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Global Warming: The Ploy for Global Dominance and Global Governance (Part I)
by Carl Parnell 
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Global warming is a highly discussed topic throughout the world. But, what is global warming? According to Wikipedia, global warming is “the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans since the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation.” (1) Also, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concludes that “most of the temperature increase since the mid-twentieth century is ‘very likely’ due to the increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations.” (1) “Greenhouse gases, mainly water vapor, are essential to helping determine the temperature of the Earth; without them this planet would likely be so cold as to be uninhabitable. Although many factors, such as the sun and the water cycle, are responsible for the Earth's weather and energy balance, if all else was held equal and stable, the planet's average temperature should be considerably lower without greenhouse gases.” (2)

What are the effects of global warming? Also, according to Wikipedia, “increasing global temperature will cause sea levels to rise and will change the amount and pattern of precipitation, likely including an expanse of the subtropical desert regions. Other likely effects include Arctic shrinkage and resulting Arctic methane release, shrinkage of the Amazon rainforest, increases in the intensity of extreme weather events, changes in agricultural yields, modifications of trade routes, glacier retreat, species extinctions and changes in the ranges of disease vectors.” (1) Therefore, based on the effects of global warming, most scientists believe that something must be done to alleviate the global warming problem.

But, is global warming as serious a crisis as many ordinary people and scientists believe? In reality, is global warming a situation that could be corrected by humans, even if they wanted to correct it? Apparently, regardless of the side of the issue that Americans are taking at present, many Americans are forgetting a key factor in the debate over global warming. God is the Creator of the Universe and He still controls the daily operations of His Creation. Therefore, if a global warming problem does exist, what do humans expect to do to help God correct it? On the other side of the issue, if global warming does not exist, why are so many people suggesting that it does exist? In fact, what is their rationale for attempting to convince people that it is such a great environmental dilemma? What do these proponents of global warming hope to gain?

First, assuming that global warming does exist, what might God say to the humans He created? Most likely, God would state His appreciation for their concern for the planet on which they live. But, God would also remind them that He still has everything under control. In fact, there is one scripture from the Bible that could be used to verify the reason that God would respond in such a manner. In Genesis 8: 22, it reads, “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Basically, God is saying that while the Earth as a planet exists, the things that He created, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, the four seasons, and day and night, will always be operable. Therefore, if global warming does exist, it must be a part of the grand scheme of things that God has planned for mankind. Possibly, it might be ordained by God to remind men and women that sin against Him will require them to face some type of unpleasant consequence. However, as stated in the Bible, it rains on the righteous and unrighteous at the same time. Ultimately, if global warming does exist, all God’s creation, the good and the bad, the faithful and the unfaithful, the saved and the unsaved, will have to deal with hotter temperatures on the Earth. Also, maybe, just maybe a merciful and loving God is giving all those living on Earth a little taste of what Hell would be like in the future, if they do not seek His forgiveness and worship Him. Regardless of God’s possible intentions for global warming, if it does exist, God still has everything in the environment under control.

Second, assuming that global warming is not a critical environmental problem, why are scientists and politicians purporting an immediate solution? Possibly, like so many political solutions, it is a method used to make someone rich, richer, and maybe even the richest. Al Gore is a prime example. He has written two books, made a movie, a personal website, traveled extensively lecturing to adults and even little kids, and, of course, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his global warming efforts. However, if global warming is an environmental hoax, why are so many people joining former Vice-President Gore’s bandwagon? One reason might just be contained in an idea claimed by Herr Goebbels, the propaganda minister to Hitler during the German Nazi period of world history. He claimed that he could make the people believe any lie by merely repeating the lie over and over, again and again and again. (3) Well, it sounds like history is definitely repeating itself. This is apparent in the manner in which Al Gore is attempting to brainwash Americans about global warming. But, according to Donald E. Davison in his “Comments on Global Warming,” “the truth is that the temperature of our planet has been going sideways for more than eight thousand years while at the same time it has been wandering up and down in a six degree F range between 54 and 60. Currently, temperatures are wandering up, but still within the six degree range and most certainly below the peak of 60.91 F degrees reached more than eight thousand years ago. As of now, temperatures are not showing any indication of spiking up, so no one has any right to say that temperatures are spiking up.” (3)

However, despite Al Gore’s rationale for promoting his pro-global warming agenda, there are many other people and organizations that would have much to gain by formulating a global warming scheme. Basically, the global warming hoax is being used by these myriad of people and organizations as a political maneuver to gain global dominance and governance. According to Ron Bailey in his 1997 National Review article, “A small cadre of obscure international bureaucrats is hard at work devising a system of ‘global governance’ that is slowly gaining control over ordinary Americans’ lives.” (4) There are several other main motives for the global warming hoax, too. They are as follows:

*A desire on the part of environmentalists to prevent carbon-based industrial development in Africa

*A desire by the government to raise taxes and earn more revenue

*A desire on the part of left-wing political leaders to promote socialism: “For socialism, at least in its early form, shared those same instincts -- distrust of private enterprise, animus toward wealth, the urge to proselytize and faith in big government. And like environmentalism, it marched under the banner of a superior morality. Environmentalism is neither religion nor science. It is a political mission, every bit as unquestioning as socialism in its heyday, and offering the same giddy promise to followers: The delicious prospect of being in the right, and better still, running things.” (Lawrie McFarlane, Victoria Times Colonist, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada) (4)


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