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Things That Didn't
by Gerald Shuler 
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A one act skit for 5 people

The skit begins with Susan WH-O-O-SH-ING toward the middle of the stage as though she had just been sucked in by some powerful force. She steadies herself as she looks around, trying to figure out where she is and how she got there.

SUSAN: (As she is rushing center stage) Whoa!!! Oh, Man! What was THAT!?!? (Looking around for the first time) And..WHERE AM I? (Walking around the stage, exploring) Oh, wow…I sure made a wrong turn somewhere! (Cupping her hands to her mouth) Hellooo!!!! Is anybody here? Helllll0000000!!!!

ANGEL: (Coming quietly from behind SUSAN, unnoticed, calmly) Hello, Susan I am your angel.

SUSAN: (jumping with fright) Yikes! Scare me to death, why don’t you?

ANGEL: Too late…You’re already dead.

SUSAN: I’m WHAT??? (takes a deep breath and exhales) Mighty healthy lungs for a dead person, wouldn’t you agree… (sarcastically) ...Angel? Besides, how could I be dead? I’m only seventeen and in GREAT HEALTH!

ANGEL: You were hit by a car when you...

SUSAN: (Remembering)...pushed that little boy out of the way to keep him from being run over! I remember! I lost my balance…I…I…

ANGEL: You saved the boy’s life but it cost you your own life.

SUSAN: Wow! Then that means I really AM…you know…

ANGEL: Dead.

SUSAN: AND a HERO! Don’t forget that! What a way to go! That’s gonna look great on my record!

ANGEL: (Clears throat) Ahem. Well, about your record…that’s why you are here. We must review the record of your life.

SUSAN: No Problem! My record is CLEAN! Check my life out. No drugs, No booze, No, well, you get the idea. Check my record ANY way you want…

ANGEL: I see. Then you’ll have no problem passing our standard entrance exam.

SUSAN: You’re KIDDING! I’m dead…no more school…FOREVER!!! And now that I’m in the Ever-after, the first thing I’m asked to do is TAKE A TEST???


SUSAN: (Suspiciously) How simple?

ANGEL: Very simple, I just need to have you watch a few scenes from your life that didn’t happen.

SUSAN: Things in my life…that DIDN’T happen? I don’t understand.

ANGEL: You will. When I touch your eyes, you just tell me what you see. (Angel softly touches Susan on her eyelids. Susan immediately starts to move her head in time with imaginary music)

SUSAN: Hey, cool! 3-D Stereovision! (Starts looking around. An imaginary television clicks on and Susan watches the action briefly, then gives a surprised look when she realizes what she is watching) I remember this place! This is where my best friend Becky and I used to hang out! Oh, there she is now! And…I am with her! RADICALLY cool! And there’s that car we walked past that still had the keys in it. Boy, we were sure tempted to go for a short joyride! (Gets very defensive when she sees things happening that didn’t line up with how she remembered it) Hold it! This shows me getting in that car! I NEVER GOT IN! We didn’t even open the door! All we did was look in the window and talk about how much fun it would be to go for a ride!

ANGEL: Don’t worry. This is things that DIDN’T HAPPEN. Just relax and tell me what you see.

SUSAN: But I never stole that car! I never stole anything in my life! NEVER!

ANGEL: I know, this is just part of the test you must pass. Just describe what you see.

SUSAN: Well, (She sits in a chair and begins to act out what is happening on the television screen, as though she is actually reliving the experience.) We are in the car. Now I am turning the key to see if it starts. (Sound of a motor starting and Susan begins to show her excitement)It started! OH, what a car! Okay, I’m starting to drive. I’m giving it more gas…WOW! This baby has POWER! I’m already up to 80… 90 … 100! WHAT A THRILL! Wait! There’s a curve in the road..I’m going too fast.. I can’t .. I can’t …Oh, NOOOOO!!!!! (Sound of crashing car and Susan falls to the floor as though she is dead)

ANGEL: Susan, get up. That didn't really happen.

SUSAN: (Lifting her head and looking around, puzzled) It didn’t really happen? Hey, that’s right! It really DIDN’T happen…I NEVER stole that car! What’s going on here? I’m not about to take the rap for something I was just tempted to do… something that didn’t even happen…what kind of test is this any way?

ANGEL: A fair test. You are only seeing how things would have been if you HAD done certain things in your life.

SUSAN: (with a sigh of relief) Then you really do understand? I DID NOT STEAL THAT CAR!

ANGEL: I understand.

SUSAN: Way cool! This is MY kind of test! Is there more?

ANGEL: There is… tell me what you see… (The angel touches Susan’s eyelids)

SUSAN: Oh, it’s Becky and me again. I remember this time too. There is the man that always waited outside our school to talk to kids. We all knew he was a drug pusher so Becky and I never talked to him…Hey, wait a minute! This shows him giving me some pills! I NEVER TOOK ANYTHING HE OFFERED! He always tried to get kids to try some “uppers” but we NEVER DID! I’m innocent..I never took drugs! NEVER!

ANGEL: Calm down! Remember..this is things that DIDN’T happen!

SUSAN: Oops! I forgot! Sorry!

ANGEL: What you are seeing is what would have happened if you HAD taken the pills he offered you.

SUSAN: (with some reservations) Okay ..so go ahead and tell you what I see, right?

ANGEL: Right.

SUSAN: Right! (With renewed eagerness) Okay, let’s get on with the test! Let’s see…Becky and I are back at my house. We’re sitting on the edge of the bed (Susan sits on the edge of the chair) ...and I am swallowing some of the pills. Now I am…ooohhhh! Wow! What a rush! I feel like I can take on the world! So full of ENERGY! In fact, I really need to get busy! (She gets up and moves the chair to a different place) No, maybe it would be better over here. (moves chair again, this time out of sight of audience) So much energy…got to do something. Do you have a dusting rag? I could do a little cleaning. Do your wings need dusting? (She reaches out to the angel and moves one hair) You had a hair out of place. Man..my heart feels more alive than it ever has before! (She holds her hand over her heart.) It feels like it is even beating faster..in fact, it IS beating faster…and harder.. faster, FASTER, FASTER…OH..LORD..what’s happening to me? I’m getting hot…sweating! My heart…something is wrong with my heart…IT’S THE DRUGS!!! I overdosed! I’m going to... (Screams out and crumbles to the floor as though she is dead)

ANGEL: Susan, get up. You are alright. (Susan gets up and dusts herself off) Remember, this is things…

SUSAN: I know, I know…things that didn’t happen. I’m starting to understand that there were a lot of things in my life that didn’t happen. But this test just proves what I told you. I have been a good person all my life. And now, finally, it looks like all that “goodness” is going to pay off..right? It’s obvious that I have passed the entrance exam...

ANGEL: You will know after this last test.

SUSAN: (With great enthusiasm) Last test? Well, bring it on! I’m getting the hang of this now!

ANGEL: (Touching Susan’s eyelids) Tell me what you see.

SUSAN: (With wide-eyed amazement) Oh, it’s so BEAUTIFUL!!!

ANGEL: What is beautiful, Susan?

SUSAN: The gate... the beautiful golden gate! I know where this is! This is Heaven! I made it! I KNEW I WOULD!!! Just a minute..the gate is opening! I am going inside and... (Susan gasps)My MANSION! It’s my mansion…and look Who is at my door waiting for me…JESUS! It’s Jesus!!! Oh, I’m sooooo happy! I made it to Heaven!

ANGEL: (with DEEP compassion) Susan, dear Susan…you aren’t going to Heaven.

SUSAN: Sure I am..LOOK! There’s my mansion! There’s Jesus! There’s HEAVEN!!! How can you say I’m not going to...

ANGEL: These are things that DIDN’T happen…Susan, Jesus wanted you to go to heaven but you never…

SUSAN: (with combined anger and panic) NO!!! I was a good person! I never stole anything! I never used drugs! You can’t name one thing I did that should keep me out of heaven!

ANGEL: You’re right, Susan. There is nothing you did that would keep you out of Heaven..It was something you DIDN’T do!

(Spotlight comes on, showing three people standing behind Susan and the Angel. They are facing away from the audience. The first person, Pastor, turns around and looks at Susan)

PASTOR: Susan?

SUSAN: Pastor Owens? (If desired, the pastor’s name can be changed to that of the pastor of the church performing this skit) Pastor! Tell her…tell the angel how good I am!

PASTOR: Oh, Susan! Why wouldn’t you listen when I preached so often about our need for Jesus as our only Savior? My burden was for you..and so many others like you!

SUSAN: (With a defiant change of attitude. Bitterly) Stop it! That’s all you ever thought I should hear…well, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!!! Just leave me alone. I always planned on getting saved…someday!

(Pastor turns away and Becky turns to face Susan)

BECKY: Suse, it’s me, Beck…

SUSAN: Becky? Oh, Beck…it’s been so long!

BECKY: Why, Susan? Why wouldn’t you come to church with me after I became a Christian? I pleaded! And even after you ended our friendship two years ago…I still prayed for you!

SUSAN: (Harshly) Drop it, Beck! Just because you joined in with those losers at the teen church doesn’t mean I wanted to follow you like some little puppy! I wanted a little time to live…be my own person! So don’t tell me about how GOOD your life is as a Christian… (Susan puts her hands over her ears, trying not to hear the truth.) I WON’T LISTEN!!!

(Becky turns back and Mama turns around.)

MAMA: Susan…It’s Mama, honey!

SUSAN: Mama? Oh, Mama..Help me! (She tries to reach out to Mama and Mama tries to reach her, but they come just inches from touching their fingers)

MAMA: I can’t, honey. You know how I want to… but, I can’t! It’s too late! (Mama begins to weep)I’d take your place if I could… but… Oh, honey, you rejected the love of Jesus! If only you would have let Him into your heart... but now, honey, now...

SUSAN: (With a sudden burst of anger, she stops trying to reach out to MAMA) Why do you insist on pushing religion down my throat? I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment… (Mama turns away slowly. Susan’s voice softens) But I planned to … someday … I would have accepted Jesus!

ANGEL: But you didn’t! Asking Jesus into your heart is the ONE THING THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN in your life that SHOULD have happened! And now it is too late to make that decision. You had your chance, Susan. In fact, you had MANY opportunities. (Pastor, Becky, and Mama turn around and look at Susan with deep sorrow) You chose to reject Christ every time the Holy Spirit tried to get your attention. You rejected Jesus, Susan, and now He has no choice but to reject you.

(A door opens and Susan sees red bellows of smoke. She finally realizes that she is doomed to spend eternity in Hell. She falls to her knees, crying out to Jesus, but the Angel helps her back to her feet and nudges her toward the open door. With great anguish, Susan walks through the door and out of sight. The door closes and there is a loud scream of terror from behind the door. The angel turns back to the audience. The remainder of the lines are spoken directly to the audience. Keep good eye contact.)

MAMA: (Stepping forward and standing beside Angel.) Susan was very much like many of you. She was a good person but being good didn’t get her into Heaven. She rejected her only way into Heaven when she died without Jesus Christ.

BECKY: (Taking her place on the other side of Angel) She had several people in her life that cared deeply about her spiritual welfare, but the people who loved her COULDN’T make the decision for her. Each person must make that decision from their own heart. Susan didn’t.

PASTOR: (Standing beside Mama) She could have accepted Jesus at any time. She, like so many others, thought tomorrow would be soon enough. The truth is, tomorrow was never promised to us. We only have right now.

ANGEL: Susan let 'right now' get away from her. She missed her turn to be reborn into God’s wonderful Kingdom. Susan will NEVER get another opportunity. But, right now, YOU do have a chance to accept Jesus. It’s your turn now. Won’t you accept Christ and keep this from being a moment in your life that DIDN’T HAPPEN?

(Lights dim and everyone leaves the stage. The person leading alter call comes to center stage and the light is turned on him or her. This is the ideal time to share the plan of salvation and give an invitation for those who would like to accept Jesus into their hearts.)

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Member Comments
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Verna Mull  04 Jan 2011
This was a wonderful article, so to the point. So many people are walking around us each day just trying to be good, but in their own power. This skit carried a real punch. Great job.
Verna Mull  04 Jan 2011
Forgot to add one thing. Luke 13:28 proves how you were right on with Susan actually seeing Jesus and the mansion. Of course the test after death, we will not even have the opportunity for that, but it was obviously a good point,or way of making others see the seriousness of those times when the Spirit speaks to us.


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