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Global Warming: The Ploy for Global Dominance and Global Governance (Part II)
by Carl Parnell 
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Apparently, the number one motive for the global warming hoax is global dominance and global governance. Specifically, these globalists would use the premise of a global warming crisis to create a New World Order with them in charge. If they succeed, America, along with the rest of the world’s nations, would become subservient to the dictates of the United Nations and/or an extremely greedy group of corporate giants who would do anything to govern the world. As a result, the idea of a nation’s sovereignty would become a thing of the past. Also, after the nations of the world lose their sovereignty, the people of the world would possibly lose their rights and freedoms next.

In 1991, the Club of Rome, a globalist think tank, made the following statement in a report titled “The First Global Revolution.” It stated, “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.... All these dangers are caused by human intervention... The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.” (1) Also, Richard Haass, the president of the Council of Foreign Relations, one of the three main secretive, new world order groups, stated,

State sovereignty must be altered in a globalized era that a system of world government must be created and sovereignty eliminated in order to fight global warming, as well as terrorism. Moreover, states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies if the international system is to function. Globalization thus implies that sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but that it needs to become weaker. States would be wise to weaken sovereignty in order to protect themselves... (1)

Also, Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, stated that the creation of a new world order, basically a one world government, would be needed to solve all of the world’s environmental problems, which includes global warming. (1)

Therefore, it is obvious that global warming is a ploy used by those who favor a new world order and a one world government system. As stated by Paul Joseph Watson in a Prison Planet article, global warming has replaced the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a reason for justifying anything that the government deems necessary to do in order to presumably protect the American people. Speaking of America’s non-lying politicians, Mr. Watson said,

They are also willing to comply with the ridiculous overbearing ‘solutions’ to climate change that will just coincidentally restrict mobility and freedom of travel, regulate personal behavior, empower and expand global government and reinvigorate the surveillance state - everything Big Brother ever wanted - but surely they wouldn't lie to us about global warming to achieve it, would they? (2)

However, regardless of the validity of the global warming debate, the proponents of global warming are proposing cruel and unusual solutions to correct the so-called problem. One of these proposed solutions include the reduction of the human population on the earth. Of course, despite the fact that this sounds ludicrous and bizarre, it is true. One prime example is Dr. Eric R. Pianka and his theory of anti-humanism. In a speech he gave at the Texas Academy of Science in 2006, Dr. Pianka stated that 90% of the world population should be exterminated by using the airborne ebola virus, which causes a horrible death. He also stated that China’s police state and one child policy was the best model for the other parts of the world. Evidently, population control will be on the agenda of all the new world order groups, along with sterilization and other forms of euthanasia. (3)

Ultimately, global warming has become a man-made political problem rather than an actual science problem. It has become a subterfuge for creating a new world order and a one world government. The United Nations has become the staging area for the global warming hoax. The environmental treaties that the United Nations is attempting to get the major industrialized nations to sign are laden with subversive provisions that would destroy the sovereignty of the United States and burden Americans with taxes that would be used to support the United Nations. But, in order to assure that these international laws are followed, non-governmental organizations force the nations involved to cooperate or they will be sued. Also, these same organizations attempt to gain as much public support for their agendas as possible. The media and public schools are used to promote this evil environmental agenda before elected representatives and the general public. As a result, many people are up in arms over a contaminated global environment. (5)

In fact, many of America’s leaders are joining the bandwagon to give more power to the United Nations. Sadly, many Americans are now willing to sacrifice their property rights and the sovereignty of their nation for the benefit of eliminating environmental problems in the world. (5) A prime example occurred recently at a global warming protest rally in Washington, D.C. on March 4, 2009. Hundreds of students from American colleges battled the cold and snow to protest the failure of Congress to enact viable climate change legislation, in other words, global warming. But, it was oxymoronic in that they were protesting global warming on a cold, bitter snowy day in the nation’s capitol. Evidently, these students had bought into the lie perpetrated by some educators, scientists, and globalists around the world. (6)

However, if the all the nations in the world sign on to this same global warming lie, a so-called new world order could be established. As a result of the new world order, a one world government could be established, too. It would be this one world government that would usurp the sovereignty of all nations and would take control over all the people in the world, possibly by establishing a world police state for the so-called purpose of correcting the global warming crisis. (4) Therefore, it is never wise for a nation to give up its authority to another governmental entity. But, in the name of environmental matters, the United States government has already surrendered to the wishes of the United Nations. Basically, the United Nations has indirectly taken control of much of America’s sovereignty. It has secretly usurped power through its many environmental treaties that the United States government has signed. As a result of these treaties, many non-Americans are making key decisions about America’s economy and free market system. Of course, prayerfully and hopefully, the American populace will not completely be duped into believing all the environmental lies that are coming out of the mouths of some politicians, scientists, educators, media personnel, and other people that have been convinced that global warming does exist.


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