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by M P
Not For Sale


Chapter 1 – A New World
Waking after a deep sleep, I found myself standing on a road of air 295 metres off the coast of Onetangi Beach, Waiheke Island, above the ocean. The beach and landscape were in the sharpest focus I have ever seen anything in my life. Looking round at the whole bay, distance did not lessen the focus and clarity. In fact, looking to the Coromandel, I could see its houses and trees and plants as clearly as I could the grapefruit tree at the back of our beach house, 350 metres away. How odd and how wonderful.
Upon one branch of the grapefruit tree was a solitary fruit and upon that fruit, an ant darting in and out of a hole. As I focussed on the hole, I discovered I could see right into it and watched 4 ants inside collecting juice. The juice smelt incredibly fresh, sweet and tangy.
I watched the tangy sweet smell of the juice float up and drift 152 metres west into the nostrils of a perched starling. The starling braced against the smell momentarily but was then diverted by another scent wafting its way. I could see that gaseous scent. It smelt of soil and warm blood. I sought out its source down to a wriggling worm 2 centimetres below the soil, 30 metres away. The swallow couldn’t see the worm but it sensed it was there so quickly flew down to the general vicinity and hovered round until the worm poked its head above the surface. And in a flash, the worm was breakfast.
So focussed on the bird and fruit, I hadn’t stopped to think (yet) about where I was or why my senses were so perfectly attuned, nor especially how I could see below the surface of things.
A seagull darted past me and I watched it glide and soar on multi-layered bluish wafts of wind. It then dived into the ocean. A lemon fish amongst a school of 154 others (the number I knew in a flash just as I seemed to know distance in metres too) seemed to be randomly plucked out and was soon being dissected by the gull on the shore.
I watched the gull’s fish meal and the moment the fish’s heart stopped beating, I watched something leave the fish’s body. That something remained quite stationery nearby, unnoticed by the gull. I peered at this something which I shall call ‘pod’ not because it describes its shape but because I have to call it something. The pod was still but I knew it was living because I felt its emotions – sadness at leaving the school, exhilaration at being free from its former body limitations, and excited at what it sensed around it. I couldn’t see the source of its excitement, I only felt its awe.
The pod had no discernible eyes, nor limbs, just a shape which, when it finally moved, altered form. I watched the pod turn and I felt it examine me when it sensed me standing here. Then it turned away, suddenly rose hundreds of feet, and vanished. Searching the sky and land about me, the pod was nowhere to be seen.
All this time I had stood still or turned around on the spot, transfixed by a world much larger and richer than the world I formerly knew. It seemed when I focussed with my eyes, I saw deeper sights. When I let my nose focus, I smelt and felt deeper smells.
With that thought, I now stopped to listen. I closed my eyes and focussed my ears on the solitary grapefruit on the tree branch and heard such a noise it startled me.
The ants’ feet pattering as they hurried to and fro. The crunching of their jaws on the fruit flesh. The fruit contracting in squishy sounds as it lost its juicy membranes. Sounds of streams and bubbling and chewing and swallowing. And chatter as the ants communicated work and delight to each other. I wondered how they could work with that cacophony of sound all about them.
My ears now shut off the fruit and turned to the tree. The creaks of branches and shimmer of leaves in the soft wind. The whisper of the breeze as it caressed the tree. I felt the tree’s warm reassurance that all was well. I lingered on the emotion. The tree was expressing affection and joy from several sources but one in particular. I could feel the encouragement arriving on a kind of warm multi-coloured light but couldn’t track back to feel the origin of the source. I still had my eyes closed because I wanted to train my ears better.
The encouragement being given to the tree was sending vitality to its extremities and beyond which in turn was having a positive impact on the tree’s immediate neighbourhood. The ants felt the tree’s peace and joy too. Even, surprisingly, the rocks beneath felt it.
All around me I sensed a joy and harmony in the companionship of living and even mineral matter. Yet, lurking behind, there was something else but I couldn’t yet track anything to suggest a reason for this underlying malady.
Wanting to hear more, I decided to focus on what might be immediately around me for with my eyes open I had seen nothing but bluish breezes. At first I could hear nothing (because I didn’t know how to hear it.) Then, just when I was about to give up, having decided there was nothing beside me, a faint suggestion of sound came to my ears.
It was like the merest shimmer of a leaf when the slightest breeze nudges it. But this wasn’t a wind noise. Something else. But it disappeared. I listened. Nothing but the usual breeze. I strained but still nothing. Adamant to find a way to hear, I thought about the trees and how my eyes discovered they could see deeper and deeper things by focussing. Perhaps in time my hearing would adjust to hear the deeper things too. Hearing had never been one of my strongest senses.
Pausing, I relaxed and listened without straining. There it was again. A faint breeze sound without wind with it. A tone. Yes, it was a tone. The merest musical tone. Forcing myself not to look, I continued listening, focussing only on whatever was close at hand.
There. A dim but glorious humming passed by me. Like a musical theme in a classical orchestra. No repetition. More. The music glided across a vast repertoire of sounds in a very pleasant tone and manner. Though I felt it moving away from me, the tone and volume remained constant and distinct.
I wondered why distance had no distortion to my senses.
I now opened my eyes to track the sound. It emanated from an unrecognisable and barely visible form. It looked like a faint sliver of plastic bag floating by. Yet I felt its emotion – peaceful and purposeful.
Suddenly I felt a whole lot more of this emotion all around me. Letting this sweep over me and through me, it gave me vigour and confidence and peace. I saw these shapes dotted all around me moving by, although some were lingering in small clusters.
When I say ‘moving by’ I discovered now that the ‘path’ I was on didn’t have a beginning and end. It was more like an intersection of many paths.
Looking straight down, for the first time, I could see the ocean about 200 metres below me. There was a path down to it, and another above me, and paths going out in all directions. I stepped forward along the path in front of me, then stopped and looked again. Numberless paths all about me yet again. So everywhere I went was always at an intersection to everywhere else, it seemed!
Turning to the sensation of touch, I felt around me. Nothing but the soft bluish breeze. Looking down to my hands, I was stunned to see in what great physical shape they were. My usual off-colour blotches where I feared skin cancer might develop were gone. The features on my hand were sharper and healthier than I had ever seen them.
I was not naked but robed in a colourless cloth that enveloped me rather than hung on me. It felt good. Only my hands and feet could be seen. I felt my face and all the usual pieces were in their right places! The rest of my body beneath the cloth was both unseen and I found couldn’t be accessed, either by touch or feeling. That too was distinctly odd yet it seemed to be perfectly natural.
I crouched down to touch the path I was standing on and felt the merest pressure alongside my feet. Looking straight down to the ocean, I wondered how I could access the vertical path immediately below me. Reason told me I should have fallen long ago but reality proved otherwise. Through the invisible path pressure I could not get (as yet). It didn’t worry me.
Sight was developing and smell and hearing. Touch and all-encompassing travel were obviously new skills to be learned too. They would come with time.
Time. What was the time? I had no idea. No pockets for mobile phones. No arms for watches. Perhaps the sun would be a clue.
I looked up at the sun. Was it that pinkish rainbow ball in the sky? So clear and defined with waves of pinkish colour sweeping towards me. From its position in the sky I immediately calculated it to be 1.35pm. How I knew, I don’t know, just as I don’t know how I knew there were 154 fish in the school. Calculations simply happened instantaneously. Too bad I hadn’t had that skill at high school!
Deciding to stand on the summit of Jacobs Ladder, 310 metres to the south, I strode off in that direction only to find myself there one step later. How I had travelled the 310 metres in one step, I knew not. I looked back and felt the spot where I had started my ‘walk.’ The distance was real but the path to it, in some unfathomable way, was as close as a single step.
I looked across at the towering Coromandel Ranges. The summit of Mt Moehau was distinct at an elevation of 974 metres. The distance from me to it was 46.1 kms. I pondered. If 310 metres could be one step away, could that summit be the same? I looked back at my original starting point and felt the contraction of distance. Then looked again at Mt Moehau. Yes! There it was? One step away. I stepped!
I had never set foot on the top of the Coromandel Ranges before but here I was looking down over the Motukawao Islands and entrance to Colville Bay. Almost directly west 57 kms I looked across to my little cottage in Orewa and saw my elderly landlady arriving home from the shops to her home behind mine.
Every feature in every direction and all the way back to Jacobs Ladder as clear and distinct as if I was standing right beside it.
I tapped the earth beneath me. It didn’t feel as I imagined it should have. Certainly solid and yet to my touch, slightly rubbery. Yet I was standing on age-old volcanic rock. Pressing my feet to the rock, they began sinking slowly into it. How could they do that? Reason. Reality. These two weren’t tying up today. I let reason go and applied more pressure and sank further. My ankles were now well into the rock.
In a flash of knowledge, devoid of logic, I realised my whole body was on a different plane from the rock and that it was something I could move through at will. I resigned myself to this and suddenly I was through the rock and travelling down. Down. Rapidly. Eons of geological strata flashed past me. I was aware of motion alongside me travelling down going in my direction and realised it was coming from the sun and some of it from the moon too, and this was giving light to my descent.
I stopped just above sea level, deep inside the Coromandel Mountains. It was a much lighter space with a cool jelly feeling about me and small things going past. It finally dawned on me that I was standing on the floor of a deep underground lake, with eels and small fish and cave creatures swimming past me.
I looked across at the bank of the lake and, at first, could only see its basalt banks. Then I looked further and began to see through the bank and my gaze calved a tunnel through solid rock until a second later, it sprang out and I was looking once more at the ants on the grapefruit 45.4 kms away.
I stepped towards the grapefruit tree and at once it was beside me, and the summit of Mt Moehau clear as clear back behind me and the eels in their subterranean aquine home.

I was learning.
Looking above me up to the sky, I let my gaze be carried to planets and stars beyond. Alpha Centauri lay bathing in its bright glory. Smaller planets encircled it. Logically, there was no way to get there in a thousand of my lifetimes. But today was something else. Today it was possible. No. Today it was a certainty.
I looked at one of the planets encircling Alpha Centauri and focussed on one location and one spot. I watched green oily lichens slithering over moist grey rocks. Stepping towards these lichens, a moment later I was with them. To my left a large looming mass of shimmering light moved around, over and through me, giving me no indication of its purpose or being. I could have stayed to probe but this was just the beginning.
Sensory probing. Yes, this was the skill I was learning. Anywhere I wanted to go, see, hear, feel, touch, smell or feel the emotions of, were mine for the exploring. The universe was at my fingertips, literally.
Breathing, I suddenly realised, was not currently one of my bodily functions! I just seemed to live in the space round me.

I wondered about the end of the universe. Did it end? I gazed deeper and deeper past millions of galaxies, black holes and supernovae. The universe was indeed a vast area. It only took a second for my eyes to see right across space but took my mind a little longer to comprehend what I was seeing!
Then a weird thing happened. My gaze felt like it was being slowed and suddenly I could see no farther. I was looking at a dark wall that defied ocular penetration. I tried using other senses to detect what was through it but all turned up a blank. In the process however, I discovered from my ears that the wall was deafening so I had to turn down the volume on my aural focus. And there were smells that I simply cannot describe and they had to be turned down too. In fact, all my senses needed to be severely limited or I couldn’t have survived the experience of inspection.
Was this the end of the universe or was there something beyond the wall? I looked round in other directions and all ended up with the dark wall.
I walked up to the wall in one step and stood facing it. I wanted to touch it but immediately knew that there was a sharp temperature drop to an exponential degree up to the wall. That the wall temperature was infinitely colder than absolute zero. So I refrained from touching!
Inexplicably I was then also given some more information. The wall was infinitely cold on this side and infinitely hot on the other. The two extremes clamped themselves together, like 2 magnets, preventing anything and everything passing through. In the same moment of revelation, was the fact that beyond the wall lay infinity, timelessness and the purpose of all things. And wonderfully I also felt that somehow I would ultimately be going there. How I knew not.
I turned around and gazed back at the amazing universe, its roaring thunderous tempestuous wall behind me and the words of an old hymn came to mind:

“O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder
Consider all the works Thy hands have made.
I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder,
Thy power throughout the universe displayed.
Then sings my soul, my Saviour God to thee.
How great Thou art!”

I had believed in God the creator since I was 14 years old and received His Spirit one day when I was 22. Faith had always taken me to his side. I believed Him now despite still not seeing Him.
Pondering this, I felt a warm affection flood my being, the source of which I knew to be through the wall. Love, if nothing else, passed through the ice/fire wall.
I remembered the second verse of that same hymn which began: “When through the woods and forest glades I wander…” I missed these things here at the wall of the universe.
I looked back to the grapefruit tree and smelt the freshness of the grassy slope and heard the birds singing sweetly in the trees, and I stepped back.

Chapter 2. Earth and Yah.

I woke in bed at 8am, sat up, blinked and said aloud, “Wow! Some dream!” After breakfast I would record it in my Dream Diary.
Breakfast always included 2 grapefruit off the tree at the back. The day was warm and fine and at the tree, my hand reached up to a solitary branch and about to pluck its solitary fruit, I noticed ants on it.
I stopped, puzzled. This was the fruit in my dream and these were its ants! I recognised the minutest shape and texture of this particular grapefruit as if I’d studied it 100 times. Yet to my knowledge I had never ever laid eyes on it before.
I dispensed with breakfast and chose instead to have a brisk pre-breakfast walk to the top of nearby Jacob’s Ladder close to our Onetangi bach. Walking up the steep stepped path of Jacob’s Ladder, my chest was heaving by the time I reached the summit. Looking down from that lofty mountain grandeur upon the beach below, I wished I had the eyes of my dream to hear the distant brook and feel the gentle breeze that carried the gulls to their remote fishing spots.
I sang a song of praise to my Lord and Saviour who one day would take me home to His home. Then what joy would fill my heart. I sank to my knees in quiet adoration.
At that very moment, as if the sky were a curtain and the curtain were being pulled back the sky, I heard an angelic chorus and an orchestra of heavenly music. And I saw a gigantic fountain of sparkling rainbow water cascading over a pure white column. The phenomena transfixed me.
I gazed at the rushing almost deafening waterfall which gave the appearance of Joseph’s coat of many colours cloaking the pillar within it.
Then the pillar spoke to me in words and one word stood out above the rest: “Come!”
The angelic chorus resounded in a full choral harmonious melody and I felt irresistibly drawn to the rainbow cloaked majesty which was at the heart of the angels’ devotion.
All fear left me. I was walking into Paradise. My feet left the ground and then in a moment I was back seated on the grass beside the grapefruit tree in my colourless robe.

Something caught my eye and I turned towards the sea. I gasped. A city lay before me!
“Come!” a voice called to me. A step later brought me beside a rainbow-robed being with whom I felt immediately at home.
Vast gardens on many levels, waterfalls, soft constructions of some kind, with people like me here and there, each robed as I was. They welcomed me with their smiles and I felt their love and joy. Mingling amongst the people were rainbow clothed beings emanating assurance and assistance.
My companion remained with me and I asked its name. “Pedro,” it replied. None the wiser whether it were male or female or neither I decided that since I associated Pedro with maleness would think of him as male in the meantime.
He obviously wanted to show me round and I hoped to get answers for the myriad of questions I hadn’t yet had time to formulate.
Pedro began by showing me an equation that explained how distance could be contracted to one step. I saw its logic as soon as he had finished. And wondered why time, mathematics and physics had been such mysteries before.
Pedro further explained that what I had always thought was mere air and invisible space and of no particular consequence actually contained the lifeblood of planet Earth. From this unseen world all matter was generated, formed and controlled. From it life birthed, lived and died, returning to its source in the City.
“City” I quickly realised was the wrong word. What do you call the place that envelopes and surrounds and gives meaning and purpose to everything else? For it was far bigger than any of Earth’s cities. Bigger than the Earth itself. Exactly how big I was yet to find out.
“The name?” I asked Pedro. I was to discover that sometimes Pedro spoke to me in words and other times I just felt him reply. I knew when he addressing me because his eyes twinkled.
“Paradiseo.” Perhaps Pedro was an Italian angel. Paradise! I was home.
“How big?” I asked.
Pedro pointed up and I followed his point. I felt him tell me there were several layers of Paradise. The first extended up to the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere, approximately 12,000 kilometres. Then there was a second layer which extended to the Wall. Then a 3rd layer which extended beyond the Wall,
“Beyond the Wall? What’s beyond the Wall, Pedro?” He couldn’t tell me. What lay beyond the Wall was only for those who lived beyond the Wall. Anyone this side of the Wall wasn’t able to access that data. As if that place were set apart and entirely distinct from this side.
I changed the question. “Who is beyond the Wall?”
He smiled a big smile. “He who is.”

Although the citizens of Paradise wore the same robes, their bodies were as diverse as on Earth. Europeans, Africans, Asians, Polynesians and many others. Over time I learned this one culture permeated the whole of Paradise.
I say ‘time’ but in fact although on Earth time passed, here in Paradise it didn’t. Time was always in the present – there was no past nor future. The Earth’s sun had no effect on Paradise for light or power for these came from another source.
“Source?” The good thing about asking Pedro questions was that you didn’t need to ask him using whole sentences. He knew what the question was before you asked it.
“He who is,” Pedro replied.
“He who is?” I echoed. “You mean he powers Paradise?”
“He who is, is the power and the light.”
“So he who is, is a heat source?” I reflected.
“He who is, is far more than just a heat source. He is the source of everything. And then he is even more. And he is personal.”
I could see that this “he who is” was going to be a bit of a mouthful. “Does he who is have another name?”
“Many,” Pedro replied. “The Almighty God, the Supreme One, the Alpha and the Omega, Yahweh, Jehovah, El Shaddai. Many more.”
“Do you mind, if we call him by one of these names rather than He Who Is?”
Pedro smiled. That was fine. He wanted to know which one I wanted.
“Which one is the closest in meaning to He Who Is?” I asked.
“Yahweh, or Yah for short,” he replied.
“Yah it is then.” So it was Yah who lived beyond the Wall.
“Can I see Yah?”
He shook his head. Apparently not.
“And the rainbow-clothed pillar?”
He smiled another lovely warm smile. And said nothing! So I guessed that the pillar and Yah were somehow connected. Perhaps later he would tell me in what way.
I had to ask one more question before he continued the guided tour. “You an angel?”
Another great big smile!
Next Pedro showed me people outside Paradise living on Earth, all of whom had no idea, of course, that we were observing them.
“See this crossroad on Earth?” Pedro pointed. I nodded and noticed that where the roads intersected on Earth there were Paradise paths overlapping them although not squarely.
Pedro continued. “People on Earth at the crossroads who search for the ancient and best roads and who walk down these and avoid the purely earthly ones, arrive at their destination in much peace. (Jer 6:16) One of my many jobs is to be at the crossroads so when people ask advice on the best roads, I can give it.”
I had had no idea that Paradise and Earth had any connection. I noticed that any given road and travel along it on Earth was of more importance than the destination. That the angels of Paradise served Earth by guiding its people to wise choices.
“What if they don’t ask?” I asked Pedro.
“Then I can’t help them,” he replied, matter-of-factly.
“If they do ask, how do you help them?”
Another warm smile. Warm smiles I knew by now meant that I was on the right track but the answers could only be given at some other time. No worries.
“Look at your grapefruit tree,” Pedro said.
Surrounding the tree was a hive of activity – Paradise organisms were caressing its branches, nutrients were being supplied to its leaves and it bathed in soft green breezes. A dove swooped down riding the pale green drafts down to its perch on the branch before me. Strong scents from a thousand sources each with their own colour intersected at that perch and the dove filtered the ones it wanted. Food scents, fun scents, recreational scents, beautiful scents, predator scents.
Predator. I felt the momentary fear as the dove’s senses accessed this environmental data. I began thinking about fear and why it existed. I looked at Pedro. The answers came to me without words. Fear was in every living person, creature and thing on Earth. I scanned Alpha Cantauri and noticed that even there there was fear though exponentially less than here on Earth. In fact, scanning round the entire Universe, I discovered that fear was more predominant here than anywhere else. Why?
Was fear related to imminent death? I stepped to a planet about to enter a black hole. Miniature creatures living on this globe were aware of their approaching demise yet were conducting business energetically and peacefully knowing their world was about to change forever. The fear was not for the death approaching but for the galaxy they were leaving behind having to continue to suffer.
I tried to make sense of this contradictory emotion. Why would a creature fear what was being left behind? They obviously had no fear of what was to come. In fact I only sensed great anticipation at what was to come.
The black hole. Where did it go? I looked back at Pedro who was relaxed but shaking his head. That made a difference from smiling. Why was he shaking his head? Turning back to the black hole which was about to suck us in, I zoomed my focus in to the point of no return. The temperature was about to plummet and where it did so was a black Wall !!! Quickly I hopped off the planet and onto another a safe distance from the haze. The planet I had left shot through the Wall turning to ice instantly and then a moment later burning as in a furnace. Bitter cold and heat. In the split second before it passed from sight, a tiny ray spun through the merest crack – a brilliant light.
Not sunlight. I can’t describe the light I saw and felt. It was beyond anything I have ever known. It was altogether wonderful. Full of grace and mercy and incredible peace and hope and love.
So a black hole was a door or gate in the Wall. Nothing of this world could passed through without being frozen and scorched. It was a wonder that anything made it at all.

Which brought me back to Earth and fear. Why did fear exist more on Earth than anywhere else in the Universe? I felt none in Paradise itself. Why only Earth? Was something missing?
I stepped down to an Earth road. Paradise couldn’t get right to it because there was no Paradise path shaped exactly the same way though there were intersecting paths across it.
A woman was walking by herself. I stepped alongside her from paradise path to paradise path. She was weeping. I felt her loneliness and grief and fear and rejection and hopelessness and sorrow, and I wanted to weep with her.
Deeper inside I felt warmth and faith and love and outgoingness. These deeper characteristics were somehow connected to the rainbow-clothed pillar who had spoken to me. I saw that something was preventing the good emotions from surfacing. There was conflict. A fight. A tussle. My spirit tensed. There was more here than I could see but I could feel it. Why couldn’t I see it?
I smelt the aroma of her love and the bitterness of her sorrow. And there was another scent – a bitter-sweet smell – something both pleasant and distasteful at the same time. The woman was entertaining this scent which now became visible to me and I could see that it was causing the conflict. The sweet side of it was certainly attractive but it left bitter effects and it held the woman in her misery and wouldn’t let her access her inner warmth.
I wished I could find the source of the bitter-sweet scent. It was somewhere nearby but remained invisible, and definitely the cause of her fear. I felt the fear again but happily it had no residing affect on me.
How could I help the woman? Her grief and fear persisted as she walked. For all my concern and love for her, I remained invisible to her and she sensed nothing.
A man was walking toward her and passed her by without noticing her at all. He was intent on meeting a business partner for lunch. He saw nothing of the woman’s sadness and fear because I now discovered he had fear and shame of his own. These ran deep in his spirit. Again I sensed the bitter-sweet scent and saw it enveloping the businessman. Less of a fight here. More of a resignation to inevitability. The controlling agent had more sway here than with the woman who was still resisting it.
Again I found the source of this troubling scent to be unseen. I tracked it to an obscure greyish shape that refused to be identified or made clear. It held no fear of me nor I of it.
I cast a quick eye across all the Earth people I could see and all of them had the bitter-sweet scent hovering nearby. Hence the constant fear. The animals had it too and now that I looked deeply so did the plants and even the mineral life though so shallow as to be almost imperceptible. In the bird and plant life, joy mostly ruled. Overall I felt the longing of all these things to be free of this bothersome scent.
At that moment some children skipped past me on a Paradise path and in a flash were over the horizon. What a contrast was their free happy spirit to the scene before me on Earth.

Pedro came alongside. I asked him, “Does the woman ever ask for help?”
“Often,” he replied.
“And the man?”
“He used to but alas has allowed Lu too much control of his life of late. Still, he has time on his hands and we hope he will eventually ask. Yah is sustaining him as long as possible to that hope.”
I cocked my head and raised my eyebrows. “Lu?”
Pedro continued, “Lu was like me but rebelled and now lives in a dark world of his own between Earth and Paradise. His is the bitter-sweet scent and he the origin of the fear you feel among Earth people. His rebellion and those he lures into his world has affected Earth and as a consequence the whole Universe. Lu promises sweetness but his world is only bitter. The sweetness is a carry-over from his life as a bearer of the rainbow, very attractive indeed. The bitterness is the result of being cast from Paradise and being separated from his former angelic friends. Only Yah has the key to the Abyss where Lu lives. Thankfully Paradise is shut off from the Abyss so nothing here may enter there. Sadly many from Earth are still going to the Abyss voluntarily and there is nothing we can do to prevent them.”
“Unless they ask,” I added.
“Exactly,” Pedro agreed.
“Is Yah the rainbow pillar I saw?”
“Yes and no. Yah doesn’t live in Paradise though he sometimes visits. His home is infinitely better than this.”
“Better than Paradise? What could be better?”
“We see Earth and its fear. There is a place beyond the Wall where this Earth and Universe are out of the picture. When you are there you can’t see here. The Wall prevents that.”
“So how does Yah relate to Earth on this side of the Wall?”
“It’s a long answer. Let’s sit here and put our feet up. When Yah created the Universe and enclosed it in the Wall, he made it by his own command. Basically he spoke it into being, such is the incredible power of Yah. His Word therefore was the beginning of this Universe. The Word of Yah enveloped everything and was therefore a direct link to Yah who lives outside this Universe.
“There are other Universes besides this one. He makes them all but lives outside all of them. Universes are created by him for his pleasure and each for a particular purpose. One day, you will see him at work when you get beyond the Wall.
“Anyway, getting back to his Word. His Word is him and yet not fully him. Let me explain it like this. When you speak, your words are yours and are part of you but not fully you. As the words leave your body they travel out and carry a kind of DNA in them. Every word ever spoken in this Universe is out there somewhere. On Earth the words are lost (unless recorded) but in Paradise we can access the huge database of words that have been spoken from the very first because they float round constantly. And each group of words can be traced back to the person who spoke them whether by you, Napoleon or Moses.”
“By the breath that carries each word. Every time you breathe out, that breath dissipates into the air about you but the words are borne along on a ‘breath word’ that never dissipates. If you release a tiny scented spray into a large room, it will soon permeate the whole room. The gas carries the scent. Now imagine if you could track your breath words as they travel out into space and watch where they go.
“Yah can do that. Every Word he spoke since the time he made this Universe is in the Universe and, unlike your words, his Words carry penetrating power and love and purpose. His Word is carried on his Breath. In this way, Yah’s Breath and Word can take him everywhere without him having to move. Yah can remain in his home beyond the Wall but at the same time be with his Breath and Word inside the Wall.”
I tried to summarise this. “So Yah exists in this Universe by the Word of his Breath.”
“Exactly. And the only way to connect directly with Yah is to connect with his Breath and Word. And this is the glorious thing. His Breath and Word are not inanimate – they are personal for they carry his very own person.”
“Do they have a name?” I asked.
“Many names actually. The Word has far more than the Breath.”
“Can I hear some?” I asked out of interest.
“Sure. Who shall we start with?” Pedro inquired.
“The Breath.”
“Ok. The Breath of Yah is known variously as Pneuma, the Wind of Yah, the Fire of Yah, the Counsellor, the Helper, the Advocate, the Friend, the Spirit of Holiness, the Holy Ghost, the Breath, the Teacher, the Holy Spirit, the Revealer, the Prophet. And many more names unknown to Earth.”
“Wow. And the Word?”
“The Word has hundreds of names.”
“Just a few will do.”
“The Word in this Universe latterly took human form and breath. He is variously called the Word, the Lamb, the Lion, the Morning Star, the First and the Last, the Living One, the Son of Man, the Christ, the Messiah, Yesu, the Son of Yah, the Faithful Witness, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Victor, the Son of David, the Lord, the Head, the Worthy One, Jesus, Faithful, True, the Way, the Judge, the Truth, the Bridegroom, the Life, the Reconciler, the Intercessor, the Servant, the Almighty. And so the list goes on forever.”
“I can see. Is there one name you use to address him?”
“Nope. Any of these will do. In fact you will find when you see him that you don’t need to address him by name at all.”
“So Yah relates to Earth through the Counsellor and the Lamb.”
But that left me with a million questions still to ask.
“Just one at a time,” Pedro suggested, reading my mind.
“How does Paradise relate to Yah?”
Pedro smiled. “Yah relates to Paradise like a very close friend. He placed Paradise inside the Universe so that he had somewhere he could walk among his creation. Paradise is a small model of his much greater home beyond. By the way, when you see the Lamb, you are seeing Yah. When you see the Fire of Yah, you are seeing Yah. Through the Lamb, Paradise connects to Yah. One day Paradise will cease when Yah brings this Universe to an end. Then all the inhabitants of Paradise will be ushered into Yah’s magnificent and timeless home and you will be truly awed. If you think Paradise is great you will be floored by what’s to come.
“Meantime, you have a ton of places to explore and people to meet in Paradise. So go and have an explore. We will leave further questions for another time.

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