can then break out as the people praise and worship God, thanking Him for their deliverance. Thousands can now respond to God’s love and the drawing of Holy Spirit to receive Jesus and all that He has for them.

Plain As Day Ministries

Shirley Williams

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