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America’s Government-Controlled Schools (Part II)
by Carl Parnell 
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If parents are bothered by government-controlled schools, why have they persisted in keeping their children in them? Parents have basically justified their decisions to keep their children in America’s public schools. Some of their justifications have been as follow:

1. We do not really want to place our children in a public school, but we are in a financial crunch and there are no other alternatives.

2. The real world is full of sinners; therefore, I need to place my children in the public school system to help them cope with real situations that arise in life.

3. I keep my children in public schools I want them to be, as the Bible says, ‘salt and light’-and to be a Godly example to the lost around them.

4. My son/daughter loves sports, and the public schools offer the best programs.

5. I do not feel qualified to teach my children at home, and I cannot afford a Christian school; therefore, I have no choice but to place my children in a public school.

6. Look at me! I made it through the public school system and turned out all right, so I am sure my children will turn out OK in the end. (1)

Of course, most of these reasons for placing your children in godless public schools do have alternatives. Many private Christian schools have scholarships for students who need help financially. Children can learn to cope with real situations at home, too. They arise on a daily basis. As far as the concept of “salt and light,” Christian children in public school could easily become “pepper and darkness” because of the flaunting of sin in front of them daily. Playing sports should never be a reason for deciding which school your children attend. Hell does not have a dynamic sport’s program. As far as being qualified to teach your children, Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” Finally, children today are facing many more temptations than most of us did when we were in public school, especially all the violence and death. They may not be able to come out of public school without losing much or all of their spirituality. When in doubt, ask yourself one quick question. “Does the current educational system in government schools accomplish the task of preparing children to be useful for the Lord?” Of course, the answer to this question is a resounding “NO”. If children are not getting instruction in the Bible as they did many years ago in public schools, then the chances of them coming out of school prepared to work for the Lord is null and void. (1)

Unfortunately, all parents do not teach their children any Christ-centered values. That is the reason it was important for the reading of the Bible in public schools. David Perkins Page, the first public school principal of New York, felt the same way. He believed that all children should be taught Biblical principles in school regardless of their religious beliefs. He said, “In our public schools, supported at the public expense, and in which the children of all denominations meet for instruction, I do not think that any man has a right to crowd his own peculiar notions of a theology upon all, whether they are acceptable or not. Yet there is a common ground which he can occupy. He can teach a reverence for a Supreme Being, a reverence for the Word of God, for the influence of His Spirit, for the character and teachings of our Savior. For the momentous concerns of eternity, he can teach the duty of repentance, and the privileges of forgiveness, and the salvation by His Son.” (1) Therefore, the teaching of Biblical principles was a blessing to the youth of our nation. However, America’s school systems began to decline when prayer, Bible reading, and the Ten Commandments were removed from the classroom. Thus, by allowing the purposeful demise of our Judeo-Christian values, our children and our nation have become aloof from God and His blessings.

Despite all the turmoil in the public schools, there are still many Christian teachers and students in the halls and in the classrooms. Therefore, the spirit of God is still in public schools, but He is not as dominant as He was many years ago. Christian teachers and students are witnessing daily to unsaved and lost students and teachers. It is definitely a missionary effort. However, the few Christian teachers that are still in the public school systems are facing many legal and satanic obstacles as they attempt to do what God has called them to do. Regardless of their mighty efforts, most students graduate without of sense of morality, honesty, and Godly character. Any education that is not based on Godly values is not a Godly education. Students accept that they are self-sufficient and independent. Basically, they accept the secular humanist ideology that is prevalent in America’s public schools today.

Christian teachers promote their lifestyles as they witness to students each day. However, non-Christian teachers promote their lifestyles, too. Homosexual and lesbian teachers transfer their beliefs to their students. New Age believers transfer their beliefs to their students. Secular humanists indoctrinate their students with their beliefs, too. However, when your children are under the authority of atheistic teachers, they are being taught atheistic beliefs and values. The influence of teachers and peers destroy the Christian values of many students. Students are taught to despise good and cherish evil. As Psalm 14:1states, “The fool hath said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” Also, Proverbs 13:20 says, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise, but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” Therefore, if the bad guys are in the barn, do not send your children to the barn! (1)

According to Psalm 144: 11-12, the Bible specifically warns parents, “Rid me, and deliver me from the hand of strange children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood. That our sons be as plants grown up in their youth that our daughters may be as cornerstones, polished after the similitude of a palace.” (1) Since most children spend their days in government-controlled schools, it is reasonable to assume that they will not be polished vessels preparing to do the Lord’s work. In fact, many public school teachers enroll their own children in private schools because they know firsthand what goes on behind closed doors. Many retired public school teachers know firsthand the sin and ugliness that goes on in public schools, also. This is the reason many of them retired. Also, the fact that many young children cry when they are taken to the bus stop or dropped off at school could be a subliminal message from God. The message could be “Rescue my children before they perish.” We as Christian adults need to listen! (1)

Why are Christians concerned about America’s public school system? Basically, their main concern is the lack of Biblical teachings. Apparently, the purpose of modern public schools is to repudiate America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and to eradicate any faith in God. Of course, it would be easy to prove my assumption. If parents could be the proverbial “fly on the wall,” they would see and hear things that would be mind-boggling. The only safe way to tour a public school would be to wear blinders and earplugs. If not, parents would exit the school with a less than godly feeling. Immoral sex, profanity, and different types of violence are common. Police roam the halls to protect the students from being attacked. Therefore, many schools are more like combat zones than educational centers. “Where is the love?” could be the theme for many of our schools, also. Students hurt each other for the simplest reasons. There is no sense of the love of Christ pervading the hearts of the students of most government-controlled schools. Intimidation and fear run rampant throughout the halls and classrooms. Threats are commonplace. Bullying occurs on a regular basis, too. Many Christian students encounter the sins of pornography, profanity, drugs, and sex for the first time.
Therefore, parents have every right to be concerned about America’s public schools. (1)

Peer pressure has always been a problem for children, youth, and teenagers. As a result, children are forced to conform to the “wiles of the devil” if they are to survive in the public school setting. The infestation of sin in public schools has destroyed many good, Christian students. The pressures were just too great for them. The sins that were placed before their eyes daily drew them away from their Christian beliefs. Thereby, many American public school students have traded their godly life for a life filled with sin and torment. Ultimately, fear and mistrust replaces love and concern. Therefore, it is no wonder that the report card for America’s public schools reflects the poor grades of students who fear for their life every day that they enter the former safe havens of education in America.

Do parents of students in government-controlled public schools really understand what their children face each day? Do they realize that America’s schools permit social architects to transform our public schools into secular humanistic institutions? As stated in ‘The Humanist Magazine’ in 1983, “The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and the new-the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism… It will undoubtedly be a long, arduous, painful struggle, replete with much sorrow and many tears, but humanism will emerge triumphant.” (1) Therefore, since public schools will be the major warring arena for America’s children, parents should seriously ponder the ramifications for educating their children in a hazardous learning environment. Despite the many educational advantages of the public school systems, the spiritual negativism will counteract any good. According to the Nehemiah Institute, the influence of government schools on Christian teenagers has been extremely destructive to their spirituality. Many of these students have abandoned their Christian beliefs within two years after they begin college. (2) Christian parents have been blinded to the truth of Satan’s agenda for their children. As Mark 8: 36 so aptly states, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

According to Bruce Shortt, “The ‘harsh truth about public schools’ is that they are an enemy not just of Christianity but of academics, personal and intellectual independence, and even children’s safety. They cannot educate, which is unsurprising since over the past couple of decades their focus has been on inculcating political correctness and teaching job skills (Outcome-Based Education, School-to-Work, Workforce Investment, and finally No Child Left Behind). Their aim has not been education but the production of desirable forms of mass behavior. The government-sponsored educational system is thus the major contributor to the dumbing down of the country. Its guiding philosophies are materialistic humanism and moral subjectivism, with the full backing of the U. S. Supreme Court. Government schools have thus become not just anti-Christian but anti-academic, anti-male, collectivist, and violent.” (2) Therefore, government-controlled public schools have been successful in their approach to education in America. They have replaced a godly education in a safe nurturing environment with an ungodly education surrounded by sin, violence, terror, and death. Wake Up, America! Wake Up, Christian parents! Rescue Your Children!


1. Wheeler, Richard Little Bear.” Warning! Public Schools Aren’t for Christians!” Mantle Ministries. 5 June 2005.

2. Yates, Steven. “The Harsh Truth about Government Schools” Lew Rockwell. 8 June 2005.


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