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The Revealing Chapter 4 Part 1 Abduction
by Caroline Alderson
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“Listen up, you too. I think I’m going to need some help. My computer is showing two ships coming up on us, fast. They’re gearing their weapons up. It looks like they’re after us. One of you needs to get to a gunner,” Rebecca excitedly told them.

Michael got up. “This is my expertise; I’ll go. Stay alert, in case we need you, Commander. The computer can always fly, if necessary.” He ran back to one of the gunners. Quickly, he turned on his computer. He could see the ships coming at them fast.

“I’m here, Rebecca! Those two ships are almost on us! Remember what we did in training, when those two ships got aggressive?”

“Yes. I remember. Is that what we’re doing?”

“You got it! Ready?”

“I’m ready!”

Michael asked Talitha, “Talitha, do you remember in ship warfare training, there were two ships that aggressively started firing on us? Did you have to do that?”

“Yes, I remember. What about it?”

“You remember the flying part? That’s what I want you to do. Call up Michael Chadwick, D-447 ship warfare training, and tell the computer to fly the maneuvers that I flew, and we’ll be able to outwit these ships. OK?”

“Got you!” Talitha called up the file, told the computer to fly the maneuvers. “OK, we’re ready!”

“Here they come, Rebecca!” Michael warned, as he got ready to fire his laser bursts.

“Glory of the Master” started flying the maneuvers. Their ship started flipping around. But, something was wrong … Talitha was startled. “Guys, I think they know this maneuver! The two of them have a tractor beam on us! Where did that come from!? There’s nothing showing up on my computer radar! What’s going on??”

Feeling their ship being pulled by the tractor beams, Talitha consulted with the computer. “I’m not getting anywhere. I don’t know what to do! We’re being pulled in! But, to where? My computer doesn’t show any other ships out there! Unless the sensors are malfunctioning. Rebecca, Michael what do your computer’s show?”

Michael spoke up. “Talitha shut the power down so those tractor beams don’t destroy our engines! Turn full power to the shields! My sensors show only the two ships pulling us. That’s it. Maybe, the main ship is covered with an invisible shield.”

Suddenly, up ahead and to the right, they saw a ripple effect. Shimmering metal appeared and disappeared. Then a ship, the size no one on Glory of the Master had ever seen before, appeared. It looked as large as a quarter of Ventron. The ship looked kind of like a submarine in space. It was huge. Cannons were spaced all the way around. ‘There must be a hundred cannons spread around, ’ Michael thought to himself.

The tractor beams drew them closer and closer to the strange ship. A door on the outside opened up, as they came toward it. They were forced to fly in and slowly set down on the deck.

Michael and Rebecca walked hurriedly toward the pilot station, where Talitha was. Looking up at them as they walked in, Talitha said, “It will take them awhile to get in. The computer should be able to hold them out for a while, so we can figure out what to do.” Talitha quickly consulted with the computer for a way out.

Five minutes later, they heard a shush. Their door opened, and in walked three men and a woman. Pointing their laser guns at them, the leader, a blond haired man with a square jaw, spoke to them. “Come with us!” Motioning to them to go toward the door, Michael took Rebecca and Talitha’s arms and led them to follow this man who looked like Dolphus Calzan.

Leading them down the ramp into the large ship, they stepped into what looked like an elevator. The door shushed behind them. They felt themselves move quickly down. Leading them out of the elevator, they were taken down a corridor. Stopping at a cell, the leader pushed a code on the wall. The door shushed open. “Go in!” As the door closed behind them and locked, the man said to them, looking through the bars, “My name is Dolphus Calzan. I will be back to interrogate you. You will prepare yourselves to answer my every question… Or you will die!” Dolphus Calzan turned, marching down the passage

“Phew! At least we’re all together. Now, we can formulate a plan to get us out of here,“ Talitha told Michael and Rebecca.

Rebecca gave her an odd look. “And how do you expect us to escape? We couldn’t stop them from capturing us; so what makes you think we can get out of here? Even if we make it to the ship, they’ll just use their tractor beams on us again!” Rebecca looked around the cell. There were three cots and a toilet in the room. “Cozy."

Dolphus Calzan contacted Stephen Lightfoot via vid radio on their illegal link. Lightfoot answered. “Yeah?”

“Calzan here. You won’t believe what I found out here.”


“A ship sneaking around. I think they’re on to us, and they sent someone to check me out. Find out what I’m up to. But, I caught them, and I’m going to find out what they know.” Calzan fidgeted with his fingers. Those prisoners made him unduly nervous. He didn’t know what to make of it.

Lightfoot spoke. “Be careful, Dolphus! Don’t give out any information, in case they’re ASM! Ask them the questions! Don’t answer any of theirs! Not even your name! Lightfoot out.”

‘Uh oh.’ Calzan thought. ‘Too late. He’d already given them his name. Well, maybe they hadn’t paid attention.’ Deciding to go have a talk with them would be his first priority. He didn’t know which of the prisoners were in charge.

Pacing down the hall to their unit, he glared in. They seemed calm for not having any way of escape. That is unusual, he thought. Calzan keyed in his code, and stepped in. Positioning his laser at them, he asked in a demanding tone, “Which one of you is in charge?” Looking fiercely at each of them, he tried to intimidate them.

Glancing at each other, they silently agreed that Talitha would be in charge. “I am,” Talitha quietly said. She gazed at him as if she could see into his very being. Did she know who he was?

Calzan gazed at her with calculating eyes. “Who sent you?”

Talitha had a puzzled expression on her face. “No one sent us.”

“You lie! Who sent you? Tell me the truth, and I’ll let you live!” Calzan fidgeted with his fingers. He was determined to get the truth out of them, if it was the last thing he did.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. No one sent us. We were out flying around, just thinking of somewhere to go, when your ships captured us. We don’t know what you want from us.”

“Ha! You expect me to believe that? What do you take me for? I am not a fool! ASM sent you, didn’t they? Tell me now!“

”No. We don’t work for them.” The woman appeared so peaceful. How could that be? He wasn’t getting anywhere. It seemed as though he would have to use drugs.

“Alright. I’ll give you until in the morning to change your story. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll use drugs to get the truth out of you! Your story is a total distortion of the facts!”

Dolphus excited their cell, highly agitated.

Talitha turned to Michael, and Rebecca, and sighed, “That was close! We’ve got to get out of here tonight!” She sat down on one of the cots.

Rebecca spoke, frustrated. “How are we going to get out of here? I don’t see any way out of this! This man is dangerous!” She paced back and forth in the small cell.

“God will make a way of escape! Come on, let’s pray!”

Gathering around to pray, Talitha led, “Father, you said you would protect us. Your word says, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper! You said you would hide us in You! That You would be our refuge! Now, we’re asking You to give us your wisdom, to give us a way of escape.” Peace entered the three of them.

“I believe God will tell us what to do. I believe He will help us. I don’t know how, but He’ll know what to do.” Michael felt positive about saying this.

Talitha patted Rebecca on the arm. “Maybe, we better get some sleep. The Master will probably awaken us in the night with His plan.” Laying down, she placed her arm behind her head. Praying silently for her companions, she was assured that the Master was on their side, and would help them. He had never let her down before.

While they were sleeping, Talitha thought she heard angels singing. Lovely melodies swept through the cell, moving through their very beings. Then she dreamed. They all three dreamed the same dream. Suddenly, the cell door opened and in their dream, a big man in shining bright clothes entered their cell. He lightly shook Michael and Rebecca. “Come with me. I will show you the way out.” His voice was melodious.

Getting up from their cots with Talitha, they followed him in their dream. He led them down the corridor, and into the elevator. The lift shot up faster than the speed of light, yet they never felt a thing. Their minds felt hazy, as in a dream. The lift opened into the hanger where their ship was. Guiding them to their ship, the man said, “You can leave now. I’ve prepared the way for you to go.”

In a mist, the three slipped inside the ship. The doors to the large ship opened, as they guided their smaller ship out. Rapidly, they were in orbit around the planet Zoë.

The three of them woke up, to find themselves in their ship, escaping from their captors. When Michael came to, he gazed around, puzzled. “How did we get here? I thought I was dreaming! Were you dreaming too?” Perplexed, Michael scratched his head.

Talitha gazed at him with wonderment on her face. “It must have been real! Wait a minute! Isn’t that what happened to Peter when he was in jail?”

“Yes,” Rebecca recalled! “An angel came in and woke Peter up and led him out of the jail, and out of the gate. Then he came to on the street, and the angel was gone. At that time, he realized what had happened was real!”

“That’s it,” Michael declared! “That’s what happened to us! A real angel came to our rescue! This is so cool! I never knew the Master could be this cool!

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