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Mormonism is of the Devil
by Chris Huffman
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Mormonism is of the Devil!

Yes, that’s right, Mormonism IS of the Devil…it is yet another one of his creations, just like Catholicism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, etc., etc. The following will contain numerous quotes from Mormon religion leaders and quotes about Mormon doctrine. Be warned, this will not be pretty:

“[There is] no salvation without accepting Joseph Smith. If Joseph Smith was verily a prophet, and if he told the truth…no man can reject that testimony without incurring the most dreadful consequences, for he cannot enter the kingdom of God” --Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, vol. 1, p.190

“If we get our salvation, we shall have to pass by Joseph Smith; if we enter our glory, it will be through the authority he has received. We cannot get around him.” --1988 Melchizedek Priesthood Study Guide, p. 142, Apostle George Q. Cannon

“He that confesseth not that Jesus has come in the flesh and sent Joseph Smith with the fullness of the Gospel to this generation, is not of God, but is anti-christ.” --Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 9, p.312

“No man or woman in this dispensation will ever enter into the celestial kingdom of God without the consent of Joseph Smith…every man and woman must have the certificate of Joseph Smith, junior, as a passport to their entrance into the mansion where God and Christ are… [Joseph Smith] reigns there as supreme a being in his sphere, capacity, and calling, as God does in heaven. Many will exclaim, ‘Oh that is very disagreeable! It is preposterous! We cannot bear the thought!’ But it is true.” --Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 7, p.289-91

“Our entire case as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints rests on the validity of this glorious First Vision. Nothing on which we base our doctrine, nothing we teach, nothing we live by is of greater importance than this initial declaration. I submit that if Joseph Smith talked with God the Father and His Beloved Son, then all else of which he spoke is true. This is the hinge on which turns the gate that leads to the path of salvation and eternal life.” --Gordon B. Hinckley, Ensign Mag., Nov. 1998, pp.70-71

“I tell you, JOSEPH HOLDS THE KEYS, AND NONE OF US CAN GET INTO THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM WITHOUT PASSING BY HIM. We have not got rid of him, but he stands there as the sentinel, holding the keys of the kingdom of God; and there are many of them beside him. I tell you, if we get past those who have mingled with us, and know us best, and have a right to know us best, probably we can pass all other sentinels as far as it is necessary, or as far as we may desire. But I tell you, the pinch will be with those that have mingled with us, stood next to us, weighed our spirits, tried us, and proven us: there will be a pinch, in my view, to get past them.” --Apostle Orson Hyde, Journal of Discourses, Vol. 6, p.154-155


Those quotes speak volumes on their own folks…but just wait, more is coming. But here is where I want to expose a man you should all know, who BY HIS OWN MOUTH, declared he was a Mormon…Glenn Beck! Yes folks that is right, Glenn Beck IS a Mormon!! Yes he talks a good game on his Fox News daily TV show and exposes the Leftist, Progressive Movement and so on, BUT his religion and his writings and speech and actions ARE INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE WORD OF GOD AND THE BELIEFS OF BORN AGAIN BELIEVERS!!!

The man is an Ecumenist to boot. He tells his audience to seek guidance from whatever religious leader they have, rather than (if he were a Christian) seeking guidance from Jesus and the Word of God. He shacks up with other ungodly religious leaders like Catholic priests, Jewish rabbis and others. His 8-28 conference last year in August was one big Ecumenist love fest. Recently he has written a book called “The 7 Wonders That Will Change Your Life” that was co-authored by a shrink. This book contains New Age leanings along with his acceptance of Mormonism as the best of the faiths he sought out. So take a look at some quotes from his book:

“People are inherently good.” (page 165)

“Finding what worked for me made all the difference. Finding what works for you will do the same.” (page 157)

“There is no infant delivered evil, out of the womb. There never has been. Not even one…Charles Manson was not born evil. Ted Bundy wasn’t. The BTK killer wasn’t. Hitler wasn’t.” (page 162)

“Latter-day Saints do not believe that your chances ever cease, even with death. They end only with the full understanding and denial of truth by your own exercise of real free will. And even then there is no lake of fire.” (page 149)

“I questioned everything I could think to question about the faith. I went over my doubts again and again with the church bishop. I read everything there was to read on their website and every word of Mormon Doctrine…I went to anti-Mormon literature for hints, but I found most of it to be unfair or just plain wrong. I tried every trick I could think of to find a contradiction. The problem was that I couldn’t. MORMONISM SEEMED TO EXPLAIN THE WORLD AND MY PLACE IN IT BETTER THAN ANY OTHER FAITH I HAD LOOKED AT.” (page 149-150)

“Pray to whatever higher power you believe in…Praying that God or Nature or the Cosmos or your own internal, immeasurable reservoir of spirit allows you the courage and faith to find and then face the truth.” (page 132)

“Just be sure you visit with a minister or therapist from a religion or healing discipline you actually have affinity for, or suspect you might.” (page 74)

“The third chapter of Exodus helped me start to understand how crucial it was that my focus be on finding God not just in the seas or the cosmos, but in myself.” (page 57)

“If God is everything and everywhere and inside everyone, then I figured He had to be inside me, too…” (page 58) “Divine power is still inside you.” (page 71)

“You have a polestar inside you. It is connected with all the energy in the universe. When you begin to follow that star you align yourself with immeasurable, inexplicable forces that will actually help you manifest your best intentions.” (page 79)

Throughout the course of the book Beck uses any of the following phrases over 20 times, “your truth” “your true path” or “my truth” as found in the following examples:

“You must use courage and faith to empty the hard drive of your soul and then fill it with your truth.” (page 288)

“There is only your truth.” (page 220)

“What is your truth whispering?” (page 130)

See this site for all the details about Beck:


It comes down to this folks…no matter how much sugary icing you put on a stale cake, when you bite into it the cake is still going to taste stale…that is…BAD! So no matter how much ol’ Beck throws around Jesus’ name, it means nothing because the Jesus he is invoking is a false, devilish Jesus, period! So to continue on about Mormonism as a whole, it will be even more clear that this religion is just plain bonkos. As Mormon history goes it was founded by a man named Joseph Smith, a treasure hunter. In 1821as the story goes, he had a vision where Jesus appeared to him, but then he changed his story and said Jesus and God the Father appeared to him, then it was Jesus and his angels. Another time he said an angel named Moroni appeared to him and revealed to him a secret manuscript written on gold plates, supposedly containing the “true gospel.” I think Paul wrote something about this very kind of thing if it ever happened:

“But though we, or AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, LET HIM BE ACCURSED.” (Galatians 1:8 KJV)

So that verse there tells me that the angel Moroni is a moron…hahaha, get it, Moroni is a moron! Not to mention ACCURSED! The manuscript was translated into the Book of Mormon. Now, here comes the truly sad and ridiculous part of the Mormon history concerning their God the Father and Jesus. As their story goes, God was a man named Elohim born to human parents where he lived out his life and then become a god like his father. He apparently fathered many children, two of which were Jesus and Lucifer. They decided to put Elohim’s kids on a planet (Earth) where Jesus and Lucifer bid each other on who would be the children’s Savior. Jesus won out for his unselfish reasons. This upset Lucifer who rebelled and along with many of Elohim’s children were cast down to earth, never to have a physical body. The people who were on Jesus’ side were light skinned and those who remained neutral their skin turned black, thus is the Mormon explanation for black people.

After the battle, people were sent to earth and Elohim came to earth and HAD SEX with Mary and this is how Jesus came into the world. While Jesus was in the world, he had several wives, namely Martha and Mary Magdalene and had children with them and Joseph Smith is a direct descendant of Jesus. In Mormon belief, it is taught that if you live a good Mormon life, that in your afterlife, you can become a god.

Over time, Joseph supervised the first printing of some “divine revelations” he had received. After numerous changes “Doctrines and Covenants” was released. Smith however also did a revision of the King James Bible to suit Mormon doctrine. So in total, the Mormon Church has four accepted sacred works: their version of the King James Bible, the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price. Of course NONE of these are acceptable as THE true source for Scripture and none of them represent the truth of God’s Word.

Part of their teaching is that like with Catholicism, the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints is THE only true Church and that all others are false. They (the Mormon Church) use born again biblical terms and in The Pearl of Great Price, Articles of Faith, p. 59, it says, “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and His Son Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.” This confession alone would lead one to believe that they are in fact Christians. HOWEVER…their definition of God the Father and who Jesus is and the matter of justification DIFFER DRASTICALLY from those found in the Bible.

Consider this quote from Mormon teaching, “His humanity is to be recognized as real and ordinary --whatever happened to Him may happen to any one of us. The Divinity of Jesus and the Divinity of all other noble and stately souls, in so far as they, too, have been influenced by a spark of Deity --can be recognized as manifestations of the Divine.” (Elder B. H. Roberts citing Sir Oliver Lodge in Joseph Smith, King Follett Discourse, p. 11 note)

And consider Smith’s view on “man” as found in his writings, “Man is a spirit clothed with a tabernacle. The intelligent part of which was never created or made, but existed eternally --man was also in the beginning with God.” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Progress of Man) Consider their twisted view on salvation:

“The extent of the Atonement is universal, applying alike to all descendants of Adam. Even the unbeliever, the heathen and the child who dies before reaching the years of discretion all are redeemed by the Saviour's self-sacrifice from the individual consequences of the fall ... of the saved NOT ALL WILL BE EXALTED TO THE HIGHER GLORIES. No one can be admitted to any order of glory, in short, NO SOUL CAN BE SAVED UNTIL JUSTICE HAS BEEN SATISFIED FOR VIOLATED LAW... In the kingdom of God there are numerous levels of gradations provided for those who are WORTHY OF THEM.” (James Talmage, Articles of Faith, pp. 85, 91) And check this one out:

“I want you to tell them and tell all the great men of the earth that the Latter Day Saints are to be their redeemer. Believe in God, believe in Jesus, AND BELIEVE IN JOSEPH HIS PROPHET, AND BRIGHAM HIS SUCCESSOR, and I add, IF YOU WILL BELIEVE IN YOUR HEARTS AND CONFESS WITH YOUR MOUTH JESUS IS THE CHRIST, THAT JOSEPH WAS A PROPHET, AND THAT BRIGHAM IS HIS SUCCESSOR, YOU SHALL BE SAVED IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD. NO MAN OR WOMAN IN THIS DISPENSATION WILL EVER ENTER INTO THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM OF GOD WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF JOSEPH SMITH...every man and woman must have the certificate of Joseph Smith, junior, as a passport to their entrance into the mansions where God and Christ are. I CANNOT GO THERE WITHOUT HIS CONSENT ... He reigns there as supreme, a being in his sphere, capacity, calling, as God does in Heaven.” (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, 6:229, 7:289)

Oh my gosh…hold on while I lose my dinner!!!! WOW! That is just some of the most heretical stuff I have read. Here are some more quotes for you:

“‘It is the first principle of the gospel to know for a certainty the character of God,’ the inspired word continues, ‘and to know that we may converse with Him as one man converses with another, and that HE WAS ONCE A MAN LIKE US; YEA, THAT GOD HIMSELF, THE FATHER OF US ALL, DWELT ON AN EARTH, THE SAME AS JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF DID.’ THE FATHER IS A GLORIFIED, PERFECTED, RESURRECTED, EXALTED MAN WHO WORKED OUT HIS SALVATION BY OBEDIENCE TO THE SAME LAWS HE HAS GIVEN TO US SO THAT WE MAY DO THE SAME.” (LDS Apostle Bruce R. McConkie, A New Witness for the Articles of Faith, p.64, LDS Collectors Library '97 CD-ROM)

“God himself was once as we are now and is an exalted man and sits enthroned in yonder heavens...” (Journal of Discourses, V6, P3, 1844)

“As man is, God once was: as God is, man may become.” (Lorenzo Snow, quoted in Milton R. Hunter, the Gospel Through the Ages, pp. 105-106)

Are you seeing how evil and fiendish Mormonism is folks? Worse yet, this religion is a sex cult. They practice polygamy where the men can have numerous wives of various ages, some even as teenagers. Here is another quote, “In the Articles of Faith, by James Talmage, justification by faith in Jesus Christ is called a ‘pernicious doctrine’ twice and he states that it has been ‘an influence for evil.’” (pp. 107, 480)

Ohh, and to have any hope of becoming a god, you have to marry another Mormon and do so in the Temple, the Mormon Temple that is. Now, with all this having been said, I have just made two very sad and troubling discoveries. It has come to my attention that several prominent “Evangelical” leaders named Ravi Zacharias (co-author of the Walter Martin book Kingdom of the Cults) and Richard Land (president of a commission in the Southern Baptist Convention) within the last 7 or so years say that Mormonism is Christian! Well good grief…let’s just all shack up together and be one big happy frickin’ family! No more witnessing, no exposing things, we’ll just be lovey dovey brothers and sisters, trah la la!!


What God hates, so do I! God hates anything and anyone that sets itself up as a false Jesus, a false Christ or a false Saviour.

The further and further believers fall from the truth of God’s Word the King James Bible, the closer and closer we come to a global ecumenical system. Please check out the following:




Those CrossTalk links are for the archived broadcasts of radio shows exposing Mormonism.

God Bless!

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