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A Woman Is God's Prized Possession
by Agatha Mangwende
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The beauty of a woman is in her spirit, her inner self. A good woman, one who is loving, caring, and compassionate is delightful to be around. Whether such a woman is an unbeliever or believer in God, it does not really matter. She is just naturally good company.
But have you ever stopped to ask yourself where a good heart comes from. Do women just choose to be good or bad? Or is there a silent force within them that drives them to be one or the other.

Godís Goodness In A Woman
In the Bible we read of two women, both mothers with their new babies three days apart. They lived in the same house and on one of the nights one of these babies died. The mother of the dead child, on finding that the other mother and child were fast asleep, quickly switched her baby with that of the living one. The story goes on to say that both women landed up at King Solomonís court, with each claiming the living child as their own. The King judged wisely and the living child ended up with its real mother, (2 Kings 3:16-28).

Read this Bible story very carefully. Both these women were prostitutes, no good in that at all. The two babies were products of immoral living. Could any good come out of such a depressing background? Unlikely, but it did happen. One of the women made a choice to be a good mother after all. In our tribal custom we have a saying which when translated means, Ďthere is no pain like that of giving birthí.
The mother of the living baby could not stand the horror of having her child divided into halves! So she quickly surrendered him to her accuser instead. To her, he was better off alive with the wrong mother than dead like the other child.

Godís Prized Possession
Every woman is Godís prized possession because of the choices she makes. We can make the right choices that honor God as our Father or make the wrong choices that discredit His Holy Name. I asked earlier, Ďdoes good or bad naturally come out of us or is there a silent force that drives it forthí?

I had my second child when I was 26 years of age and in the same year the father abandoned us. Feelings of rejection, anger and bitterness tore at my heart like flies on an open wound. I struggled with caring for my children, not physically but emotionally.

After a couple of months of trying to cope I gave up, bundled up the children and dumped them at my parentsí home. From there I took a bus to a holiday resort. I needed to be alone, to think through issues, but the idea of suicide was not far from my thoughts either. All weekend I kept to my room, crying mostly and playing some Christian gospel music on my portable radio. I was then a newborn believer.

What I did not know was that a Christian elderly couple occupied the rooms next to mine. They could hear me cry and were led to pray for me. I met them on checking out of the hotel and they were kind enough to approach me and offer their support. As I look back now, I have a lot to appreciate for that coupleís prayers and love. What it did for me was that I decided to go back to my parents, pick up my children and learn to live again. My children, now grown up young men, have always been my source of joy and strength.

We Make Sacrifices
Women are called to make sacrifices, many of them. Some are big and some insignificant. It is through these sacrifices that we become Godís prized possessions. For God can only reach humanity through us. Women, under Godís direction can bring healing, protection and love to a battered world.

Sometimes I think to myself, had I not been there to love and care for my children, who would have been. Would that someoneís love have been sufficient for them? My sons would have made it in life somehow, but how much of me would have been missing in their life?

Sarah, another woman in the Bible had to make the sacrifice of leaving her familiar territory to go with her husband to a land unknown to both of them. How much of her would have been missing in Abrahamís life had she refused to go with him? A lot of good came out of Abraham because of the presence of Sarah, (Genesis 12:1-7). It was through Sarahís cooperation that the promise of the offspring and the birth of a nation were fulfilled. Sarah was Godís prized possession.

What about these other women:
ē Abigail. Had she not stood in Davidís path to stop him from committing murder what would have happened to his appointment as the King of Israel, (1 Samuel 25:23-34).
ē Deborah. Had she not stood by Barak and led the army of Israel in victory against the Canaanites (Judges 4: 4-10).
ē Esther. Had she not stood by Mordecai and rescued her Jewish community from annihilation, (Esther 3:8-11; 4:8).
ē Ruth. Her mother in law Naomi, an aging and grieving woman, living in a foreign land and now trying to make it back home, alone. Would she have made it without the comfort and strength of her young daughter in law, (Ruth 1:1-18).
ē Priscilla. With her husband Aquila, as escapees from persecution in Italy and now residing in Corinth. Would Aquila have made it on his own in a foreign land to the extent of being an influence to other teachers of the Word had Priscilla not been a part of the support group, (Acts 18:1-3, 24-26).
ē Mary. The woman who grieved so badly for her brother Lazarus. How much did those tears of intercession mean to the Lord Jesus and what was the impact, (John 11:32-33).

The list of these women who became Godís prized possessions is long. Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ is a rare jewel herself. She could have resisted the proclamation of the Angel and fought to avoid a tarnished reputation with her husband-to-be Joseph. Perhaps, just perhaps, the Lord might have released her from the call and approached somebody else. Wouldnít Mary then have lost something of eternal value?

How We Make a Difference
A lot of questions come to my mind from this study. Would we be willing to forfeit our opportunity as Godís prized possessions if we knew the implications or blessings in the future? Staying on familiar territory is very appealing. For some of us taking challenges can be risky business. But has the Lord not promised to watch over us all the time, (Hebrews 13:5). As long as we are within His Holy will God will never abandon us!

I read a story once. A young lady ventured out on a long drive to visit an ageing granny she hadnít seen in years. Being the sole surviving close relative to the dear elderly lady the young woman felt led in her heart to go spend some quality time with her. The road she was taking was not familiar to her. It was wintertime and soon she found herself in the thick of snow and dusk. It was too late to turn back and as she tried to focus on maneuvering the vehicle her eyesight became almost blurred. Two truckers driving along the same road noticed her predicament. They signaled her to stop and allow one of them to pass and drive in front of her, with the other truck driving behind her. The taillights of the truck ahead of her became her guide and the blazing lights of the truck behind illuminated her path and gave her the comfort and security she desired.

Our spouses and children need this of us. They need the comfort and assurance that we are there for them always and if need be within backup distance.
Without us fulfilling our purpose in their lives deprives them of the future God intended for them. When Ruth offered to accompany her mother in law Naomi back home she couldnít have known that she would end up working in a field in order to get some basic foodstuffs for their survival. Hagar, (Genesis 21:15-19) almost walked away from her child, leaving him to die alone. She could not face the hopelessness of the situation. Some of us live in countries where hunger, starvation, illnesses and death are the norm. Sacrifices are being made to meet these economic and physical challenges. As Godís prized possessions we need to seek Godís face and let Him direct as He did to Hagar the resources available to us for use. We need not desert our loved ones, loved of God too,

Offer Yourself

God has called us to offer comfort, hope, love and encouragement to our loved ones. As wives, mothers and sisters, Godís heart will be touched as we offer tears of anguish, cries of sorrow and pain and petitions for healing, protection and provision on their behalf. And in times of their joy and success we will be right there beside them to thank God for His goodness. No doubt, God will be delighted with us, as we faithfully become His prized possessions.

By Agatha Mangwende

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